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Three years ago my nineteen year old white daughter drove along with me five hours north from our home in Southern Indiana to a city on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Now I had always suspected that Bethany was sexually active since she was close to twenty, but I did not realize that her preferences included black men.
I must preface this story with the fact that the two of us were headed north to assist my sister Diane (Bethany’s aunt) who had just given birth to her fourth biracial child at the time. Now many of you men don’t realize this, but the smell of a newborn does incredible things to healthy women. That included my college age daughter and a late thirty-something MILF like me. The two of us took turns holding and nestling and cuddling with my new niece (Bethany’s infant cousin).
Neither of us had ever met her baby’s black father. He’d been an employee from my brother-in-law’s (also black) work who’d come upon hard times and moved in with my sister and her husband to save up money while subsisting on part-time wages. He later told me that he’d always held a crush on my sister whom he described as a “Hausfrau” from the time he’d first met her. Those of you who have seen European sex symbol, Milena Velma, know what I mean. Yeah, I’m jealous of my sibling, as well, but my daughter is quite nicely endowed thank you.
On the night we arrived at my sister’s home, both my brother-in-law and his best friend suggested that they take Bethany to a movie. I was surprised, but my sister insisted that the three of them go ahead. Diane said we’d get a chance to talk and that the group of them would enjoy their evening. After they left, my sister told me that she’d spoken with my daughter quite often when she was at college, and that she was well aware that Bethany dated black men almost exclusively at the university that she attended over a hundred miles from our home. I was shocked by this admission, and I’m sure my face showed it. My sister told me that what her two guys needed was a chance to get laid now that she was unable to pleasure them. I sputtered and stammered. Then my sister laughed and said, “Why do you think she agreed to come along?”
I shook my head. “I thought because I asked her.”
“Don’t worry, Sally. Both my men are considerate and gentle, if probably a little bit horny at the moment.”
I sighed. I realized that I hadn’t had a decent bout of sex with my own husband for many years. Damn! Now I was jealous of my own daughter.
Then she said, “Take a good look at the three of them when they return home.”
Naturally I did just that. My daughter Bethany looked flushed and disheveled. Her hair was wet as if she’d just showered and towel dried it. Both black men were extremely affectionate toward her and Bethany ate up their attention. I had to admit my sister was right. I’d never been in a position to see it before.
“Did you enjoy your…uh…movie?” Diane asked.
Everyone grinned. Bethany blushed. My brother-in-law answered: “Oh yes, very much.”
As the days went by my Bethany even didn’t try to hide her interest in being both caring and passionate for both of my sister’s lovers–Diane’s husband, T.A. and Lee, her new baby’s father. Surprisingly, Bethany, my sister, Diane, and both men began to entice me into going to bed with the two black men. There was nothing subtle about their approach.
One night, Lee invited me out to a small downtown bar/club for dinner and dancing. He took me to an intimate bar in the “inner city” where we ordered several drinks and a light dinner. You know, bar food…sandwiches and fried appetizers. I looked around and noticed that I was pretty much the only white female face in the joint. Lee told me that guys bring white women into the place all the time, so I needn’t worry.
I told him, I wasn’t worried. I lied.
That night we closely held on to each other as we moved around the dance floor, staying really close to each other. We talked a lot about Lee’s feelings concerning his new baby daughter. Since I longed to be placed in a position to have another child as well, I asked him if he’d ever do it again. As the evening wore on, I not only danced close, I tended to rub up against him.
As the night progressed, Lee said he had a favor to ask of me. I shrugged and said, “What favor?”
Now remember, I looked like a real white MILF in the downtown club. My dress had stripes running side to side emphasizing my figure. After all, I was 37 and Lee was probably fifteen years younger than my older sister when he impregnated her. Which made him a dozen years younger than me.
When Lee told me: “Go into the restroom and take off your panties,” I’m pretty sure my mouth dropped wide open.
“Just take your purse with you, put your panties inside, and then come back here and sit next to me in the booth. You trust me, don’t you?”
I think I said something like, you’d better order me another beer.
He smiled and said, “Done!”
I do remember sitting in the stall and thinking about NOT removing my panties and pantyhose, but in the end, I sighed and slid out of them. Then I bunched them up and put them inside my purse.
I hurried back to the booth before I could chicken out and as he stepped out to let me sit in on the inside seat against the wall, I sat down next to my date. His dark fingers immediately went to my pale thighs and touched them, caressing my white skin ever so lightly. I fought to retain a nonchalant expression all the while my tender loins were being fondled under the table.
I repressed a gasp and asked, “What about that beer?” He nodded and signaled to our waiter.
By this time I was squirming and glowing in the excitement of Lee’s touch. Particularly as his fingers plunged deeper under my short skirt.
Eventually he suggested, “I’d like us to go someplace so I can replace those fingers with something else a little more suited for an evening’s exploration.”
I gulped. This would be my very first extra-marital affair, and, naturally, my first time with a black man. “Do…do you mean you want to…?” I couldn’t bring myself to say the word ‘Fuck.’
But apparently that’s exactly what he meant as he replied with a nod and an, “Um-hmm…”
I took a deep breath and slowly flushed red. “Okay.”
Lee said, “Get ready to pull your panties out of your purse and hand them to me.” I started to give my panties to him, but he gestured, “Not yet!”
Our waiter came back with the beers.
Lee indicated that I needed to hand him my panties now. I did so. Over the table. Lee asked for the bill as he stuffed my panties into his pocket.
The waiter shook his head and grinned.
The night at the club came to a close, but it didn’t matter in the least. We kissed eagerly, almost hungrily in the parking lot–taking our sweet time. Tasting the thrill of each other’s lips and tongues. It had been ages since I’d enjoyed a kiss like that. Not since the early days of my marriage when we’d conceived my daughter.
But this was so different:
I knew I wanted to experience the taboo of Lee sexually, and I genuinely hoped we would indulge in each other physically. Which we did as soon as we returned. Once Lee and I came home that night, to everyone’s pure astonishment, we went straight to his bedroom. I could tell from the silence outside the guestroom that all the adults were listening to us indulge in Lee plunging his black cock into my pussy. Soon I was moaning softly while Lee eventually expended his energy and frustrations in the form of flowing liquid spurting up deep into the pliant sheath of my cunt. Yes, I remember the act was wonderful.
Wow! That was the best fuck I’d ever had in my life. Afterwards I clung to him, enjoying the sticky presence of his sperm swimming deep inside me. That turned out to be all the incentive I needed to stay in Muskegon for several weeks longer. I stayed at my sister’s home for five more weeks that summer–forsaking my husband and my job.
Although, eventually I’d called the pharmacy where I worked and talked them into granting me a temporary leave of absence.
Meanwhile I allowed Lee and/or my sister’s husband, T.A. intimate access to my body night after night during those weeks. I hadn’t enjoyed sex this much in fifteen years or more.
Finally it was time to take Bethany home so she could prepare for school.
The night before we left, I didn’t get a wink of sleep. I clung onto Lee not wanting to let him go. We made love several times in a row that night. I think we both knew that I didn’t have any desire to leave.
On the way home, I asked Bethany to drive for the first hour as I kept tearing up. She kept trying to reassure me that everything would be all right.
“Listen, Mom, I have an idea. Why don’t we schedule a long weekend’s visit at the university,” Bethany suggested. “I’ll set up a weekend’s date with a couple of the guys I know, and you and I can indulge in some guilt free sex with them at least until T.A. and Lee get a chance to drive the five hours south to see us.”
Caught by surprise, I looked over at my daughter as if to ask, ‘Are you serious?’ and then I sunk into thought giving her idea serious consideration. “Why not?” I answered.
On my first night back, I took ten or fifteen minutes to allow Bethany’s father to make love to me. Needless to say, the act was less than soul stirring after the weeks I’d spent earlier in July and August. I thanked my husband dutifully, and he went right to sleep. I lie awake dreaming of times with Lee, and my fingers went right to the soft tissues of my loins. Ultimately I climaxed of my own doing. It could have been better.
As the days went by, we took Bethany over to her school close to the Indiana/Illinois border. My daughter moved smoothly into her sophomore year at the university. Then she phoned me: “Okay, Mom, why don’t you come over to visit me on Friday. We’ll meet, have dinner, get a few errands done and prepare to see the football game on Saturday afternoon.”
“I think I’d like that.” I smiled. “I’ll make hotel reservations and see you Friday then.”
“Make sure the room is a double-double,” she said. “There will be four of us using it after the football game.”
The thought of that took my breath away. Whew! This was getting real.
“No need to worry, Mom, both of these guys are great. You’ll like them.”
“Do they know how…old…I am?”
“They’ll find out, won’t they?” Bethany giggled over the phone.
Yes I guess they will. That’s what I’m afraid of, I thought. “Don’t you think they’ll be disappointed?”
Bethany chuckled. “Mom, do you think T.A. and Lee were ever disappointed?”
I hadn’t thought of that.
“Just keep positive thoughts, Mom.”
My work week crept by slowly. I resumed my normal duties as associate pharmacist at a local super store pharmacy. That helped to pass the time. Finally Friday came and I drove the hundred and some miles to the university town where my daughter attended college.
“C’mon,” Bethany insisted. “We need to pick up a few items at the drug store.”
“You should have told me,” I said. “I could have gotten them cheaper at my store.”
“No, no. Better that we buy them here.” Bethany pushed a small cart through the store. She quickly put in a small bottle of baby shampoo, an applicator squeeze bottle, a package of condoms and a large tube of lubricant. “Besides, this way we keep our activities under wraps.”
Our activities! Suddenly I had a bad case of nerves.
I have to pick up some hair color, I thought. Tonight I’ll color that creeping gray.
“Oh, and Mom, choose some alcohol you think we’d all drink.” She pulled an expensive Brandy and a couple of 40 ounce malt liquors and put them in the cart. I looked on the shelf and pulled a Rose wine I really loved and a six pack of European beer. Then my daughter grabbed a two liter of cola.
“Okay,” she said. “I think we’re ready.”
I nodded. “If you say so…”
When we checked out, the clerk asked if I was purchasing all this alcohol for myself. I told her the purchase was for a small party–all adults. She still asked for my ID. I told her I loved her.
When we returned to the hotel, I asked Bethany if she’d help highlight my hair.
The following day we purchased tickets to the college football game. I made certain we didn’t get stuck up on the bleachers. I needed to sit in a decent seat with a real back. Something made for a real human being. Happily these seats at a small college stadium come in well under twenty dollars each–even for something down fairly close to the field.
I watched the players come out onto the field as my daughter pointed out two particular players whom would be our ‘dates’–Lamarr and Crispin. Now I don’t mind telling you that Lamarr was easily the widest young lineman I’d ever seen. Probably close to three hundred pounds–but barely five feet ten inches tall. Obviously all muscle. He had long braided dreadlocks which hung down lower than his helmet.
Lean and lanky, Crispin stood six foot four with long arms. Bethany told me that he was considered a remarkable wide receiver. The details of the game didn’t really matter much. To this day I couldn’t tell you the score. I just knew that the home team lost their opener by a marginal point spread. Mostly, I kept my eyes on both players. In the middle of the first quarter, I saw each man turn and scan the audience for Bethany and me. My daughter waved to attract their attention. In return the two young men smiled and pointed. I went wet with anticipation as their eyes scanned us. What did I look like to these boys?
Like I said, I couldn’t remember the score. I just knew when the game ended. As we worked our way to the parking lot, Bethany’s cell phone rang.
“Hey, love! Sorry you lost. Yup, that was my Mom next to me.” She waited as a voice spoke to her from the other end. “Hang on…hey Mom do we want food now or later?”
“I don’t know, hon…what do you want to do?”
“What do you and Lamarr want?” She smiled and her eyes shone as she spoke to Crispin. “Okay we’ll meet you there in half an hour…”
Since both men were famished after the football game, they suggested a local restaurant that specialized in American food. Bethany agreed to meet them in the parking lot. I took a deep cleansing breath. Funny meeting a black man or men up in the Muskegon area or even frequenting an inner city bar didn’t seem as difficult as confronting two young black football players down here merely one hundred miles away from my home.
“So does that mean that your…intentions are to enjoy Crispin while I take Lamarr?” I asked in the car.
“Don’t be foolish, Mom. The two of them would never allow something that limited. Both of them will share each of us.”
Oh! I hadn’t expected that–well, maybe I had. However, I suddenly began felt a tingle down around my panties once again.
When we met them at the restaurant, I discouraged both of the young players from ordering steak. I told them both that in my experience beef steak leads to extensive flatulence. Thus one player ordered a BLT, while the other ordered a Reuben sandwich.
Bethany pulled out her phone and showed both players photos of my newborn biracial niece. Then she casually announced that this baby’s father was the first black man I’d ever fucked.
Soon we four went back to the hotel room.
Bethany broke the ice: “Let’s get undressed. You two have enough grime from the field that we’ll need to scrub you down before we even get started.”
“Hey, we showered after the game,” Lamarr replied.
“You know that doesn’t count.” Bethany slowly stripped down. She turned to me. “C’mon, Mom, off with your clothes.”
My daughter walked over and picked up some of the objects from the bag that we’d purchased from the drug store. She poured approximately one-third of the baby shampoo into the squeeze bottle and filled the rest with water. “This is perfect to shampoo Lamarr’s flat braids.”
I sneaked a peek at Lamarr who’d shucked off all of his clothing. I was nearly his height, but he had solid muscles from weeks and months of training. He also seemed to have a lot of pride in how well-endowed he was. Deservedly so!
“The easiest way to do this is to run the bathwater and fill the tub about halfway,” she indicated to me. “Then you climb into the tub, and Lamarr settles in after you.” Bethany gestured to Crispin. “Unwrap one of those plastic cups will you, sweetheart?”
Now all of us were naked in the hotel room. I hadn’t realized that my flesh and blood offspring looked so tantalizing unclothed. She was gorgeous and I could understand the young men’s attraction.
I soaked in the sight of both men. Awe inspiring. Great glutes. Better front sides.
I climbed into the tub as Bethany suggested. Then I watched Lamarr settle into the tub and nestle back against me. As he slid down against the smooth porcelain of the tub, he dropped his head until it nestled down between my breasts. My daughter handed me the plastic applicator bottle and the toothbrush. “Gently work the brush on and between Lamarr’s corn rows, Mom. Just treat his hair cautiously. We don’t want to break the strands.”
I don’t mind telling you that there’s nothing like being given a simple task to slowly allow the nerves to settle. Sitting naked in the bathtub, his head laying back against my breasts, I worked my fingers carefully through the young black player’s dreadlocks and scalp. That was all it took. By now I’d developed a comfortable bond with Lamarr.
Bethany filled the plastic hotel glass with water and handed it to me. “Rinse so Crispin and I can shower.”
I took the glass. Remembering when my daughter was little, I told him, “Close your eyes.” Then I began to pour the water over his head. Soap and ground-in dirt rinsed out. I handed the cup to my daughter. “Refill it…”
She did and handed the cup back to me.
Like a nude white sculpture, my Bethany stood next to Crispin. I could tell he was impressed with the way she looked. And yes, the black wide receiver sported a strong erection. He leaned down and whispered in her ear.
“Now?” she replied.
He nodded.
Crispin gently took her arm and led her to the closest bed. Except, of course, we could see them from the tub via a full length wall mounted mirror.
I have to tell you there’s nothing quite like witnessing your own grown child demonstrating her womanhood. Both Lamarr and I fixated on the spectacle going on in the other room. I could see Lamarr’s hard-on jutting up straight out of the bath water. We two couldn’t break away from our voyeurism. Finally I heard Crispin climax followed closely by Bethany’s squeal. I let my breath out. I didn’t realize I’d been holding it until I let it out.
“C’mon.” Lamarr began to stand up. “Let’s towel off.”
Yes, I thought–totally turned on. It’s time. We left the bathroom and walked out into the other room and over to the empty bed.
Lamarr’s hair was still wet, so the cool dampness of his dreadlocks flowed down against my bare skin as we lay together–with me on my back. He decided that since we’d been in the tub together that meant that I was wet enough to accommodate his size and girth. That wasn’t exactly true, but I was willing to give it the ‘old college try.’ In a short time, Lamarr’s strong black dick forcefully pushed its way into the depths of my accommodating pussy. Needless to say, by this time, the intensity of his masculinity felt quite welcome. I gasped and then moaned.
Lamarr chuckled.
I glanced over toward Crispin and Bethany. They had both turned and were watching us expectantly. A zing of nerves shot through my system. I tried to speak, “Ohh…” but my voice quaked with the impending delight of my orgasm. And then, of course, Lamarr’s body climaxed right when I vocalized my desire. Suddenly I flushed and bathed his dick with my own intimate juices.

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