Tim Discovers… Ch. 14

tagIncest/TabooTim Discovers… Ch. 14

"Tim discovers his bitch step-sister's and bitch step-mother's secrets"
Part 14 – The flight

It was the next morning, and Tim and Alexa were at the regional community airport that where his dad's business jet at. Tim was going to take Alexa, and fly to where his dad was holding high level meetings that would make his company ever richer if it went through.
Alexa was stunned, when Tim said, "Right this way, no cattle cars for us, we're going to use one of my dad's business jets. He's got two of them, and I asked him if we could come and visit, and discuss some things that he ought to know about."
Alexa was realizing how wealthy his Dad is, and what a money hungry vampire like Linda the bitch must have thought about being sinking her gold-digging claws into his Dad.
Alexa asked, "But if your dad kicks her out, what about a divorce settlement, I'm sure the bitch will try to milk out as much as she can."
Tim said, "I have a feeling, she won't have enough for a pot to piss in. Dad had the best attorneys from the Corporate Law Firms, we call them "The Law Sharks" (The chief attorney and his assistant attorneys), were over just before the wedding, and I have a feeling that she had to sign a prenup (Prenuptial Agreement) that will have clauses, and I'll bet there is a morals clause. Since she is displaying moral turpitude, and it is recorded, she will get Zero. Exactly what she deserves."
They were escorted into a private hanger, and Alexa got a look at their aircraft, a Gulfstream G650. It had been ordered new in 2013, the waiting list had been 4 years long to get their plane, and it was billed as the best private jet $65 Million can buy.
Tim had been taken on a guided tour when it was delivered, and what a flying machine. The G650 was the largest purpose-built private jet on the market, and has the tallest, longest, and widest cabin in its class. At its maximum takeoff weight, it can climb to 41,000 feet (above bad weather and crowded commercial jet routes) in just 22 minutes. Its range was more than 8,000 miles. Flying from London at near its top speed, it can reach New York and Beijing. At a slower, more fuel-efficient rate, it can get to Buenos Aires and Los Angeles. With two Rolls-Royce engines, the plane had a top speed very close to the speed of sound, at Mach .925, leaving the commercial jets trailing well behind.
Once aboard, she again stared in surprise, she'd seen luxury apartments that were nowhere near as sumptuous as the interior. The seats were like recliner rockers, like top of the line first class, covered in fine grained leather. When she sat down, the comfort was amazing. They swiveled, reclined and could lay flat for napping. Towards the back of the plane behind a screened off area was a bedroom, with a large queen sized bed, and a fully equipped en-suite bathroom.
The captain's voice came over the intercom, "Welcome aboard Mr. Masterson and Miss Hollins. Please take your seats, fasten the seat belts, and we will be underway shortly.''
They were soon lifting off, and Alexa felt the rush of excitement. She never been on an airplane before, this was her first time, and she reveled in the speed and the climbing into the sky. Once they were at cruising altitude, they went towards the leather couch, a big screen 40" HDTV and DVD were at their disposal.
Alexa got another surprise as a flight attendant appeared. She was redhead, about 25, and shapely as all hell. She sashayed over to them, a big smile, and asking if they'd like something to drink.
Tim said, "A Dark and Stormy please, Candace. Alexa, what would you like?"
Alexa said, "What's in a dark and stormy?"
Tim replied, "It's made with dark rum, ginger beer and a couple of dashes of bitters."
Alexa said, ''That sounds good, I'd like that also please."
When Candace went towards the galley area, Tim said, "My Dad likes eye candy, and he hired Candace and Sasha, who are a very hot redhead, as his favorite flight attendants. Sasha is on the other Gulfstream jet that Dad used to get to his meetings. I can just imagine how Linda the bitch would fume every time she had to be aboard."
The Dark and Stormy was mixed just right, Tim enjoyed the taste and Alexa voiced her approval also.
Tim pressed close to Alexa, and murmured, "How would you like to join the Mile High Club?"
"Ever since I saw that bed," Alexa whispered. ''But what about the crew?''
"No problem. See that button on the wall over there. Press that, and a 'Do Not Disturb' light comes on in the cabin and the flight attendant's seat up front, just around that partition. Until I push it again to turn it off, no interruptions."
"Mmmm, sounds amazing, let's go!" Alexa excited.
In the bedroom, Alexa wiggled out of her dress, her bra and panties were quickly doffed, and Tim filled his eyes with the hot sexy sight. She pressed against him, and eagerly stripped him down, letting his cock surge into her hand.
Alexa cooed, "Now, I'm going to take to that nice big bed, I want you to do me doggy style, and just before you explode, pull out and take my ass! I gave up the ass filling load so the bitch could get her face frosted, so now, I want your next load to paint my bowels!"
She grinned, and took a tube of KY from her purse, just like a girl scout, be prepared. Tim watched the gorgeous symmetry of Alexa arranging herself, that perfect heart shaped ass cocked up. He was going to lick her all over that perfect vista.
Alexa purred with pleasure as she felt Tim's mouth at her cunt, mmmmm, his tongue was so agile and skilled, he had become a first rate carpet muncher. He kissed her blazing cunt all over, sliding his tongue into the gushing heat. Alexa's cries of pleasure increased as he nibbled on her pussy lips and then started licking her from her steaming cunt, all along her smooth hair free taint, oh fuck, yes, his tongue swiping all over her asshole.
"God, your fucking mouth feels great, lover. I love the way you eat my cunt and my asshole."
Tim could feel his cock steel hard, licking her tight little asshole always drove him up to a raging hard-on. He slipped a finger into the tight clench.
When Alexa felt the finger spreading lube along her rim, and worming its way in, she let it out, "Oh yes Tim, make me your whore, I want to be your whore."
Tim grunted, "Are you my cunt now, baby?"
"Oh yes, I'm your whore cunt, I'm your fucking whore and I need you to fuck me, God, the way you eat my cunt and asshole, I'll do anything for you, anything."
With that, Tim slipped another finger into her pussy and while fingers fucking both her asshole and pussy, he sucked her clit into her mouth, her body was virtually vibrating.
Alexa felt the rush, her shrieks sounding as she almost went crazy, cumming three straight times in a row. Tim quickly took position, and Alexa let out a pleasure filled squeal as his bone hard cock sank in. He gripped her hips tightly and started to ram her, Alexa urging him on.
"Yes, Ohhhhh… Fuck God!… Fuck Me, lover. It feels so good, fuck me, fuck me really good, make me cum, then ram it up my ass."
Tim was happy to do so, thrusting hard, eager to make Alexa cum, then fill her sweet ass and blow his balls deep inside her ass.
"OH… FUCK ME… FUCK ME HARD AND DEEP…!" Alexa cried out. "You know how to fuck… oh yes, do it hard… HARDER… yes, YES, OH YES!, gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK…!"
Tim felt the quivering spasms starting to milk his prick, Alexa's shriek of pleasure as she tumbled, her hands reached back, gripping her ass cheeks and pulling them apart, eager for Tim to stuff her back door.
Tim could feel his cock, so close, he quickly pulled out, ran his cock head along her taint, poised at the entrance and drove his cock into her tight, sweet asshole.
Alexa let out another shriek as her asshole was supremely stuffed. She felt little prickles zing at the tight walls of her ass, it just made her hotter, and she was rubbing wildly at her clit, eager to make herself explode again, wanting Tim to get the tightest grip ever.
Fuck, holy fuck, the tightness made Tim's cock throb, oh yeah, he was gonna explode.
"Oh yes, cumming again, flood my tight ass, CRAM MEEEEEE!!"
Alexa tumbled, letting out another shriek, her ass starting to pulse along his dick. The grip felt like a vice, and Tim let out loud growls, the spunk streaked up his shaft, and his cock burst. Tim felt lightheaded as his cock unloaded lavishly, Alex's tight little ass impaled on his cock, letting our cries of pleasure as she felt his massive load painting her dark cavern with his whitish load.
They tumbled down to the bed, his cock still buried up her ass. Alexa realized how loud she'd been, GOD, the flight attendant probably got an earful.
In the flight attendant's section, Candace was naked, reclined on her chair, thighs spread, rubbing her tight little pussy, while a butt plug was stuffed up her ass. She had indeed heard Alexa's sounds of pleasure, and she couldn't stop from masturbating to the sounds of hot sex. It was the same way with Tim's Dad and his wife Linda, God, she'd vocalized like no one else, and they'd always had a session, giving Candace the opportunity to rub herself off to a mind blowing orgasm. As the waves of orgasm swamped her, she shivered and shook in blissful fulfillment. She smiled, good to see that Tim was getting frisky, like father like son.

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