Toys in the Drawer | Beep Stories

“Ok you can leave now, she just left.”

“Alright, I’m on my way right now, see you soon.”

“Bye”. I closed my phone and put it in my jean pocket. I grabbed my keys and walked out the door to my car. I got excited; I was going over my girlfriend’s friend’s house, and her mom had just left to go out for the night. The prospect and imagination of what could happen while I was there was causing my foot to go a little heavy on the gas.

I finally drove up to the house and parked in the driveway, after being behind some jack ass who decided it would be in his best interest to go five miles an hour below the speed limit. I walked up to the door and rang the door bell, and immediately heard foot steps running towards the door, and then an abrupt opening of the front door, with my girlfriend and her friend, Stephanie, standing there looking very giddy.

My girlfriend stepped forward and wrapped her arms around my neck, and I her waist, as we embraced in a long romantic hug. Stephanie stood there with a smile on her face looking at us. She was a very cute girl, shorter than I was. Small perky boobs, a round face, and a very toned body, even though I’m pretty sure she hasn’t done any sports since a kindergarten soccer league.

She said “Hi” to me, and they allowed me to come in. All they were doing at the moment was sitting on the couch watching TV, pretty boring if you ask me. Hoping for something more exciting, I reassured myself that it would be fine, and that it’s very hard for the girlfriend to sit still with me right next to her. The horny little thing she is.

Stephanie sensed our boredom after a couple minutes, and tried to start a racy conversation by trying to get information about our sex life and what not of all that we do with each other. Stephanie had only had sex, with no foreplay and has had no oral experience before that, all this according to what my girlfriend told me. I was more the reserved one in the conversation, but my girlfriend was giving her any information she wanted. It’s not that I didn’t want her to say anything; I don’t really mind that at all, it just takes me a while to warm up to a conversation like that and reveal certain things.

They began to talk about the usual. Positions, techniques, where we have done it, things like that. I continued to over hear their conversation, while watching the TV screen in front of me. I was more aware of what they were talking about. Their conversation continued on for another ten minutes, until Stephanie suggested something to my girlfriend.

“You know, my mom has a couple dirty things in her bedroom if you want to go check them out.”

I could sense my girlfriend’s eyes lighting up, as she usually jumps at any possibility to explore someone’s dirty collection. “Yes I think that would be awesome.”

They both got up and I followed after turning off the TV first. We walked down the hall from where we were to the last door straight ahead. Stephanie was the first one to the door, and she turned around just as she put her hand on the knob of the door, ready to open it.

“Just make sure you guys don’t touch anything when we go inside. I do this all the time, so just look.” She turned the knob and opened the door. The room was dark, with only a couple of streets lights peeking through the windows, casting dancing shadows on the opposite walls from the moving trees outside. Stephanie turned on the bedroom light, and even still, it remained somewhat dark inside of the bedroom. Her mom’s bedroom was not very well lit, with only one small lamp on top of the dresser next to the bedroom door. Stephanie walked in to the bedroom, coming to a stop on the side of the bed. Her bed was somewhat tall and a decent size, with maroon sheets on the bed. Immediately following that, I noticed the first “dirty” thing in her room. She had ropes tied to each of the bed four posts. Kinky.

My girlfriend stood next to me in a small state of shock.

“Wow, I really didn’t think people just had all this stuff out in the open, especially if they have someone living with them.” Said my girlfriend.

“Yeah I understand that bit of it. But she is divorced, so she has this free spirited kind of thinking to her. All of this is either for when she feels lonely, or after a late night of flirting at the bar.”

I spoke up. “Don’t you hear anything that goes on in here? I mean your room is right down the hall, and all this stuff isn’t for quiet people.”

She laughed. “Yeah I here it sometimes. I definitely know that my mom swings both ways on the authoritative scale from what I can hear. My mom is really kinky!”

We all laughed, but she spoke up again pretty quickly. “This isn’t even half of it though, you should see some of the other things in here.” She walked around to the other side of the bed to a side bedside dresser. My girlfriend and I followed behind her, and looked as she open the drawer to reveal numerous dildos and vibrators. My girlfriend’s eyes went wide almost instantly from the sight of this. She sometimes loses control if you know what I mean.

Stephanie bent down to pick one of them up and exclaimed, “I think this is her biggest one, and it’s huge!”

The dildo that she had in her hand was not that big. Maybe just fewer than 2 inches thick, and for me, that’s nothing.

“That’s not that big!” said my girlfriend, while overdoing the pronunciation of “that”.

“Yeah like you would know,” Stephanie said sarcastically.

“Actually I would,” said my girlfriend mockingly.

“I guess your mom is a pretty sexual person,” I said as I was checking out the different toys in the drawer form a distance. Stephanie was unaware how much my mouth was watering at the sight of the multiple toys before me. I knew my girlfriend would sense it, she always does.

“Yeah she is, you should have seen what she left in! I have two words for you, blue fishnets!” said my girlfriend, jumping in before Steph could say anything. “Do you ever use these for yourself? Maybe not the bigger ones, but the smaller ones?”

“Ew no! They are my moms! They have been in her pussy!” She tried to act disgusted, but I guess my girlfriend is smarter than your average girl.

“You’re lying, I can see it in your eyes, you’re a lying whore,” said my girlfriend. Steph stood there with a shocked look on her face, and then slowly bit the corner of her bottom lip.

“Ok, I have once,” she said slowly is almost a whisper.

“No, you haven’t done it just once. You do it often don’t you?” Again she looked hesitant.

“Ok I do it frequently. Happy?”

“See was that so hard? Can I try one out?” This left Steph with a shocked look on her face again.

“Um, uh, yeah I, guess you can, but you need to clean it afterwards.”

“Ok sure.” My girlfriend grabbed one of the normal sized dildos, and hopped up onto the bed and leaned back. She motioned for me to come and take off her pants for her. She had jean shorts on with a thong on underneath. I slowly slid them off her beautiful legs and pulled them off, leaving her sneakers still on her feet.

“I see you shaved,” I spoke.

“Yes, you like?”

“Is that a serious question?” She smiled, knowing how much I love her pussy. Everything about it, I just can’t get enough of it. The smell, the taste, the look, the feel, everything about it makes me fascinated and turned on all at the same time. Right below her pussy was her amazing ass, a cute little puckered hole that was also at the center of my fascination, as I also love to lick, tongue fuck, smell, taste and look at her asshole just as much as her pussy. Her body was that of an angel, and I loved the feeling of her naked next to me, as her body was a sexy gold mine of pleasure for her and I. She had perky and soft 36C breasts, dark brown hair, and green eyes. Anytime I even think about her body, I get aroused and hard. She would admit though, that sometimes I get a little carried away, as I seem to always be touching her in some way, and always try to make a move to get to her breasts, pussy, or ass. She claims to love it, but I hope she doesn’t resent me for it.

As soon as I snapped out of my daydreaming trance, while continuously staring at her body, Steph had apparently started to really get in to the fact that my girlfriend was now half naked on her mom’s bed about to shove one of her dildos up her pussy. I looked up and saw her applying lube to the dildo, and then without hesitation reach down and rub my girlfriends pussy with some lube, causing her to get more excited and start to get wet.

“Licking it always helps too you know.” My girlfriend looked directly at Steph seductively with her gorgeous eyes. I saw the look of hesitation in her eyes as she stared back at the half naked girl before her.

“I have never done that before. I don’t know if I would like it.”

“Just try it honey, come here.” She grabbed Steph’s hand and pulled her closer to her pussy. She dropped to her knees on the floor beside the bed. Her face was about a foot away from my girlfriend’s nakedness. She slowly pulled Steph in towards her hot pussy, until she was a couple of inches away. Her eyes were wide open looking at the wet, hot folds in front of her. “Stick out your tongue and run it from the bottom of my pussy to the top of my clit.”

Stephanie lowered her head a bit until her tongue came in contact with my girlfriend’s hole. She pressed her tongue against her pussy, and slowly slid upwards towards her clit. She raised her head up so that she could see my girlfriend looking down at her smiling. Stephanie was the first to speak.

“You taste very sweet.” And with that dove right back in attacking her pussy with her mouth and tongue. My girlfriend began to moan out loud and grabbed the covers to the bed beside her to cope with the intense pleasure she was experiencing.

Steph ferociously attacked her pussy. You would have thought she had had experiences before. I could tell my girlfriend liked it too, seeing the look in her eyes and the way she was moving and moaning. I was sitting on the edge of the bed watching, and turned around to see my girlfriend looking back up at me. My cock began to think for me, and I got up and crawled up on the bed with her, pulled out my dick and offered it to her mouth.

“You always know what I want,” said my girlfriend in between heavy breaths. She immediately pulled me in to her, taking my cock deep into her mouth. She used her other hand to jack me off, as she would briefly take it out of her mouth to catch her breath. She was really going crazy on my dick, which felt amazing, and really made her look like a slut. She took her mouth off my cock and looked up at me still jacking me off, and asked, “Would you like to fuck Stephanie while she eats me out?” Stephanie looked up at her and stopped her pussy attack for a brief moment. “If that would be ok with you of course,” my girlfriend said to her.

“Oh my god, please fuck the shit out of me, I need it really bad right now.” My girlfriend looked back up at me.

“You heard her, go fuck the little whore up.” I got off the bed and took off my pants and shirt. I let my raging hard-on lead the way as I got behind Stephanie and pulled up her jean skirt to her waistline. I pulled down her thong and took it completely off, before moving my attention back to her pussy. She had a cute, small, innocent looking pussy and ass. She looked like an anal virgin from what I could tell. I spread her cheeks and put my face right in to her pussy and began licking for a couple seconds to get it wet for me. She tasted great, just like my girlfriend. I stood back up and lick my hand to rub it on my dick to lube it up. I lined up, and my cock slid right in to her wet pussy. I grabbed her hips and began to show my dominance.

My girlfriend was still getting the oral treatment from Steph as I pounded my way in to her pussy. The room was now mixed with both my girlfriend and Steph’s muted moans, as well a rhythmic slapping of skin of me fucking Steph. I held on to her waist and pushed her head further in to my girlfriend’s pussy as I was continuing to make her cum.

All three of us were continuing to appreciate each others company and were so caught up in our fuck session, that none of us noticed the car pulling in to the driveway as it’s headlights passed by the bedroom window. I was still fucking Stephanie when I first heard the footsteps walking on the hardwood floor towards the bedroom door, and as I heard the doorknob open, it was already too late.

The look on Stephanie’s mom’s face was nothing short of what you would expect a mother to look like walking in on what she had. I had already focused my attention towards the door when I heard footsteps and the eventual turning of the doorknob. There was her mom, standing there in the doorway, dressing in the blue stockings that my girlfriend had mentioned earlier. She had dark hair, a little overboard on the makeup, leather skirt, high heels, and a revealing top. All in all, she looked pretty sexy, but somewhat like a streetwalker. Not a bad thing, considering she was definitely a MILF, except at that moment my cock was still buried in this MILFs daughter.

“What the fuck is going on here!” She screamed. Ok, now we have an angry MILF.

“Mom!” yelled Stephanie.

“Oh fuck my life,” whispered my girlfriend. I just stood there is terror; having just pulled out of Stephanie as soon as I realized what was actually going on. As the only male there, I knew I would probably get in the most trouble, especially since it was I how she walked in on fucking her daughter from behind. My hard cock was shrinking fast from the cooling sensation it was receiving having just been pulled out of Steph’s warm, wet hole. Her face was glistening of my pussy juice by the faint lights in the room.

“I can’t believe you! You little whore!” Stephanie’s mom began really screaming, panting, and pointing; really at a loss for words. I could see her eyes wander around her room, glancing at her toys laid out on the bed, the three of us naked and half naked, and her drawers open wide with her other personal belongings on display for everyone. “And who the fuck are you?” directing towards me.

“I’m her boyfriend, my name is…”

“Shut the fuck up. I don’t care who you are, but I do care that you sunk your filthy teenage cock in my daughters virgin cunt!”

“Mom, I wasn’t a virgin.” Her mom turned to look at her in amazement.

“What did you say?”

“Well, technically I was, but I popped my own cherry masturbating.” Stephanie managed to say. Her mother looked a little more relaxed at this point after she said that.

“Then you’re the one who did this to her!” She screamed at me and started to walk towards me, taking long strides and fuming. Needless to say I was scared.

“You took my daughter virginity! How dare you do that!” She finally reached me and grabbed a handful of my already short hair and pulled it towards her and across the bedroom to the foot of the bed.

“Mom what are you doing!” yelled Stephanie. I looked over and my girlfriend and her had worried looks on their faces.

“If he is going to take my daughters virginity, then we will see if he likes it when I take his virginity!” she said in a demonic sort of voice. She proceeded to open a drawer close to the ground at the foot of the bed, one that the three of us hadn’t open before she came home, so I wasn’t so sure what was in there, but I’m sure Stephanie knew. By now, my girlfriend and her had already gotten the hint by Steph’s mom meant when she said that, and Stephanie already knew what was in the drawer anyways. My girlfriend had an evil, promiscuous look on her face now, and she was knew exactly what was going to happen, and decided that it was in her and Steph’s best interested if they played along with what her mom was about to do to me.

“Miss, can I enlighten you with something real quick?” spoke my girlfriend, who was now smiling ear to ear.

“Make it quick!” She was already gathering her things inside the drawer out of my sight.

“Make sure you use the biggest one you have, or else he wont feel it.” Steph’s mom stopped what she was doing and looked up to meet my girlfriend’s eyes staring in her direction.

“What are you saying?”

“My boyfriend is an ass slut,” she proclaimed bluntly. Steph’s mom’s face first went blank, and then slowly curled into a smile.

“Oh, well this is going to be a lot of fun then.” She made a couple more movements inside the drawer before pulling out a three inch wide, black and veined dildo attached to a harness. Steph’s mom stepped into the harness and secured it around herself. She made small adjustments, poured some lube on the dildo, and began stroking her big cock right in front of my face, spreading the lube around the dick evenly. “Get over here and get him ready,” she demanded to Stephanie.

Stephanie walked over to me as her mom grabbed my hair again and pulled me to the floor.

“Get doggy style you little bitch. Ass up.” I arched my back and stuck my ass up, and Steph’s mom could already see my gaping hole. “Wow, you are an ass slut, I bet you can stuff a lot of things in there. Honey, get him ready for this monster.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Get in there and open him up, use your tongue, fingers, get him ready for it!”

“I’ve never done that before, is it safe?”

“If he is clean it is, just fucking do it!” Her mom grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face into my ass and I felt her tongue probe my hope, finally sinking in and rubbing the walls of my ass, which felt incredible. She grabbed both of my cheeks and pulled them apart to get in deeper, opening up my hole more in the process.

“Stick some fingers in there too!”

“How many?”

“I don’t know! Find out how much he can take. He should be able to take your whole fist after I ruin him with this, but until then, the more you open him up, the less this is going to hurt for him! Do you want some lube?”

“I don’t think I need any, it’s already pretty wet down here. Not sure how he is doing that.” Stephanie’s mom kneeled down in front of me and came inches from my face.

“Why is your ass already wet?” She said in a low voice.

“I don’t know.” I said, scared.

“How often do you shove things up your ass?”

“Every day as per my owner.”

“So your ass is producing more mucus because it knows it’s going to be brutally fucked soon.”

“Yes I suppose so.”

“Who is your owner slut?”

“My girlfriend owns my ass, my cock, my mouth; everything.”

“Well that’s sweet. You definitely qualify as a whore. I bet you’re even looking forward to me shoving this 3-inch wide cock up your ass. Your girlfriend is a lucky girl to own a slut like you. I hope she doesn’t mind whoring you out sometimes. I would love to play with you more after I’m done with you tonight, and I know a couple of others that would as well.” With that she spit a huge wad right in my face, which made me feel even more degraded, which in turn turned me on more.

By this time I was already feeling a greater pressure in my ass, as Steph was obviously shoving some fingers in to my ass. Her mom had gone behind me to check on her and what she was doing.

“Oh good you have four fingers already in there, and you’re not even trying. Oh this is going to be great. Here, a little lube on your hand and work your hand up there, see how he can take that.” Stephanie rubbed the rube over her hand, and rubbed some over my slightly gaped hole. I looked behind me, and the look on her face was just in awe. I’d bet that what she was experiencing right now are thing she never even knew were possible.

Her mom showed her how to fold her hand up, and she began to insert it in to my ass. I felt the slight pressure of her inserting in to my ass the whole way, but nothing that was even close to unbearable. I didn’t even know it was completely in my ass until she said something. I hardly felt a thing.

I turned back around to look forward, feeling her hand start to move slowly in and out of my ass, loosening me up for the monster that was dangling in between her mother’s legs. When I turned around completely, there was my girlfriend sitting there on the ground in front of me. She had a mile wide smile across her face, knowing how much she likes to see me like this.

“I hope you’re not still mad at us,” said my girlfriend to Stephanie’s mom.

“Oh don’t worry, I still am, and I’m going to take it out all on his slutty hole. You are the one that I’m least mad at though if that makes you feel better.” Stephanie’s mom walked over to my girlfriend and bent down to speak really closely to her. When she stopped talking, right in front of me, she grabbed the back of my girlfriend’s head and pulled her towards her, embracing her in a tongue-wrestling kiss. A hot MILF, who was probably three times her age, was now making out with my girlfriend.

Stephanie continued to fist fuck me, getting me opened up for the destruction I was about to receive. Steph’s mom went back around behind me to my ass. I felt Stephanie’s fist suddenly pull out of me, leaving me with a very empty feeling. All of the sudden I heard, “I hope your ready for this”, and began to feel a very big intruder pushing against my whole. Steph’s mom was now trying to push her 3-inch wide cock into my ass.

She slowly pushed harder and harder, and I could feel more resistance as time when on, until suddenly it broke past my sphincter and my ass swallowed her cock.

“That’s a good cock slut.” said Steph’s mom.

“How does that feel in your slutty ass?” asked my girlfriend. I looked up so that our eyes met, and I was really panting and breathing hard.

“Tight, but I love it,” I whispered to her.

“Yeah I thought you would,” she said and spit on my face. Steph’s mom was continuing to fuck me and slapped me on my ass periodically, and held on to my hips to grind in further. My girlfriend spun around in front of me and got on all fours, spreading her cheeks in the process with her hands. I took the invitation and attacked her holes with my tongue. It took a while to get the rhythm down, because staying still was very hard while getting fucked with a monster cock.

Steph had gone to the front of my girlfriend and was offering her tits and mouth to kiss and suck. My girlfriend quickly obliged and both were making out and lick each other just like her and Steph’s mom had minutes before.

Stephanie’s mom pulled her cock out. “What a gape you have slut! Your ass is ruined for life, I hope you were planning on that happening.” Yes, I told myself in my head. She began inserting her hand into my ass, which was much bigger than her daughters, and began to fist fuck me with her huge fist. She was balling it up as well, making it even more brutal for me.

“Oh have I just got the best idea for this ass,” she said. She took off her strapon and began to strip. She had really nice tits, Probably a 36DD if I had to take a guess. She wasn’t too thin, but definitely all woman. Her pussy was bare except for a small patch of hair above her clit. She was slightly tan and her ass was very nice and round. “Just stay in this position.”

I heard her open the bottle of lube up again, and then close it, and then a few seconds later something enter my ass again. She was trying to put her foot up my ass! She slowly inserted it up, and almost got to the heel. What a feeling. I have never had that done to me before.

“Yeah that’s right whore, take my fucking foot up your whore hole. God dammit I want to use you for everything you little slut!” After a few seconds of humoring herself with her foot up my ass, she took it out and wiped off her foot. She put her heels back on, making her look taller and more demanding, which I found to be pretty hot as well. She got back on her knees behind me and began to fist me once again, terrorizing my hole and really opening it up with her clenched fist. “Honey, come real quick.”

Steph walked back to her mom, who was still pounding my ass with her fist. “I want you to try to get your fist in his ass as well.” Steph’s mom put her fist all the way in and pushed again the right side of my hole, and Stephanie began to insert her fist staying to the left side. She slowly push forward, and I could feel the resistance getting more and more intense. I didn’t think they would be able to get them both in. Steph kept pushing in, and then suddenly all at once her hand rushed in to my ass, causing to me moan and squirm like crazy. I had an amazingly full feeling in my ass, and I was stuffed.

They kept their hands in for a while, letting me get use to the fullness and letting me get stretched out nice and good before finally removing their hands one at a time. My girlfriend had gone back to my ass with them and as they slid their hands out, she held on to my cheeks and pulled them apart, showing off my huge gape to all the girls.

“Hun, how dirty and perverted do you two get when you’re together?” Stephanie’s mom asked my girlfriend.

“We get pretty kinky, we don’t have many limits.”

“Well come here I want to whisper my idea to you.” I could hear only very faint, muffled talking behind me, until my girlfriend gave her reaction to her idea.

“Oh yeah, that’s a very dirty idea. Please do that to him.” Stephanie’s mom got up and put her pussy right behind my gaping ass hole, and before I knew it, she was pissing right in to my open asshole! The warm sensation was filling me up as her piss was emptied into my hole.

She finished up, and said to me, “don’t you move, we don’t want any of that to spill. Stephanie, go in to the kitchen and get a glass for me please.” Oh no, I though to myself.

Stephanie came back within a minute and her mom put the glass on the floor below my asshole. She grabbed both of my hips and began to tilt my ass back, allowing the piss the empty out of my ass right in to the cup. “Shit some of it is spilling, pick it up and put it directly under him.” My girlfriend took the glass and placed it right below my hole so that all of the contents in my ass emptied right in to the cup.

After my as was empty of piss, they pulled me back and I sat in Stephanie’s mom’s lap. She was taller and broader than me so I fit comfortably, feeling her huge soft tits on my back. She wrapped her hands around me fondling me, playing with my nipples, slapping my dick. She reached for the cup and handed it to me.

“All of it needs to be down your throat in a minute, or else.” I looked at the cup, and it was clear liquid with a little yellow tint in it. There were also some chunks of my ass mucus floating around in the cup as well from all the abuse it was taking. I took the glass and put it to my lips, and tilt the glass back, drinking the liquid. It tasted warm and salty, but I had drunk pee before, but never this much, from a glass, that had piss that was in my ass first. I drank everything, and even let the remaining drops go right in to my mouth.

“Very good whore,” said Steph’s mom still rubbing my body. “Girls, I think he needs some spit in his mouth to wash that down.” Steph came up to my and grabbed my chin with her hand and forced my mouth open, spitting multiple times in to my mouth. Immediately after my girlfriend did the same, even giving me a nice spat on the face for her finale. I swallowed all their spit, and I was exhausted.

“Honey, can you go to that drawer and get my the butt plug in there.” Steph went in to the same drawer as where the strapon came from, and produced a 3.25-inch diameter butt plug. Stephanie’s mom took the butt plug from her, wiped her hand across my asshole, collecting all the juices from the outside, and lather the plug with them. She told me to sit up a little, and then put the butt plug under me. I sat back down and it sank right into my ass, filling me up nicely.

“Now that our slut has something to enjoy himself with, I need to talk to you girls. If I ever catch you two doing this again, you will be punished as well. You must ask permission from me first before doing anything, or I better be there so I can join in. Understand?”

“Yes ma’am,” the two girls said in unison.

“Now, is this slut available for rent?”

“Yes ma’am, he can be yours whenever you want him,” said my girlfriend proudly.

“Good. I know a couple people who would enjoy this whore too. I’ll let you know when I want to use him. Now, you two girls say your goodbyes to the slut. Go downstairs and get your beds ready for your sleepover. I’ll let the slut out so he can go rest. But, you will keep the butt plug in until your girlfriend texts you to take it out, and the next time I see you, you better have it in when I see you. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am,” I said. The two girls came over to me, both kissed me and both spit in my face. My girlfriend even gave a nice tug on the butt plug, making me moan.

“I hope your coming down at some point,” my girlfriend said to Stephanie’s mom.

“I will, give me a couple minutes.” The two girls left and Steph’s mom put on a robe, and then led me out of the house to my car. She pinned me up against the car and kissed me, forcing her tongue in to my mouth as she cupped my pathetic cock and rubbed it. She then violently turned me around so that my ass was sticking out, and ripped the butt plug out and shoved her fist up me and again she violently and rapidly fist fucked me stretched out hole, then with one final push, took her first out and but the butt plug back in.

“Hope you had fun, see you,” and with that she spit in my face and walked back towards the house.