Three Days in Breck

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tagIncest/TabooThree Days in Breck

About two years after we had started our fucking relationship, I was mandated/volun-told to attend a conference for my work. It turned out this conference was the same time as a conference for my wife, which happened to be out of the state, where as mine was in Breckinridge, about 50 miles away from our home.
Unbeknownst to me, my wife had informed her daughter of our competing conferences and had asked her daughter if she wanted to accompany her to her conference, and she had told her mom she had plans. Boy did she.
I drove up on a Wednesday night as I teach in the early am the next day, and left my house around 1200, arriving around 2pm and checked all in by 3pm. I decided to take a nap, as the day prior had been quite long, prepping for the conference and the teaching. I awoke around 5 to the sound of someone knocking on my door and when I answered it, was quite surprised to find Merissa standing there, in an amazingly flimsy summer dress, with some frilly booby sox and the high heels that screamed "FUCK ME!"
She jumped on to me, wrapping her legs around my waist and squeezing at the same time she was squealing how horny she was. I peered through the doorway and made sure no one was outside in the hallway, and then closed it and started squeezing her ass while making out, with her wrapped around my waist.
After a few minutes of this and noticing she had brought a suitcase with her, I asked what she was up to. She informed me, she was here to be my companion for the weekend and that she was super horny and wanted to fuck in various places. Since I was hungry, I told her we were going to dinner, and while not super fancy, she might want to put some underwear on. Yea, I had noticed. She did, but damn it had to have been the skimpiest I had seen in some time.
As we entered the restaurant, plenty of heads turned and looked at her hot little ass walked in. Considering the outfit she was wearing, at least one of the local females shook her head, I am sure out of jealously. We had a great dinner and as she is only 20, she couldn't legally drink, but I had a beer during dinner, which nicely enough my organization pays for, so no explaining extra cost to her mother. She mentioned she'd like to drink, and I knew she had been for some time, so we stopped a liquor store on way back to conference center.
Now this place ain't some 5 star resort, but it does have all the good amenities: hot tubs, sauna, pools-indoor and outdoor. Once we got back to the room, we made some drinks and she took off her heels and we sat down on the couch and after a bit of chatting, we started making out. I love making out with her as she has the most succulent lips and a longer than average tongue. After a few minutes of this, I grabbed her by her legs and spun her round, such that her pussy was easily accessible. I then proceeded to lick my way up, first the left leg, then the right, from ankle to that area where the leg meets the crotch. Each leg spent focusing on her erogenous zones, until I finally found my way to her crotch. Here I started at the bottom of her anus and worked my way north, spending a few minutes in all places. Once I got to her clit, she was on fire and already very wet. Her labia were drenched in her juices and her clit was hypersensitive. So, I worked her further into a frenzy by licking all around the clit, and fingering first her ass then her pussy and then both, as I finally started fucking her clit. She came like three times, during which she was screaming for me to fuck her slimy wet pussy.
As she was descending from her last orgasm, I slid my pants down and accepted her invitation and slid my hard cock into her slimy slit and proceeded to bang the shit out of her, she was screaming for me to fuck her harder, which I felt I was trying to drill through the sofa, I was pounding her pussy so hard. After a few minutes of this, she must have known I was close as she pulled me out and in one smooth motion, placed my cock, drenched in her pussy juice into her mouth and started sucking me from tip to balls deep, while using one hand to assist and using the other to apply pressure to my taint/prostate getting me extra had and giving her a bit more pre-cum to swallow. Finally I couldn't take it any more and sunk my cock into her throat and emptied my balls into her throat and mouth, her swallowing it all.
Once we got settled down, she wanted to tour the facility, so she put her heels back on and off we went. I showed her where I'd be the next day as well as finding all the amenities. The sauna and hot tub brought up places she wanted to fuck in, which being they were open all night, I was certain they be utilized in the same manner.
The next day, I had to get up a bit early for lecture and got some food in the center as well. As I was getting ready for my lecture, I got a text from Merissa. She was naked on the bed and with free hand playing with her pussy. Before I could respond, she sent me a video, thank god the volume was down, as she was full on moaning while she stroked her clit. I started my lecture and nearing the end of it, something caught my eye, to the side of room and there she was in her swimsuit and god did she look hot. I got done and found my way to the pool, as it was only 9 am it was still a bit cool out, and it was evident by her erect nipples that it was effecting her. As there were others around, we couldn't get into to many loud details about what I wanted, or what she wanted to do to one another, but the looks and the subtle touches made it clear there was going to be more exchanges of body fluids.
I got done with my voluntold duties around 3 pm and made my way back to room, to find her asleep, naked on top of the unmade bed. I stripped and made my way to her backside and started licking her pussy lips, which brought a moan out of her and some slight movement, such that she rolled onto her back. I continued licking her pussy and after another minute or so, she awoke with a smile on her face. I stopped an moved my way to her mouth with mine and we made out and had our hands roaming around one another for a few minutes and then I went back to devouring her pussy.
I licked and fingered her pussy and ass to at least three orgasms at which point she yelled, "are you gonna fuck me or not?" I stopped licking and slid up between her legs and in so doing slid my cock right into her sloppy pussy, as I entered her and went deeper, I grabbed her legs and pulled them back towards her head, allowing me ever deeper. She then took her feet in each hand and pulled them back behind her head. I leaned back to enjoy the view and commented on how flexible she was. She informed me, between gasps that she had been going to hot yoga and had taken a warm bath prior to resting and me finding her naked. I continued pumping into her pussy and she played with her clit and commented on how hot it was to watch my cock go in and out of her while watching it get coated in her juices. She then brought her legs around to in front. And I really started to pound her pussy, and she could tell I was getting close, as she had a hand around my cock, as soon as she felt the first spasm, she pushed me off of her and pulled my cock to her face, me shooting one round on to her tits and the rest right into her mouth as she sucked and swallowed the rest.
We both then fell asleep for a bit. I woke with her sucking my cock and with a finger in my ass, and as I did. She stopped and said, later dad. We showered together and got dressed and went out again. This night she again wore her "fuck me" high heels, but with some really tight jeans and a shirt that was cropped and showed off her flat stomach. Again, she was the center of attention and envy as we walked into different restaurant than night prior. Again we had an awesome dinner on behalf of my organization and then took the shuttle back to resort. Along the way, she noted the tram was running up the mountain.
When we got back to room, she said she'd like to go to sauna and/or the hot tub, either of which required us to change into swimsuits. We both also grabbed a robe and went to sauna first. It was now nearly midnight and the resort was pretty quiet. We went to the hot tub first and sat in it. While we were in there and with no one around, she came and sat on my lap, causing me to start getting hard, which prompted her to say, "I can feel your cock swelling." I responded by saying, "it is only because I can feel the heat from your pussy." We kissed a bit, she grinned herself onto my cock and then the door opened. She quickly and slyly slid off me, as she had grabbed the beer behind my head and acted like she had just been grabbing it. The couple that came out, didn't seem to notice anything awry and got in without comment. We got out after a few minutes, to allow me to go down bit. We then went to other side of resort, for the remote situated sauna, that she had found. Once in the sauna we left the lights off and sat there for a bit in silence and then I faintly saw her move towards me. Little did I know, she had left her bottoms where she had been. She got to me and licked the sweat off me from my left knee to my crotch and then slid her hand into my shorts and pulled my cock out and into her mouth. She sucked me for a few minutes and then mounted me right there in the sauna. The sweet sweat between us was awesome and she road me to a climax, keeping me in her pussy for the entirety. We then went back to our room, after she found her bottoms we again took a shower and went to bed.
The second day on the ground, I had to man a booth in the conference center and twice Merissa came by and said hello and whispered in my ear how much she wanted a fuck again and how she had a surprise for me. When the end of the day came around, I went to bar and waited for her, as that was the plan. She showed up in this totally how summer dress with dainty high heels and wearing these frilly socks, to top it off. She was also wearing her hair in a braided pony tail, that she then pinned on to her head, exposing her neck, which I had told her once long ago how that turned me on. We then grabbed an Uber to town for some more food on the organization, and drinks for me.
After dinner we went back to resort and on the way, she again commented on the tram going up the mountain. I took the bait and asked if she'd want to go up? She said sure and we found out that it ran for another 2 hours, so we grabbed a ride. On the way up, she sat on my lap facing me, and we made out and ground our crotches together. Once we arrived she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the woods, as it was getting close to darkness it was only moments before we were clearly out of view from anyone. At this point she dropped to her knees and undid my pants in the smoothest motion I had ever seen. She then sucked my cock for a few minutes and it was so good I couldn't control myself and came, and as I did so, grabbed the back of her head and tried to drill my cock through the back of her skull. She gagged a bit, but took it all.
We got back on the tram and went back down the mountain, again making out and grinding all the way down. As we exited the tram, she again grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the resort. We got to our room and she started to take off her dress and I told her "no, stop, you look so hot." I then threw her on the bed and took her thong off and tossed it aside and pulled her dress up and dropped to her pussy. I licked her clit and her pussy and ass for a good 20 minutes and she came no less than 3 times and was close to reaching the apex for another when I just stopped. She had this totally dejected look about her. I then helped her get her dress off, leaving the shoes and frilled bobby sox on. I took her bra off and as I did so spend more than a few minutes working on her succulent tits, working her even more into a frenzy, as I occasionally touched her clit as I did this. Once I had her sufficiently hot, and I hadn't told her I'd taken a viagra while we walked back to tram after her blow job, I was ready for a couple of rounds of fucking, I again went down on her and after getting her off one more time, immediately entered her pussy and proceeded to fuck her with long and hard strokes, while playing with her clit and sucking on her tits. I told her I was going to cum and she tried again, to get a load in her mouth, but I dumped it all in her already wet and sloppy cunt, making it even more so. Since I was still hard, I fucked her a bit more turning our mixed cum into a froth and it leaking onto her ass. I then asked her how she'd like her hot little ass fucked, to which she responded, "I love when you fuck my ass, daddy!"
I took my cock from her cunt and pushed it into her hot little ass, and as I did so, she once again brought her legs up, to her chest this time. She commented on how she loved watching my cock pound her ass and I said well then stay just like that. I pulled out, and with her legs back like they were I turned around and once again put my cock in her ass, while I grabbed it and pulled it towards me, as I fucked her with long, slow and hard strokes, while she grabbed my cock and as I fucked her, her hand was stroking me. She could feel me about to come twice and squeezed so hard I thought she'd break me. The last time as I was getting close she said, "you owe me a load of cum in my mouth, daddy," which sent me over the edge, at this time I squeezed my own cock a bit, pulled out and scooted towards her mouth, at the same time, I dropped on to her pussy with my mouth, I dropped my cock into her mouth, and she sucked me in deep, for a couple of strokes/gags and she stuck a finger in my ass as I started to drop a load into her throat. I licked her to another orgasm as she sucked me dry and then milked my prostate for a few moments while I made her cum yet again.
On the last day, I was again manning a booth, with one of my coworkers, when Merissa came by. She was wearing same dress as night prior, only now with tennis shoes, instead of heels. She made some small talk with my coworker and got to a point she asked if she could borrow me for a few. We went off to s secluded part of conference center and she showed me she had no undergarment on, and when she did she showed me she had a plug in her ass and her pussy was wet. I took the opportunity to fuck her, by pulling my cock out, and sitting on a chair, which she lifted her dress and mounted me. We just sat there, like that as each of us used our kegels to squeeze, in my case my cock and in hers, it would make her pussy squeeze me. After about ten minutes, we both came. As she left me to return to my booth, I noted a small drop of cum running down the inside of her leg.
I spent about an hour in my booth and then it had dawned on me, her plug was the one with a remote, which I had on my phone. I opened the app and called her. She happened to be on the phone with her mother, so I thought I'd be evil and turned it on. Now, I wasn't there, but I can imagine the conversation as her ass plug was activated whilst talking and lying to her mother about where she was. After a few minutes I got a call from Merissa and she said she had literally jumped off the bed, mid sentence with her mother. She then informed me she had place the lush vibrator into her pussy and was going to lay in the sun.
About 5 minutes later she walked right past my booth on way to patio, outside the convention area, where as I thought she'd go to the pool. After a few minutes of people walking by and making small talk, I noticed she had set up, such that her head was facing away from me, thus her pussy was facing me. At that exact time, as though she felt me staring, she turned and smiled at me. I then opened both apps and activated both vibes, one after the other. I watched as though a line of electricity lit her up, as she got rigid and was subtly humping the chaise lounger she was lying face down on. With the lush, I varied all the settings and played with her for close to an hour, during which I had noted a spot showing on her bikini bottom, as she got wetter.
While this was going on, I got a call from a buddy of mine who has a cabin, just up the road. It is kind of secluded and includes a nice balcony as well as a hot tub on the balcony. He informed he he was gone for rest of week and we could use it for last night in town. Once my obligation in convention center was done for the day, I went outside and informed Merissa of the situation and that we were leaving in thirty minutes.
After packing, and keeping her from pulling the vibes, and she insisting I insert the aneros into my ass, we left the convention center and stopped in town on way to cabin for food, and alcohol. During the trip up, about 15 minutes she was playing with my crotch and kissing me on the neck, both actions making me hard.
We got the cabin just before dark and checked it out. Now, my friend is a bit of a kink, and had a room with a fuck swing hanging from the ceiling in one of the bedrooms, which he had told me where the key was. When Merissa saw this she immediately said "I can't wait to get fucked in that, dad!"
We had a lite dinner and some drinks and we both took a viagra and since the nearest house was 200 yds away with forest around us, we both went naked. And she had removed her vibe, but insisted I keep Aneros in place. Once in the tub we just started making out and had hands roaming in no time. I found her pussy and she my cock and we played with one another for about half an hour, neither one allowing the other to cum. Finally, she slid over me and in so doing assisted in directing my cock into her pussy. Once all the way in, she would do kegels, squeezing my cock, then releasing it, in a controlled manner and I would occasionally reciprocate. Due to the Aneros, in my ass after getting into a good rhythm with this, I had what felt like I faucet open up and flood her cunt with a bunch of pre-cum. It hadn't felt like an actual orgasm, but clearly I had deposited something in her cunt. She felt it and came herself, adding to the sliminess of the situation.
At this time she said, "come on and lets get me into that swing for some fucking!" She led me by the hand as we went inside, after drying off and upstairs we went to the swing room. Once inside, I helped her get into it and once she was, I dove into her cunt with all my energy and tongue work. She was so wet and so hot it wasn't even funny. I licked and stroked her to a few orgasms and then, as she was coming down from the last, I stood and placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt, grabbed her legs and pulled her onto me. She screamed how good it felt and then demanded I fuck her hard and fast, which I did for a few minutes and then I pulled her right into my crotch and held her there as I dropped a huge load into her cunt, during which she had another orgasm. She somehow had figured out how to make the swing move and started once again fucking me.
She smiled and said, lets go fuck on the balcony, daddy. "I want you to fuck my ass outdoors and dump a load of your cum in my mouth, out there as well." Outdoors we went and found a nice chaise lounge on the balcony and as we walked towards it, she jumped on it, placed her ass nicely in the air, and said, "fuck my ass daddy." As I did as I was told, I noted she was playing with her pussy and clit, so I reached around and grabbed her tits and in so doing, pulled her more upright and into my chest, she turned around and we locked lips while I fucked her ass and massaged her tits. After a few minutes of this, she must have felt me getting close as she pulled herself from me, and I thought she was going to take me in her mouth, but nope, she instead grabbed my cock and squeezed me into stopping and as she did she placed her right knee on the arm rest and demanded I get back into her ass. I did as I was told and drove my cock deep into her in one motion and once I was all in, I just held it there and at same time with my right hand reached around and started pulling on her clit, and twisting it between two fingers. She started to cum and as she did her ass spasmed and as it started I began to move in and nearly out of her ass in long, smooth hard strokes, she kept coming and turned and said "fuck my mouth and finish in my mouth, dad." I pulled out, and straddled her tits and she gobbled my cock and massaged my prostate, getting as much pre-cum as she could and as I was getting close, she pulled me completely into her mouth, choking a bit, as I started to shoot my load into her mouth, all of which she swallowed, licked her lips to make sure and then said, "I love weekends away with you!"

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