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Tanner looked down at his cell phone and groaned. He'd been in this bathroom line for at least 10 minutes. He could have found a discreet place outside to take a piss by now, but at this stage, he was practically at the front — too close to give up. How did this bar only have two single bathrooms?
He'd come to this party with his girlfriend, Sara, but he hadn't seen her for at least an hour. She was probably off dancing or making small talk with her girlfriends. Tanner was shier than Sara and would have preferred to be somewhere a little quieter where they could talk and joke around some. But Sara had strong feelings about how they spent their time, and her preferences usually won out over Tanner's — a fact he was coming to terms with.
Finally, the line started to move. He was moving into a freshly open stall when two girls popped up out of nowhere. "Do you mind if we cut you?" the curvier of the two asked him, batting her eyelashes at him.
"You can go behind me," he said, exasperated. This girl was hot, but come on. He wasn't just going to let them cut in front of him in line. He moved forward, grabbed the handle, but they bounced in after him.
"What the hell?" he asked, starting to feel more than frustrated. "I am using this, now."
"It's OK," the curvy brunette told him. "We'll just share. You piss over there, we'll do some molly over here. When you're done, we'll switch." She winked at him. "Live a little."
She was entitled in that way beautiful women are. As he looked at her, he realized she really was beautiful. Wearing a tight gold jumpsuit that hugged her hips and her juicy ass, with a low-cut neckline that shamelessly showed off her perky, medium-sized tits. She wore big gold hoop earrings and had curly hair, with big brown eyes that seemed to be egging him on, or daring him to throw her out by hand.
"Whatever," he said. "Wait over there."
"That's the spirit," the brunette teased him. "I'm Carly."
"I'm Jamie," the blond one said. She put out her hand to shake his, an oddly formal gesture considering the circumstances. "Hi." She had blond hair that fell below her chin, was smaller than Carly's, but also beautiful. She wore a short black skirt with a Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt, fishnet tights and boots.
"Hey," he said and shook her hand. "Tanner."
Carly shut the door behind them all, the thump of the bar getting quieter as she locked it behind her. She pulled out a little bag of white powder and waved it around in the hair, triumphantly, before sticking her finger in her mouth. She made eye contact with Tanner as she sucked on it, then she pulled it out slowly and plunged it into the bag. She brought it up once more and sucked on her finger again, longer this time, as if wanting to be sure she caught every bit.
"Now you," she said to Jamie, before sticking her wet finger back into the bag. She swirled it around, pulled it out, and stuck it directly in Jamie's mouth. Tanner might have expected the quieter girl to resist, but she just opened her mouth and slid her tongue around Carly's finger.
Tanner knew they were putting on a show for him, but he couldn't help but watch. He felt his cock stir at the thought and realized this would be an embarrassing moment to get hard. But he'd been waiting for the bathroom for long enough that he had no choice but to go.
He turned towards the toilet, unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out of his pants. He was starting to get thick, but not embarrassingly so. Just hard enough that his cock felt a little heavier in his hand. He pissed for a moment unselfconsciously. It felt good to release it.
He looked up and noticed both Carly and Jamie looking down at his cock. He wasn't sure if they were messing with him, but they both seemed to be enjoying it. It felt funny to be watched like that. Tanner knew he had at least an average-sized cock. Sara was always telling him it was "beautiful."
All the same, he couldn't un-realize that the girls were staring. Against his better judgment, he could feel his cock growing harder. He could feel them watch him as he finished pissing and gripped and shook his shaft.
Carly stepped forward toward the toilet, sliding off the right sleeve of her jumpsuit, then the left. She wasn't wearing a bra and she was topless as she stepped towards him, her perfect tits bouncing a little as she shimmied out of the top. It took him a full second to realize he needed to move to let her use the toilet behind him.
"Nice dick," she said to him and winked, plopping herself down on the toilet.
"I'm sorry," Tanner said, gesturing to his increasingly hard cock. "There's a lot going on in here."
"Don't be," she told him. "I take it as a compliment." He could hear her start peeing, as she slid her hands slowly over her chest. She grabbed her nipples in her fingers and rolled them between her fingers to make them get hard. She looked up at Tanner with a sexy smile that indicated she knew exactly what she was doing to him, and she was enjoying it.
Tanner's cock was now fully hard. He stood a couple feet away from Carly, but his cock was about at the height of her mouth. Without fully thinking, he stepped towards her. As if on the same wavelength, she opened her mouth, tilted her head to the right, and reached out her left hand to grab his shaft.
She pulled him towards her and slid his head into her warm, wet mouth. Her left hand pumped him firmly, but slowly, working her way into a rhythm. She brought her right hand up and gently cupped his balls.
Tanner thought about Sara. She was running around the party out there, probably on the dance floor. He didn't know who these girls were, who they were here with, or if they knew Sara. This definitely was not a good idea.
But backing out wasn't a smooth proposition either. At this point, coming clean would involve telling Sara how his cock had ended up in the girl in the gold jumpsuit's mouth. He could explain that they'd followed him in, that he'd tried to tell them no. But he'd pressed his dick into her mouth, and he didn't seem to be stopping. He'd gone too far to come back.
Tanner reached down and cupped Carly's full tit. He squeezed it, feeling its full weight in his hand. "You feel so fucking good," he whispered and pushed his cock deeper into her throat. He pressed her head closer to his body and she opened her mouth wider, taking more of him as he thrusted slowly, fucking her mouth almost gently.
He suddenly remembered Jamie standing behind him, on the other side of the bathroom. He looked over his shoulder and met her eye. She was watching them closely, her mouth was upturned in what he couldn't tell was a smile or a smirk.
Tanner motioned for her to come over to him. She walked over slowly, right up to his shoulder. She started grazing her fingers over his back and shoulders sweetly, up to his head. She pressed her fingers into his scalp, massaging him in little circles. He moaned and remembered she'd taken molly.
He turned his body slightly to the right so she stood more directly in front of him, and he started to touch her softly. She melted into his touch, allowing his fingers to graze her arms, her flat stomach, and up over her tits. He leaned in and kissed her, just lip at first, then he opened his mouth and gently pressed his tongue into hers. She met it and pressed back. Her fingers ran up the back of his scalp, through his hair.
"You've really found yourself in a situation here, haven't you?" she asked him. He reached out and grabbed her hair at the base of her scalp, pulling her head away from him as he kissed and licked the length of her neck. He slid his hands up the back of her t-shirt, running his hands up and down her beautiful back.
"You are fucking sexy," he said out loud, though it wasn't clear to any of them who exactly he was talking to. He pulled Jamie's t-shirt off, so she stood before him in a black, lacy bra that her nipples peaked out of. Her tits were smaller than Carly's, but they were perky, with pretty light pink nipples. She had a small, elevated mole on the slope of her left breast. He bought his face down to her chest and kissed it gently before moving his mouth over to bite her nipple over the lace of her bra.
He felt Carly shift, and he suspected she might be starting to feel left out. He straightened himself up, and pulled her to her feet. He grabbed Jamie in his right arm and pulled her closer to him too. The three of them took a few steps together, over to the sink. It was wide, handicapped-accessible, and he pushed them both back to lean on it.
Carly was topless and Jamie was in her little black bra. They looked at him, then they looked at each other. Carly turned towards Jamie, brought her hand behind her friend's head, and brought her mouth to her lips. They kissed slowly and sensually, with more lip than tongue. Carly brought her hands to Jamie's chest and started playing with her nipples over the lace in her bra. Jamie reached up and cupped Carly's left tit, gently at first, before pinching her nipple hard.
Tanner stroked his cock as he watched them kissing and playing with each other's tits. Someone banged on the door — he'd forgotten about the line outside. "Just a minute," he yelled back.
He got on his knees and pulled Carly's jumpsuit down. She had pink, lacey panties on, which he also yanked down and to the left. He pulled her big, gorgeous ass in close to him and stuck his tonight right into her juicy slit.
He could taste how wet she was as he plunged his tongue into her pussy, pulsing at her clit and exploring her slit. She moaned and opened her legs wider, giving him more access to her gorgeous, pink pussy. He brought his left hand up and stuck one finger, then two, inside her, while his tongue licked her clit rhythmically. He could feel her legs start to shake.
He took his other hand and placed it up under Jamie's skirt, feeling over her fishnets until he found where she felt warm and wet also. She wasn't wearing any panties, and he stuck his finger through a hole in her stockings and he was inside her. He rubbed his finger inside of her as if beckoning her closer. She shivered and moaned.
"I have to fuck you," he whispered. Both girls moaned and leaned back. He stood up and pushed them both back against the sink's wide berth. Jamie was on the right with her skirt hiked up, her fishnets framing her bare pussy.
Carly was on the left with the gold jumpsuit around her shins. Her tits shook as she breathed deeply. He could see how wet her pussy lips were from here. They both looked at Tanner like he was meat.
He stepped towards Jamie first, pulled her skirt up higher on her hips, and pulled open her fishnets to make a bigger hole. He perched her on the sink, and entered her. She leaned back towards the sink, arching her back to pull him deeper into her. He pumped in and out of her, rubbing her clit with his thumb. She moaned, grateful for the attention he was giving her body.
Someone pounded on the door again. "Come on!" they shouted. This time, no one bothered to respond.
He pulled out and turned to Carly. He flipped her around and bent her over the sink. He grabbed her by the flesh around her hips and ass, and pulled himself inside of her. She was so wet, and she moaned softly as he slowly slid the head of his cock in and out of her. "Harder," she begged, and he rammed her hard, pressing her into the sink as he lost control, fucking her over the sink as her tits bounced in the mirror.
He'd never taken two women at once before, and he was grateful for the time pressure of the people waiting outside. He wasn't sure how long he'd be able to hold off on cumming.
As if she knew what he was thinking, Carly whimpered, "not inside of me."
"I'll eat it," Jamie said. Tanner was shocked, unsure if he'd heard her right, but she slowly slid down onto her knees. Tanner pulled his cock out of Carly's pussy and slowly put it into Jamie's mouth. He watched as she licked Carly's juices off his cock, savoring it.
"Fuck my mouth," she commanded him, and he began to pump her mouth with his hand planted firmly on the back of her head. He could tell she loved it, opening her mouth wider and making quiet noises as she licked and sucked him at a steady pace.
He pulled Carly close to him and kissed her, his tongue teasing hers. He cupped her left tit, pinching her beautiful nipple hard. She whimpered, as if begging him for more.
"Fuck, I'm going to come," he warned them. He came hard into Jamie's mouth, his whole body releasing as he felt him unloading into her small little mouth. She tilted her head back and took it all, licking him clean of every last drop. When he was done, she looked up at him and smiled devilishly. It's always the quiet ones, he thought to himself.
Someone banged on the door again. No words this time, as if they'd given up on the efficacy of the action.
"I wish I could return the favor, but I think we should get out of here…" Tanner told them.
"Agreed," said Carly. "Maybe you can make it up to us some other time." She adjusted her panties and pulled up her jumpsuit. Jamie stood up, winked at him, and smoothed her skirt down over fishnets. He knew he'd be picturing her gorgeous pussy underneath that skirt and the hole he'd ripped in her fishnets all night long.
He put his cock away, zipped his pants. He caught a look at himself in the mirror. He was a little giddy, but otherwise looked normal enough. He wasn't sure if it would be obvious to Sara what had just happened or not, but he knew he wouldn't take it back. He'd have this memory long after that relationship was over.
"On the count of three?" he asked them.
"On the count of three," Jamie said. "One."
"Two," Carly chimed in.
"Three," he finished, and they poured out of the bathroom towards their respective evenings.

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