Tommy’s Special Blend Ch. 04

tagIncest/TabooTommy's Special Blend Ch. 04

Chapter 04 – Opening It Up
By the end of the work day Cindy was so horny she was ready to rape the gear shift in her car. She was certainly looking forward to getting home to the kids. She smiled at her 'kids' thought. They were certainly grownups now. When she walked in the front door Marla handed her a glass of wine.
"Have a little wine, mom."
"Thanks. I'm going to need to take a quick shower too."
"Tommy and I are way ahead of you. Your evening wear is already laid out and we'll be showering you."
Cindy smiled at being seduced by her son and daughter. Tommy walked into the room. He was wearing nothing but a cock ring.
"I love your outfit. Are you wearing that for me?"
Tommy grinned, "Mostly yes, mom, but I'm hoping it will keep my dick hard longer."
"When we get upstairs I have something that'll do an even better job of that. Now how about that shower."
They all three walked to the master bedroom. Marla and Tommy began undressing her. Cindy was wearing a button up blouse and a midi skirt. As Marla removed her skirt, Tommy slowly unbuttoned her blouse revealing her usual white bra that hooked in the front. He flicked the snap and it opened. His hands went to her breasts, massaging lovingly. He gently pinched her nipples then bent down licking them one at a time. Her breathing was already heavy. Tommy took her nipple into his mouth and gently sucked. Marla had removed her mother's skirt then pulled down her panties. She slid her hands over her mom's hips and ass. Leaning forward she kissed her furry patch and touched her tongue to the front of her mother's slit. Cindy let out a loud moan and teetered a bit. Marla stood. Cindy and Tommy turned their attention to Marla and repeated what they had done with Cindy. Cindy knelt in front of Tommy and removed the cock ring. She walked to the medicine cabinet and took out a large bottle then removed one white tablet. She handed it to Tommy.
"Take this. It's all natural."
Tommy swallowed the pill and they all got in the shower. Both women were already really wet. They lathered each other up and washed each other lovingly then dried off and went to the bed. Tommy was leaking and his sister and mother took turns licking away the pre-cum. Cindy came when she licked it. Marla laid on her back on the bed.
"Mom, come here and sit on my face. I want to taste that pussy."
Cindy did as told. Tommy crawled between his sister's legs and slid his cock into her pussy then pushed mom forward to bend her over. He slowly began teasing her asshole with his tongue as he humped his sister. Both women were moaning and loving it. Cindy came quickly then slid down Marla putting her pussy right above Marla's. When Cindy kissed her, Marla came. Tommy pulled out of Marla and slid his wet cock into his mother. She moaned loudly.
"That feels so good. I haven't had a cock in there in a year. Fuck your mother, son. Fuck me like you mean it. I want your cum inside me."
Tommy tried but couldn't hold it. He came hard inside his mother. Cindy came hard too. She was kissing Marla the entire time.
After catching her breath Cindy spoke, "Let's sit up for a minute. I need to talk to both of you."
The three sat facing each other. Cindy had one hand massaging Marla's pussy lightly and the other stroking Tommy's cock. Marla and Tommy were massaging Cindy's breasts.
"I've known about my cum addiction since I was about seventeen. It isn't an addiction so much as it is a genetic thing. It's passed from generation to generation through some of the women. The first signs start almost immediately after the first taste of cum. Within a day or two without it I start craving it, like a drug addict craves their drugs. The only thing that controls it is cum. My mother and sisters are using a drug for the jitters and anxiety to control their symptoms but they never worked on me," Cindy told them.
"I never put two and two together with the cum and my former boyfriend. Mine was triggered by his pre-cum. The day after my first taste I craved sucking him. I'd never sucked him before," Marla told her.
"There's no cure for it?" Tommy asked.
Both women looked at him and grinned.
"Cure, no. But there's a way to control it. We both need 'your' cum. Not just any cum, Tommy, yours specifically."
"Why mine?"
"Your dad's cum, as an example, helped but it only eased the symptoms for a matter of hours. Some of the males in our family apparently have something in their cum that counteracts the craving. The two times I tasted yours full strength I came. Regular cum doesn't do that to me."
"Mom, I don't cum when I taste him."
"Not yet. You'll start pretty soon. All of us affected women do but usually not until about age twenty. Tommy, you're the only male in our entire family. You're the last until one of us women has a son. Even then he'll only run a fifty fifty chance of having the special cum."
"Tommy's special recipe," Marla chuckled.
"That's exactly right. Us women have been hoping for a male with your special recipe. Grandma's coming on Saturday to talk to all of us about it."
"Who else had 'special recipe', mom?"
"My grandfather did. He supplied his mother, grandma, me, and my sisters until he died."
"Mom, that's five women, six counting Marla. I've been killing myself trying to supply just you and Marla."
"Actually it's eleven counting Charlotte's and Charlene's daughters. They have it too. The pill I gave you is how he did it. In about half an hour you'll be able to stay hard for about four hours and your semen production will increase dramatically. Each load increases from the three to five mils it now is to about thirty mils. You'll be able to cum as many times as you want during that period."
Tommy grinned, "This is going to be a fun evening."
"A messy one too," Marla added. "Any side effects, mom?"
"Not from occasional use but if taken like my dad did there are a couple. His cock grew a bit. He said about two inches longer and a bit bigger around. His balls became about 25% larger too. During the time the drug is active you'll need to really cum a lot or you'll get really uncomfortable. Never take it if some of us women aren't around that know about it. You won't be able to keep up with the excess production without our help."
"Mom, I have a question. After dad left you were bitchy for a while then you got better until Marla moved out. Why?"
"Tommy, after your dad left I started doing everyone's laundry. Mine alone wasn't enough to mess with by itself. I noticed cum in Marla's panties and bras and started using that. It wasn't fresh enough to take care of me fully but it did help to control the symptoms. When she moved out, I lost my source. Same thing happened when you started watching porn on your laptop. You really should clear your browsing history occasionally."
"So you've been using my cum for almost a year off and on."
"Yes, but it has to be fresh to work properly. It actually works best going right from you to me. The cubes controlled it too. That one I put in my mouth that triggered the orgasm must have been pretty fresh."
"Yeah, I froze that batch the night before," Marla replied.
Cindy noticed Tommy squirm a little.
"Are your balls feeling full?"
"A little. It isn't bad."
"It's not actually your balls filling, they're just working a lot of overtime. What's swelling right now is your epididymis. You have one on the top of each ball. Let me know if you start getting uncomfortable. Marla and I will gladly ease your discomfort. Marla, will you go get a couple of rocks glasses?"
"The short ones?"
"That's the ones."
Cindy went to the linen closet and returned with four bath towels.
"Mom, how much cum am I going to be making tonight?"
"Normally you make a little less than a teaspoon per load. Tonight you'll be making about a shot glass full every time. You'll probably cum about twenty times before bedtime, when it wears off."
Cindy shouted, "Marla, bring four bottles of water or juice too." Cindy looked at Tommy. "Son, I should have told you about what the drug did before I had you take it. I'm sorry."
"No problem, mom. Does my cum work on you any way besides orally?"
"It does. Not as well but yes, it does. A big load vaginally can actually give about twelve hours relief. Anal, even with a really big load only lasts a few hours. A load in my mouth, regardless of how big, gives me a full day. It also gives me a little high and an orgasm. I could suck your cock all day long."
Tommy's semi went to full. Cindy grinned and pushed him back on the bed. She started with her hand. His pre-cum seemed to have a steady flow rather than just small amounts.
"It's definitely working. You're leaking like a faucet. Put a pillow under your head so you can watch me."
Tommy grabbed a pillow and doubled it. Watching his mom playing with his cock was hot. Marla walked in and sat next to them watching and touching her pussy. Cindy put the head of his cock in her mouth and began circling it with her tongue. Marla reached out and put her hand under his balls.
"Shit, Tommy. They're huge. Feel these babies."
Tommy felt his sack and realized the contents were about twice their normal size.
"Mom, it that normal?"
"It is. Keep holding them and fill momma's mouth with your special cum."
She took him all the way into her mouth and back out then down the length again and again. With little warning Tommy came. It seemed to go on for minutes. Cindy was swallowing as quickly as she could but couldn't keep up. She was also cumming herself and moaning. Cum was running out the sides of her mouth and spilling onto him. When he finally finished she swallowed again and sat up. Tommy felt his sack. It seemed back to normal size.
"Wow, I'm out of practice. I haven't had a load like that since grandpa died. Marla you'd better trade me places. In about five or ten minutes he'll need you."
"Mom, I'm still hard."
"You'll be hard until the drug wears off. How would you like Marla?"
"Pussy okay, Marla?"
She didn't reply. Marla straddled him and mom guided his cock into her. Cindy put her arms around Marla and with one hand began massaging her breasts while the other massaged her labia and clit. Marla began to rock from front to back on his swollen cock. Marla came quickly. Tommy lasted about ten minutes before flooding her with a super load.
"Tommy, since you're providing our cum you should decide how and where you want to cum."
"Mom, is your ass off limits?"
"Nothing's off limits to you, Tommy. I'm all yours from now on."
"Can you put me in your ass facing away from me so I can see it."
"My pleasure."
Tommy's cock was drenched with his own cum. She got into position and put the tip inside her. Cindy waited a moment then lowered herself a little. She began to move up and down and soon had him fully inside. She squeezed her sphincter.
"Ow, don't chop it off, mom."
"Keegle exercises. I think I could probably slice cucumbers. Cum whenever you want. Don't wait on me."
Watching his dick going in and out of his mothers ass was exciting for both he and Marla. Marla had reached around and was rubbing her mom's pussy. She laid her head on her mom's ass to get a good view.
"Tommy, pull out. I want to taste mom ass."
Tommy pulled out and Marla took him in her mouth. The ass to mouth triggered him. He started cumming hard. Marla wasn't prepared for the gigantic eruption and took him out of her mouth. Cum was going all over mom, and into Marla's face and hair. Neither Marla nor Tommy could believe the volume.
"Marla, you little shit, that was my load. Put him back in my ass then come here so I can lick the cum off your face. Tommy, hang on to your hat. When that cum hits my tongue and I cum with you in my ass it's going to set you off again."
Marla put him back in mom's ass then moved in front to face her.
"Ready, Tommy?"
Tommy grabbed his mom's hips. "Ready."
Cindy stuck out her tongue and licked a large glob from Marla's lip. Her orgasm began instantly. Her ass started clenching and relaxing and she began bucking like she really was riding a wild horse. Tommy erupted in less than a minute. This felt longer and bigger than any other load. It took a full minute or so to pass.
"Ready, Tommy? We're going again."
"Ready, mom."
Cindy licked a second load from Marla's face and it all began again. It took a little longer for Tommy but not more than a minute. Cindy never stopped with her movement.
"Son, I'm going to give you about five minutes of nice and easy mommy fucking before we do that again. I'll warn you first."
"Okay, mom. Thanks, I need to catch my breath."
Cindy began using her finger to wipe the cum from Marla's face, neck and chest and putting it in the palm of her own hand. She whispered to Marla. "When he cums next time be sitting on his face."
Marla grinned and moved over to straddle his face. Tommy dove right in. When Cindy sensed Marla nearing her orgasm she stuck her tongue in the cum she held in her palm. Her orgasm struck immediately and triggered Tommy. His face pushed into Marla's pussy and he was licking like a wild man. Marla came hard with them. When Tommy was recovering he spoke.
"I thought you were going to warn me, mom."
"I lied," she laughed. "Here we go again."
She licked her palm again and all three repeated their orgasms. They were all panting and covered in perspiration afterward. Cindy carefully dismounted and headed for the bathroom.
"Break time, kids. I need to go clear this cum enema Tommy gave me."
Cindy went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. In a few minutes when she had cleared it all she turned on the shower.
"Let's clean up and take about a fifteen minute break before we start again."
She stepped into the shower and in just a minute the kids joined her. All were still a bit sensitive so they washed each other without much playing. When they were done they each had something to drink as they straightened and wiped up the bed.
"Mom that last thing we did was wild," Tommy told her.
"That was one of my grandfather's favorite things to do to me. He had something different for each of us. Grandpa was a very creative lover."
"Mom, I can't believe dad had an affair and left you. You're amazing in the bed." Marla said.
"Kids, that's not what happened. I think your dad left to get some rest. He's a normal man. I'm not exactly a normal woman. I was wearing him out."
"Were you still having sex with your grandpa while you and dad were married?"
"Yes, but your father didn't know. Grandpa was the only man who could ever satisfy my abnormal urges until Tommy. Please don't ever let your father know about any of this. It would hurt him if he knew he could never satisfy me. Don't get me wrong, your dad is a really good lover. He just didn't have the special cum I need."
"Promise, mom," Tommy replied. Marla nodded.
"Mom, how many times can you cum in a day?" Marla asked.
"No clue but it's probably only limited by how much of Tommy's cum we have and my physical stamina. Grandpa and my mom use tie Charlotte down and give her a little cum at a time. I saw her have thirty orgasms in less than ninety minutes. She slept for fourteen hours after that." Cindy grinned at the memory.
"Was that his fun thing with her?"
"Yes, she always insisted she hated it but anytime he suggested it she jumped right into the bed."
"What was Charlene's?" Tommy asked.
"Charlene likes to be spanked, really hard. My mom or one of us girls would spank her and grandpa would feed her cum."
"And your mom?"
"Mom liked to be tied down so she couldn't hardly move. Sometimes even suspended with ropes. Grandpa would feed her cum and watch her struggle. I loved watching her."
"You said that your grandma has the gene too. It doesn't add up that your grandma and grandpa both were special. Care to elaborate?" Tommy asked.
"My grandma, Naomi, and grandpa, Aaron, were brother and sister."
"Mom, that's incest," Marla added.
Tommy and Cindy looked at her then burst out laughing.
"No shit!" Tommy added. Marla laughed with them.
"Marla, the women in our family don't last long in traditional relationships. Your dad and I were married longer than anyone of the other women. We don't mean to, but our needs are greater than they can provide. To fill our needs we have to step outside our marriage. It isn't fair to our husbands. You've had sex with Tommy and Darren that I know of. Was Darren ever able to actually satisfy you?"
"No. At first I didn't really know what was even normal. After being with Tommy, I doubt any other man could."
"My point exactly. Tommy is 'the' man for the women in our family."
"How about for me, mom?" Tommy inquired.
"You can likely find a woman to be happy with for the rest of your life and have a wonderful marriage but you have our gene too. I doubt you'll find anyone outside the family that will satisfy you the way we can. My mom is the one that's done all the research on our genetics. Last I heard there's no other group like us. And Tommy is the only male in the group. That makes him one in seven billion on planet earth."
"See, smart ass, I always told you that you belonged on the short bus going to school," Marla teased.
"You may call me 'Special', nave," he teased back. "Hey nave, how about one of your famous blowjobs?"
"My pleasure, Special." Marla put her face in his lap. "Mom, look."
Cindy looked at his crotch.
"Impressive. Tommy, your cock has grown a bit. Take a look."
Tommy looked down at his cock. It was now about eight inches long with a considerably larger girth.
"Is it permanent, mom?"
"I doubt it. This is probably what it'll be like if you start taking the drug like grandpa did. It is impressive. I'm looking forward to riding that baby."
"Wait your turn, mother. It's mine for now," Marla replied.
"Tommy, ever had a two girl blowjob?" Cindy asked.
"Oh, hell no. Go for it."
The rest of the evening was a continuation of the last hour with trial and error and attempting anything they could think of. Cindy threw in several things they hadn't. By bedtime the linens and even the mattress were soaked with cum. Cindy would be ordering a new king size bed the following day and lots of linens and mattress protectors.
On Friday morning Cindy got her daily dose before work. Marla got hers about mid-day. They reformed their group on Friday evening but Tommy didn't take the drug. Even so, everyone had a wonderful evening.

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