Tommy’s Special Blend Ch. 03

tagIncest/TabooTommy's Special Blend Ch. 03

Chapter 03 – Crossing the Line
Marla meant what she said. They started with kissing and progressed to foreplay. Tommy was fascinated with her breasts and had to be pushed to move on to other things. By the time he actually touched her bare pussy after playing with her breasts he was about to explode. The second the head of his cock entered her mouth he did exactly that. Marla loved getting the whole load right from the source into her waiting and eager mouth. Tommy didn't go soft there either. She worked on him a second time taking him all the way in and he presented her with more than the usual amount into the cup for their mother. They called it a day.
Their next visit Marla had Tommy eating her and he became quite skillful. Marla showed her appreciation of his efforts multiple times before sucking to two separate loads from him. About an hour later Tommy found her and asked if she would like another. They both got one more.
The third visit she had him enter her pussy. He came so quickly she almost lost the load inside. He shot on her lower abdomen and she scooped that up with her finger and put in the cup. His second load was in her mouth. When he showed up later she let him cum in her pussy. She collected as much as she could before eating it. Watching that got him hard again so she presented her pussy in the doggy position. He lasted a long time and Marla had multiple orgasms. Tommy pulled out and shot into a cup to get a little ahead on mom's supply.
Mom was making her own coffee and even after having promised Marla to cut back she seemed to be using more each day. On a Saturday morning Marla and Tommy were sitting at the table and mom walked in. She began making her coffee as usual but before putting the cube in the cup she licked it. Her eyes widened. Tommy saw what happened and elbowed Marla who turned to look at her. Mom put the cube in her mouth. Her eyes seemed to grow wider and her face began to flush then she grabbed the counter and spasmodically began thrusting her hips. She slumped over with a moan. Cindy had orgasmed. Marla and Tommy watched in disbelief and Tommy went to rock hard.
"What the hell? What's in that?" she asked just as Tommy and Marla rushed out of the room and out the front door.
They came back together about an hour later entering carefully and quietly. They were only a few steps inside when Cindy called out.
"Both of you in the kitchen, now!"
When they sheepishly entered the kitchen she pointed to the table for them to sit. She sat facing them.
"What the hell have you been feeding me?" Neither answered. "What, goddamit?"
"Semen," Marla answered.
"Mom, you and I are both cum addicts. Remember what bitches we've been. Since you and I are both taking daily doses we're back to normal."
Cindy thought for a moment the went to the freezer bringing the tray back with her. She took one cube out and held it out to Marla.
"Put it in your mouth."
Marla did with no hesitation. She smiled at the taste.
"Why is it brown?"
"Food coloring, mom," Tommy replied.
She took out another cube and held it out to Tommy.
Tommy drew back in his chair. "No, thanks, mom. I'm not into it."
"It's okay to feed me cum but not you?"
"I'm not gay, mom."
"Who's cum is it?"
Marla and Tommy both looked down and Tommy blushed. Cindy realized where the source had been.
"Oh, my fucking God!!" She stood and threw the tray into the trash and stormed out of the room.
Marla and Tommy sat there quietly for several minutes.
"Well, that went well," Marla whispered.
They looked at each other and chuckled softly.
"More for you now if you want it," he replied.
"She'll be back in a few days but in the meantime I'm feasting. Want to try my ass tonight?"
"I'd like that. Should we get the tray out of the trash?"
"Screw that. If you're smart you'll make her collect her own. Just like I do."
"It'll likely be a few days before she comes back. She'll want to talk more. A couple of days later she'll ask you to make her cubes. You refuse, being the guilt ridden son you are. She'll come back a few days later and ask again, telling you that you shouldn't feel guilty for helping her. You still turn her down. A few days after that she'll offer to collect it herself. Refuse that too. In a few days to a week she'll yank your pants down and suck it out of you."
"Right, you really believe that?"
"Tommy, it's what I would have done. She came with just one fifth of the full load. Think what's going to happen when you give her the whole thing. She'll be addicted to your cum and your cock. When that happens she's yours to do with as you please. I wouldn't be a shit about it though. All you have to do is keep serving it up."
"What if it doesn't work the way you expect?"
"I'll make sure she sees me sucking you and getting a mouthful."
"Marla, I think you've lost it."
"Maybe, but why don't you whip that cock out and help me with an afternoon snack?"
"What if mom walks in?"
"Too bad. She threw hers away. Get that cock out here."
Tommy stood and unfastened his trousers and pulled them down. Marla delivered an expert blowjob and he rewarded her with a good batch. The chance of being caught by mom seemed to heighten the experience.
On Tuesday morning as Tommy was leaving the house his mom called out.
"I want to talk to you this evening."
"Okay, mom," Tommy replied as he left.
He grinned wondering if this was the first step in the prediction Marla had made. When he came home later Cindy was sitting at the table. She waved him to her. She was lightly wringing her hands as if nervous. Tommy sat across from her.
"Tommy, why did you do that to me?"
"Mom, Marla had a patient at work with the same symptoms as yours. The doctor told her to get cum everyday. Her symptoms were gone in a week. Yours started clearing up the first day."
"I know you were just trying to help me." She paused and her hands trembled slightly. "But you can't do that to someone without their permission."
"Sorry, mom. I won't ever do it again." Tommy stood to leave.
"Tommy, that's not what I meant. You should have asked."
"And you would have said no. It helped you mom. We all saw the changes right after the first cup of coffee. It took Marla a week but it worked for both of you."
"But you asked Marla."
"No, mom. Marla asked me. I'm sorry for not asking. I won't do it again."
Tommy got up and went to his room. He knew his mom was about to say something but he didn't let her get it out before leaving.
Two days later Cindy was waiting for him on the front step when he got home.
"Got a minute?" she asked.
Tommy sat next to her, intentionally sitting a little closer than usual. She started to scoot over but had no more room on the step. She could feel herself moisten from his closeness but even with her vibrator she hadn't been able to cum in days.
"Tommy, I want you to know that I'm not made at you anymore and I want to thank you for what you did. You were helping me. I can see that now."
Tommy was smiling inside but was keeping his guilty son look on his face. He noticed her hands were trembling a little more than the other day.
"Thanks, mom. I'm glad it helped for a while."
"It would be okay…if you made some more cubes."
"I can't do that, mom. I promised you I'd never do it again. Serving you and Marla was pretty exhausting."
"I can imagine. Was Marla drinking the coffee too?"
"No, mom. I'm expecting a phone call. Can I go inside?"
"Uhhh, sure."
Tommy stood quickly and went inside. He was grinning and as he went up the stairs he passed Marla.
"Just like you said. She asked for cubes today. I told her no."
Marla gave him a grin and a high five. Other than at dinner, he kept his distance from his mom. All evening she seemed as nervous as a cat. Marla had continued with his education and collecting more than enough specimen for herself.
Two days later Cindy came into his room after softly knocking. Tommy was sitting at his computer. She pulled up a chair next to him. She was wringing her hands like she was trying to rub lotion in. Tommy turned to her and took her hands.
"What's up, mom. You seem nervous."
"I'm feeling guilty for the way I treated you. All you were trying to do was help me and I read you the riot act for it. Tommy, I'm sorry. I was wrong."
Tommy put his arms around her and pulled her to him. He kissed her a couple of times lightly on the side of the neck before letting go. He felt her tremble.
"Thanks, mom. But what I did was wrong."
"But for a good reason. It really did make a difference for me. If I asked you nicely would you make some more cubes?"
"Mom, I can't. Your first reaction was anger about being violated. What kind of son would I be if I knowingly violated you again. I can't and won't do that."
"How does Marla get hers?"
"I think you should talk to Marla about that. If I told you it would be violating her privacy, wouldn't it?"
"I suppose it would." Cindy left the room.
According to Marla's prediction mom's next step would be to offer to help collect it. This was when Tommy expected the prediction to fail. He knew mom would never cross that line. He had noticed mom being more bitchy to Marla but she had still been very nice and very apologetic to him. The thought of mom giving him a hand job really turned him on. When he served Marla that evening he outdid himself. He and Marla chatted about what was happening with mom. Marla said that the day after he turned mom down next she would suck him under the breakfast table and intentionally get caught. Tommy laughed but agreed. Marla had been right about everything so far.
A few days later they were all three watching a movie. Mom left the room then motioned for Tommy to follow. She led him into the kitchen.
"Sit down so we can talk. Keep it down, I don't want Marla in on this."
"You promised not to make me ice cubes anymore because you felt so guilty. That was my fault for making you feel bad. I would be willing to help you collect it if you need me to."
"Mom, I feel bad enough as it is. What I did to you was wrong. Even though it really, really helped. It was wrong. I'm sorry I was a bad son."
Tommy stood up and returned to the living room. Marla was grinning. When he sat, she whispered to him.
"Tomorrow?" Tommy nodded.
Mom returned to the living room and sat with them. She was wringing her hands and couldn't seem to get comfortable. It wasn't long before she went to bed. About ten minutes later Marla snuck up the stairs and listened at mom's door. She could hear the vibrator buzzing.
"Dammit!" Her mother cried out, then there was a crash on the door that startled Marla. She quickly went back down stairs grinning.
"What was the crash?"
"I think she threw the vibrator. We've gotta do this tomorrow. Wear gym shorts and a t-shirt to breakfast. No underwear. Day after tomorrow, mom's gonna suck your cock right in front of me." Tommy grinned.
The following morning Marla and Tommy had it set up and timed perfectly. Tommy sat in the chair at the end of the table where he could be seen the moment mom walked in. Marla had been edging him and wanted him to cum as soon as mom walked in. Marla would fake an orgasm right in front of mom. His mouthful didn't trigger her the way a small amount had triggered mom. Marla pointed to the clock and got him on the edge. As soon as Cindy turned the corner she froze staring at them. Tommy erupted into Marla's mouth. Marla began moaning and arching her back as he spewed. When he finished she opened her mouth to show him, making sure that mom could see too before she swallowed and moaned again in enjoyment. Cindy quickly left the room without another word.
Tommy went to his room and dressed then left the house. He hid behind the bushes until him mom drove away before going back inside. Marla was still sitting at the table grinning when he entered. Tommy walked to Marla and pulled his pants down with his erection in front of her face.
"Letting mom see me cum in your mouth kept me hard. Want another dose of Tommy medicine?"
"I'd love one. I'll bet you'll go twice tomorrow morning too."
"If mom really does suck me, I'm sure I will."
"Who gets the second one, me or mom?"
"How about I serve it to you and you share it with her?"
"That's fine but you're gonna have to fuck me after she leaves. That'll make me really horny."
"Would you do mom, Marla."
"In a fucking heartbeat, bro."
Tommy came almost immediately at that image.
The following morning when mom came down Marla and Tommy were already at the table. Mom was a nervous wreck. She started to say something several times but stopped. After a few minutes Marla motioned with her finger for Tommy to come over. He stood between Marla and mom. His cock was already hard. Marla turned so her mom could easily see the bulge then stroked her hand across him. Tommy moaned a little.
"Mom, he's ready and you need it. Take it," Marla told her.
Cindy stared at the bulge but didn't move. Marla turned him so that his back was to the table and pulled down his shorts.
"Lie back on the table, Tommy."
He did and his cock stood fully erect as Marla gently stroked it. He was less that a foot from his mom's face. Marla moved forward toward his cock with her mouth open then stopped.
"Mom, if you don't suck this cock, I'm going to."
Cindy stood and leaned forward. She licked the pre-cum from the tip then slowly began sucking him. Marla was massaging his balls. Tommy reached down and held her hand still. He wanted to make it last a while. Marla reached down and picked up her phone. She took two photos and then began recording video. Cindy was oblivious, all she wanted was the cum. There was no warning when Tommy let go. She took it in stride. Cindy's orgasm began with the first drop and continued until well after he had finished. Marla got it all on the video then put her phone away. Cindy continued to suck long after it was all gone then finally let him slip from her mouth. She put her hand around his cock and started masturbating him.
"Thank you, Tommy. I really needed that."
"You're welcome, mom. I'm glad I could help."
"Mom, he can go again. If you'll let me get this one I'll share it with you."
"I'll show you how to get a big load this time. Go ahead and start," Cindy replied.
Marla took him in her mouth and began. Cindy put her middle finger in her mouth and wet it then inserted it into his ass with the palm side toward his balls. She gently massaged his prostate with the tip of her finger. Tommy moaned at their combined efforts. He raised his hand and took his mom's covered breast and massaged. His other hand was massaging her ass. She was moaning along with him. Cindy leaned forward and passionately kissed him on the lips then began exploring with her tongue. He exploded into Marla's eager mouth and his mom increased the pressure on his prostate. Marla was nearly overwhelmed with the volume but managed to keep it all. When he finished Marla raised up. Cindy was still kissing him.
"MMmm," Marla mumbled.
Cindy broke the kiss and moved her lips to Marla. When their lips touched Marla opened slightly allowing her to share the cum with her mother. Cindy immediately began moaning and arching. Tommy grabbed her ass hard as she came. They all seemed to fall into a heap on the table and lay there for a few minutes. Cindy finally stood.
"I love you two. Are you busy at breakfast tomorrow?" she asked.
"We'll be here right on time, mom," Tommy replied.
She went upstairs and finished getting ready for work. When she came back down Tommy had Marla bent over the kitchen table taking her from behind. Cindy stood there, massaging his ass and watched them both cum. When Tommy slipped out mom put her finger in Marla and got some cream pie. She put her finger in her mouth and came again. When she was finished she kissed them both on the lips and headed for the front door.
"Mom?" Marla called to her. Cindy stopped and turned. "Don't work too hard today. I plan to eat your pussy when you get home."
"And, I'm eating your ass before I fuck you," Tommy added.
"You two are the ones that better rest up. You have no idea what you've awakened."
She left and went to work. Marla and Tommy high fived each other.
On the way to work Cindy called her mother, Elizabeth.
"Good morning mom."
"You never call this early. What's up?"
"I found out about ten days ago that Marla's got the gene."
"In a way that's good news. Tommy may have our solution."
"He does. I confirmed it today."
"Do you think he'd be willing to help?"
"Oh mother, he's an eighteen year old boy. He'd jump at the chance."
"Are you all free Saturday to discuss it?"
"I'll double check with he and Marla but I think so. How many are there now?"
"Counting Marla that takes the total to eleven."
"Will the drug handle that many?"
"Last I heard it was up to twenty. It's synthetic now."
"Good. I really want to explain it to Tommy before we ask him. Noon Saturday good?"
"Charlotte and Charlene will want to be there too."
"I assumed they would. We'll see you Saturday."

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