Thursday Story – 24 Sep 2020

tagIncest/TabooThursday Story – 24 Sep 2020

All characters in this story are over 18 years old.
"Good, isn't it son? Your ma's pussy."
"Oh yeah. And my sister's?"
"Oh, you had hers too? Yeah, son. Your sister's is good. Very good."
"Daddy I gotta pee again."
"OK punkin." He didn't move, he was still mostly hard inside her. I wondered how long her tiny frame could be astride our father before she cramped up. I guess she just didn't want to get off her dad's cock.
"Oh, um daddy? You want me to do it on you?"
"Well I was hoping to see it, y'know, natural-like. Not seeping through your panties like before."
Sandy giggled. She lifted slightly and sat back on dad's thighs. I was still inside mum from behind but it wasn't going to be for much longer. I was going soft. That is, until I saw my sister, legs wide apart, gushing pee onto our father's chest. A long, clear stream that broke into splatters and made his hairy chest wet. My cock twitched inside mum, came back to life.
To my surprise, dad opened his mouth. Mum laughed — she knew him so well. Sandy pushed hard and got a spurt in there. I heard it like the noise of pee hitting the water in the toilet — then dad swallowed. He drank his daughter's piss before Sandy spent the last of it on his belly.
Mum reached back as she pressed back at my newly-rigid cock: "You liked watching your sister pee on daddy? Huh?"
"Yeah, mum."
"You wanna watch me?"
"Oh yeah."
I looked over at the others. Sandy sat beside dad, holding his cock gently, smiling a warm smile at me. She sat in her own pee puddle — dad was still laying in it. They wanted to see the show too.
I sat in the outdoor chair. Mum said: "Sandy, come help your brother." Sandy scooted over, took my cock in her hand and stroked firmly. She knelt close, the hand she wanked me with was up against her little titties. She looked up at me, then bobbed her mouth down on my cock. "Oooh, I can taste mummy's pussy. And your cum. Nice!"
Mum stood slightly to the side of us, her thighs parted, and she began stroking her clit. I remembered the sight of it up close, the taste of it. Sandy did a few bobs of her head on my cock then licked mum's pussy, and it went on like that for a couple of minutes. Dad watched, still sitting in Sandy's pee-puddle.
"Son, let me know when you're gonna cum, OK?"
"Sure mum. Won't be longgg! Ungh. Oh fuck, Sandy!"
She licked under my shaft, and I was close. My balls actually ached — they'd seen more action in two days than they were used to in two years. "Oh mum, it's coming. Fuck, Sandeee!"
"Look, son!"
I looked. Mum's pussy spurted, then exploded into a hot stream of pale yellow pee that hit my cock and Sandy's tits. I looked at my sister, she smiled at me and jerked my cock. It exploded in her hand, jetting my cream onto her chest to be instantly washed away by our mother's strong pee stream.
And so those days went on. We settled into our new family dynamic. Dad still fucked mum, but now it was openly, in front of us, and we learned when we were invited and when we weren't. It didn't matter — My sister and I were all each other needed. Our parents were a bonus.
Inevitably the spa retreat came to an end. On the last day, Sandy was the target for mum, dad and me. As I've said, with family it's different. Sometimes the agony of unending pleasure is focused on you, other times on one or more of the others.
On that day, there had been a storm so even the few locals had packed up from the beach and gone home. But not our family. As the storm flung warm summer rain on us, we took shelter in the forest. I hugged Sandy, dad and mum were canoodling beside us. Yes, even then sometimes we were just like a normal family. As the rain passed, we completed the short walk to the beach. It being cool after the storm, we were in jeans, windcheaters and so on. Sandy announced she was a little horny, and did we know anybody who could help?
Laughing, we fell upon her. Before long, mum lapped at her pussy. Sandy was on her back on the beach blanket fully naked, dad and me knelt beside her with our tracksuit pants at our knees, she had a cock in each hand and took turns sucking on them. My mother, so I'm told, is an expert pussy-muncher. Sandy's moans and rippling tummy only proved her claim to that title. Mum was still fully dressed in summer pants and a thick windcheater.
Sandy had a quick orgasm, mum licked it all up. I wanted Sandy, badly, right then. Mum always seemed to know, like mothers do. She allowed me to take her place. I lay on top of my sister, who welcomed my throbbing cock with her hand and guided it to her pussy. As I sank in, she smiled and hugged me close: "Hi, big brother."
"Hi yourself."
"I was beginning to wonder if you still wanna fuck your little sister — have you been ignoring me?"
"Uh, no. Have I?"
"Well, maybe mummy's pussy has been too tempting?"
"Um, maybe. But you're so tight, sis. So tight."
"So fuck me slowly, then."
Remember the start of this story? That's when I heard mum say: "Watch our kids fuck while I suck you off" to our father. And she did. I heard him groaning as her expert mouth, which I had come to love, brought him to full erection.
Sandy pulled me down on top of her. Only our hips moved, wet pussy welcoming rock-hard cock. Over the sounds of the lapping waves were the sounds of mother sucking father, brother fucking sister, and heavy breathing.
Mum lay beside Sandy, dad got on top of her. Mother and daughter turned heads and kissed, tongue wetly fencing with tongue. I kissed mum like that, dad kissed Sandy. All the time, hips gently pressed against hips, cocks invading willing pussies.
Mum looked at dad and said: "Did you ever think our family could be so perfect?"
"No, babe. But I think I knew this would happen, y'know, eventually."
Sandy was getting more urgent underneath me now. She was panting into my ear: "Oh, Robbie. I'm gonna cum. On my…b-brother's…c-cock. Oh fuck, Robb-beee!"
Sandy came, biting my shoulder in delicious agony as she did so. She shuddered and bucked, then relaxed, but within seconds we were fucking gently again. I looked into her deep brown eyes. Our gazes locked together as we wallowed in each other, my hard cock in her hot, wet pussy. Half a minute later sandy bit her bottom lip and bucked up against me, still looking into my eyes, and I saw her cum-face for the first time. She closed her eyes briefly at the peak of her second little climax, then resumed our steady pace with me.
Even though mum and dad were less than an arm's length from us, I barely registered their presence. Not even the occasional brush of flesh took me away from the most perfect creature, my sister, who had cum twice on my cock and was still pushing up against me.
I saw her face clear of tension, perfectly at peace with herself, and the fact that her own brother's cock was deep, deep inside her. Sweat gathered on her brow. Slowly but surely, her cheeks flushed pink and her brow became furrowed. Her hands went to my backside as she tried to pull me even further inside her. She was building, no longer focused on my eyes but immersed in the rush coming upon her.
So I fucked hard, mercilessly. I lifted myself on my arms and watched my sister's little titties ripple at the impact of my cock inside her. I heard our sweaty bellies slap and watched my cock disappear past her short, matted black pubes only to reappear a second later. I watched her face twist, grimace. She looked at me then, a wild glare like a lioness, thrusting her hips at my invading rod and grunting out her breath.
Still she built, until her whole body tensed, her head and back bent towards me, and she came, hard, so hard I could feel the wet flush on the base of my cock and the walls of her pussy convulsing on my shaft.
My sister came for the third time, mum and dad helping her by flicking her nipples, me keeping up my almost brutal thrusts. Sandy flopped back onto the blanket, swore, then tensed up again in another rippling climax. I stopped fucking her, instinctively knowing she was super-sensitive now. She lay back, twitching, and I thought she had another little rippler. If so, it was her fifth.
I let my weight go back onto her now, and she flung her arms around my neck, kissing me all over the side of my face. Her torso rippled, twitched, refused to settle.
I think it took a few minutes for her to come back to this planet. When she did, she laughed and sent ripples through my cock. She looked sideways at mum and said: "Wow! Who knew my brother would drive me crazy on his cock! Jeez, dad hasn't cum yet?"
"No, but I did just watching you two."
"Robbie hasn't cum yet either."
"Really? That gives me an idea. You kids remember what day it is?"
"Oh yeah!" I said, "It's dad's actual birthday!"
Sandy said: "Oh, daddy, I'm sorry. I was gonna, y'now, do something extra-special today but, well, I'm kinda all fucked out now."
"Don't worry, pumpkin. This day couldn't be any better."
"Oh yes it can, Paul. Robbie, there's this one thing your father wants. Me and you can give it to him. If you're OK with it."
I had no idea what it was, but I was intrigued. Mum went on: "You see…oh jeez, after all we've done together I can't believe I'm blushing saying this! So, here goes. Your dad wants to double-pen me. Since you're the only other guy… do you see?"
I did. It was my fantasy of a couple of days ago, as I came in my sister with my finger in my mum's asshole, and it was going to happen. Right now.
I let her know how I wanted it to be by scooting over a little and pressing her hip away from me. I put my cock inside her for a few strokes, then withdrew and pressed the tip against her asshole. She moved over and above me, sitting on me as she wriggled and worked my cock past the first barrier. Mum supported her slight frame on her arms, beside my waist, and leaned back with her feet planted beside my knees. Dad got in place, pushed, and mum groaned hard.
I felt her asshole soften, resistance fading, so I pushed. I almost heard a 'pop' as it sank inside her, impossibly hot and tight. She winced but told us with her hips that it was OK.
I couldn't see much beyond mum's back but my mind saw it all — dad's cock inside her pussy, mine inside her ass, and her moaning like never before. After all our family had done together in these few days, this was the dirtiest. I was fucking my own mother in the ass!
Sandy had one more trick up her sleeve. The nimble little minx managed to get her pussy over mum's face, then over mine. She was dripping wet, but that wasn't all.
I felt and heard it before I saw it. A hiss and splash, hot liquid splattering on my chest. I looked around mum's back and there was Sandy, stood pissing on mum's tits. Dad leaned in and drank some, Sandy guided her stream to me and I got a mouthful of salty bitter piss as well. It sent dad wild — I felt him push, heard him grunt, and knew he was cumming in mum's pussy. I felt my own ejaculation warm through my shaft. A few seconds later, I selfishly pushed mum over. Dad got off her, I pinned her face-down with my cock up her ass and fucked hard.
There was no stopping it. Mum grunted at my weight on top of her, my chest flat against her back, and my seed began its journey, burning a path from my balls and into my shaft, to erupt in molten lava in my own mother's rectum. I pressed, jetted, pressed again. Images in my mind melted into one — watching mom masturbate, ejaculating in my sister the first time, seeing mom piss on dad, watching my sister wet her pants for him, sit on his cock. I saw in my mind the cum glistening on my cock the first time I came inside my mother. Saw her triumphant smile as I blasted on her tits. Remembered the feel of her hot piss. The sound of it.
Still I came. Lost now in nothingness, I passed out of consciousness. My cock and its anal sheath were all that existed. And I swear, though I thought it to be a myth, that I stopped cumming, relaxed a while, then came all over again. In my brain was my mother and sister sharing my cock with their mouths, my mum's pissing cunt. My sister's cunt pissing on our dad. My cum on Sandy's little titties being washed off by our mother's pee.
Still I came. The final jet, after how many such convulsions? The final jet, looking down, my mother pulling her ass cheeks aside to let me do it to her, and her angry pink-purple butthole with my twitching cock buried right inside it.
If this is not true love, then there is no such thing.

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