Thril Ends On Bed

Hi friends, this is Vikram and I will narrate you all my story about how my thrill ends in a good sex on bed.
When i was in college i used to flirt(not love) with girls(3-4 at a time) but not able to get a single girl. slowly-2 i started liking a girl who has a good shape but little extra fat on her body which i always likes in girls and on one day i propose her and after 2 days she said yes to me. there were leaves for our exams preparation, i called her at college because i know that no one will be present at college(i mean friends). we then went to library and there were no students and we started kissing each other at the last row of library behind the book shelves. i was smooching here passionately and she also started doing the same. then i got little more hotter and tried to unbutton her shirt (she was in shirt n jeans) and i unbutton her upper button and start pressing her boobs over the shirt then slowly i started caressing her cunt over her jeans and she also started giving me support and moaning a little. due to frighten that some one will come i told him to be slow in making noise.
Then I open her jeans zip and insert my hand between the zip and slide my hand in his panty and start playing with her cunt and with my fingers i started separating her cunt lips and insert my first finger deep and started moving there. she started moaning and grabbed me from behind my back. then i insert my second finger and moving a little then suddenly she broke the ambiance and said what if some one will come here and see us. so, we moved to top floor of our college which is third floor and i told her that we willl go to ladies toilet and make our love there then first she enters there and when she is sure that no other girl or teacher is inside i moved in and in one toilet we went and unlock the door and started kissing each other passionately. i hold her head and lean her against the wall and sucking her lips fastly as we were both hot at that time then without wasting much time i unbutton her shirt and saw that she wears white bra with a body then i slide the body upper and open the bra and started pressing her boobs and she started moaning and hold my head and fingering my hairs. then i play with her boobs for 5 mins and then i open his jeans and slide it with her panty to below her knees and started fingering her pussy and i also open my pant and slide it also with my undies and give my rod in her hand and she started playing with it then i asked her to suck it but she refused.
I tried to fuck her there but that is not the right place to enjoy the lust so we came out and made a plan to go to room on some day. after 15 days when our exams were over all friends went to their home place as we were locals here in noida so we have not to go any where. i asked one friend for her flat keys and he gave it to me before leaving to his hometown. it was the month of December and i was like a fish without water. one day i called her to college as room is near to college. when she came to college i was waiting for her at college gate and from there i pick her and directly went to my friends flat. as soon as we enter in flat i hold her from the back and started kissing her back and neck and she started responding well and she turned around and kissing me all over my face. then i take her into a room and we started kissing each other lip locking and continue sucking each other lips for 10 minutes and she is getting hotter now. first, she hit me and tried to unbutton my shirt and very soon she removed my shirt and my sando and started kissing on my hairy chest with madness. then i hold her and remove her sweater then shirt and bra and started playing with her boobs which are very good and full of milk. i squeezed them very hard with both my hands and she really enjoying it. then i laid her on the bed and i go on top and pressing her left boob with my hand and sucking her right boob at the same time. i gave many love-bites on her boobs and she moans like aaahhhhh oooohhhhhhhh yyyyeeeesssssssssss………….
I played with her boobs for around 20 minutes and make them red hot. then i open her jeans with panty at one go and started playing with her cunt . initially i insert my one finger and started fingering fucking to her, she is liking breathing heavily and making good noises which aroused me a lot. then i insert my another finger and continue doing the same. then i take my both fingers and giving her a vibration on her cunt lips from outside and doing it quickly and she started moaning loudly ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………. i continue this for around 10 minutes and she had her orgasm in between as my hands are wet but i continue doing the same and then suddenly she moved me on the bad and came top on me and before i understand any thing she quickly removed my jeand and my undies at one go and started playing with my rod and giving a hand job slowly by moving her hands on the full rod up and down to my balls.
I was feeling very good and it gives me a pleasure and then she takes it in her mouth and started giving me a blow job by taking it in deep to her throat. i was feeling awesome as this was the first time a girl giving me a blow job.. i am not able to control myself and started playing with her boobs once again and pressing them hard but she continued doing that and giving it very fast and after 10 mins of non stop fast blow job i cummed and load my all cum into her mouth and she drink all it without taking a gasp of air and when i saw her she was giving me a naughty smile and now i take her lie on the bed and started playing with her cunt and slowly my rod again starting hardening and then i decided to go for final kill and take out condom and wore it.. then i realized that my rod is not fully erect and i asked her to give me a blow job and she started doing it like a slut. with in few seconds it rose like a snake and then i wore condom and lay her on bed and spread her legs and keep my snake on her cunt lips and started moving my snake on her cunt lips… she likes it really and started moaning in a low voice …. hhhhmmmmmmmmm    aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Then without wasting another second i insert my snake into her vagina but due to she was virgin it wasn’t going to be easy. she tried to move me from her body and said that it is hurting me. then i slowly insert my rod and with 4 or 6 strokes now my full rod into her vagina and then i started moving slowly up and down and she hold my back very tightly as i was not able to move myself then i tried to release my self and giving her strokes and she was shouting like aaah uuuuuhhhhhh uuuuuiiiiiii marrrrrr ggaaaayyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiii mmmmuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy aaahhhhh bbbbaaaaahhhhuuuuuttttttt dard ho raha hai bas karo but i dont want to waste that so i started my fucking speed to next level and giving her fast strokes and she was goind louder then before . to keep her low i placed my lips on her lips and with full strokes i started sucking her lips with my lips and tongue and i was kissing her like we see in English films..
Then i continued it with my full speed and she hold my back with full strength and she was also feeling awesome at that time and giving me full support by moving her hips and waist little up and down.. i continued fucking for around 20 minutes and i was fucking her in the same missionary position and now my knees and legs started paining but i ignored them and giving her strokes and then suddenly i was feeling very good that i am going to cum again but i hold it and increased my speed and now my hips moving more faster to give her a complete deep penetration with this deep penetration she now hold me more tightly and started nailing my back with her long nails… with another 10 full speed strokes i cummed all inside her but i didn’t stopped and continued my full speed for another 20 strokes and when i found them all drops of cum are now released then i stopped stroking her and lied on her with a deep breathing ..
With this full fucking she was feeling happy and we lied there for 15 minutes as we both we exhausted completely and heavily breathing and feeling each others breaths which was quite warm……. it was damn a fucking experience.. then we both get up and dressed and while dressing i was kissing her on her lips..
While she was leaving , she thanked me with full happiness in her heart and face. Kindly share your comments..