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tagIncest/TabooThunderfist's Turmoil Ch. 05

It was that October that Adonis Nero popped up on our radar. He'd started out as an underling in a criminal organization out west some years back and had slowly worked his way up to taking it over. Now he'd expanded his operations to Crescent City. Danielle and I busted up a few of his schemes but he proved difficult to implicate in any criminal activity. My daughter took the lead in our efforts to bring him to justice and her detective skills eventually allowed her to connect him to an arsonist-for-hire who'd been operating on the docks.
It was late one Friday night just after the holidays when we finally were able to assist the police in apprehending Nero. Turns out his home had a secret escape tunnel leading to the sewer system. Unfortunately, he ducked into it and while Danni and I eventually caught up to him, it wasn't before our costumes were thoroughly befouled.
With Nero safely in the hands of the local police, Danielle and I returned home. As soon as we entered, she declared she was going to spend a week in the shower before she'd feel clean again and made a beeline for her bathroom. I felt the same way and headed to my room where I stripped naked and dropped my costume in the hamper to be washed (or possibly incinerated) later.
I entered my en-suite bathroom and stepped behind the glass door of my walk-in shower. It was pretty big, 60 inches by 48. Probably more than I really needed, to be honest. But when Angela and I had inherited the house from my parents, we'd remodeled the upstairs, turning the guest room into the bathroom connected to my bedroom and installing the shower as our extravagant luxury. We'd showered together many times but since her death, I hadn't shared it with anyone. That was about to change.
I had barely begun to clean myself under the warm water when I heard my daughter's voice behind me. "Daddy, the water's not running in my bathroom again" she said.
Without turning around, I said "I'll call the plumber tomorrow. I'll let you know when I'm finished in here and you can use my shower."
"Screw that" she responded. "I stink too much to wait. There's enough room in there for us both."
With that, she opened the door and stepped inside the shower. I was both shocked and irritated at this intrusion into my personal space. We were usually considerate about avoiding seeing each other naked. It's true that I'd walked into her room once without knocking a few months ago when a Guardian Society emergency came up. She'd been standing there nude with her back to me and I'd quickly retreated while apologizing. But I'd learned my lesson and that was the only incident. I turned around to ask her to leave but the words dried up in my throat as I beheld the strange vision before me.
Danielle had altered her form to appear as sexless as possible. Her chest was flat, with no breasts or nipples visible. Her arms were normal, but hips and legs were less rounded. Her crotch was a blank expanse of skin, with nothing to indicate her gender. She gently pushed me to the side so she could step into the spray of water, allowing me to see that she'd flattened her ass as well.
Danni caught my expression of surprise and explained. "I call this my doll form. Aunt Marie and I designed it when she started teaching me how to be a girl. It was in case I should ever be captured by a villain with lewd intentions. The idea was to make myself as unappealing as possible. What do you think?"
"It's about the weirdest form I've seen you wear" I admitted. "But what about me? You've kind of got me at a disadvantage here."
"Oh, I guess I didn't think about that" she said with a quick look at my dangling member. "To be honest, penises aren't a big deal to me. I saw them a lot back when I was Daniel. Well, it was mostly mine, but still, don't worry about it"
With that, she reached over to take my shampoo bottle and pour some into her hand. She had her back to me as she lathered up her hair. I resigned myself to the strange circumstance I was in and moved behind her to run my fingers through her long hair. "Let me take care of that" I offered her.
"Oooh, thanks Daddy. That feels real nice" she happily said.
"It's been too long since I washed a woman's hair" I told her. "Feels nice. Smells nice too. If you're not careful, I might try to make it a habit."
"I could totally live with that" she admitted. "My own personal hair washer. I like how that sounds."
I rinsed her hair out and applied another bit of shampoo. She probably didn't need it, but I was enjoying taking care of her. After I rinsed her hair out a second time, she offered to return the favour. So I bent over slightly to allow her to reach my hair a little easier. Like her, I enjoyed the sensation of having someone else wash my hair. She took her time, doing a thorough job of lathering my strands and rinsing them out.
With her job done, she turned around and asked me to wash her back, which I was happy to do. I grabbed a washcloth, soaped it up and got to work. But with her ass cheeks nowhere to be found, I realized I wasn't sure how low I was supposed to go. So I gathered up my nerve and told her "Honey, I know you were trying to spare my feelings, but this doll thing is a little silly. You can just be your normal self. I don't mind."
"Really Daddy? Are you sure?" she asked me.
I said "Sure" and watched as she turned back into a normal young adult woman. Her body returned to its normal proportions and I saw her height drop a little, indicating the mass she's displaced was back to where it should be.
"Thanks Daddy" she said. "That feels better. It was taking some concentration for me to stay like that. It's not a very natural way to be."
"No problem kiddo" I said as I got back to washing her back. "To be honest, that flat butt of yours was offending my sensibilities. I'm kind of an ass man and what you were doing to yours was heartbreaking. A good butt is a terrible thing to waste"
She laughed at that. "Why thank you, kind sir" she said with an exaggerated posh accent. "I'm glad you approve of it. Since you think it's so nice, I will grant you the opportunity to wash it."
I almost stopped what I was doing when she said that. Washing each other's hair and backs was one thing. But her ass, well, I couldn't help but wonder if that was crossing a line. As I continued running the soapy washcloth down her back, I debated whether or not I should accept her invitation to touch my favourite part of a woman's anatomy.
Part of this was my own fault. She had changed herself to not be sexually attractive and I was the one who'd asked her to change back. And she wasn't the one who'd started talking about her ass. That was me again. We were in a situation we'd never been in before and making up the protocol as we went along. She was my daughter and we loved each other and we were pampering each other. Could it be sensual without being sexual? I didn't see why not. And there'd be fabric between my hand and her flesh anyway.
All of this went through my minds in less than a second. My decision made, I let my hand drop to her right ass cheek and I rubbed it with the washcloth. I was gentle but still pressed her skin. After all, we had spent the evening in the sewers so we really did need a good washing. I pressed a little into her ass crack but not too much. I was still leery of going too far. I decided to adopt a "quid pro quo" approach to what I was doing. I washed her ass the way I wanted her to wash mine when it would be her turn to do so. That seamed reasonable enough.
Another debate popped into my head over what parts of her, if any, were entirely off-limits. Her arms and shoulders would obviously be okay. Her legs too, though that would require me getting to my knees and getting my face near her nether regions. Would that be okay with her? And would I be okay with that? And if she decided to return the favour, her head would be close to my penis. Was that alright? I resolved to simply go with the flow and do what I felt like doing. Danielle was old enough to decide what she liked and didn't like. If I were to do something that made her feel uncomfortable, I knew she'd let me know.
I dropped down to my knees and ran the washcloth up and down her legs. My face was very close to her ass and I had to admit it looked damn fine close up. I tore my eyes away from it and looked up to see Danni staring over her shoulder down at me.
"So Mr. Ass Man," she said. "How's the view down there?"
"I'll put it to you this way" I answered. "If you're ever mad at me, don't say "Kiss my ass, Dad" because I will do exactly that. Seriously. Do not give me an excuse."
I said it halfway in jest, but I could tell she was considering saying it. I decided to remove the temptation from either of us.
"Now turn around so I can wash the rest of you" I instructed her.
She did so and I got a good look at her naked from the front. Her breasts were rounder than I was used to seeing from Marie or even my Angela. Both of them had teardrop-shaped breasts but Danni's stood firm. I briefly wondered if it was youth or her powers that kept gravity from affecting them. Her nipples were a light brown colour and were sticking out about a half inch with areolas about an inch in diameter. I estimated her to be about a 36 C cup, which suited her 5'4" hourglass figure. I may be an ass man, but I had to admit Danielle had a damn fine rack too.
My gaze fell to her pubic area where I was surprised to find her completely hairless. And when I say hairless, I mean not even the slightest hint of stubble. I cocked an eyebrow and asked her "You don't have any hair at all down here?"
"No" she answered. "That's the one part of my body I could never get right. When I made myself the girl I wanted to be, it never occurred to me to give myself hair down there. Marie suggested I should but I could never figure out what I wanted it to look like. Any suggestions?"
If my daughter asking me what kind of pubes she should have wasn't the strangest question I'd ever been asked, it was certainly in the top ten. But I surprised myself by answering her with the first image that popped into my mind. "Let it grow out, about a quarter inch maybe" I instructed her, and suddenly I was looking at a patch of black pubic hair. "Now, make it in the shape of a triangle pointing downward." She complied with my instructions. "Raise the point a little, above the clitoral hood." Again, she followed my directions. Her vagina stayed uncovered but the pubic hair above it offered a nice contrast. "Pretty nice" I said. "What do you think?"
She looked at her handiwork and said "Not bad. I think I like it. Is this how Mom had it?"
"No" I admitted. "Your mother had it much thicker. This is like somebody else's."
"Well don't make me guess" she demanded. "I've seen some of Aunt Marie's photospreads so I know hers doesn't look like this. Whose pubes am I copying?"
"Asia Carrera" I answered. "She was a porn star I was into back in the day. Before I met your mother."
"Holy shit!" she exclaimed with a laugh. "You're making me look like a porn star! Well, at least I can look her up later and make sure I've got it right."
"Your triangle is a little wider" I advised her. "And she had a piercing in her labia. So your look is still a little different. But I think this suits you better, if that makes any sense. I wouldn't change it if I were you." With that, I got back down to washing her, cleaning her tops of her feet and making my way up her legs.
"Any other suggestions I should take on looking more like your favourite porn star? Maybe some collagen lips or bigger boobs?" she asked with a sarcastic tone.
"No way" I said. "You're too beautiful as you are. Don't change a thing. If you change how you look it'll be like screwing up the Mona Lisa."
I don't think she was expecting me to say something like that. It wasn't said as a joke but in earnest seriousness. Her breath caught for a second, but that might also had been because I'd worked the washcloth to the inside of her thighs. I wasn't being bashful anymore. I didn't see the point after we'd just landscaped her nether regions together. I raised the washcloth and scrubbed her vagina and crotch without hesitation. I didn't hurry but I didn't linger either. If there was a normal way to wash your daughter's privates, I'd say I was doing it.
That being said, I knew my actions were having an effect on both of us. Danielle's breathing as I washed her was evidence of it. And when I stood up to more easily scrub her top half, my erect penis was clearly visible.
"Sorry about that princess" I said. "I wish it wasn't like that but…"
"It's okay" she interrupted me. "I understand. You can't help it. Do you know why you have an erection right now?"
"Yes honey, I think I know how erections work" I said a little snidely. I was embarrassed by my state of arousal and by having to talk about it.
"That's not what I mean Daddy" she said. "I mean why it's understandable. You're not like other fathers. When they look at their 18-year-old daughter, they not only see her as she is, they see the little girl she used to be. They see both versions of her and that helps cool off any attraction they might have to her. That, and all the memories they have of her growing up. But you can't do that Daddy. You never saw me as a little girl. By the time I showed you who I really was, I was already going through puberty and turning into a young woman. So you can't help but see me as the woman I am and nothing else."
"Is that what they're teaching you in college?" I asked her.
"Pretty much, yeah" she admitted. "But don't forget that I used to have a penis too. And even with my powers, I used to have trouble controlling it sometimes. So don't feel bad about being hard right now. It's your body's way of saying you think I'm beautiful. And I'm happy you feel that way. As a matter of fact, if you weren't hard, I'd be kinda insulted."
"Well I'm glad you approve" I said as I washed her flat stomach and then moved up to her breasts. I found them to be firmer than I was used to. It was an act of will for me not to spend too much time soaping them up as I found their solidity so interesting. As it was, I ended up tweaking both her nipples a few times as I moved the washcloth over them back and forth. I asked her to raise her arms and she obliged so I washed them and her hands before finishing off with a good scrubbing of her face.
She stepped under the water to rinse off as I stood and stared. She was absolutely gorgeous and I was just drinking in the sight of her. When she was done, she turned around to face me and took the washcloth from my hand. As she soaped it up, she told me "Your turn. Turn around so I can start on your back."
I did as I was told and faced the wall as she started. Being washed by someone else is a very pleasant experience so I just stayed quiet as she rubbed the washcloth over me. She, on the other hand, started talking.
"Daddy, I have to tell you something. When I broke off with Tyler after my birthday two years ago, I never told you why I did it. But I think you need to know now. I really liked him, and we were getting serious about each other. More than just going on dates and kissing. We were telling each other really personal stuff. And it started bothering me that he only knew me as Danielle. I felt like I was hiding a big part of myself from him. So I decided to tell him the truth about how I used to be a boy."
By now she had moved onto my buttocks and knelt down to work on them and my legs. She continued with her story. "At my birthday party, I asked Estelle to keep you busy while I took Tyler upstairs to talk."
"I remember" I said. "She flirted with me."
"I'm not surprised" she admitted. "She had a crush on you. Can't say that I blame her either. But while you were fending her off, I was upstairs telling Tyler about how I used to be Daniel. He took it really well. Everybody thinks he's brash and impulsive but that's just because he lives life at a different speed than we do. He's really compassionate and understanding once you get to know him. Like when I was done telling him, he knew it was a big deal that I'd confided in him. So he thanked me and told me it didn't matter to him who I used to be. He loved who I was now and that was all that mattered. It was really beautiful."
She'd finished with the back of my legs and pressed a little on my right calf to indicate I should turn around, which I did. But instead of working her way up my body as I'd done with her, she stood up and started lathering up my forehead.
"So what happened?" I asked her before she would wash my face and make it hard to talk.
"I was very happy" she said as she washed my face. "I kinda wanted to make out with him right there and then but I had a party downstairs where people were gonna miss me. So we went back down and rejoined the fun. I mingled and rescued you from Estelle and the evening went on. But when everybody was leaving, I took Tyler aside and thanked him for being so cool with what I'd told him. And he asked me what I was talking about."
"What?" I asked in surprise as I opened my eyes and immediately regretted it. The soap on my eyelids had fallen into my eyes and irritated them. Danni moved me forward into the water spray so I could rinse them off and see again. My vision restored, she gently pushed me back so she could wash my chest and continue telling me her story.
"He didn't remember anything I'd told him in my room" she went on. "As a matter of fact, he didn't even remember going up there with me. So I asked him if he remembered me telling him about Daniel and he asked me who that was. I didn't want to go through it again so I told him it wasn't important and he left. As soon as he did, I grabbed Aunt Marie and took her upstairs to tell her what happened. She was surprised at first but she soon figured it out. Her spell that fixed my destiny didn't just work that night Daddy. It made it so that I can never be anything but a girl in people's minds, ever. If I stood in front of the world and told them my story, they'd forget it as soon as I was out of sight. So Tyler could never know who I really used to be, no matter how many times I told him."
By now she had worked her way down past my belly button and reached my pubic hair. As she continued her sad story, she rubbed the washcloth over my erection and scrotum. She didn't seem to be going out of her way to stimulate me, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a charge out of her touch.
"I realized I couldn't love someone who only knew a part of me.: She continued. "It was especially bad with Tyler because we'd shared a past that would come up every now and again. And every time it would, I'd be reminded that he didn't really know me. So I broke up with him because I knew it would never work out between us. And then he got interested in those Atlantean twins that joined the team, so I was kinda glad he didn't know the truth about me. Typical man. Sees a couple of blue-skinned sluts in tiny bikinis and that's all he's suddenly interested in."
"Don't be too hard on those two" I said with a chuckle. "You've never been to Atlantis. It's the strictest, most repressed society I've ever seen. It makes Saudi Arabia look like the Vegas strip. Every time an Atlantean escapes from there and comes to live on the surface, they lose their minds a little. Imagine going through life eating nothing but broccoli, and you suddenly find yourself in a candy store. That's what it's like being an Atlantean up here. And at least those girls are wearing bikinis. When the Aquarian first showed up in the 80s, he wore the tiniest speedos he could find and posed nude for Maskarade."
"I didn't know Maskarade did men's pictures" Danielle said.

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