This story starts out as masturbation, foot fetish fantasy

I knew from the first time I saw Monica that I would
have to get in her pants somehow. Problem was, of
course, that she had absolutely no interest in me

Come to think of it there wasn’t much that attracted
me to her other than her body; nothing except perhaps
the generally snotty and superior demeanor she
affected around most guys.

Monica was a 19-year-old party girl, the kind whose
sole existence was to snooze through the week until
Friday night. When the weekend comes, Monica would
come alive, spending every possible hour in the
various nightclubs around the city.

She lived to dress to the nines, drink, dance, and
generally torment as many men as she could by flashing
and grinding her incredible body at them.

Monica is tall, about 5’11” or so, with very long,
coltish legs, a supple ass, tiny waist. Her tight
stomach is well-muscled because of all the dancing she
does, and her breasts are surprisingly large for
someone as thin as she is.

A firm set of 34C cup jugs proudly jutted out from her
strong slim frame. Her blue eyes contrast beautifully
with her reddish-blonde hair, and a slight frosting
of freckles across the bridge of her nose give her a
mischievous and innocent look.

A look that was totally offset by her club attire,
high heel boots, black socks and tights that hugged
her curves and left little to the imagination. She
always wore a thong to avoid panty lines and split
apart her already delicious ass-cheeks. A sports bra
completed the ensemble worn over her black lace pushup

Tonight was a continuation of every weekend for the
group of friends I hung out with, including Monica.
Since I lived close to downtown the gang would go out
clubbing, get hammered, then crash at my place.

At the time I usually worked from out of my place on
weekends doing network security checks for large
corporations, so I always begged off the night scene,
although I’d have a few beers with everyone, mostly to
stare at the guys’ girlfriends.

This night however, I had something special in mind.
Monica hadn’t brought her boyfriend-of-the-week with
her, so I knew I could put my plan into effect. Instead
of the normal twelve pack of beer we usually burned
through, I hauled out a bottle of twenty year old
scotch I had been saving up for a special occasion and
took it upon myself to mix a few drinks in the kitchen
for everyone.

The fact that I also slipped a rhinoceros sized batch
of the local extra-strength insomnia remedy into each
drink … then doubled the amount in Monica’s drink
just to be safe.

Within half an hour everyone had either passed out, or
was in the process of it. My buddy Bob and his girl-
friend were snoozing together on the couch in my living
room, and Monica and John where downstairs in the
basement, Monica already asleep on the fold out bed,
John woozily wandering around and bumping things.

Being the good friend I am (or a conspiring perverted
freak) I helped him upstairs and into the bathtub.

Then I went downstairs again and locked the door to my
basement, even though I knew no one would be interrup-
ting us.

I switched on all the lights and had a look at the
evening’s entertainment.

Monica was sleeping soundly on her back on the foldout
bed, oblivious to the world. Her lithe body was totally
relaxed as I sat beside her and gently stroked her
face. I smoothed out her blonde hair, done up in a
loose bun, and trailed my fingers down her face.

She didn’t react at all as I caressed her lips, nor
when I ran my hand down her neck, across her sports bra
and cupped one of her full, heavy breasts through the
tight material.

I couldn’t believe that I had this sexy 19-year-old all
to myself tonight, to do anything to my sick little
heart’s desired.

I felt a little guilty and ashamed at what I was going
to do, but that was something I would deal with at
another time I wasn’t going to stop now, no not now!

It was an incredibly hot night and Monica had been
sweating freely throughout it, dancing and grinding her
hot little body against half the guy population of the
city. I could smell the raw odor of freshly dried sweat
from her warm body, mixed with perfume and the booze
she had drunk.

This was perfect. I wanted to experience every part of
her body, live out every fantasy and fetish I could
dream of while she slept, oblivious to my abuses.

I again squeezed her breast, then kneeled beside her
and began running my hands all over her body. I stroked
her flat tight tummy while rubbing her breasts through
her sports bra, then slipped my hand between her legs,
cupping the mound of her crotch through her skintight
stretch pants.

Her clothes were damp with her sweat and I bent and
quickly licked her stomach, dipping my tongue into her
belly button. No response from the sleeping girl.

I moved up and kissed her on the lips, then cradled her
jaw and slipped my tongue into her mouth, tasting the
scotch that had done its work so well. It was time to

I moved down to the end of the bed and untied Monica’s
boots, slipping them off. Her black socks were
plastered to her feet with sweat from being in the
footwear while she danced all night long.

I knelt in front of her and put my face against the
stinking socks, inhaling Monica’s odor. The socks were
stretched tight across her toes and high arches, and
the sharp smell of sweat from the damp socks was enough
to get my dick harder than it already was.

I rubbed my face against her feet savoring the odor,
then peeled one of the socks of her foot. I released
my cock from my pants and began jerking off as I held
the damp sock to my nose and inhaled the smell of the
19-year-olds foot sweat.

Now it was time for the final test. I bent over
Monica’s leg and ran my tongue along her instep,
carefully watching her face for a reaction. Nothing.
She didn’t even move, and that magnificent chest was
still rising and falling steadily in sleep.

I again licked the side of her foot, then underneath
it, over her arch, tasting the slight salt of her
sweat, reveling in the odor of her bare foot, and it’s
taste in my mouth. I ran my tongue along her toes,
tasting her foot, then sucked on each toe while
furiously pulling on my cock. This itself could have
been enough for me, but I knew I had her for a while,
so why not do more?

I opened her legs and buried my face in her crotch,
again inhaling the aroma of her most intimate essence.
Her skintight black stretch pants hugged her hips and
groin so tightly I could feel the slight, soft bulge
of her pubic hair through the material and I pushed my
face between her legs harder.

Her aroma was strong, a heady musk that spoke volumes
about the secrets she had been flaunting all evening,
and I opened my mouth, tasting the entire bulge of her
pubic area, surrounded by her essence.

I rolled Monica over onto her stomach and ran my hands
across her rear, anticipating the glory hidden beneath
her skimpy pants. With quivering hands (oh how long I
had dreamt of this) I pulled the waist of her black
stretch pants down over the swell of her ass cheeks,
exposing a black thong separating her delicious ass-

I worked the pants down just past the swell of her
hips, then bent down and kissed her pale ass. I
slipped a finger beneath the thong and ran it down the
crack of her bum, feeling the heat between her ass-
cheeks, then pulled the thong to the side.

Monica’s pretty bare rectum was on display for me, a
perfect round cavity nestled between her twin muscular
buttocks. I leaned forward and tasted her delicate
rosebud, jabbing into her bottom with my tongue,
swirling it around the sleeping girl’s anus, lapping
at her butt-hole, burying my face between her cheeks
and sucking.

At this point I was going mad with lust, I needed to
penetrate this woman in some way. I covered my middle
finger with saliva and rubbed it around the tight ring
of her sphincter muscle, then slipped it into her
asshole, up to the first knuckle.

I didn’t want Monica to wake up sore, or to hurt her
in any way; by not leaving any traces of my perversion,
in some way I could justify this violation to myself.

Once I felt her asshole unconsciously relax around my
finger I worked it in deeper, to the second knuckle,
then pushed it in all the way until the entire length
of my longest finger was buried inside her asshole.

I could feel a throbbing heat around my hand as I
slowly fingered her, and wondered if Monica ever let
guys fuck her up the ass … but I knew if I gave in
to that desire she would certainly wake up with an
unpleasant reminder of this encounter.

I had to get off soon, and if I couldn’t take her up
the ass I’d find another way to satisfy my most secret

I pulled my finger from her ass and again rolled her
over, then straddled her chest. I pulled off her sports
bra and black push-up bra, yanking it over her head,
letting her pale white breasts spill forth.

They were definitely big, a solid C cup, but she was
in such good shape that her tits barely sagged. I bent
and sucked on her nipples, holding a breast in each
hand as I suckled them, surprised at the warmth of her

As I sat astride her naked torso an idea came to me,
and I happily spat on her chest, then held her tits
together as I slipped my cock between them. The saliva
lubricated them and I began to tit-fuck the sleeping
19-year-old, jacking off my cock between her firm tits
as I stared at her pretty, pouty, snobbish face.

The whole experience had worked me over pretty well and
I knew I would be blowing my load very soon. I furious-
ly fucked my cock between her tits, then moved my body
up on her, holding her pretty face by the chin in one
hand as I jacked myself off with the other.

I leaned forward as I came, aiming my spurting cock
right at Monica’s sweet face. The first jet of semen
hit her square across her cute freckled nose, then I
pointed my dick right at her lips and pumped it,
ejaculating onto her chin and cheeks.

Some of my come drooled into her open mouth, and I then
slipped my cock into her sleeping mouth, past her

I felt the wet warmth of her tongue and the back of
her throat and I dumped another few jets of come into
her mouth, shuddering as I violated her.

I quickly checked to make sure she wouldn’t choke on my
semen, but the excess had run out of her mouth and
across her cheek, pooling in her hair and on the

I collapsed down on the bed beside her, my heart
pounding from the most erotic experience I had ever
had. And yet, the night was young…