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50 Tom and Crystal's Mom?!

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Crystal stuck the long black dildo into her mouth, swirled it around then moved it to her cunt.
"So, this Marcus," she asked. "Big cock?" She slid the head of the dildo into her moist cunt, slowly pushed it in, deep, taking a slow deep breath as she did.
Man, this girl was fucking hot, I thought as I watched, stroking my hard cock. "Oh yeah baby, he's big."
"Biggest you ever had?" she said with a smile. "From what I've heard, you've had a lot." She started to slide the dildo in and out of her hungry pussy and reached for Mr. Pink.
"Yep, the biggest," I replied. "Biggest I've sucked and biggest up my ass."
She turned on the vibrator and slid it onto her hard, wet, clit. "Oh yeah," she said softly with a deep exhale. "Any chance I could meet Marcus?"
"Oh, for sure, he'd love you," I would like that, it's been awhile since I'd seen Marcus. Crystal started to moan. I smiled and looked her in the eyes.
"Can I fuck your mouth baby?"
"For a bit, then can you fuck my ass? I want to cum really hard. Oh shit." Another deep breath,
Geez, can I fuck her ass?! This girl was insanely hot. I slid up onto the bed and rubbed my cock against her lips, she opened wide and I slid it into her wet mouth. I watched her as she raised up onto the pillow and buried the dildo deeper into her pussy. Moaning she reached up and began to stroke my balls.
In and out, deep inside her I went. Crystal could suck cock. It was a combo of knowing how to do it and wanting to do it. I remembered when Jason and I had spit roasted her; the girl loved having her holes filled and we loved filling them. I reached down from my knees, pushed the dildo deeper. She pulled my cock back in deeper. I fucked her face for bit.
"Oh, hell babe, fuck my ass!" she said as she pulled her mouth off my hard cock. "I'm close baby, I'm close."
I knew she was, slid off the bed and onto my feet. I pushed her legs up, back, and away, grabbed the lube from my nightstand and lubed it up.
"Can I fuck your ass Crystal?" I asked, knowing the answer.
"Please babe, please!"
I slid the head of my aching cock onto her asshole, then pushed deep; deep and quick. I grabbed her ankles and held them tight, thrusting deeply in and out.
"Oh, fuck me Tom, fuck me!"
Mr. Pink was buzzing, the big back dildo was deep inside her tight pussy, I could feel it up against my cock as I pumped her ass. I pounded her and could feel my cum building. Except she came first.
"Oh Tom! Tom!" she screamed, her ass clamping down on my cock as best it could while I continued to fuck her. She started to shake with each spasm as she came hard; really hard. She dropped Mr. Pink and began to breath quicky, moaning as she did.
Now I wanted to cum. What I loved about Crystal is she loved cum. She loved the feel, the taste and loved it in any and all of her holes.
"Oh baby!" I yelled. I started to shoot a huge load: one, two, three, four large spurts and then a lot of small ones. Fuck it, I lost count.
"Oh yes Tom, give it to me!" she yelled. "It's so hot babe, so fucking hot."
I finally puled out, stumbled backward and into the chair; spent. We spent the next couple of minutes just breathing, neither of us saying a word. After a bit she said…
"Tom, it's just getting better lover."
I had to agree, it was. Crazy better.
We spent a few minutes in bed, talking, hell, she even wanted to cuddle. How could I say no? After a few the conversation took an odd turn. Yeah, odd…
"I told my Mom about you Tom," she said matter of factly.
Uh oh. Where was this going?
"Oh yeah," I said matter of factly.
"Yep, I did," she replied. "Told he everything. How you're a great fuck but also a good person. Fun to talk to."
Great fuck? She told her Mom?
"What'd she say?" I asked out of curiosity.
"Oh, she said I was lucky and that she wants to fuck you," Now it was her turn to say it matter of factly.
"She said what?" I asked.
"Oh, she said she wants to fuck you," Again; matter of factly.
"She wants to fuck me?" I asked.
"Yep, she does. I think you'd like her,' she replied.
Okay, this was weird on a lot of levels. She kept on.
"You'd like her. She's really good looking, I mean 67 and all that, but knows her way around a man's body."
"Wait. What?"
"Oh yeah, when I lived at home, she'd bring these guys home and well, let's say from what I heard…they had a great time."
"Your Mom?"
"Oh yeah. She's different than other Moms. I mean when she was seventeen, she went on the road with the Dead."
"The Dead? The Grateful Dead?"
"Oh yeah, spent a few years following them around. Had a great time. The stories she told me. And the sex? Let's just say all the things I like; I come by it honesty." She laughed. "So, what do you think?"
I didn't know what to say. Fuck her Mom?
"Oh, if you do, it's all good," she said noticing how I wasn't saying much. "I mean, I don't care who you fuck as long as I can fuck you when I want to."
Okay, now that sounded like Lori. I remembered she had said that to me before. I took a deep breath.
"How about if I meet your Mom first?" I asked. "I mean…"
Crystal laughed. "You mean fucking me and my Mom is a bit crazy? I'm thinking this hasn't happened before, I mean fucking a Mon and daughter. But I bet you'd like it."
Okay, what the fuck. "How about if we meet, just to see if she likes me."
"Oh, you mean if she's fuckable being 67and all," she said with a laugh. "Okay, fine, sounds like a plan. I'll talk to her and see what works for her. Now go in the bathroom and clean off your cock; I want to suck you off."
I did and she did.
Ding! I got a text, and it was from Crystal. It had been a week since we had gotten together, and I had half hoped the whole Mom thing was over, but I was a bit curious. At least I wanted to meet her.
Crystal — Mom wants to know if you have any plans this week. Night. Dinner?
Me — I'm free Wednesday and Thursday for sure.
Her — Who you fucking the other nights? LOL Just kidding. I'll get back to you. Mwah!
Mwah? Where was this heading?
When I was in my twenties, I fucked a girl I her thirties. That was hot. And when I was in my forties, I fucked women in their fifties. I always said women in their fifties don't ask you what you want to do in bed, they ask you in what order you want to do it in, as they'll do everything. But a woman in her sixties?
Ding! I got another text.
It was from Lori.
Lori — Hey babe. Who's Crystal?
Oh shit! Sometimes I hate living in a small town.
Me — She works at Cup in Time. Nice girl.
Her — I was with Debbie last night and she says she's a good fuck and that maybe you been fucking her. True?
Oh shit. Oh shit.
Me — Yeah, have had the pleasure a couple of times. You okay with that?
Her — Oh baby! You know I am. Can you introduce me to her. What I mean is can the three of us fuck sometime soon?
Me — I can ask. You'd like her.
Her — Sweet. Still love me?
No hesitation.
Me — Yes, still love you. Still love me?
Her — Heck yeah babe. We need to get together soon, just you and me. Thursday night work for you?
Me — Yes. Dinner somewhere?
Her — Your place would be great. I'll bring some Chinese food. That good?
Me — Very. See you then.
Her — xoxox
I was one lucky fellow.
Ding! It was Crystal.
Her — Mom says Wednesday or Thursday works for her. Dinner at her place.
Me — Wednesday works. What time?
Her — I'll get back to you. TTFN.
Wednesday came and I got a text from Crystal. She gave me her Mom's address. It was up in the hills and had a great view of the lake. These homes cost some bucks so Madison, that was her Mom's name, must had done something right. I knocked on the door and Crystal answered. She smiled, gave me a hug, and led me into the house.
"Mom! Tom's here," she said loudly. It was a nice place, kind of old hippie in décor, but still nice.
"So, you're Tom. I've heard lots of good things about you."
I turned and Madison stepped out from the kitchen. She's 67? She was short, slender and a redhead. Real white skin and a big smile. Was wearing a small dress, not too short, but I could see she had nice legs. She didn't look her age and I mean that in a good way.
"Madison? Pleased to meet you," I replied. Shit that sounded too formal.
"Come in, come in," she said. "I'm in the kitchen finishing off dinner but you're welcome to come in. I heard you're a bit of a cook as well."
I followed her in, Crystal behind me. It smelled great. Italian was my guess.
"If you want you can put that Caesar salad together for me," she pointed to a stainless bowl on the counter.
I put together the salad while the three of us talked. Crystal grabbed some plates and silverware, went out to the dining room. Madison leaned into me and said "I'm so glad you're here Tom. I can always use another friend." I smiled and we went out to the dining room.
Dinner was great, the lady could cook. After we finished, I helped carry the dishes into the kitchen, Crystal said for me to go out and talk with her Mom.
We went to a den, had a small bar — even had three stools. I sat on one as she went behind the bar and asked…
"Can I get you a drink?"
"That'd be great. Whatever you have is fine."
She nodded and asked, "Like Margaritas?"
"Who doesn't?"
She laughed pulled out some tequila. Really good tequila. I watched as she effortlessly mixed the drinks. Little salt on the edges and the two drinks were finished.
"Dishes are in the dishwasher Mom," Crystal said as she entered the den. "Thanks for dinner. I'm going to go now, take care."
The two got together and exchanged hugs. I watched as Madison walked her to the door, let her out and came back.
"Tom. I hope you're okay with this, I mean, Crystal leaving and all," she said.
I was okay with it and told her so.
She took her drink and came over to me, we touched them and drank. It was one great Margarita.
"So, Crystal said you were on the road with the Dead?"
"Not exactly," she said with a smile. "I went with two guys in a van and we travelled on the road going to concert to concert. Did some side jobs to make some money. Had a great time."
We spent the next twenty minutes or so just talking, exchanging stories and laughs. After the second drink she looked at me and said…
"You're a wonderful fellow Tom, but I have to ask you something."
"Would you like to fuck me?"
I took a deep breath and replied. "Yes, Madison, I would like that."
She smiled, stood up and grabbed my hand. Leaning forward she kissed me on the cheek and whispered "I will do anything and everything you want. Will you do the same for me?"
Holy shit! I said, "Yes." We went down the hall to her room.
Once there she grabbed my arm and pulled me close. We kissed, our tongues meshing as first I went into her mouth and then she went back into mine. I slid my hand up to her breast, hers slid down to my cock. She began to squeeze then release it, squeeze, and release. She pulled away and led me to the bed.
She smiled at me and went to her nightstand. She opened the drawer and pulled out a white tray. It was full of "toys". I saw three different sizes of dildos, a long blue ass plug, and … Holy shit! She had a Mr. Pink! She looked at me, lifted out the Mr. Pink clit vibrator and said "Thanks Tom. Crystal said this little fellow was great and she's right.
Her eyes flashed, a smile on her face as she started to take off her clothes. As I took mine off, I looked at her body as it appeared. Genuinely nice, no wrinkles and a lovely, hairless pussy…guess she had gotten the memo. I remembered when women didn't shave their pussies, then they all did. Nust have been some memo they got.
When we were naked, she pulled me close again, we kissed deeply, our bodies pressed against each other. After a bit she started to work her way down, pulling back my head, licking and biting my neck, hand rubbing my body. From there she went to my chest, kissing, licking, and biting my nipples, one then the other. Her hand found my cock, my hard cock, and she began to stroke it up and down.
Down she went to her knees, kissing me on the way down. Once there she looked up at me and when our eyes met, she licked the head of my cock with her tongue. Under the crown she went, to the sweet spot. One, two three quick and hard licks she did then took the head of my cock into her mouth.
Caressing my balls, she swirled her tongue around the head of my dick making yummy sounds as she did it. I reached up and began to stroke my hard nipples. Slowly, inch by inch she went down my aching cock. After each inch she'd stop, swallow, and squeeze my balls at the same time. She couldn't get all of me into her mouth, as I had said earliest, she was small. She got up from her knees, kissed me and whispered "I want it all Tom. All, your cock in my mouth."
She got onto the bed, her head off the edge and leaned it back. "Fuck my mouth Tom, I want it all," she said. I walked over to her, she grabbed my cock and slipped it into her mouth. Grabbing my ass, she pulled me forward, my cock going deeper into her hot, wet mouth. With her head at this angle, she could get it all the way in, down into her throat. Holy fuck, this was hot! I slid my cock in and out, as deep as I could.
We did this for a bit then she pushed me away and said lie down. As she slid off the bed, I laid back on it. Flashing a smile, she said "Let me take care of you Tom." She grabbed a butt plug and some lube. As she lubed up the plug our eyes met, she blew me a kiss. Putting away the lube she dropped to her knees. I felt her tongue on my ass, then the butt plug…inside it went. It slid in and I knew it wasn't going anywhere. She sucked my cock again and I was aching, but she wasn't close to being finished. She got up; my cock throbbed.
Madison walked over to the bedroom door and slid it shut. On the back I saw a swing thing. I had seen them before on Adam & Eve. It hooked onto the door, a small harness where the girl could sit on it, legs spread wide. This one had two wristbands on it. She slipped her hand in one, tightened it so she couldn't move.
"Come do the other one for me Tom," she said.
I walked over to her, slid her hand inside and tightened it. She pulled down on both, satisfied she couldn't escape and said "Come fuck my pussy Tom. Fill me up."
I walked over to her, kissed her deeply, my tongue going inside. Onto her neck I licked, then down to her small yet perky breasts. I sucked the nipples, licked them, she took in a deep breath as I did. Sliding a hand down to her pussy I slid a finger inside her. She moaned and said, "Oh yes, babe."
As I slid one, then two fingers in and out of her I caressed her as I went down her body, lingering on her belly button. Finally, I reached her pussy. Flicking towards me inside her with my two fingers I sought out her clit, her extremely hard clit and licked it. I love licking clits and finger banging women. She liked it too, a lot from her moaning, but I had a surprise for her. After a good five minutes of moist cunt licking, I stood up, she looked at me and aid "Fuck me Tom."
I smiled and said, "Not yet." I walked over to the toys; the butt plug still in my ass. I grabbed the tray and brought it to her. I reached down, got a nice thick dildo, and stuck it in my mouth. I slid it in and out, wetting it and pulled it out.
"Dildos are nice but nothing like a cock," I said matter of factly.
She smiled and replied, "I heard you're quite good at it." We locked eyes. "Maybe I can see you do that one day?"
"Maybe," I replied. I slipped the dildo inside her cunt then grabbed Mr. Pink. Turning it on I put it on her clit, she pushed forward, the swing pulling her back against the door. As I fucked her with the dildo, I worked her clit with Mr. Pink. In and out, deep. Buzz, buzz on her clit. I kissed and licked whatever I could reach, a thigh, leg. I did her like this for a while.
"Of fuck Tom, I'm going to cum!" she yelled. And she did…hard. She shivered, bounced against the door, moaning loudly saying "Fuck me Tom! I want you to fuck me!" as she came.
After she stopped bouncing, head dropped, I pulled out the dildo and put away Mr. Pink.
"Fuck me Tom," she said softly. "Fill me up."
I pulled her head back and slipped my now crazy aching cock into her very wet pussy. It was tight, small and fucking great. In I went, deep as I could, she took a deep breath and whispered, "Fill me up Tom, please."
Out I slid, keeping the head inside of here then back inside I went. In and out, in and out, she stayed tight, wet, and I was in heaven. So was she, or at least I thought she was, as she moaned and began to breath quickly.
I pounded her for as long as I could, her bouncing off the door each time I went balls deep. Bang! Bang! Bang! I was going to cum!
Bam! A large first shot spewed out of my aching, throbbing cock. Having the butt plug in me turned it into one long continuous spurt.
"Oh yeah baby, fuck me fuck me!" she yelled as I kept pumping her full of my cum. I lost count but I know I came a lot, a huge load I emptied into her grateful pussy.
Then I dropped to my knees and licked a large amount of hot cum from her pussy. Up to her mouth I went, our lips locking as we shared my cum. She took as much as I did. Down I went.
"Oh, fuck yeah! Oh, fuck yeah! Give me more Tom!" she said.
And I did, we kissed, licked, and swallowed until she was dry. I pulled away and reached up to unlock her hands.
"No!" she said. "Fuck me with the dildo Tom. That pink vibrator and the dildo!"
How could I tell her no? I grabbed the dildo, slid it in as she was still really wet. Mr. Pink turned on and I slipped it onto her clit.
"My ass baby. Stick the blue butt plug up my ass!"
I reached into the tray, grabbed the blue butt plug, and turned it on. It vibrated, sweet! I lubed it up and deep inside it went. Inside it went and inside it stayed.
"Oh yeah baby, right there," she said.
I worked her clit with Mr. Pink, her ass and cunt filled tight. I slid the dildo in and out, slowly at first then faster. She moaned and started to shake. Bam, bam, bam! Her ass filled as the dildo pounded her, Mr. Pink stuck to her clit. She tensed up then screamed.
"Fuuucckk!" She started to shake hard, breath deeply, and did so until she had finished cumming, and she came for a while. Finally, she went limp, relaxing as she could, totally spent. I slipped the dildo as ass vibrator from out of her. After a minute of long slow breathing, she said "That was great Tom. Tell me we can do this again? A lot?"
"Hell yes," I replied. "You're incredible Madison. Any time, anywhere."
She smiled and said, "I'll hold you to it."
"Please do," I replied.
I untied her and spent the night.

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