This Really Sucks Pt. 04

tagIncest/TabooThis Really Sucks Pt. 04

This is the final part of a four-part story. You are strongly advised to read the first three parts before reading this. This part includes explicitly described sexual acts.
Chapter Seven
As I got undressed, I was confused, I had thought we would end up in his bed or mine. I washed and brushed my teeth and stood there naked in front of the window looking across at his room, but the curtains were drawn, and I could see light shining around the edges. Although it was only eleven, I knew it was late for him to be up.
I looked at the room next to it. The curtains were open, and the room was dark. Is that where Tony and Martina would sleep if they woke before morning or would they be in the room next to mine? I closed the curtains and climbed into bed enjoying the kiss of the cool sheets on my naked body.
I picked up the paperback and tried to read but my mind would not stay on the text.
"Why is Rob so weird?" I wondered. I thought we had made a real connection but maybe it was just a fun fuck for him. Maybe (worse thought) he hadn't found it much of a fuck at all and would have preferred doing the more talented Martina. Unlike Tony, he certainly had not been eager for a second round.
What was it for me? I really did not know. I had begun to think I was in love with him but maybe it was just a lustful crush. And what would this mean for our future relationship? At some point I must have fallen asleep.
A noise awoke me and the door to my room slowly opened. My heart leapt. I could see his silhouette framed in the doorway by the dim corridor lighting. Without hesitation I turned back the sheets in invitation as I felt the rising blood course through me. He turned shutting the door before moving quickly to me. He pushed the sheets further to one side as he buried his face between my thighs, his tongue lapping at my clit and then seeking entry through my lips. I put my hand on his head urging him deeper. He was sucking and gently biting my swollen labia as his tongue continued to explore.
This is what I had been craving. As his tongue continued to thrust, I could feel the early stirrings of an orgasm and my mind was split between wanting him to continue what he was doing so well or wanting to feel that gorgeous cock inside me again.
And then my whole body was overtaken by a shuddering orgasm and my eyes rolled back in my head. I was uttering little sobbing noises as I struggled not to be louder remembering that Tony and Martina were somewhere in the house. As my spasms ended, I was aware my legs were being lifted towards his shoulders and a pillow was deftly placed under my hips. He was kneeling upright in the bed and I felt his penis against my ready opening. As it thrust into me his left arm held my legs against his chest and his right hand was playing lightly with my clit.
He held that position for a few moments as I adjusted to his size. Then leaning forward with outstretched arms, he placed his hands either side of my shoulders as my knees bent with his movements and my bum was lifted higher and I felt him slide even deeper. As he began his slow and delicious thrusts touching every inner part of me, I had a flashback to the figure silhouetted in the doorway.
"Tony?" I breathed barely audibly. I felt, rather than saw, him nod in the darkness, as he began to increase the rhythm of his thrusts. The figure in the doorway had not been Rob's height and the position we were in would not have been easy with Rob's six-foot six frame. Tony's six-two was perfect. I was filled with a mixture of disappointment and exhilaration. I was getting the most perfect fuck of my short life and I was going to enjoy it. I had been waiting for this too long.
I won't bore you with the details but for me it was the most extraordinary experience. My head was filled with so many thoughts, mostly questions really. I had always considered that I would never have sex with a married man, but here I was. Of course, Tony and Martina's marriage had obviously been open for years, but still. What was Martina doing right now? Was she in bed with Rob fucking his brains out, or was she still fast asleep on the sofa? Was Rob tormented thinking he had betrayed my mother's trust in him, or did he really not find me that interesting, sexually, or otherwise?
And all the while these thoughts and more were flitting through part of my brain, my body was on a journey of its own, surfing a gigantic wave on the crest of another orgasm. I knew it was coming and I sensed it would be more intense, more perhaps than anything I had experienced before. And then it happened I was overwhelmed by a series of orgasms that shook me to my very core. I think I briefly lost consciousness. I thought such things were the myths of cheap romance novels.
As my mind refocused, I began to wonder just how long Tony would go on. He had not yet come. I knew he had come several times already just this afternoon. Did that mean he could not come again? I did not think so, but I did not truly know. During my climax, my legs had fallen from his shoulders. I now wrapped them around his waist and tightened my glutes and pelvis as if I were doing Kegels. I sensed him quickening and tensing and then the sudden jerks of his cock inside me as spurts of his warm cum drummed against my cervix. Even then his cock did not go soft as he rested with it inside me. I wondered if he had taken something, a little blue pill or two? I wasn't complaining, but now my mind was active again and the stream of random thoughts just kept coming.
He moved back withdrawing his still rigid length from me. Tony lifted me up and slid a pillow under my bum. His cum was leaking copiously and he ran a finger over my still excited clit and followed the stream of semen past my vag. As I lay back relaxing letting the escaping juices form a wet spot on the bed, I felt what must gave been his pinkie press against my back door and using the lube of his cum mixed with my juices he slid it into me. I tensed at the unaccustomed invasion but then relaxed. It felt strange but it wasn't painful. I was crossing a lot of new thresholds tonight.
Some of my friends had tried anal, some liked it, most had not. I had always found the idea of anything going up there repulsive, but I now found I was both curious and horny. Tony replaced the pinkie with his forefinger, and I had a premonition I was about to find out how it would be for me. The first sensation was a little weird, but I suppressed any feelings of icky revulsion in the name of scientific discovery. I wanted to know my body better.
I imagined this was part of a ritual he had done many times with Martina and probably Jill as well. It was good to be in the hands of an expert.
His finger soon touched some spots that I found highly pleasurable, and I wondered if I would stop him going further. One finger became two, then three. I laid my hand across his arm and he immediately stopped. I sensed he was going to speak but I put a finger to his lips.
In the darkness I reached over and felt for the tube of lubricant in my bedside drawer. If we were doing this, we might as well do it right.
I unscrewed the cap and squeezed some lube into my palm. I passed the tube to Tony, as I gently coated his stiff penis with lube. I leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the mouth even though I was not sure kissing was allowed. He squeezed some lube directly on to my opening and reinserted his fingers working the lube into me.
I could feel myself opening as my muscles relaxed. He withdrew his fingers, and I inhaled a deep breath in anticipation of what was coming next. The tip of his penis pushed against me as I held that breath, and then it was slowly finding its way into me. As I have said he was big, and he was very careful to introduce it slowly.
Once fully in, he waited as I adjusted to his size. It was somewhat painful, but also pleasurable, and I knew the entrance to my butthole was giving him the tightness he no doubt craved.
He again supported himself on extended arms as he began to move gently. Again, it was not all painless, but my right hand had found its own way to my clit and I was supplementing the predominantly pleasurable sensations. I came quickly and surprisingly so did he and this time I soon felt him shrinking inside me, his appetited clearly quenched, for now at least.
He removed his now flaccid cock gently and pulled the pillow from under my bum. I could feel the wetness on the pillow and more on the sheets beneath me, as he shifted, and I found him lying beside me. That was a surprise to me. This was not a relationship I wished. He was a married man. He did not try to kiss me, but he did snuggle up to me and gently stroke my body. I did find it kind of sweet.
"Thank you" he said, "that was a first for me. I'm sorry I could not last longer. I was excited like an inexperienced teenager. Still, I think you came too."
"A first? What did he mean?" I asked myself, and as if answering my unspoken thoughts, he said:
"I've always wanted to do that, but neither Martina nor Jill would ever let me." He paused "I know today's young women are more adventurous. I thought for a moment you were going to stop me, but when you pulled out the lubricant and kissed me, I knew I had been right. It was something you were looking forward to. I am so lucky. Thank you."
I could have told him it was a first for me too, but really what was the point. I could see how he had misconstrued my actions and the truth was I had enjoyed the experience. I had been driven by curiosity, a desire to do something different and the fact that despite, or perhaps as a result of, an earth-shattering fuck moments before, I was incredibly horny. Whether I would ever do it again, I did not know.
Was it some kind of unintended transgression, that I had given him something his wife denied him? I had no wish to mess with the boundaries of their albeit open marriage. I felt him move and was conscious of his limp but still sizable penis resting on my thigh, but it stirred no excitement in me.
He whispered: "Thank you" once more and got off the bed. He pulled the sheets back over me and leaned down and kissed me on the forehead. He moved wordlessly towards the door, opened it, and slipped out closing it behind him.
I lay there marvelling at how much everything had changed in less than twenty-four hours. All things considered I had no regrets, but what would tomorrow bring? 
Chapter Eight
I awoke without any memory of having fallen asleep and quickly got up to shower. Grabbing a towel, I streaked naked down the corridor to the bathroom. There was not a sound to be heard, but I felt the gaze of those cameras on me. I think this was the first time I had not cleaned up, immediately after sex. I had disgusting crusty traces of cum all over me, charming! There was no doubt my bum felt rather sore and when I bent in front of the mirror it looked a bit inflamed. However, I now had a feeling it would not be the last time I would allow anal. Everything just takes a bit of getting used to. I thought my vagina also looked rather red.
I returned to my room after my shower and although the house was perfectly warm, I pulled on a light nightgown. I looked at my clock for the first time. It was only six forty-five. I hoped my shower had not woken Martina and Tony. I still did not know if they were in the room next to me. I opened my curtains and looked out. The rooms in the other wing appeared dark, only Rob's curtains were drawn, so that meant in theory Martina and Tony were in the room next door to me, depending on where Martina was.
I left my room and without quite knowing why I found myself in the other wing outside Rob's room. Opening the door quietly I slipped inside. He was alone and asleep. I moved around to the far side of the bed, lifted the sheets and as silently as possible lay down beside him. My thoughts were a mess. Why had I come? Was it to know if Martina was with him? He had done nothing to suggest he wanted me to come to him and yet I was here.
He stirred in his sleep and rolled towards me. I felt his firm erection and gently laid a finger on it. He rolled back on to his back and I moved in top of him guiding him into me as I lay in his chest. I was so ready his cock was buried to the hilt. I moved with imperceptible slowness scarcely daring to breathe. I wasn't sure he was even awake. Suddenly he lifted and rolled me on my back without withdrawing and began to ride me with a passionate ferocity. He came quickly and I felt his warm release.
As he slid off me, he whispered "Jill" and lay still. I thought he had fallen back to sleep, but then he began to cry, his huge frame shaking with his sobs. But he really did seem to be asleep. Can you cry in your sleep?
Despite my readiness, I had not reached any kind of climax. That one word had deeply shaken me. And his crying really got to me. I left his bed as silently as I had arrived and returned to my own room, closed the curtains, and climbed into bed.
I lay awake, I was very conflicted. I felt angry and guilty and ashamed. Had he even been properly awake, or had he been in a waking dream? How would he remember this? Would he remember this?
Was I in love or just a frustrated bundle of overheated hormones?
It was eight forty-five when I woke again. I pulled on a polo shirt and a pair of jeans, no underwear. When I entered the living room, Rob was in his usual chair reading the paper.
"Sleep well?" he asked. No hint of other meaning in his tone.
"Yes, very. Where are Martina and Tony?"
"Oh, they left after breakfast about half an hour ago. They said to tell you 'goodbye' and how they enjoyed meeting you."
I had left my bedroom without re-opening the curtains, but now I could see the sun shining off the snow outside.
"I see their car is still here."
"Yes, they took my truck. I will have to cut up the tree on the driveway before we can go anywhere. I've been cooking eggs and bacon if you would like to fix yourself some."
I realized I was feeling ravenous and went into the kitchen.
After breakfast I pulled on my boots and parka and went out to see how he was getting on. As soon as I opened the door the sound of the chainsaw's engine filled the air. He had already removed the main branches and had started to cut the trunk into movable sections. Now he really looked like the lumberjack again dressed in his plaid shirt, weatherproof workpants with suspenders over his shoulders and his steel-toed work boots. I loved this look.
Although I was only standing watching, I realized there was real heat in the sun, and I shucked off my parka. I think yesterday's snowstorm was winter's last hoorah. Everywhere glistening droplets of snow were dripping from the trees and shrubs.
As I watched Rob stripped off his shirt and revealed his athletic body. My pulse quickened. Just watching his muscles as he worked was a turn-on. I pulled my polo shirt over my head and let the sun play on my breasts. Despite the warmth of the sun the chill air instantly hardened my nipples. I hoped Rob would look round, but he was engaged in his work and did not notice me.
Just standing there was cold, and I pulled my shirt back on. I shivered and put on my parka back on too. As there was nothing useful for me to do, I went back inside and quickly took off my boots and parka. I had no idea if Rob knew that Tony had visited me in the night. I suspected not. I had no idea if Martina knew. Had she continued to sleep the night away in the living room or shacked up with Rob? If she had gone to bed in their room, she must surely have been aware she was alone for some period of the night or was she totally out of it, while Tony had roamed as silently as a ghost.
Almost without thinking I tried the door to Rob's office. Miracle of miracles it was unlocked. I slipped inside and went to the control panel for the cameras. Now I would find the answers to at least some of my questions. I quickly checked the camera console. The cameras were just as I had left them, all active except the one in the bathroom. However, when I checked last night's tapes a few of the cameras had been active.
Shortly before eleven Rob had left me at my bedroom door. The corridor cameras followed him through the living room past the sleeping duo on the sofa and back to his room. Then nothing, I realized his own rooms were the only ones without a camera. The camera in my room showed me washing and brushing my teeth before climbing into bed.
At a quarter to one Tony woke up and spent about ten minutes in the bathroom, presumably doing what one does in there. I did remember a faint whiff of minty toothpaste breath underlying the scent of my pussy juice as he pressed my legs past my shoulders on the bed. Funny it should come to me now; I don't think I was aware of it at the time. The corridor camera showed him heading to my room and opening the door. I fast-forwarded through what happened in my room, Tony leaving and returning to his own room.
Around four-thirty Martina woke up and returned to their room and climbed into bed with a sleeping Tony. I noticed there was a log showing the camera playbacks and the current time. It did not seem there had been any other playbacks in the past week, so perhaps I was the only pervert voyeur. I'd discovered that Rob watched porn but who on their own doesn't during this pandemic, either watch or read. And then it struck me. Rob said it was my aunt who had had the security system installed. The whole system seemed like overkill, but maybe she was the voyeur. I knew they used to throw quite lavish parties and of course, this would have been her office too. So maybe he never watched it, or maybe he did.
I would have liked to watch the replay of Tony skg and fkg me but I was scared Rob would soon be finished and would catch me. I closed everything down and put the key to the cabinet in the studio back on its hook before I left.
About fifteen minutes later Rob did come in.
"I need a coffee and then I need a shower." he said.
"A sauna?" I asked.
"No, just a shower."
I made us both coffee. He took his and headed off to his room with the ensuite bathroom. I was tempted to follow but I knew I would just piss him off and, in any case, I was still feeling the after-effects of last night. Maybe it had not dampened my libido, just left my body feeling a little…used. I think that is the right word.
He did not reappear, and I guessed he was closeted in his office. I was streaming the CBC. The Ontario government had already started easing the lockdown restrictions somewhat in what they were now calling Phase 1 of a three-phased approach. It sounded as though life even in a city like Toronto was becoming a little easier.
Taking my laptop with me I went up to the studio to paint. If I could not have the man himself, I could still fantasize over his likeness. In that spirit I let my emotions run wild and did him in full frontal amusing myself with a rather free and I thought flattering rendition of his man parts, not erect of course, but a little larger than their already impressive reality. While I was painting, I was streaming the CBC. The Ontario government had already started easing the lockdown restrictions somewhat in what they were now calling Phase 1 of a three phased approach. It sounded as though life even in a city like Toronto was becoming a little easier.
I had put my new painting to one side and went back to working on a previous canvas that was more realistic, if equally explicit, when there was a knock at the door.
"Come in." I called.
When I turned round, I was not surprised to see Rob standing in the doorway. He was fully dressed.
"I figured you must be up here." he said. "I just wanted to let you know I'm driving over to Tony's to collect my truck. I'll see you later." I was disappointed. For a moment, I had hoped he was coming to join me, but of course he had dressed after his shower. He left and I realized had gone all standoffish again, polite but distant.

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