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Hello again, do u still remember us Amit and Amrita? Have you read our real life experience published on net? If not then read it first at Ok now you know us and our friends. Hope you must have read adventure of kanti and Kavita with her brother in law (vinod) and sister (madhu) of kavita. After that adventure vinod had called kanti and asked permission if they can join us for more games. We welcomed the idea and informed the dates which will be convenient to both of us. So, they planned accordingly and visited our town. Vinod and Madhu arrived at our town in afternoon and stayed at kanti‘s house. After fresh up they called us and we planned that around 5/6 in evening we will meet at our house. So they had their lunch and had nice nap before a big game they planned. At around 5.20 pm Vinod and Madhu arrived at our house along with kanti and Kavita. Kanti introduced vinod and madhu to Amrita and me. And vice versa. We all sat on garden chairs and started chatting about normal life and problems. Few minutes latter ladies served us water and then after with some soft drinks & eating’s too. We had lot of talk about current topics. In between talks I saw that vinod was looking at amrita only. I have given few signals to amrita and she went inside and brought hard drink for all of us. We all man had a first drink and then we had pressured our wife to have one drink with us too. And in second drinks all ladies too joined us.

At approx 8 pm we all wend to our guest room where we had done arrangement of beds on floor. So all floor was covered with beds only. Where vinod sat with amrita and kanti with madhu and myself with kavita. First we all had little foreplay with our cloths on and then one by one all started removing cloths of their partner and in few mts. We all were in birth suit. Now in words of Amrita: Vinod was very tall man with good body buildup with hairy chest and body too. As soon as vinod sat near me he started kissing me on my face and lips and slowly he went down on my breast. While kissing and sucking breast his chest hair was touching my body and was tickling on that part which had very great feeling. One by one he had kissed and sucked both breast and nipple and with other hand he was pressing other nipple too. My hand was on his head and I was playing with his hair. Slowly he was going down by kissing my whole body and he went up to toe, and then he return back between my thighs. Slowly and steadily he started kissing and then with his tong started licking my pussy (which was hairless). With steady speed he went more deep inside and with his one hand he was pressing my nipples and with other hand he was trying to spread my lower lips. Wow what an experience it was. Then it was my turn to give him blow job (again he too was hairy around his prick). I started kissing his prick by top and then started licking with tong like eating ice cream con. Slowly I started opening my mouth and was going up and down with only top and then had a full in my mouth. Where once I had stopped at root of his prick and started playing with whole tool with my tong. Where he was so aroused that he nearly pulled my hairs with his hand and he shot his cum in my mouth.

Again he started to kiss and suck my nipples and then slow went down under to eat my pussy. Like snakes tong he licked and sucked my pussy and each and every corner was been touched by his tong. Here I cummed and he too got his erection back. Kavita told me he had good experience with his bother in law with both of them standing and having sex. So, I suggested doing same and he happily accepted it. He lifted me like an any parent lift their son and I had guided his tool in my pussy. Then I wrapped my legs around his waist and hands around his neck. He had his hands under my ass and was pressing heavily and lifting me whole and lowering me again with help of his hand and my ass. It was experience that cannot be explained by words but only feel it with real life exp. Like this. We started kissing and eating each others lips and then I also had his ears bottom in my mouth and then I went little down no his nipple too. He once entered his one of his finger in my ass hole so he had blocked both of my hole front and back. This gave me so much pleasure that I cummed very fast. But he was man with body and powerful too. So, he was still going on and on with myself lifted on his hand and jumping on his tool. After few seconds I had bit him on his nipple very strongly which made him cum very fast. I milked him from my pussy till his last drop was dry. We kissed each other again and parted.

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Now in words of kanti. Myself and madhu had done once before so there was no new thing but this time madhu was more bolder then before. As we have informed you before, that vinod and madhu are having very good height, body and figure too. Madhu was sitting on floor (covered with beds) with her back leaning on wall. I just jumped on her lap an started sucking with her big breasts like a baby boy. And she responded it by covering my head with her hands and playing with my hair in her fingers. I was sucking one and playing with other and in between she tried to kiss me on my ears and even cheek. This was continuing for few mts. And then she opened her legs and guided my head towards her lower lips. Mean time she also was flat on bed and started playing with my tool. I was sucking her pussy and she was licking my prick. We were in 69 position. At a moment we both cummed in each other’s mouth at a same time and again I was sucking her nipples and she started playing with my cock. After few mts. My cock was in action again where she told me to stand up and she sat down and had my cock in her mouth and she was playing with my balls under my cock. As soon as it was hard again she guided my in her pussy and we both were in action in missionary position. Later we changed our position to women on top. She was very heavy compare to my wife (her sister). She started jumping on me like she is riding horse. I was in heaven. She had rested her hands on my chest and was playing with my nipples also. As she is of a bit older then my wife her breast had a loosed slightly so it as moving up and down in air. I tried to catch it but it was not possible as she was jumping in super speed. At last I cached one of her nipple and squeezed and pinched her. She mourned loudly and had tightened her grip on my cock with her pussy. Which also gave me tickle in my balls and I too shooted my cum in her pussy.

We almost came together. She was tired so she rested on bed I too slept with her like mother and small child sleep. I had kept my head between her boobs. On other side I was playing with kavita wife of kanti. Indeed we have done many times but each time we had some new experience. So this time we have decided to just watch other couple and just play with each other and no sex at all. When other four had completed their game and also rested till morning. In after noon kavita gave challenged that if any of three lady can accommodate all three cock in any different part of their body? It was not possible for other two as they had done twice last night. So, kavita had to prove that she can accommodate it. She requested to other two ladies to help any two men till their are in full size. Kavita started removing her cloths by own and then she came near me and also removed my clothes too. Straight she took my cock in her mouth and started giving me blow job. Other two also follow same suit. Soon all three man where aroused and kavita first guided me in her pussy. She was on top of me.

Then she requested kanti to insert his tool inside her anus, and to vinod to come near her so she can give him blowjob too at a same time. She started slowly uplifting herself from me and also kanti started pumping her from back and vinod too started moving in her mouth. Other two ladies also started playing with kavita s boobs as they were hanging loose while she was moving on me, which gave kavita’ s pussy a big crunch, made me cum fast. I was first to cum and then kanti and also was vinod who offloaded her load in her mouth. It was really a great gang bang we had. Then we all rested and in evening all started again. After a little drink in evening around 9 pm all started again. This time madhu sat near me and amrita with kanti and kavita with vinod. We all decided to have different position after every 1 mts.

Slowly each and every one was in their birth position. First ladies said they all will give blow job, then they want to be in missionary position and then doggy, then women on top and last till man cum again in missionary position but with women’s leg in air. We all enjoyed fully. It was really enjoying moments with vinod and madhu. On last day of their stay only vinod and madhu visited our house and had a full enjoyment. They thanked us. For opening up mind of their and also of kanti and kavita. Now they are planning to have same type of group in their town too. They invited us to visit their town and also again when they find other couples like us in their town.