Three fat women, three incestuous cuckolds

Jenny: The mother. 41 years old, and a lush BBW. 62-40-56. 300lb. 42Q. Think an even bustier, bigger assed Lexxxi Luxe.

Caitlyn: The sister. 22 years old, and a thick bitch. 60-34-48. 230lb. 38H. Think a thicker, bustier Samantha 38G.

Shandy: The girlfriend and novice cuckoldress. 21, and growing big and strong. 48-34-46. 190lb. 32KK. By this point, you get the picture, but just in case, picture a chubbier Dors Feline.

Benjamin: The father, 39 years old and a total wimp. Slim, hairless, with a gaping asshole and a 3.5″ cock kept locked in a 1 1/2″ Jailbird cage fitted with punishment pins.

Julian: The younger brother, 19 1/2 years old. Only slightly more masculine than his father and a former high school swimmer. The best endowed of the three cucks – not that that’s saying much – with a 5″ penis in a 3″ Jailbird cage.

Billy: Our protagonist, 21 years old. Hairless, smooth, and living in paradise as his mother’s favourite little cuckold. His pathetic 4″ penis is kept in a 2.5″ Steelworx Looker 2 with urethral plug.


Most families spend their Sundays either at church or relaxing at home. And I guess my family isn’t any different. We just worship different things. Rather than the cross, there’s my mother’s huge ass. Rather than communion wine, there’s hot piss. And rather than some uncomfortable pain-in-the-ass pew, there’s… Actually that part is the same, because like most Sundays I started this one by sliding my well-lubed asshole down onto a fat black dildo until I hit the balls.

Every morning in our house starts the same way. I wake up first, and put out the dildos on the bench in front of the massive television in our living room. We get up so early the sun’s only just starting to rise, so we’ll have enough time to do our morning rituals. Then I wake my father and my little brother, who sleep in the same small bed I do, and we all go outside to piss through our chastity cages on the lawn, since we aren’t allowed to use the actual bathroom except as a special treat.

When we got back inside, it was time to handcuff my brother and my father, and lube their holes. At first it felt very weird, sliding my oily fingers inside my own father’s asshole, but after a while I got used to it. I have to be the one to do it since they can’t be trusted not to try and pump their prostates before they’re allowed to. Then I do my own hole, put our ballgags on, and we all march into the living room to squat down over the massive black dildos on the bench and get ready for our morning dose of humiliating pornography. Today, like most Sundays, we were in for a special treat. A lot of days it was just videos of us being degraded, but for a special Sunday treat, we’d be getting to see something far better!

The night before, my mother, sister, and girlfriend had spent two hours with three very well endowed men, and they’d caught it all on film. As always, they’d left me the film for our morning ritual, and we were treated immediately to the sight of my beautiful mother’s ruby red lips wrapped around a big, hard cock as she sucked it, while my girlfriend jerked off the other two. My sister must have been behind the camera, since she was nowhere in frame, but we could hear her.

“Hi pussyboys. I know you wish these were you, but you know how it is. Little dicked losers like you three don’t deserve to have sex with women like us, or, well, any women at all.” She said, with a little laugh in her voice, and zoomed in on my mother bobbing her head up and down on the black rod invading her mouth. Mom likes to use black guys and black toys to humiliate us, not because of any weird racial stuff, but because it’s even more obvious it isn’t us fucking her.

“But because it’s not your fault you were born with sad little baby dicks and because we’re so nice, we’re going to let you watch us fuck some real men. Billy, don’t forget to make sure the other two pay nice attention. Oh, and we’ll want breakfast in bed, it’s gonna be a long night…”

That was part of why we always got up so early. Every morning we’d have to watch at least an hour of video mom and sis, and sometimes my girlfriend Shandy, picked out or filmed to make us watch. Then we had to clean the house from whoever came over the night before, make them breakfast, and in dad and my brother’s case, go to work.

Between the sight of mom working on that cock and the feeling of the massive black dildo stretching my asshole and pressing against my prostate, I was already drooling precum out the front of my cage, my cock straining against the bars. One look showed me that dad and Julian were feeling the same way, and they were already starting to slowly grind up and down against the huge cocks impaling their rectums. It was my job to make sure they didn’t cum from it. Mom’s rule is very strict: we only get to make our cummies when she says, no other time.

Slowly, I lifted my hips and started pumping myself along the painfully huge dildo, grinding my prostate hard against it, moaning into my ball gag. I briefly glanced over at the camera in the corner (every room in the house had at least one) to make sure it was recording – videos of us humiliating ourselves like this were streamed live worldwide, and Mom inspected them quite often to make sure we followed the rules and fucked ourselves for the entire time the morning video lasted, stopping only if the alternative was an unpermitted orgasm.

I know what you’re thinking. How can we live like this? It’s simple. We love it. When I turned nineteen and it was time to get serious, I spent six months trying to live normally, going off to college – which is where I met Shandy – and doing the normal nine-to-five life. We all do it in our family every once in a while. And the entire while I was missing home, missing the fat cocks shoved up my ass, the sight of my fat mother roaming nude, even the feel of my chastity cage. I just didn’t like normal life as much as this, and when my little brother had his turn, he came crawling back too. Living as a cuckold family is an exhilarating, exhausting, incredibly erotic ride and once you’ve tried it, you just can’t go back to normal. I mean, once Shandy tried it just once, she was hooked just like the rest of us, and last time she went home to see her parents, she hooked them too!

But enough about that. You want to know what happened next. Well, it wasn’t long before all three of us were gasping and shivering as we slid our way down those fat black poles invading our greased-up holes, cocks jumping and throbbing in their cages, eyes fixed on the screen with a glassy stare. For me, I couldn’t get over the sight of my increasingly fat girlfriend moaning in pleasure as a muscular black man pounded her pussy with a cock easily four times longer than mine and my own mother sucked on her big, firm tits. I’d never made her cum that way with my cock and I can never hope to, either.

I could feel my orgasm starting to build from the relentless battering I was giving my own prostate, and just before it escaped me, I managed to slide myself off the enormous black prick and collapsed down onto all fours, panting. I tried to focus on the ache of the too-tight cage against my swollen dick, the way it pulled on my ballsack, but it didn’t help – but neither did the sight of my mother guzzling cum straight from one of those huge dicks on the screen. In the end, I didn’t manage to come down off the brink until the video ended and it was time for us to do our chores.


I was thankful for the special chairs we had built throughout the house. At first glance they looked like ordinary seats, perhaps a little bulky, but with the turn of a clever handle they parted into two, to reveal a special bench and a queening stool above it. We made sure to build them sturdy, and if it wasn’t for that, I’m not sure that I could have handled my mother’s three-hundred pounds of feminine divinity smothering me as she ate her breakfast. It was absolute bliss, of course, to have my head absolutely surrounded by her fat thighs, thick ass, and hairy cunt, and to hear her small sounds of satisfaction as my tongue circled her asshole, delighting in the taboo taste of her anus – though I was thankful for the bidet she had recently had installed.

This was also a normal occurrence in my house. I usually spent at least an hour serving my mother, my sister, and Shandy their breakfasts, and each of them would almost always use my face for their pleasure as they ate. Often, I doubled as their cleaner from the wild excesses of the night before, and this morning was no different. My body throbbed with desperate, humiliated arousal as I lapped half-dried black cum out of mother’s pussy – and the presence of the in-built dildo of the bench slowly pistoning in and out of my ass (another of those fiendishly clever innovations the bondage furniture designer we contracted came up with – each movement my mother made on the stool translated into a smooth pump of the oversized equine cock currently plowing my well-lubricated asshole) certainly didn’t help matters. Nor did my mother’s periodic reaching back to fondle my captive and vulnerable balls, tickling them with her long fingernails.

“Did you enjoy momma’s video?” She crooned between mouthfuls of bacon, wiggling her thick milk-white thighs against my face as I moaned in the affirmative. “I thought you would. You’ve always been such a pathetic little momma’s boy. Now open wide, I need to piss.” This was one of the unanticipated upsides of the special chairs we’d had built – rarely, if ever, did the three divine goddesses in the family have to use the toilet for something so mundane as passing water. They could simply sit on a comfortable chair, call one of us, and have us anally violated as we guzzled down their piss like the finest champagne.

After a long night of drinking, mother’s piss came in a veritable torrent, splashing against my lips and my cheeks – permanently smooth thanks to laser hair removal – as it spilled into my mouth so quickly it splashed on itself and began to overflow before I could begin to gulp. Acrid, salty, and yellow, it was and is my favourite drink in the world, and I shook and shuddered under my maternal goddess’s enormous ass with ecstatic pleasure as I gulped and desperately tried to keep up. When the stream flowed to a trickle and finally to a droplet, I obediently craned my tongue up to clean her fully, and she rewarded me with a vigorous wiggle of her hips that sent the horse cock impaling my asshole hard against my prostate.

“Good boy.” My mother cooed, turning her attention back to her breakfast, to her mimosa and her toast. The television clicked on as I resumed my duty of orally pleasuring her, and the sound of yet more hardcore pornography filled the air, muffled through the perfect flesh of my mother’s porcelain thighs. I knew I was in for a wild ride then, and sure enough within seconds my mother was rocking her hips back and forth, pressing down to force her cunt firmly onto my face, smearing me with her pussy juice as she enjoyed one of her favourite films.

I was nothing more than her sex toy, but the pounding of that oversized dildo into my abused hole made it hard to focus on eating her cunt. It took several long minutes before she came and sighed, relaxing her press down and letting the concealed springs of the seat raise her pressure off of my face. I knew she was done with me by well honed instinct, and after pressing a final worship full kiss to the hole from which I came, I slipped out from the bench and let it fold back into a comfortable chair before disappearing to attend to my sister Caitlyn’s breakfast routine, and then to my girlfriends.

Caitlyn’s was uneventful. She too used my face as her sex toy, grinding relentlessly on it until she came, leaving me breathless and redfaced from lack of air. It is no easy thing to spend an hour each morning smothered beneath three women, none of whom would be considered petite by normal society. And, just like my mother, Caitlyn also used my mouth as the receptacle for her divine urine and the drying remnants of semen that decorated her velvety, well-fucked lips.

By the time I approached Shandy with her breakfast of oatmeal, coffee, and fresh fruit – supplemented by bacon this morning in her quest to attain the heights of divine thickness my mother had reached – my stomach was uncomfortably full with the combined urine, and I felt as though I could feel it sloshing around. Shandy was already awake and on her computer, and when I presented her breakfast on its tray she gave me a kiss before silently pushing me down to assume the position. Unlike my mother and sister, she favoured a kneeling bench, but it too had been modified to serve as a queening stool, albeit one that left my ass unfilled during my service.

Only once I was greedily licking the drying cum from her strawberry blonde pubic hair did she speak. “Oh, Billy, sweetheart… I had such a good time last night. Did you see the video?” I moaned my answer out, a muffled ‘mhm’ as I devotedly suckled at the sensitive nub of flesh that crowned her increasingly well-pounded cunt. Day by day it more closely resembled my mother and sister’s, the skin of her outer labia darker, her inner lips more prominent. When we met, she was pristine and pink, practically a virgin, but by now the count of men she had slept with was well into the double digits, nearing triple. I adored the changes my beloved Shandy was working on her body – daily breast massage to grow her already lush double-K tits, an increased diet to thicken her entire frame to better resemble the Venus of Willendorf that all men secretly crave, and of course, her growing dedication to the most outrageous, blatant sluttery.

“Jacob really knew how to fuck. He just kept pounding me for ages.” Shandy wiggled her hips atop my face, and sighed when my hands parted her thick cheeks that I might lavish kisses on her asshole, still sensitive and puffy from its use last night. “I’m so glad you convinced me to come and live like your family do. I never dreamed I could be so satisfied, so fulfilled… Oh, god, baby, don’t stop.” The sensation of my tongue slithering into her puckered hole never failed to make her tremble, especially when freshly fucked.

“Oh, god… What I want to say, sweet Billy, is will you marry me? Will you be my cuckold faggot husband?” I didn’t know what to say. I would have been floored, were it not for the modified frame of the kneeling chair supporting me. I nearly came then and there, imagining my life as Shandy’s cuckold husband, picturing the wedding ceremony I was certain she’d want – there was no chance at all that it wouldn’t end with her drenched in semen and piss, and my tongue dutifully lapping it up while my entire family watched.

What else could I say? When I finally pulled my tongue from her ass, I answered her with joy in my heart. “Oh, Shandy, yes! I love you so much!”