Top 5 Mistakes While Making Love: Women Turn-offs

Making love should always be mutual to make the experience memorable. It is not just men who make disasters in bed but even women have all the powers. There are certain mistakes that women do that can turn the entire lovemaking act to rather a funny show. Take a look at the mistakes that women do and try not to repeat these for a happy lovemaking. 

Top 5 Mistakes Women Make In Bed 

1. Yawn And Pretend As If Very Tired – Whenever the guy shows interest to make love, the girl pretends that she is tired and feeling sleepy. The drowsy look can turn off any man and disappoint him badly instead a woman can convince him that they can have a short lovemaking session. This idea will develop more love and affection between couples and plan a short and sweet intercourse.

2. Not Communicate – Women often do not respond well when they are in bed. Communication may not only be verbal but even physical. Kissing, throwing pillows at each other, making hot expressions can all add up to a pleasurable foreplay.

3. Too Stinky – Most men complain that women turn them off when they find their hairy underarms and legs. The sweat will make them feel nauseatic and feel like escaping from the scene. Women need to always show more care towards their body. Clean body is presentable and attractive. Even if the women do not know what to do in bed, it is still fine as men wouldn’t mind training during the session. 

4. Shows No Enthusiasm And Talks Nonsense – Wearing a boring nightwear and talking about unimportant things is another mistake that most women do. Just sporting a revealing outfit itself will add a lot of mood to the moment. Silence or whispering makes the man feel relaxed and initiate romance. 

5. Doesn’t Initiate Lovemaking – Women are also bad at initiating lovemaking. They often get reminded of something and stop the session without analysing the guy’s desires. Just lying down like a lifeless doll will not make a difference, women need to moan, bite and act wild to show the deepest feelings for men.