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For me, hot and passionate sex breeds horniness the following day.  Extra steamy lovemaking sessions often create a morning urge when I relive the night in my mind and loins.  There is often not time for a morning repeat on weekdays. I then spend the day thinking about E and our anticipated encore.  Many times the encore happens, but sometimes it’s not in the cards.

Last week, the end of our week started very strong. Around 9:30 PM on Thursday, I got home from my guys’ night just early enough to catch her before bed.  I craved her that evening and had visions of devouring her with oral pleasures.  I brought her to orgasm that night by basically making out with her glorious, cleanly shaven pussy.  She came hard, and after I brought her there once, I wanted to keep going for another.

E had other thoughts! She quickly moved from the bed to the floor, positioning herself on all fours, which allowed us to then climax together (2nd time for her) in an intense doggy session.  That was night #1 of the trifecta.

On Friday evening (after the work day), we had a great dinner planned with four other couples.  While I knew the evening would be spectacular fun socially, my member was semi-stiff all day thinking about the prior night.  While I looked forward to the camaraderie of the group, I also longed to be with my wife again.  We had a lively evening with our friends, enjoying a great dinner and a bourbon night cap before heading home.

Night #2 of the trifecta ended with E initiating a reciprocation of the oral foreplay from the night prior.  Opposite from Thursday, I was now the one that altered positions after some oral delights, albeit not after an orgasm this time.

After she warmed/stiffened me up, I got up off the bed to straddle her in a standing missionary.  I love the view and control from this position.  I can see and access her shapely and fit body; control the pace and depth, and reach any part of her that I long to touch.  Our session went a little longer on night #2 as I pounded her wanting pussy while lightly squeezing her very alert nipples.  She squirmed and moaned for what seemed like an eternity as I pinched and penetrated at various paces and depths.  This night we climaxed in unison.  It was marvelous.

I awoke Saturday again feeling urges from the great intimacy from the last two nights.  E had an 8 AM appointment, and I had plans that day, so a daytime trifecta was not in the cards. But we had plans that evening to celebrate my birthday.  I couldn’t wait.

Saturday evening again entailed a great dinner, but just for the two of us.  We had such a great time, laughing about stories from the previous evening with friends and enjoying great food and wine.  We got home around 9:30 and decided on a nightcap on our patio to enjoy the glorious early June night.  I really wanted her again this evening, so I definitely had a one-glass-nightcap max in mind.  Inplete honesty, I wanted to take her right there on the patio.

However before I could initiate and our glass of wine was finished, E said “Let’s head inside,”—code for “let’s get it on.”  As we walked inside the house, she noticed I had brought a bottle of lube with me out on the patio as it was visible from my shorts pocket.  She said “I didn’t know that is what you were thinking when we were out there. I love it.” However, being inside our home at thos point, we just decided to go with the moment.

We immediately stripped each other down and stood in our great room, making out and fondling one another with passion and admiration.  I reached to the floor for the lube and immediately applied some to her and put some in her hands to apply to me.  We both ached for our bodies to be one.

We have a circular ottoman near our great room couch.  I laid E on her back and entered her immediately.  The her receptive and well lubricated inner walls felt absolutely amazing, and her gasp as I entered her wanting love hole sounded so incredibly hot.  The ottoman’s large surface area is firm and big enough for me to climb upon in a kneeling position.  The access, angle and depth of penetration is something we both love.

As I climbed up, our collective friction and penetration intensified.  I was probing at various depths as she was losing control.  Her grip on my ass to pull me in deeper got firmer; I could feel her fingernails clutching my ass cheeks as her breathing intensified.

Having had sex the two previous nights, my stamina was up.  I wasn’t close to climaxing at this point, but she was on the verge.

She reached underneath to grab my balls. Our pelvises were one at this point as I just keep going for depth so that she could feel all of me.

At once, she came. The sustained sound of “uhhhhhhhhhhhhh” was present as she tensed up, shook uncontrollably, and held me deep inside of her. I could feel her pulsating around my well-conditioned cock. I held that spot for a couple minutes to let her fully release and recover around my still fully grown and firm member.

Knowing I had not finished, E wanted to make sure she offered me the same release.  She got up, asked me to lie on my back, and grabbed the bottle of lube.  Then she went to town, stroking me with one hand while playing with my jewels in the other.

My stamina this night was incredible, and E filled her feathery hands with lube three different times as she stroked me, but to no avail.  Her touch and beautiful hands were amazing, but I knew she was getting tired—and I desired to fill her up again.

I got up suddenly and flipped her again to her back, this time lying on the couch.  I frantically reached for the lube.  In my rushed state, let’s just say lack of lubrication was not going to be an issue.  With so much of my throbbing cock soaked, I entered her like I was fitting a glove.  That same gasp I heard earlier repeated itself.  After the gasp, she then let out a very sexy moan of approval.  That moan told me she was getting much more than expected that night and was very appreciative.

We proceeded to make love with incredible intensity, E spreading one leg wide and resting its foot on the floor with the other on the couch, while I entered her at full depth. Slowly I pulled out to allow her inner walls to feel me subside, and then repeated again to full depth.

She started to demand that I cum inside of her. “Baby please cum; yes; please cum; I need you to cum.”

Both of our bodies built up a heavy sweat as we continued.  She reached for my balls as I went deep and continued to plead for my release.  With a couple more deep thrusts and her fingers around my balls, I exploded deep inside of her and again felt her body shake.

We lay in this position for a few minutes, kissing passionately andpletely spent.  As we came down from this glorious moment, we shared how amazing our night was and how much we loved one another.

In our 50’s, the frequency of our three-peats are not what they were in our 20’s and 30’s. This recent three-peat was one for the memory books.  Can’t wait for the next time!