Tom’s Summer Fun

tagIncest/TabooTom's Summer Fun

Tom enjoyed staying at his aunts Celia's house, the long summer days seemed endless in the large gardens that surrounded the property.
It was not that Tom was keen on nature, or the pristine rose bushes that his aunt would kneel over for hours, pruning and delicately maintaining.
It was the fun he had with his cousins and the evil, stuck-up woman who lived next door.
Mrs. Harrington was a heavy set woman who knew how beautiful she'd been in her younger years and even now as time was softening her edges still had an air of entitlement. She enjoyed waltzing around displaying her obvious wealth in expensive clothes, though her dresses and hats looked stuck in a style from decades previous.
Tom had taken a instant dislike to her as soon as they had met, a dislike made even worse by how horny she made him feel.
Maybe it was his teenage hormones, hyped up by college life but she was driving him wild.
He'd been walking down the road when he had first bumped into her, fed up with being stuck in this boring suburban neighborhood.
As he walked past the foot of their driveway he had paused, looking at the overly ornate columns surrounding their front doors, thinking how tacky they were, a desperate attempt to emulate the ostentatious wealth on a Georgian house.
Suddenly a posh voice had called out, it's tone sharp and accusatory, startling him from his gaze.
"Excuse young man, who are you and what are you doing on my property?" Mrs. Harrington had seemingly appeared from nowhere.
Tom had tried to politely introduce himself and explain that he wasn't on her property and was staying next door.
Mrs. Harrington was having none of it, demanding to know why he thought it was ok to snoop around "like a thief, or worse." Tom wondered what she meant by worse than a thief.
Tom had tried to listen, to be polite, but as Mrs. Harrington had worked herself up, looking down on him both physically and metaphorically, Tom eyes had wandered and he'd found himself furtively sneaking glimpses at her heavy bosom straining against the soft fabric of her summer dress.
She was tall, taller than his 5 ft 9 frame and she was wearing flats. Her hair was a deep auburn color, off her face in a severe pulled back style.
Her face was strong, and she had big handsome features, her eyes were a piercing blue and her lips were full and thick. Tom could not tell if they were real or had help.
Her body was as stout as it was tall, she seemed to have powerful arms and her bust stood out in front of her as if to bludgeon anyone in her path.
Her waist was surprisingly narrow and only emphasized her size, although he could not see, Tom was sure that her ass must have been equally impressive.
The more uptight and angry she got at him, the more Tom found himself getting hard.
His thoughts had started to run away into fantasies as she berated him, her bosom shaking as her anger rose.
Tom imagined her anger exploding as she ripped his clothes off, pushing him to the ground and squatting over him, overpowering him with her size.
He imagined her berating him and laughing as he tried to escape, her total dominance an amusement to her. He saw her pulling up her dress, revealing her naked sex above his face, his face suddenly buried between her heavy ass cheeks, the smell and heat and wetness he'd feel rubbing over his lips and tongue, all the while scolding him in her stuck up accent.
Tom had gone red as these thoughts had come over him and he had practically ran away with Mrs. Harrington shouting after him about manners.
Tom had fumed to the whole family about it, his uncle had laughed and said he wasn't surprised.
"Terrible people," he'd said, "Can't stand them, think they're so much better than everyone".
Surprisingly the only person who had stood up for them was his cousin Sarah, the youngest of his cousins, who was also normally the quietest. Tom had always put this down to her general petiteness and shyness that contrasted so much to her louder older sisters who always seemed to dominate conversations.
Amy and Rebecca, affectionately nicknamed 'the twins' due to their likeness had inherited their fathers height, and much to Tom's embarrassment their mothers figure.
Amy especially had curves that made him blush, and to make matters worse Amy know knew it.
She was a year younger than Tom but she had definitely matured faster than him and he had secretly lusted after her as she had blossomed into a striking curvaceous young woman.
She recently had also become the first girl that he had shown his penis to; she had asked him nonchalantly one day, so he had. Pulling his fly down he had pulled his jeans off and after a moments hesitation removed his boxers.
She had looked at it's limp form with a kind of mild curiosity. Then she had teased him, "Aren't they sposed to be bigger and harder?"
He'd pointed out that standing there half naked in her room was a little embarrassing instead of arousing so what did she expect?
Amy had looked at him, studying his face and his penis before coming to a decision.
"That's fair" she had stated and pulled her t-shirt over her head.
Her large breasts had bounced gently then sat perfectly jutting out of her chest, hard nipples pointing slightly upwards towards him.
When Tom had overcome his shock and realized what he was looking at he had felt his dick start to grow and harden.
Amy had giggled as it started to stiffen, but that had died away and she became strangely quiet as it grew to it's full length.
They had stood there for moments, he looking at her tits, she starting silently at his cock, biting her lip slightly.
Neither one of them spoke as Amy had moved. She had slowly inched towards him eyes never leaving his cock.
She'd looked at his face then and smiled a strange small smile as she dropped to her knees in front of him.
Tom's legs felt like they were trembling so much he'd fall over, every sensation of the cool air on his skin like a thousand fingertips stroking across his legs and groin.
When Amy's hand had reached out and her fingers gently touched his skin, it was as if he had been burnt.
He's twitched backwards sharply and Amy had looked up at him, a sudden nervousness across her face.
"Can I?" was all she had said, and he had nodded, not knowing where this would go.
She had reached out again, this time her fingers enclosing and gripping the shaft of his cock.
Tom groaned, Amy smiled happily.
She slowly started to work her hand up and down, feeling the skin move and slide over the veins and ridges of his firm flesh. She watched as the tip of his penis started to darken, fascinated as a small droplet formed at it's opening. As her hand moved up and down, Tom's hips started to meet her in gentle thrusts, the droplet increased in size. Amy had suddenly leaned forward and run her tongue over the droplet of liquid, tasting it's saltiness and the soft velvety texture of the head of his penis.
Tom could not believe what was happening, he looked down at his cousin, her hand wrapped around his long cock, her tongue snaking out and licking its tip, her breasts just visible as her head moved around and Tom felt like he was in heaven.
He wasn't…yet.
Amy looked up at him with the naughtiest smile he had ever seen, then opened her mouth wide and lowered her mouth down over his cock never breaking eye contact.
Tom groaned even louder, now this was heaven. He leant back against the wall, worried he would fall over, Amy following never letting his cock leave her mouth.
She started to suck it hard into her mouth, making loud slurping noises. Tom breathed heavily, enjoying the warm suction of her mouth, his hands moving to the back of her head trying to direct her to the speed and depth he wanted.
Amy did not seem to mind or notice, obliviously enjoying his cock. Tom held her head more firmly and started to push his cock deeper into her mouth with each stroke. He looked down at her and felt a sense of confidence and power as he saw her struggle to accommodate his size.
Amy looked at him again her eyes slightly reddened, a bit of snot running from her nose and each time she pulled back his cock dripped drool down her chin.
Tom felt how close he was getting, his fingers entwined themselves in Amy's blond hair gripping her head into a firm hold. He felt his climax build deep within his groin as if emerging from his ass, he felt his cock start to swell even more and he pushed his hips forward, pulling Amy's head down further on his cock, her hands were pressed against his thighs now, pressing backwards trying to counteract his thrust but he did not relent.
Tom's cock erupted with a rush, Amy's eyes shot wide open as she tried to swallow the cum shooting down her throat. As Tom slightly weakened, his climax pouring from him, she managed to pull away, his cock sloppily flopping out her mouth. It continued to ejaculate, splattering her face with cum as his climax finally started to subside.
Tom had then looked at her remorsefully, his cum dripping from his younger cousins face, her eyes red and drool, snot and cum mingling across her mouth and chin, dripping down onto her naked breasts.
"I'm sorr…" he had started to apologize but Amy had stood and put a hand to his mouth, her fingers sticky and salty with his cum.
She threw her arms around him and sloppily kissed him. Tom was momentarily repulsed by the mess on her face but before he could react she was kissing him and he was responding. Her tongue forced it's way into his mouth and messily smeared itself around his lips, he responded sloppily kissing her back.
She had hugged him then and put her head on his shoulder,
"I love you cuz.." she breathed in his ear, "lucky for you I sometimes like it rough, but you need to be careful and more respectful in future, especially with a cock as big as your's."
"Don't be doing that to anyone unless you know they can handle it, and more importantly want to handle it."
"Cos you've got a beautiful dick but you're gonna have to be careful with it, it'll be too much for some people."
Tom felt both shame and pride, pride that she obviously thought his cock was great but ashamed that he had got carried away and not considered her in his lust for satisfaction.
Amy kissed him again and he smiled at her, they stayed there for a while, feeling the warmth of each others skin and the sound of each others soft heart beat.
"You like it rough?" he had finally asked, intrigued.
"Pervert," Amy chuckled playfully hitting him in the chest. "Yeah I like to push my limits sometimes, like the feeling of someone possessing me and controlling my pleasure and theirs."
She looked at him a bit more seriously, "But it's always on my terms, I know what my boundaries are and whoever I'm with must respect that. If you're gonna get into anything rough, and judging by how excited you got I think you will, you'll have to learn that too."
Tom nodded, appreciating Amy's honesty and straightforward approach.
"Rule number one for anything…and I mean anything, is consent, I might play rough but whoever I'm with has to know 100% I'm consenting,"
"Rule number two is have a safe word, doesn't matter what it is as long as your not likely to say it while fucking. Your safe word is a hard stop, someone says their safe word you gotta stop right there and then, whatever you're doing. That means they're no longer consenting…see rule number one".
"My safe word is Tomato," Amy said and Tom laughed, Amy did as well. "As I said it's got to be something I'm not likely to say during sex."
"Depends what you're into," Tom retorted causing Amy to laugh.
"Well my boundaries are pretty broad but I've never fucked one yet!"
"How broad?" Tom asked suddenly curious and feeling a bit hotter.
"I don't do anything medical or damaging, and no skat play for sure…most other stuff I'll give a go"
Tom felt himself growing redder.
"I also like being dominated…and… surprises." Amy kissed him again on the lips, knelt down once more, gave his cock a long wet kiss, got up and left him standing there in her room, jeans around his ankles, his limp dick cold where she had kissed him.
Tom now looked at Amy across the dinner table thinking of what they had done together, as Sarah defended the horrible Mrs. Harrington, Amy blew him a kiss and subtly pretended to fellate a carrot.
Although she was small Sarah was a college gymnast and she had the strong wiry frame of an athlete, Tom was amazed at how strong she was for a girl just over 5 ft.
Tom didn't get it as he listened to Sarah insisting that Mrs. Harrington wasn't so bad, why she suddenly stood up for her even as her sisters groaned and called her a 'stuck up old bitch'. He sat there thinking of his encounter, quietly fuming and fantasizing
So it was on a warm August morning Sarah had announced she was off to practice and charged out of the house slamming the door, leaving Tom alone with his Aunt Celia who cornered him and 'persuaded' him to help out with the weeding.
Tom didn't mind too much, he secretly enjoyed the glimpses he got of his aunts cleavage when she was bending down opposite as they weeded together.
He knew it was wrong but he loved the way her breasts hung down beneath her as she knelt over the flower bed, her shirts open enough to see her braless breasts swaying back and forth.
Tom found it strangely hypnotic and he would get an erection every time it happened, which seemed to be more often now than he remembered.
Aunt Celia never seemed to notice his glances and seemed unaware of how much she was showing him. She also seemed to enjoy his company though she teased him about how long it took him to do the weeding and would tell him off for always being distracted.
She'd pointed at the flowerbed running down the side of the garden and told him to start weeding down there. Tom had reluctantly gone, cross that he wasn't going to get to catch glimpses down her blouse and instead would actually have to pull weeds.
He'd thrown himself down on the ground and started to halfheartedly dig around when he thought he had heard a noise, a slapping sound and moans or arguing.
He leaned in closer to the fence and saw a loose board, pulling it, it swung slightly, broken on an old nail revealing a hole a couple of inches across.
Tom looked back at his aunt but she had his back to him and was busily working away, he crouched down and peered through the hole.
He recoiled and sat straight up, his trowel in his hand, motionless, bright red. He looked back at his aunt but nothing had changed; breathing deeply he moved back to the hole as quietly and slowly as he could.
A sun lounger filled most of his view about 10 feet away, lying face down towards him was a very naked Mrs. Harrington, she wore a blindfold over her eyes and there was a round burgundy ball gag in her mouth. The leather straps holding it in place cut tightly into her skin and the moaning sound was coming from her mouth, mixed with saliva dripping down her chin.
"…mmmuummphh… .mmuummphh… ..mmuummphh… " Her head and body moved in time to her moans being thrust out her body.
Over the top of her head and down her back he saw two small hands holding on around her waist and pressing down. The small hands led to young muscular arms, to a thin petite body, young breasts, small buds on a sweaty chest. Tom's eyes traced down the tight belly which was moving in time to Mrs. Harrington's moans.
A leather harness held the big rubber cock that was appearing and disappearing behind Mrs. Harrington's raised ass.
Tom looked up at the face then and saw his little cousins strained expression as she thrust her small hips. Sarah slapped Mrs. Harrington's ass hard, Tom saw her wince with pain, her moans mingling with the thrusting of the cock.
Not even thinking, Tom reached for his phone and started to film the scene in front of him, the sight of his small cousins body contrasted to the thick older women's made his cock start to harden in his shorts.
Sarah slapped her again and said in a stern voice he didn't recognize, "you're a dirty old whore, aren't you?"
Mrs. Harrington shook her head yes.
Tom moved his hand to rub the outline of his cock through his shorts, the material tight over him causing a level of discomfort and pleasure. Slipping slightly, his hand knocked the fence causing it to rattle gently. He froze with terror but Mrs. Harrington's loud moaning masked it, for a moment he thought Sarah's head had moved but she seemed to engrossed with fucking Mrs. Harrington to notice.
He looked over to his aunt, she had moved on and was turned slightly more towards him but was paying him no attention, his hand slowly started to rub himself again.
Sarah laughed, "yeah you're a slut aren't you, you'll let anyone fuck you, you can't say no to anything can you?"
Mrs. Harrington shook her head as Sarah sped up. "Your old pussy feels nice but it's not tight enough for me, time for me to fuck that old ass of your's."
Mrs. Harrington shook her head harder, Sarah laughed again.
"I wasn't asking," she said, pulling her hips back reveling the size of the rubber cock she was using. Tom made sure to get a closeup, framing Mrs. Harrington's face and the slow descent of the cock as it disappeared towards her ass; he also made sure that Sarah's face was not in it.
"Urrrggggmmmmmmppphhh…" Tom imagined seeing the cocks thick head stretching out her asshole, could almost feel it. He saw her body shaking as she tried to accommodate the size and then her moan of betrayal as it was then taken away from her.
Sarah's hands were now holding tight onto Mrs. Harrington's hair using it as leverage to pound the stuck up neighbors ass and Tom grinned ear to ear.
Sarah reached for the buckle on the ball gag and released the straps around Mrs. Harrington's head. She loudly expelled the gag with a mixture of spit and moaning.
"Now," Sarah said pulling Mrs. Harrington's hair harder and thrusting her hips forward, eliciting a gasp, as her ass tried to accommodate the rubber cock.
"Say sorry for being so rude to my cousin Tom, you know what I've told you about your attitude".
Tom could have laughed at the sight of his little cousin reprimanding this stuck up women old enough to be her grandmother, made even better by the fact she was violating her ass at the same time.
Mrs Harrington shook her head, "I'm sorry for being disrespectful to your family, I promise it won't happen again Mistress."
"How are you going to make it up to Tom?" Sarah demanded, as Mrs. Harrington's voice descended into low panting grunts.
"I'll make sure I apologize to him" Mrs. Harrington said in a rasping voice.
"You think that just apologizing is enough to make up for the disrespect you've shown me by insulting my family?" Sarah continued.
"No…" Mrs. Harrington said in a soft meek voice. Sarah seemed to glance towards the fence but Tom was too caught up in what was being said to notice.
"What do I demand of you when you have been disrespectful? What are you required to do for me?" Sarah pushed her, her fucking slow and long now.
"Uuumph…ummph…urgghumph" Mrs. Harrington's voice was ragged now, her limbs trembling.
"Sorry Mistress, if I disappoint you in anyway I must submit myself to you…and anything you desire…" she gasped between breaths.
Sarah leaned in close to her ear and said in a quiet voice, "What I desire is that you show my cousin every courtesy, his desire is my desire. Do you understand?"
Mrs. Harrington let out a long low groan as she climaxed, shaking her head from side to side.
"Do… You… Understand…?"
She nodded her head vigorously.

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