Tommy’s Special Blend Ch. 07

tagIncest/TabooTommy's Special Blend Ch. 07

07 – Learning the Ropes
Monday morning Cindy got her daily dose before leaving for work. They arranged a place and time to meet for lunch later. Marla began working out a schedule that would accommodate everyone but wanted to arrange, as near as possible, how things had been done in the past. She had a tentative plan but wanted to talk it over with Mom and Grandma before presenting it to the rest of the family. She also wanted to ensure that she and Tommy were accommodated too. Tommy was her primary concern. She wanted to keep him healthy and happy.
She and Tommy decided on a plan for exercise that they could do together. Neither was interested in joining a spa. They decided to work out at home three days a week and run three days a week. They ran that morning then upon returning home, showered together. Marla got her daily dose in the shower.
At eleven thirty they met Mom and Grandma at Denny's for lunch. Marla wasn't aware of it but Tommy had put some of his cum in a dropper bottle and brought that with him. Just before entering the restaurant Tommy ran back to the car for something, or so he told Marla. Marla went inside and joined the others. While standing next to the car he put a few drops of cum in his mouth then went inside. The server was taking drink orders at the table when he arrived. He sat next to his Mom and turned to kiss her. Cindy was expecting a kiss on the cheek but he turned her face to him and gave her a peck on the lips leaving just a tiny amount of cum there. Shortly after the kiss she licked the moisture.
"Uuhhhh," she moaned as the orgasm hit her in the restaurant. It came on so fast she moaned before being able to stop it. The waitress jumped back and essentially everyone in the restaurant turned to look at her. Marla and Liz began laughing as did Tommy. It took Cindy a minute or so to recover. The waitress was still staring when she recovered. Cindy blushed a bit then tried to act as if nothing had happened. The waitress smiled.
"That must have been some kiss," the waitress said.
"Kiss? What kiss?" Cindy replied.
Cindy turned to Tommy. "You little shit, I'll get you for that one."
"You're looking good this morning, Mom. I love that blush you're wearing."
"Thanks, I wore it just for you, Tommy. Aren't you going to kiss your Grandmother?"
Tommy stood and walked to Liz.
"Is it safe?" Liz asked.
"Perfectly harmless, Grandma."
He bent down and kissed her on the lips and quickly gave her the tongue. There was just enough cum in his mouth to work. Liz was quiet but with her head arching back and grabbing the table hard it was obvious to everyone at the table what happened. Tommy turned to Marla.
"I'm not that stupid, bro. Go sit down."
Tommy grinned as he sat. Liz seemed fine. She looked at him and mouthed 'Thanks' then winked at him. The waitress had seen what happened with both Cindy and Liz. She put the drinks on the table.
"Is this contagious?" she asked.
Cindy smiled at her. "No, it's hereditary."
"Too bad. Are you ready to order now?" she asked, grinning. She took the ladies orders first then looked at Tommy. "How about you, hot lips? What are you having?" Tommy smiled and ordered.
They talked about the scheduling as Marla had planned. Tommy's phone vibrated and he looked at it. There was text message from his mother.
'If you have more put some in their straws. Thanks for the O.'
Tommy kept an eye open for the opportunity. Marla's drink would be simple but he hoped to get both his sister and grandmother at the same time. Right after Marla took a drink he managed to sneak a few drops into her straw. He slipped the bottle to his mother and she managed to accomplish the same task in her mother's straw. Marla was the first to take a drink and moaned loudly as she came rocking in her seat. While Liz was looking and laughing at her Cindy put a few drops in the small pool of gravy in her mother's mashed potatoes. Cindy handed the bottle back to Tommy who quickly did the same to Marla's gravy. They waited, but not for long. Liz took a sip of her drink. She wasn't expecting it this time and also let out a loud 'uh uh uh'. The entire restaurant was looking at their table. Tommy and Cindy both continued to eat as if nothing was going on. A man walked to the table. He was wearing a Denny's nametag.
"Is everything alright here?"
Cindy smiled at him, "We're fine. They just find chicken fried steak very erotic."
He nodded and walked away. Liz looked at Tommy and held out her open hand to him.
"What, Grandma?" he asked.
"Give me the bottle."
"Now, Tommy!!"
Tommy handed her the near empty bottle from his pants pocket. He didn't give her the one in his other pocket. She dropped the bottle into her purse and went back to eating. Both Marla and Liz got a fork full of potatoes and just a smidgen of gravy. Cindy saw and patted Tommy's leg to get his attention. Marla and Liz came loudly at the same time almost knocking the table over as they did. Cindy was grinning and Tommy broke out laughing. When they recovered Tommy was still laughing. Liz looked at him as she removed the bottle from her purse. She put a couple of drops on the side of each woman's plate.
"Tommy, you have no idea what type of women you're toying with."
She touched the cum on her plate with her finger. Cindy did the same. Liz looked at Marla and nodded to her and she collected hers too. All three touched the cum to their tongues and had loud orgasms. In the process Liz and Cindy tilted the table and everything slid off into Tommy's lap. He was covered with food, drinks and dishes. Plates and glasses fell to the floor breaking. The women stood and walked out of the restaurant together. Tommy, besides being a mess, was beefy red as he blushed. The manager walked to him.
"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to pay for your meals, the damages and then leave."
Tommy stood and walked sheepishly to the register and gave them his charge card. It took several minutes to square things up. When he got outside the women were standing by his car laughing.
"What goes around, comes around, Grandson." Liz kissed him on the lips and walked away smiling.
"See you tonight, honey," Cindy laughed.
Tommy was still blushing. Marla laughed all the way home. By the time they drove out of the parking lot Tommy had gotten over his embarrassment enough to laugh too.
"Tommy, I'm not sure fucking with Grandma is a good idea. God, that was funny. You should have seen the look on your face." Marla was still laughing.
"Mom, either for that matter," he replied.
It turned out that Marla was a champ at organization. After her talk with Mom and Grandma about how things had been done while her great-grandpa was alive she put together a schedule. Mondays and Tuesdays would be down days for the most part. Cindy and Marla would collect their doses as usual. They would have simple, oral, collection from six to ten pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. Saturdays would be simple collections first followed by a free for all with everyone. Sundays would be collections and a limited free for all. When someone wasn't able to come at appointed times they could either schedule an alternate time through Marla or arrange for someone to collect a togo cup for them.
Once a month they would celebrate a Grandpa Saturday. This would be held at Grandma Liz' house since she had all the equipment that had been stored. Grandpa had used these days for having his own fun. The participants also had a lot of fun. He exploited fetishes and fantasies of the ladies. Helping them live some in the safety of the family. Everyone enjoyed these celebrations. Grandma Liz took Marla and Tommy on a tour of the room. They were fascinated to see the toys and furnishings in person and excited about seeing and using them with the family. It was midweek before the schedule was finalized so the first week Tommy worked every day.
Cindy walked in the front door just after five. The minute she saw Tommy she started laughing.
"How much did lunch set you back?" she asked.
"A hundred and forty two bucks."
"Was it worth it?"
Tommy laughed. "Every nickel, Mom."
"Good, I'm glad you enjoyed it. My grandmother always carried a container of yellow water in her purse. When Grandpa pulled those stunts she'd pour it in his lap and everyone would think he'd peed on himself. You got off easy."
"Next time I'll be better prepared, Mom."
"I can hardly wait. Ready for tonight?"
"Bring 'em on."
"I use to pull stunts like you did today. Spiking the popcorn in a movie theater was my best. I got Charlotte with that one. It only works once though. The'll never trust you after that. Do you and Marla ever go to the movies together?"
"Are you suggesting…"
"I'm simply asking a question," she said grinning. "It's especially good if it happens during a love scene."
"Mom, you're evil." Tommy laughed.
"Just be sure she doesn't have a large drink or you'll be wearing it."
"Speaking of a large drink. Any interest in a Tommy's Special Blend?"
"Can you make it without the coffee?"
"As a matter of fact, I can."
"You've never jacked off in my mouth."
"Would you like that, Mom?"
Cindy knelt in front of Tommy with her mouth open. Tommy gave her his special blend in just minutes. Cindy went to take a shower before the guests arrived. Marla gave him the drug right at six when the first guests got there. The night was planned for simple collection but it didn't turn out that way. Before they started Bonnie requested a few minutes with Tommy in private.
"What's up, Bonnie?"
"Tommy, I'd like you to do me a favor. I have a fantasy of being a submissive. I want someone to make me do things I don't want to do."
"What would you like me to do?"
"Maybe if you fuck someone you could make me lick you and them both clean afterwards."
"What if everyone decides to fuck?"
"Then I guess I'll be very busy."
"You want me to treat you like a slave?"
"Yes, but don't hit me or anything."
"Do you want me to be creative?"
"I think it would be better if I didn't know what was coming."
"Bonnie, take your clothes off and kneel beside my chair, eyes looking at the floor. Don't speak to anyone. You'll call me master tonight. Don't move unless I tell you."
"Yes, master."
Bonnie didn't hesitate. She took off her clothes, laid them on the bed then walked to the living room and knelt next to his chair waiting.
"Ladies, kneeling beside me is my slave. You will call her slave. That's her name. When you approach she will undress you. If you would like to use her while you get your dose tell her what you want. When finished she'll clean me with her mouth. If you also wish to be cleaned tell her. Any questions?"
There were no questions. There was no assigned order that evening. Charlotte was first to come up. Bonnie stood and undressed her then folded her clothes and placed them neatly on a table. She returned to her position.
"Slave finger my pussy as I suck your master."
Bonnie did as instructed. After her aunt was finished she licked Tommy clean. Her mother was next and wanted her breasts sucked. Cindy wanted her ass licked. Liz wanted her shoulders rubbed. Her sister Bev wanted to be eaten. Marla wanted to finger fuck the slaves asshole. Beth, her younger sister wanted to be eaten and finger fucked. Bonnie came multiple times while providing her services. When Bonnie's turn came Tommy got out of the chair and had her lay upside down in it. Her sisters and Marla held her securely to the chair. Tommy knelt in front and fucked her mouth. Tommy made sure to get lots of cum on her face and in her hair. Everyone took about a fifteen minute break. Tommy would not allow Bonnie to wipe the cum from her face. Just before starting round two Tommy took her aside.
"How was that, slave?"
"I loved it, master."
"Do you want to continue?"
"Yes, please, Master."
"Go back to your position, slave."
Bonnie knelt next to the chair. Tommy went to his mom.
"Mom, I've run out of ideas. Can you help?"
"Can I have her for the rest of the evening?"
"She's all yours."
"Thanks, I'll give her back when I'm done with her. Slave, come with me."
Bonnie rose and followed Cindy to the master bedroom. Liz was riding Tommy when they returned. Cindy was wearing a black corset with breasts and pussy exposed and black hose with very high heels. She carried a short flogger with a dildo handle. Bonnie wore a collar, a butt plug and her hands were cuffed behind her back. She was looking down at the floor. All eyes turned to them. Tommy came at the sight of his Mom dressed in a dom outfit.
"Slave, clean your grandmother and then your master."
"Yes, mistress."
She went to Liz and licked her clean, cumming when she started. Then began licking Tommy, cumming a second time.
"Slave, I didn't tell you to cum. Stand and bend over. You'll be flogged for disobeying. Two lashes for each orgasm."
Bonnie did as she was told. Cindy struck her twice on each cheek. It left red marks across her ass. Cindy inserted two fingers inside the slave's pussy then smeared her pussy juice on her face.
"Thank you, mistress," Bonnie said.
Tommy continued servicing the women but now Cindy was not allowing Bonnie any further exposure to the cum she desired so much. At the end of the evening Cindy collected a cup with a full ounce of cum. She put Bonnie in the Grandpa chair and restrained her arms and legs. The women along with Tommy got in a line in front of her. As they came to Cindy each dipped a finger in the cup and put the cum on Bonnie's tongue. As soon as her orgasm subsided the next would step up and repeat it. After twenty-two consecutive orgasms it was obvious that Bonnie was too weak to continue. Cindy made her drink some juice to rehydrate and Bonnie was asleep within two minutes. She would be spending the night at Cindy's house.
Before she left, Grandma Liz had asked Tommy to come by her house alone in the morning. He left early. Bonnie was still asleep and Marla agreed to keep an eye on her. His Grandmother greeted him at the door. She was dressed very similar to the way his mother had been the evening before. Her eyes were covered with a simple black mask. She wore a black collar with spikes. These weren't little spikes either. Each was at least an inch long and very pointed. She wore fingerless black gloves the covered most of her arms and a black corset that left her breasts and pelvis exposed. The corset was attached to black net hose and her feet were adorned with black spike heels.
"I love your outfit, Mistress," Tommy told her.
"Your mother and I will both be dressed like this on Grandpa's Day. At least the first one."
"You've got a bunch of women to use. Your great-grandfather only had five, so you're going to need some help in the beginning. The only one of those five with a dom personality is your mother. I, personally, love bondage and water sports. My Dad also had a fun side. You and your mother both have that. I suspect Marla may be a bit of a dom but we'll have to wait and see."
"I asked you over today to give you a real introduction to the play room. My Mother and I felt it important that you be familiarized with the equipment before our first celebration."
"Yeah, you showed it to me but I have no clue how most of it works."
"You will today, dear heart. Undress and put this blindfold on." Tommy undressed and donned the blindfold. "Don't take it off until you're told. I'm going to lead you to the playroom. It's important you follow instructions to the letter. Will you do that?"
"Yes," he replied.
She led him into the room and walked him to an area near the center.
"Hold your arms straight out in front of you." When he did she rested his wrists in curved grooves. "Leave your wrists where they are and take a small step forward. Now bend forward slowly at the hips."
As he did she held his head and positioned his neck in a third groove. He felt something go over his neck and wrists securing him. His grandmother put something around his ankle then pulled his ankle laterally securing it and did the same with the other ankle.
"Do you know what a stock is?"
"The pilgrim thing?"
"Yes, but it was being used a long time before they got one. You're locked in one now. See if you can get out."
He wrestled with it for a moment.
"I'm stuck. This is a bit nerve racking."
"Yes, it is. You are a dom. A good dom needs to know what his sub, or in your case subs, are experiencing."
"It's a bit intimidating. Whoa! Who just grabbed my nuts?"
"That's the reason for the blind fold. Your sub will be experiencing the same thing."
"Why are they putting wet stuff on my butt?"
"Relax, we aren't going to hurt you. Ever been butt fucked?"
"Grandma? Oh shit, what the hell is that? Grandma? Grandma? Unggh, shit that doesn't feel very good."
Someone had just put something rather large in his ass. He tried relaxing. In a moment it started moving in and out.
"Relax, Tommy."
Her voice came from several feet in front of him. He knew for sure his Grandmother wasn't doing it. The object went in even further. It was making him cramp in his butt. It stopped momentarily then went in farther and began pumping faster and harder. Then it started vibrating.
"Please stop. I don't like this."
"Tommy in BDSM no doesn't mean no. We generally give the sub a safe word. When they say the safe word that means stop."
"Fine, what's my safe word?"
Liz chuckled. "You don't have one. We're teaching you today and will stop when were ready."
A hand encircled his cock and began masturbating him as the object continued using his ass.
"Grand…," he began before a probe was harshly shoved in his mouth and strapped around his head.
"You're wearing a cock gag. I went easy on you and picked a small one. It's about four inches long. When I squeeze the bulb in my hand it's going to start moving like your being fucked in the mouth. When a man cums the volume is less than a teaspoonful. You cum three to six times that when you take the drug." She began squeezing the bulb. The cock seemed to go deeper then back to where it was. "I tried this toy myself. You really are experiencing a mouth fuck. Like it?"
"Ung, unggh," was all he could get out.
"Tommy, you really need to try and relax. I have no doubt you're enjoying what your ass and cock are experiencing but relaxation of the mouth is the key to a blowjob. When you cum you're going to get about a tablespoon of real cum in your mouth. It's yours, by the way. Swallow it."
The activity in his butt was starting to get pleasurable and the hand job was being done expertly. The fake cock that was fucking his mouth was really annoying. He tried to relax and just let it happen. As he relaxed he could feel his orgasm building. He concentrated on relaxing and the pleasure he was getting.
"Ung, ung, Ungghh!"
Tommy exploded. So did the fake cock in his mouth except now rather than move in and out it felt deeper and was shooting cum in his throat. He gagged but only with the first squirt. Even swallowing was difficult. When he finished cumming everything stopped. The monster in his ass was removed and the cock in his mouth returned to it's resting size.
"That wasn't so bad was it?" Liz asked.
"Ung, ung." Something that felt even larger was shoved in his ass. "Ung!!" he grunted.
"That's a butt plug. I'm going to introduce you to some other toys now. These are a little more uncomfortable."
Fingers began playing with his nipples then suddenly they were both being pinched hard.
"Ung, ung."
"Those are nipple clamps. You're going to feel a soft flogger now."
Tommy struggled for a moment before he felt it. There was no pain from it but he could feel the individual strands. A second struck his back. He felt just a minor pang. The third strike was on his balls. That one stung a little.

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