Three Men and the Sitter

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I think about that night every time my fingers play with my pussy, or my boyfriend fucks me with his big cock.
Magic Mike will forever be my favorite movie. After all, it led to the fuck of my life.
I usually sat for Janice and John when they went out partying together with friends. This night was different though, because instead of staying together, after dinner and drinks the ladies went to the theater to watch Magic Mike and the guys came home to play poker.
That is… that's what they were *supposed* to do. But not long after the three of them got home — drunk from dinner — and gathered around the table and dealt their first round, Tommy started talking to me from across the room, where I sat in the living room watching TV.
The questions began innocently enough: he asked what I was watching, how my night went, wouldn't I rather be out partying with friends… John and Bryce kept trying to get him to bring his attention back to the game but it was no use, and eventually Tommy straight up said, "You know what? I think I want to hang out with Lexi." He got up, grabbed the bottle of tequila and two shot glasses. He he offered a glass to me. "You're basically off duty now," he said when I hesitated. I took the glass and he filled it, then I tossed back the liquid. "Atta girl" he said, as he sat down beside me.
"I hope my buddy John takes good care of you…. money wise, that is" he added with a chuckle when my eyes grew wide "Although there definitely *are* other ways to be taken care of." He poured more tequila.
"Tommy…" I heard John say with a bit of warning in his voice. Tommy ignored it.
We clinked our shot glasses and I drank the liquid, loving the way it glided hot down my throat. At 18, I'd already done my fair share of partying and tequila was one of my favorites.
The next thing I knew, Tommy's hand was on my leg.
"Let me show you what some of those other ways are…"
"What?!" I laughed nervously. Tommy's hand slid further up my leg.
"Tommy, what the fuck are you doing?!" this time it was Bryce who spoke.
"Only exactly what we've all thought about doing with sweet, sexy Lexie. Do you know we talk about you Lex?"
"You… you do?"
Tommy leaned in, "We talk about what it would be like to fuck you."
I remained silent. I didnt know what to say. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't fantasized about these men wanting me. But I wasn't feeling brazen enough to admit it. But when Tommy moved his hand from my thigh up to my breast in the next instant, I didn't move.
I couldn't believe he was being so ballsy—and right in front of the other two! I also couldn't believe John wasn't stopping him.
Tommy pulled down on the top of my tank top and my tit popped out, nipple erect. My cheeks reddened, but still I stayed where I was. He squeezed my perky tit then leaned over me and put it in his mouth, sucking on my nipple.
I let out an involuntary moan.
"Fuck," I heard a chair scrape, and in the next moment, Bryce was on the other side of me, sucking on my other tit. I arched against them and moaned again.
Tommy took hold of the waistband on my shorts and tugged downward. A tiny voice told me not to let this go any further, but another voice — one getting stronger from tequila — told the first to shut the eff up.
I lifted my butt up off the sofa and Tommy yanked my shorts down. His hand quickly found it's way to my shaved pussy, and then slid down between my legs where he found I was already wet.
"Lexieee" Tommy muttered. "I knew you'd be willing. I knew you'd be a good little bad girl."
He changed positions then so that he was kneeling on the ground in front of me. He spread my legs apart and then proceeded to use his mouth on my pussy. I couldn't help myself — It took minutes for his skilled tongue to bring me to a rocking orgasm that had me arching up against him.
Beside me, Bryce had taken out his hard cock and was stroking it.
I looked over at John to find him standing at the table and looking over at us, conflicted at what to do. Although what he *wanted* to do was apparent by the bulge in his slacks.
"I told you I'd take care of you," Tommy said and I turned my attention back to him. "Now it's your turn."
He stood up so he could unbutton his pants. He pulled them down and his big, hard cock sprung free. He reached for me and I stood up too, then he pulled off my tank and had me step out of my shorts. He turned me around and pushed me to Bryce I straddled him, and he grabbed my hips and guided me down unto his cock.
Fuck it felt good!
From behind me, Tommy pushed me forward so that i was pressed against Bryce, who held me firmly his arms as he used his hips to begin thrusting.
I was taken by surprise in the next instant when I heard Tommy spit and felt a wet glob on my ass crack. He used his fingers to wipe it down and over my tight hole, and then pressed the tip of his cock against me.
"Relax." he instructed, and I did so, closing my eyes and trying not to wince as he pressed his cock inside my ass. Once inside, he let out a "fuck yes," and started to ass fuck me, while Bryce used his hips to thrust inside my pussy.
"Omg, yes!!" I found myself screaming.
I wasn't allowed to say much else though, because I felt a sudden movement beside me and then a hand was in my hair, pulling my head up and to the left where John stood, his erect cock in front of my face.
The other two let out a whoop at John's succumbing to the play.
"I've wanted my cock in your mouth since the first time you walked in that door" he muttered.
"Then give it to me," I encouraged, and parted my lips.
He thrust his dick in, and the three of them proceeded to fuck every orifice. Encouraged by my willingness and each other, they fucked me hard and they fucked me good and when I came a second time, my moan was muffled by John's cock, but the clenching of my ass and pussy was enough to alert the boys and send them over the edge as well. Soon cream was being pumped into me from all angles.
I moaned as John's filled my mouth and I swallowed it down.
Afterwards, no one said much. We put our clothes back on, did one more round of shots, then John paid me and I left.
As I was pulling away, the car with the ladies pulled in.
"I hope they aren't looking to get lucky tonight!" I thought with a smirk.

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