Too much celebrating at a wedding | incest story from Drunk Son/Mom

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I 35 was invited to my cousins wedding and went alone as I didn’t have a girlfriend the time. At the wedding I sat with my mother (widow)and sister and her family, the wedding was fun, and I done some heavy drinking and awoke next morning in bed with a woman in a bedroom I couldn’t remember getting too. Anyway, the woman was my mother 53 and I had fucked my mother and we were a bit drunk and as we found out later. My sister and her husband had dropped us off on their way home. My motel room was in the other direction, so I was left to stay overnight with my mother. Well, we must have gotten horny and had sex. No harm done and so we showered together then returned to her bed and fucked again. I’ve my own place now close to my mother’s home who I visit regularly for draining, but she wants me to find a girlfriend. But doesn’t refuse me sex anytime day or night, I have my own key and she has one for my house also. There’s no pressure involved in our sexual relationship, it’s just pure lust on our parts and long may it last.

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