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Hi, my name is Rohit and I am from Vizag now staying in Hyderabad.I am a regular reader of juicy sex stories and never thought that one day I can also share my own story which happened last week with a hot indian aunty.

Coming to myself I am well built and am the tallest in my family 6 feet height. All my cousins (girls) are very fond of me in the home as they are very naughty and thinks that tall persons have large tool. As per their thought, I have a large tool of 7 inches long.

Coming to the story, my aunty is the wife of my mom’s brother and stays in Vizag. She is in her mid 40’s 5’4 feet tall and a mother of two but looks very very hot with a figure of 34-28-38. Yes, the 38 part used to drive me mad whenever I used to see her. But they used to live in another area and far from my home. So only during holidays or any occasion, I used to get a chance to visit them and enjoy her beauty. But as so may other relatives used to be present I never got a chance to express or flirt or seduce her to satisfy my urge on her.

Finally, the day came , my parents got an urgent work and have to go to Hyderabad for 3 days, also my uncle went to Delhi leaving aunty alone. My parents spoke with her and convinced me to go stay with my aunt until they return. I wanted to stay there but initially, I acted as if I don’t want to stay. Upon asking many times I said ok. So I dropped my parents and reached to my aunt’s house. Even though it was winter season that day was very hot and I pretended that I was having a severe headache.

My aunt being very innocent said that she will massage my head so that I can get relief . She was an expert in massage. I changed into boxers and t-shirt so to expose my boner & She sat on a chair and I sat on the ground so that she can easily reach me. She started to roll her fingers into my head and I Felt very relaxing and good. She continued massaging my head like that for 10 mins then I sat on my kneels in such a way that I’m my face is right in front of her boobs. I acted that I am feeling very relaxed and started to rest my face over her body . I started to rest my face on her navel and slowly removed her saree and now My face is directly touching her stomach and belly button.

I can sense that she is feeling somewhat uncomfortable but she didn’t say a word and started to massage my neck with more intensity. Now I played the wild card and started to move my face upwards towards her juicy boobs. I can clearly see her Boobs getting firmer and her breath started to increase and her hands started to press me harder. I felt no resistance from her and kept my hands around her and kissed her boobs over the blouse. She made ssshhhhhhhhh ahhhhahhhhhhh sounds.

I got up and now she can clearly see my boner through my boxers. I can see the lust in her eyes. I picked her up and started to kiss her vigorously she too responded with kisses. I turned her back and hugged her and my tool is touching her ass crack and started to fondle her big round juicy boobs from behind. (Even though she is a mother of two her boobs are very firm as if my uncle had never touched them, shame on you uncle.)

She started to breath heavily and started calling my name Rohit….. rohittt…. and started to make sounds sssssshhhhhh aaaahhhhh. I know that she is enjoying whatever I am doing and I unbuttoned her blouse and out of excitement tear her bra and big lemons popped out. I was dumb struck to see the size of them. I like women with big boobs but these are the best . I stared to lick the right nipple with my tongue and pinching the left nipple at the same time. After few mins I removed her saree completely and removed my t-shirt with only boxers on.

She started to move her hands over my tool over my boxer and suddenly bent down and removed my boxer and inserted my penis into her mouth completely . Wow what a moment. I just wanted time to stop there coz it was giving me such a pleasure. She started sucking my tool like a lollipop and within 5 mins I exploded in her mouth. She was not ready for that but had to swallow my cum completely. It was now my turn to Satisfy her. I made her sit in the same chair and made her spread her legs fully. I can see her panty was all wet because of pussy juices and removed her panty . I started to lick her pussy but initially I felt very uncomfortable because it was my first time. After a while I liked the taste and smell of her pussy and started to eat it . She started to moan out of pleasure in her loudest tone” sssssshhhhhh ahhhaaahhhhhhh fuckkkm meeeee I cant wait please fuck meeee”.
I made her beg me and as she was begging me I suddenly inserted my dick into her pussy and she shouted out of pain. Man her pussy was tight and because of my sudden push it gave a lot of pain to her but she was having a lot of pleasure too which dominated the pain. I got to know then that my uncle stopped fucking her from the last 5 years and she is very desperate to have sex. Then I slowly stared to increase my pace and after sometime I started ramming her . I can clearly see the pleasure I am giving her and I can feel the pleasure I am getting . We changed positions and I fucked her in almost all the positions possible . In doggy missionary she on top etc . Out of all these she liked the doggy very much . I fucked her like 20 mins and I felt like I will cum in any moment .

I told her the same and she begged me to release my cum inside her as she didn’t feel the warmth in her pussy since 5 years. I exploded and loaded her pussy with my cum. Seriously I never thought I can cum that much on the second go. When I used to masturbate the amount of cum during the second time is somewhat less that the first. But in reality, I cummed so much that juices started to flow out of her pussy. We went to washroom and cleaned ourselves and there she gave another blowjob after which we both were completely exhausted. We slept naked till the next day morning .

The next two days were fucking amazing. I used the opportunity completely and fucked her like a wild animal. On the second day of the fucking session, I came to know that she likes being dominated and I made her my bitch. From the last week, she has to obey all the instructions I give her otherwise she will be punished hard, very hard.

Looking forward to having even more sessions with my aunty in the coming days.Hope this story made your pussies wet and dicks hard. Masturbate hard and keep fucking. This is my first story so excuse me for any mistakes.