Tommy’s Special Blend Ch. 08

tagIncest/TabooTommy's Special Blend Ch. 08

08 – Grandpa's Day
The big day had finally arrived. Tommy was both anxious and excited. The festivities would begin at one. Tommy had serviced most of the women the evening before as was scheduled, then he, Marla and their Mom had spent a lot of time talking and planning for the upcoming event. Cindy was already aware of what Liz had put Tommy through earlier in the day but denied any knowledge of who the mystery person might be. Marla laughed through his entire narrative.
All eleven women were expected today and after breakfast Tommy and his mother made a list of them and what they knew of their likes and dislikes.
Naomi, the matriarch of the family, had been the planner in the past and was the creative force behind many of the activities. Cindy suggested that Tommy utilize her creativity. She enjoyed sex but was pretty vanilla other than her voyeuristic streak.
Next was Liz, his grandmother who loved extreme bondage and water sports. She could be both a dom and a sub but preferred the sub side. She was not into pain.
Aunt Charlotte enjoyed bondage and some pain but her favorite activity was being throated. She was not particularly creative and was a bit overprotective of her twin daughters, Annie and Angie. They were tiny and looked more like twelve year olds than the eighteen year olds they were and were inseparable. They liked everything and everyone but were mostly into each other. Even when they got their doses from Tommy they sucked him together.
Aunt Charlene was a pain slut to the extent that if she didn't leave Grandpa's Day with whelps she saw the day as disappointing. She liked to be brutalized. Her three daughters were Bev, the exhibitionist, Bonnie, who was a submissive and Beth who even though she needed Tommy's cum preferred one of the other women collect it for her. She was much more into women. Tommy would avoid direct sexual contact with her.
Then there was his sister, Marla. Marla was really into Tommy and her mother but enjoyed everything they had done so far. Cindy really felt she was a dom in the making but would know more by the end of the activities today. They would give her as much opportunity as possible today.
The primary purpose for Grandpa's Day had been for Cindy's grandfather, Naomi's husband and brother to have his fun.
"Tommy," his mother began. "Today is for you. You service all eleven of us all week long providing your much needed, and delicious, cum. I know you enjoy it but it's still exhausting for you. Do what you want today and have fun with it. What would you like to see or do? Enjoy yourself. Your grandma and I will be your helpers today but your aunts are also familiar with everything and can help too if needed. You will get tired. There's a massage table that you can lay on to rest. Did grandma show you that?"
"You need to drink plenty and eat too. Lots of carbs."
"Okay. How long is this going to last, Mom?"
"Generally four to six hours in the past but that was with five women. You've got eleven so I just don't know. Do you know about the safe word?"
"Yes, but I don't know what it is."
"Grandpa used ketchup for stop and mustard for ease off."
"That makes sense, yellow for caution and red for stop."
"Any other questions?"
"Not at the moment."
They left a short while later for Liz's house. Liz was already in her dom outfit. Cindy took Tommy to the guest room where she donned her outfit and helped him with his. His outfit was simple black spandex with a completely open crotch. He declined the boots.
Cindy knelt in front of her son and lifted his semi hard cock. "Mind if Mom gets her dose before you take the drug?"
"Not at all," he replied.
His mother smiled and licked his length as she stroked him. When the pre-cum showed she looked him in the eye and licked it then pulled his hips to her, forcing him into her throat as her orgasm overtook her. Her shaking and bucking while throating him brought him quickly to the edge. Just as she began to recover he came and triggered her second orgasm. About half way through she backed off to breathe.
"Mom, you out do yourself every time."
"You'll be bored with me before long."
"Never, Mom."
They walked back to the living room. The ladies raved about Tommy's spandex outfit. Cindy gave him a two hour dose and set the bottle on the kitchen counter.
"If everyone would sit down I'd like to talk about a few things before we start," Liz announced." Everyone sat quietly. "Today we're celebrating Grandpa's day. If there are no objections I think it should be renamed to Tommy's Day." She looked around the room. There were no objections. "Tommy's Day it is. The purpose of today is to thank Tommy for the service he provides us all. It's his day to play and have fun with us. Don't get me wrong, we'll be having our share too. Cindy and I will be his assistants today since we have him outnumbered eleven to one. If there's something you'd like to experience let Cindy or I know about it. We're all different and that's a good thing. Some of us like the BDSM and some don't, but we all like orgasms and I assure you they'll be lots of those. Tommy is off on Mondays and Tuesdays so if you're so inclined you can get your doses ahead of time. They work best refrigerated then set out for about an hour to warm a little. Microwaving them destroys the effectiveness. I like mine at body temperature and keep it in a ziplock bag then to warm it I stuff it in my panties. Tommy has chosen to use the same safewords my father did. Say 'mustard' to slow an activity or 'ketchup' to stop it. You have control of what you allow. Is that understood?" Liz asked.
Everyone nodded. "What happens when you say 'mayo'?" Bev asked.
"My fist up your ass," Liz replied grinning. "Feel free to enjoy each other and help them with their desires and fantasies. Anyone want to go first with something special?"
Charlene spoke, "I will."
"And what would you like? As if I didn't already know," Cindy asked.
"Standing leather flogging but I want you to teach my girls to do it."
"I'd like to make a request," Naomi said.
"Sure, Grandma. What's that?" Cindy asked.
"I have a tendency to fall asleep unpredictably. I'm an old broad after all. I'd really love to see my daughter, grand-daughters and great-grand-daughters in a ten woman daisy chain."
"Wow, I'd like to see that too," Tommy added.
"Char, are you okay going second?"
"No problem but let's make it interesting. Put a few drops of cum on everyone's pussies. We take our first lick together and have a ten woman orgasm to kick it off."
"Heaven's yes!" Naomi said excitedly.
"Anyone menstruating?" Liz asked. Beth sheepishly raised her hand. "Perfect, I'm eating you," she grinned. "Anyone else?" All heads shook no. "Let's undress here then head to the playroom."
As they were undressing Beth came to her grandmother. "Grandma, I'm really flowing heavy."
"I'm really messy down there," Beth replied.
"Honey, the messier the better as far as I'm concerned. You can sit on my face. I'll pull the plug myself so I don't miss any. After we're done you're going to piss on my face to wash me off."
"Grandma?" Beth said a bit shocked.
"Honey, I'm a freak. It's something I love."
"If you say so."
"I say so," Liz replied.
Naomi motioned for Tommy to come to her. "In the seat of my walker is a bib and my chopper hopper. Will you get those for me?"
"What's a chopper hopper?"
"Pink, plastic container to put my teeth in. Ever had a blowjob from a woman with no teeth?"
"Never, Ggma."
"You're in for a treat then."
Tommy got her items and brought them to her. "Wanna get undressed first?"
"No need. My pussy's too old to stretch with that big cock. If you want my ass you can lean me over a table and pull my dress up. I'll get the first cup of cum with my mouth."
Tommy put the bib on her and held the chopper hopper as she put her teeth in it then put them in the walker seat.
"Gimme that big cock, boy," she told him.
Naomi wasn't one to waste time. She took him into her mouth and at the touch of the pre-cum enjoyed her first orgasm of the day. With the absence of teeth her tongue went wild on Tommy's cock. Cindy saw them and attracted both of her sister's attention.
"Look, she's kicking things off like she used to do with grandpa," Cindy said.
"Wow, that takes me back a long way," Charlotte answered.
"Me too," Charlene replied. "She loves sucking cock."
"Remember the State Fair? She and grandpa took us on the ferris wheel with the gondola and she sucked him," Cindy asked.
"God, how could I forget. She got us all kicked off the ride," Charlene replied.
The three laughed. Cindy walked over to them with a cup. She could tell Tommy was enjoying this and getting close.
"She gives one hell of a blowjob doesn't she?" Cindy asked her son.
"Mom, this is fantastic," he replied grinning.
"She's the best at licking pussy too. Grandma can do things with her tongue you can't imagine. Grandma think you can get both balls in your mouth like you used to?"
Naomi slipped off his cock and sucked his entire sack into her mouth. Tommy came instantly into the cup.
Liz walked up. "It's about time. Mother, quit showing off."
Naomi spit out his balls. "Fuck you. I'll do this however I want. Tommy, walk me to the playroom."
He helped her up then escorted her down the hall then helped her into a ringside seat.
"Thanks, Ggma. That was really amazing."
"I'm glad I could help."
The other ten women had paired off and were putting cum on their clits. Five laid on their backs and the other five straddled faces and pussies.
"On five, everyone lick a clit," Naomi said. "One, two, three, four, five."
All ten women in the circle were cumming. The noise from the moaning was deafening but the sight was a marvel.
"Tommy go over and watch your grandma eat Beth. She's such a whore," his great-grandmother told him."
One of the twins was licking her grandmother Liz. Liz, lying on her back was licking Beth. The string dangling from Beth's pussy was brushing Liz's nose. When she saw Tommy, just inches away, she winked at him then took the string with her teeth and pulled arching her neck. The bloody tampon popped out and landed on her cheek as her face and mouth were flooded with Beth's menstrual flow. Liz began licking it from her granddaughter's vagina.
"Liz, you're disgusting!" her mother told her.
Liz gave her mother the finger and continued. Tommy picked up the tampon by the string to throw it away. Liz tilted her head back to speak.
"You put that down. It belongs to me now," Liz scolded.
Tommy dropped it next to her head. "Sorry, Grandma."
"No harm done," she replied and went back to licking Beth.
Tommy stood and walked around the circle. When he came to his sister Marla who was eating his aunt Charlotte he slipped his cock into her from behind. His balls were resting on his aunt's chin. It only took a couple of minutes before he came inside Marla. As he pulled out the huge load of cum dribbled from his sister's pussy onto his aunts's mouth. Charlotte began bucking hard with the orgasm and the moaning and movement set Marla off. Other women were beginning to cum and as he stood back and watched he went around the circle and gave each a finger full from his dripping cock triggering orgasms as he went. When he triggered Beth a second flood poured onto his grandmother's face.
Cindy helped her sister Charlene up and walked her to a frame that sat near the back. Cindy put wrist restraints on her and stretched her arms out toward the top corners of the frame before securing them.
"Want the ankles secured?" Cindy asked.
"Yes, stretch me. I'd like a blindfold too."
Cindy grabbed ankle cuffs and attached them. Tommy handed his mother a blindfold and she put that over her sister's eyes. Liz and Beth walked up to them. Liz's face was covered in blood.
"Charlene, how about a big sloppy kiss from your dear mother?" Liz asked.
"Get your bloody face away from me, Mother."
"But it's from your adorable youngest daughter."
"I don't give a crap where it's from. Don't you dare touch me with that." Liz dragged a finger through the blood on her face then traced it across her daughter's lips giving her bloody lipstick. "Damn you, Mother. That's disgusting!"
"You know as well as I do you want to taste it. Lick your lips, Char."
"Screw you. Someone wash it off."
Tommy turned to look for something to wash it. Liz grabbed his arm then when he looked at her she shook her head no.
"Tommy, come with Beth and I, you can help her wash my face."
A crowd had gathered around them. Bev looked like she was about to throw up. There was an open shower along the back wall. Liz, Beth and Tommy walked there with the crowd following them. Liz turned and looked at the group.
"Bonnie, come here." Bonnie didn't move. "Slave, I said come here!" she snapped. Bonnie stepped forward. "Undress me," she commanded. Bonnie quickly had her grandmother nude. Liz grabbed Bonnie's hair and pulled her to her, smearing her bloody face across Bonnie's. She took Bonnie's hand and stepped into the shower. "Sit, slave." Bonnie sat on the floor and Liz sat next to her then turned to Beth. "Wash our faces with your piss. When she's done the rest of you can do it."
Beth stepped forward and spread her labia. In a moment she began peeing and aimed it at their faces. Liz had her mouth open and put her finger in Bonnie's mouth opening it. When she finished, Tommy stepped up.
"Lick first," he said offering his cock to Bonnie.
She licked his fluid and came. Liz licked him and came with her. Tommy stepped back and then one at a time four of the others emptied their bladders on the two in the shower. Bonnie was getting into it as much as her grandmother.
"Is that it?" Liz asked. The group nodded. "Well shit! Cindy, get over here. You're always good for a piss."
Cindy walked over and without a moment of hesitation drenched both from their hair to their chests then turned the shower on them before returning to Charlene.
"In about ten minutes I need Tommy and all three of Charlene's daughters by their mother," Cindy announced.
"In the mean time I need a mouth on my cock," Tommy said.
Both of the twins knelt in front of him. Their movements were so much alike it was almost like looking into a mirror. When he canme one girl collected it all then shared it with the other. They even came alike. When they were finished they walked together to a quiet spot and spent the rest of the afternoon eating each other. Tommy met up with the three sisters where Cindy had bound Charlene. Some of the others had also gathered around to observe.
"I assume you know your mother is really into pain." The girls nodded. "You all heard her today, she wants the leather flogger and wants you three to do it. I'm going to teach you and Tommy the proper way to use them. The reason she's blindfolded is to increase her own anxiety level. Before we start we're going to attach a few things to her. On the table here are several items. Tommy, give her a little pre-cum to get her motor running."
Tommy stuck a wet finger to her tongue. Having an orgasm as tightly as she was stretched out looked uncomfortable. Cindy motioned to Tommy to do it again. Bev beat him to it getting two fingers of pre-cum giving one to her mother and taking the other herself. Cindy waited for both to recover before continuing.
"These are nipple clamps. Now that her nipples are hard they'll be easier to put on." She handed one to Beth and the other to Bonnie. They put them on their mother. Charlene flinched for a moment but made no sound. "These are labia clamps. We're going to put one on each labia to make sure her clit is fully exposed." She gave one to Bev and the other to Tommy. They knelt and clipped them on. Charlene grunted with each. Cindy took a small cord and attached it to one then wrapped it around her hips to connect the other. "Now her labia are parted so we have direct access to her cute little clit. She likes clit clamps too but we aren't using those today." Cindy picked up a leather flogger. "Hold it by the handle and gather the leather tresses together with your other hand then using your wrist you bring it down quickly." She demonstrated striking the upright on the frame Charlene was attached to. "Got that?" They all nodded.
She handed one to Bonnie. "Strike Beth across her butt. It's important you each know how it feels." Beth turned her back to her sister.
"Uh, no thanks. I'd rather not," Bonnie replied.
"Bonnie, that wasn't a request. Do it."
Bonnie hesitated but did as she was told. Beth jumped at the impact and rubbed her butt then took the instrument from her sister.
"Your turn," Beth said.
Bonnie turned her back and Beth struck her. Bonnie also jumped and rubbed the sore area.
"Very good. Tommy, a little reward for them if you please."
Again Bev beat him to it. She gave each of her sisters a lick and took one for herself. After they all recovered Bev grabbed the flogger.
"Your turn, Tommy," Bev said.
Tommy turned his back to her. Bev didn't flip it the way Cindy had demonstrated, she quickly drew back and like she was swinging a baseball bat struck Tommy across the small of his back.
"Bev, no!!" Cindy screamed.
Tommy slumped too the floor.
"Oops," Bev giggled.
Cindy went to him. His back had several linear gashes they were bleeding. She helped him to the massage table and laid him on his stomach.
"Mom, I need antiseptic and bandages over here!"
"On my way," Liz said, grabbing the first aid box. She ran to the table and looked at his back. "What the hell happened?"
"I hit him a little too hard," Bev said, still grinning.
"A little? You fucking idiot you swung it like a golf club!" Cindy snapped.
Naomi walked up and looked. "Beth, Bonnie, free your mother. We're done for the day."
"No, I'm okay. Just put a bandage on it," Tommy said.
"Honey," Naomi replied. "Two of these need stitches. You have to go to the doctor."
"Ggma, I can't. The drug has at least another hour."
"Don't worry, we'll let the drug wear off before we go. Marla can you take care of him under the table?" Cindy asked. "Tommy put your dick and balls through the hole.
Tommy scooted up just a few inches and did as instructed. Marla got under the table and began sucking him. Liz and Cindy began cleaning the wounds. What Marla was doing under the table felt wonderful but the pain from what they were doing to wounds cancelled it out.
"Mom, I need Marla to finish. Can you hold off for a couple of minutes?" Tommy asked.
"Of course, baby. Mom, can you put together an ice pack?"
"Sure. Bev come with me."
Liz and Bev walked to the kitchen.
"What the fuck were you thinking?" Liz asked.
"I was just having a little fun. I didn't mean to hurt him."
"Those toys in there are dangerous. You can hurt or even kill someone with then if you misuse them. Bev, I'd suggest you get dressed and leave. Cindy's likely to tie your ass up and cane you."
"Can I at least get a togo cup for tomorrow?"
"I'll send a couple of cups home for you with your mother. Now go."
Bev left the kitchen. Liz put the ice in a large ziplock and took it to Tommy. Cindy put a towel over his wounds and then laid the ice pack on it. It was several minutes later before Marla worked her magic.
"I'm going to need more cups. Tommy's not working again until at least Wednesday," Marla told them. "Ladies, get your cups. Do it by household first. If we can't get enough you'll have to ration it out among you."
Bonnie was the first under the table.
"Charlene, what did Grandpa tell the doctor when you got cut?"
"He said we were pulling a stump out with the tractor when the rope broke and the frayed end got me. Mine wasn't anything like this though."

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