Three Sons Pt. 03

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Three Sons (Part 3)
Kathryn M. Burke
Daniel was next in line.
It had been a full week since James and Peter had gone into Mom's bed, and each was spending every other night there. James wasn't certain how his youngest brother would respond to all this. Daniel was definitely a "mama's boy," looking upon his mother almost as if she was an object of worship. He was fiercely protective of her, and James got the impression he didn't fully approve of his brothers' probing of Jenny's body.
So when James came into Daniel's bedroom on a Saturday afternoon, he found his brother seemingly lost in a sulk.
James got right to the point.
"I guess you know what Peter and I have been doing—with Mom, I mean."
"Yeah, I know," Daniel said in a surly voice.
"Look, guy, we're just trying to make her feel better, okay? She really got thrown for a loop when Dad left, and I think she felt she wasn't attractive to men anymore."
"That's ridiculous!" Daniel exploded. "She's beautiful—and has lots of other good qualities too."
"I know that, but that's how she felt. It was really getting her down. So we all have to pitch in to bring her out of her funk, okay?"
"She's already responding, I think. I see a rosy glow to her cheeks that wasn't there before, and her eyes are twinkling the way they used to when we were kids." James chuckled, and Daniel read his thoughts: It's amazing what regular sex will do to your outlook on life!
"So," James went on, "are you ready?"
A little shiver went through Daniel. "I—I think so."
"Well, you better be. What's your experience with girls?"
The bluntness of the question caught Daniel by surprise. "Um, not very much."
James eyed his brother keenly. That euphemistic comment couldn't possibly mean what he feared it might: In fact, I've had no experience with women.
"You're a virgin?" he said, in a tone of voice that implied: You have smallpox?
Daniel nodded lugubriously.
James theatrically slapped his forehead. "Oh, man! Mom's really gonna have to teach you a lot. I mean, it's easy enough to stick your cock into a girl—although even that has complications that take a while to figure out. But it's pleasing her that's the tricky thing. You wanna make sure Mom's happy, don't you?"
"Of course! It would be horrible if I just took my pleasure with her without giving some to her."
"Good thinking. But there's no way I can explain it all—you're just gonna have to get some hands-on training from the source, if you catch my meaning."
Daniel nodded. "Do you really think she wants me?"
"Of course she does! You're her favorite."
"I am not!"
"Sure you are. You're the one she wants to go to college, while Peter and I are just working-class stiffs."
"That doesn't make me special."
"Maybe not, but I think she wants you to make the most of yourself. And that's cool. I'm fine with my job, and Peter seems to be okay at his hardware store."
James looked over his brother critically. Although Daniel was taller than Peter (five foot eight), he was slender and came across as a bit delicate. In fact, he was wiry and tough, but in some ways he was even more shy than Peter, especially when it came to women. He seemed to regard all women as made of porcelain: the slightest touch might cause them to break.
"So," James said, "tonight's the night. Okay?"
Daniel swallowed hard. "Okay."
James clapped him on the shoulder. "You'll be fine. Mom will tell—or show—you all you need to know. You'll have a great time."
Daniel spent the rest of the day in a kind of daze. Over dinner he deliberately looked away from his mother, even though she tried to catch his eye and reassure him with smiles and even a little wink. She had a feeling he was not at all well versed in how to deal with females, and she hoped she could overcome his reservations. But it would require tact and care.
Daniel's legs were actually shaking when, like Peter, he strode into Jenny's bedroom wearing only his underwear.
She was waiting for him, sitting up on the bed and not even leafing through her usual reading matter for the occasion (the current issue of Ladies Home Journal). She said, "Hello, dear," in a soft, welcoming voice, but Daniel couldn't get out any words in reply.
She figured they might as well get right down to it. "Why don't you take your underwear off, Daniel?"
His eyes widened for a moment. Then, looking down at himself, he peeled off his boxer briefs and let them fall to the floor.
Jenny did a double take. "Oh, my Lord," she breathed.
Daniel's member, rapidly hardening before her eyes, was enormous. When fully erect, it seemed likely to be at least ten inches long.
Jenny's eyes were fixed on it as if she were hypnotized. Climbing slowly out of bed, she headed toward her son, then extended a hand and touched the quivering organ.
"I had no idea," she said, mostly to herself. An absurd feeling of pride filled her (I produced this magnificent organ!), and she let out a shivery little laugh.
Then, falling instinctively to her knees, she put as much of it into her mouth as she could.
That wasn't very much—maybe three inches at most. But she worked those inches with lips and tongue, using one hand to hold onto the shaft and the other to tickle his large sac of testicles. Every so often she reached behind him and grabbed hold of his muscular bottom; each of his buttocks had a cute little dimple that delighted her. But mostly she focused on that enormous cock, licking the whole shaft with her tongue as if it was a huge lollipop.
She didn't want him to get too excited and come in her mouth, so after a few minutes she stood up and, looking him right in the eyes, pulled down her nightgown from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.
Now it was Daniel whose eyes widened as he gasped. "Oh, Mom, you're so lovely!" he cried.
"Thank you, dear," she said, leading him by the hand to the bed.
They lay down on their sides next to each other, using both hands to get a good feel of each other's bodies. Daniel was so excited about his impending loss of virginity that he was soon lying on top of Jenny and seemed ready to plunge into her, when she made the same warning she had done to Peter:
"Danny, you need to see if I'm wet."
She already was wet, but she felt the advice would always come in handy in Daniel's future relations with women. But to her surprise, instead of merely extending a hand down to check for any moisture in and around her sex, he scooted all the way down and, parting her legs, gave that mysterious area between her legs a careful examination.
Probably he was just wanting to make sure he understood the relations between all the various parts down there. After all, this was his first close-up look at the female organ, and he wasn't quite certain what was really going on down there. With a delicate gesture he parted her petal-like labia and gazed fascinatedly at the deep orifice revealed thereby. It suddenly struck him that he, along with his brothers, had emerged from this cavity eighteen or twenty or twenty-one years ago; and so it gained in Daniel's mind a holiness even beyond what he felt for his mother in general.
The whole area was indeed quite moist, and getting more so: even as he watched, that thin, clear fluid was leaking out of her vagina, and he made a quick flick of the tongue to scoop up a bit of it and see what it tasted like. It was a bit acrid, but not unpleasant; and the aroma of the whole area was so pungent that it made him feel faint.
He didn't think he was really ready to undertake the task of licking her to climax: probably he'd be so clumsy at it that he would botch the job. So he climbed up his mother's body and, situating his frame between her legs, gazed down at her with a mixture of excitement and fear.
"You can go into me now, dear," she said encouragingly.
Daniel thought that his cock would somehow be able to find the proper spot on its own; and when it was unable to do so, sliding up and down between the labia, he got alarmed and frustrated, grimacing and making little whimpering sounds. Jenny came to his rescue, extending a hand down and saying, "Let me put it in for you, okay?"
She guided the cock unerringly into her crevice, and Daniel felt the inexpressible bliss of a first entry into that focus of every man's desire.
He actually went in too far too fast, causing his mother to wince. "Not too much at once, dear!" she cried. "You're a little bigger than I'm used to." Bigger than your father, and even bigger than James.
Daniel withdrew almost entirely, then began thrusting much more slowly and tenderly. His customary feeling that every woman was a delicate piece of china came to the fore again, and Jenny had to convince him by word and gesture that she was quite a bit tougher than that. Pretty soon he was in a good rhythm, and had now lowered himself onto his mom's body, feeling those incredible breasts against his chest. He kissed her fervently on the mouth and cheeks and neck, and his hands fondled her breasts and bottom and back and thighs.
To no one's surprise, it was only a few minutes before he started sending several thick jets of his come into her. It was the most exquisite pleasure he had ever felt in all the eighteen years of his life—and he sensed that it would only be the first of many fusions of body and soul with her and, later, other women.
When he slipped off of her, he saw that her chest and stomach were coated with sweat—both hers and his. He devoured every inch of her body as she lay there, a gorgeous receptable of his desire. But he knew his work had only begun.
"I'll make you come now, Mom," he said urgently.
As she gazed tranquilly at him, he reached a trembling hand down to her sex. His emission was already oozing out of her, and the feel of that viscous substance mingling with her own juices only emphasized the more keenly the physical and spiritual union they had just experienced.
But then he suddenly realized that he wasn't quite sure how to proceed. He knew that you're supposed to rub that area somehow, but he wasn't clear on how and where it should be done. As he gave his mother a plangent look (Mom, please, I need your help now!), she smiled genially and said, "Let me show you."
She advised him patiently about stroking the labia and then focusing on the clitoris. He was welcome, she said, to stick his fingers into her vagina, and she didn't at all mind if he squeezed her nipples, either with fingers or mouth. He had an unquenchable desire to get a close look and feel of her breasts, and fastened his lips on a nipple while his fingers explored the space between her legs.
Presently she was throwing her head back and moaning, and he felt he was doing the job more or less right. As her hands clutched the bedsheets in typical fashion, he could sense that her excitement was increasing, and he stroked her more vigorously while at times actually biting down on that erect nipple. And soon she was crying out sharply as her orgasm crashed over her. He was inclined to stop his actions, but had a dim awareness that he should keep on with his stimulation, so that she could derive the maximum pleasure out of her climax.
Minute after minute it went on, and after a while he just gazed at her in amazement as she gave in to the sensation. Like his brothers, he became convinced that women feel their orgasms even more intensely than men, and his eyes were glued to her as he watched her writhe and quiver and shake and groan, until she finally pushed his hand away and lay there, eyes rolling in her head and her tongue hanging out, utterly spent by her paroxysm.
As both Jenny and Daniel knew, this was only the beginning. After a suitable rest, Daniel invaded his mother's bottom, at her request. Then she asserted herself and got on top, riding him lustily as he gaped at her exquisitely sculpted body bouncing on his cock. Even this wasn't the end, and Jenny taught her son to do sixty-nine—and it was here that something strange happened.
Given that Daniel had already had three climaxes, it took him quite a while to generate another; but at last he did send his fourth discharge into Jenny's mouth. In the interim, he had learned how to lick a woman's pussy efficiently and electrifyingly, and was once again amazed at how she was responding. Even after she had swallowed his come, she continued to writhe and quiver from head to toe. She rolled over onto her back, staring unseeingly at the ceiling, breathing shallowly, her mouth hanging open.
Daniel wasn't even touching her, but she still seemed to be under the influence of a relentless orgasm.
She turned to look at him, an expression of bafflement and alarm on her face. "I—I'm still coming," she whispered between gasps. "I can't stop coming."
Daniel was alarmed also. "What should I do, Mom?" he said.
"Just hold me," she said, and he wrapped his arms around her as she held him close, almost as if he were her father and she his daughter. (Not that father and daughter would be hugging each other naked after several copulations—would they?) She seemed to be experiencing her own personal earthquake, and hoping that contact with his body would somehow allow her to settle down. But the press of her breasts against his chest, and the feel of his not entirely soft organ against her belly, seemed to stimulate her more than it calmed her, even though Daniel's hand was not touching her sex at all.
After many minutes, the trembling racking her frame finally dissipated, and she relaxed in exhaustion.
She looked up at him shyly. "Omigod! Nothing like that's ever happened to me before," she admitted.
He kissed her softly on the mouth. "I hope you had a nice time, Mom."
She stroked his cheek affectionately. "It was very nice, dear."
With justifiable pride Daniel thought: Maybe I really am her favorite.
Now that all three sons had enjoyed their mother, things became a bit hectic—for Jenny. Although James in particular had been so keen on making sure that she herself got as much enjoyment out of their union as he and his brothers did, all the boys now found that her mere presence was enough to arouse them to repeated copulations at all times of day or night.
There was the time when Jenny was washing the dishes in the kitchen, and Peter came up behind her. He loved to see his mother's backside, and as he approached her he kissed her on the neck, raised up her skirt, and pulled down her underwear to expose her bottom.
"What are you doing, dear?" she asked calmly while continuing to do the dishes.
"Mom," he said in a tense voice, "I—I just want you so much."
She heard him undo the zipper of his pants. When he rubbed his cock against her butt, it was already quite hard. It became difficult to continue with her work as Peter slid his cock between the cheeks of her bottom, with one hand grabbing a breast over her clothes. Then he squeezed a bit of detergent onto his fingers and coated her anus with it.
"Peter, dear," she said with a hint of exasperation, "do you really—?"
"I'm sorry, Mom," he pleaded, "I just have to."
He shoved his cock into her posterior. He could do it standing up because he was only a few inches taller than her; James would have had a lot more difficulty at the task. As he pounded her, Jenny resolutely devoted herself to the dishes, although the distraction of having her derrière filled was pretty severe. But luckily Peter finished in a few minutes. She wasn't entirely grateful to him for sliding her panties back up her hips, where they promptly absorbed the come leaking out of her bottom—but she had to admit that the impromptu coitus was pretty exciting.
There was the time when Jenny made the boys watch a romantic comedy on TV one evening, just to get more of a sense of how women think and feel. But after a certain number of fairly stimulating sex scenes (where, frustratingly, only a limited amount of flesh was shown), each of the boys pulled out their cocks and gave their mother a silent request. Rolling her eyes, she peeled off her underwear and sat on James's cock first (he was, after all, the eldest), then, after two minutes, on Peter's, and then on Daniel's. The cycle was repeated three or four times before she got all the boys to come in her.
There was the time when, making dinner in the kitchen, she heard the front door open and James troop in. He hung around the entry of the kitchen until Jenny turned around with a look that said, Yes, may I help you?
James looked at the floor and said, "Mom, can you suck me?" At least he seemed a little abashed by the request.
She peered at him sharply. "Right now?" I have a meal to fix, you know.
She sighed heavily. "All right, drop your shorts. Let's make this quick. I have things to do."
He did as ordered—and, not surprisingly, he was already hard. Wiping her hands on her apron, she fell to her knees and put his member into her mouth. By now she was expert at how each of her sons reacted to this procedure, and in a matter of minutes her mouth was filling with his foamy emission, which she dutifully swallowed. All her boys were grateful whenever she absorbed their seed, whether in her vagina, her anus, or her mouth.
As she rose to her feet, she said, "Okay, James, I have to get back to work."
"Sure thing. Thanks, Mom—you're the best!"
All this activity led to the next level of intimacy. By now, each son had her twice a week—James on Monday and Thursday, Peter on Tuesday and Friday, and Daniel on Wednesday and Saturday. On Sunday Jenny had a "day of rest," which she definitely needed. But then James took it into his mind to wander into her bedroom on a Sunday night, with Peter by his side. They were both naked.
Sitting on the bed reading her Ladies Home Journal, she raised her eyebrows. "Boys, this is supposed to be my night off, remember?" Having her sons do her multiple times a night—not to mention at random other times during the day for "quickies"—was making her a bit tired and sore. (But in some ways, having so many climaxes with these attentive young men was more exhausting than all the probing they were doing of her body.) But as she saw their cocks rising almost in unison, she sensed that her "day of rest" was coming to an end.
"Mom," James said with some hesitancy, "I think it might be fun to . . ." He made a gesture that took in his brother and himself.
"To do what exactly?" Jenny said with mild irritation. She wanted her eldest son to specify, clearly and distinctly, what he had in mind—although she knew exactly where this discussion would lead.
"You know . . ." James said in almost a whine.
"No, I don't know."
"Both of us!" he burst out. "Two at a time."
"I see."
"Have you ever done that before?"
"Of course not."
"Don't you think it might be fun?"
"Fun for whom?"
"For everyone!"
She clicked her tongue, then tossed the magazine aside. "All right, let's try it."
Whipping off her nightgown, she lubed herself up, to save the boys the bother. All three of them lay on their sides, James in front and Peter in back. They had instinctively decided that Peter's slightly smaller member would be easier for Jenny to accommodate in her bottom than James's, especially since she had never done double penetration before. The boys made sure to kiss and fondle her until she was properly wet and excited, and then they entered her.
By this time Peter had rolled onto his back and placed his mother on top of him, facing up. He inserted his cock into her anus first, since that was the more difficult operation. Once he was in place, James squatted between her legs and stuffed his organ into her pussy. Jenny's eyes widened at the novel sensation of two members in her at once—it was definitely an experience worth having. Peter reached around her to grab one breast, while James grabbed the other. They began pummeling her vigorously.

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