Training Program And Sex – Part II

Hi all this is kittu again from Mumbai, with the Part II of the story – Training Program and Sex.
Day5: Thursday
Usually day starts for me at 7 but dues to last night no sleep I was in bed till 9. My roommate has done his best to wake me up but I was in deep sleep and at the same time saw 5 calls from sneha and couple of msg.
In hurry moved to the training hall by then the first session was done and as iam late I could not get seat nearby to sneha so had to settle in the last row.
All my attention was at sneha and even she was missing me while she kept on peeping behind to watch me. BY the lunch time this carried on and after lunch we could manage to get seat side by side.
Directly I made courage and said sneha “sorry yaar don’t feel bad but the way last night good night went on was real bad and I could not sleep all night ”sneha replied shut up with a smile. I held her hand down the table and was caressing in and she resisted initially but left it off for me to have fun.
After the boring session we started back around 4, sneha was in pink t-shirt and blue jean she was stunning awesome she left her hair open which was driving me crazier. We made a plan to have dinner out she said ok and left to her room. I was searching reasons to be with her but don’t know why she was avoiding me.
Was waiting for her msg or call and just was lying on bed as my roommate had gone out for shopping with his girl fried I was like totally bored and Till eve 6.30 there was no msg or call from her and finally she called at around 6 .45 and in reverse she was asking me why no call no msg. I dint reply she kept on sending msg and calls for which I gave no response at all, at 8 I heard a door knock and I got up with a sleeping head walked to open the door and finally shocked to see sneha at the door.
She asked where ratan (my roommate) he had gone out I is replied, she just pushed me in and closed the door behind. She was like holding my neck and pushing me behind saying why the hell are you not answering?? I was speech less and was cornered to the wall.
She was in no mood to let me go or let me answer!! in all this act she was like badly close to me and my eyes slipped to her lips and this time I made no delay to grab her lips to suck them hard she was trying to push me and we broke the kiss.
She was staring at me and said “is this you want and this is why you are not responding” I said no and just held her from behind and started kissing her shoulder and neck madly holding her on stomach. She was trying to free herself by trying to remove my hand but even she wanted this so finally gave up.
I was still kissing her earlobes and neck biting her shoulder and now finally I reached those cute sexy boobs and was playing on the top of the dress. I moved her on the sofa and within a min I was on top of her kissing her eyes she just closed them inviting my lips kissed her juicy lips taking the upper lip first and started sucking it hard. Moving to the lower lip she grabbed my upper lip and sucked them madly. All this while my hands were on her boobs kissing and caressing boobs.
Now I moved to her stomach lifted her dress and kissed her belly wildly she was totally in my control now and was holding the sofa with joy while I kissed her belly button, Slowly I made moment towards her boobs kissing and licking every inch of her body till the boobs. When I lifted her dress further I could see the white lacy bra and was crazier.
Was waiting madly to see and suck those cute boobs. Now I took her in my arms kissing her but she resisted and made me suck her nipples removing her bra oh god the nipples were dam juicy to suck them and play around on the dark circle….
but dn’t know why she was enjoying her nipples suck but her mourns and her words were on top ….she made me suck them hard till about 30 min and then she said u are a best sucker I got more aroused and straight I went down to her pussy lips, I was amazed to find it clean shaved and ready for fuck  and then I started to rub on her cunt slow and gradually started massage on the clit she was like pinching me with both her hands in mad pleasure.
She pushed and guided me down to her pussy to make me lick and I obeyed as she wanted me …her pussy tasted salty and when I started licking she started making sound more wild now she made her move to grab my dick on the top of my boxer she started to rub and stroke from the top of it. I just made a single move and stood up in front of naked she was like oh god I cant take that in …..i now forced her to suck it she started it slowly and was sucking the dick till half …..
I was like enjoying madly at the same time now I made my tongue move in her pussy being in 69 position being on top of her.
We enjoyed the fore play this went on till about 20 min she was sucking my balls and shouting at me to cum but I could not and was in return telling her suck hard
She did her best now I stood in front of her made her to sit and suck it fast while I was pressing her boobs. She a good dick sucker oh god so well she sucked I can still remember her warmth. Finally I unloaded the liquid on her lips and boobs. We both then went in the wash room had a good suck and kiss again and due to time constraints we had to move out of my room as my roommate would come at any time.
Day 6:
The last day of our training program
We both met directly in the training hall we were given some snacks and today we were going to get brief intro on ISO certification process and its policies in general to everyone. Our session was today only till noon and after lunch we were supposed to move back to hostel and get ready for the travel back. Few people stayed back as it was Friday just to spend a day or two and then return back.
Sneha and me took no time to make her room reserved for Friday night and saturday full day till eve. She explained her cousin that she would stay back with her friends on which he agreed and while leaving he thanked me for helping her although the results were yet to be announced which would be done in Monday in office(Hyderabad).
We did all masti and reached our own rooms to pretend as nothing and later by ten to meet up was our plan. As I took the mobile to sms her I found her msg asking me to come and her msg itself drove me crazy and the msg was “Hey kittu ra ra ochetappudu ne sulli tesukoni ra” this means come soon and don’t forget to bring your dick, This made me horny and my dick was standing rock hard in my boxer at the same time this reminded me for the condoms.
I like rushed for the purchase and returned by the time I reached she was stunning awesome all set to get laid for me and my dick. Seeing her, my mouth was filled with water and waiting for all her body juices.
Just within no time I rushed to her closing the door behind and jumped on the bed seeing this she was in no mood for romance and was madly waiting for sex she directly took the dick out and started pressing it hard sucking my lips …..for a moment I felt like she was about to RAPE me and was also astonished to see a girl lust and madness for sex.
Within no time we were nude and started licking her cunt as if there is a single honey drop and I would have to search it with my tongue deep inside her pussy, mean while she was busy and in no mood to leave my dick and playing with my balls with one hand.
Finally we broke and I took her to the corner of the bed and was standing and I gave her the condom ….she was crazy while putting the condom also she was like sorry give me 2 min to suck it again ….and I  putting the  condom on my dick which I loved then started the fun I fucked her standing at the corner of the bed having one of her leg on my shoulder she was having all fun she asked me have you  fucked earlier …innocently I said no dear you are first …..she smiled and said no you idiot your dick is not going in a pussy first time as I have been fucked I know it ….i smiled and said yes I have couple of exp and saying this I took her other leg too on top of my shoulder and started digging deep..
Now was the moment of next pose after about 20 min of fuck I made her keep her legs on the floor making her waste lift a little up for making a diff pose I was just holding her waist and VROOOOM my dick started driving her pussy
Next I made her turn back and fucked her slow first as she was feeling pain and moved fast and fucked her in doggy style about 25 min then I made her one feet rest on bed and the next down on floor and same with me and started fucking this was small round she wanted to kiss me while fucking so we stopped in about 4 min and.
next I inserted my dick in her pussy and we sat and started fucking at the same time I was sucking one of her boob and pressing the other one hard she was holding me very tight this round went on very well as she has to take initiative in this round and its awesome driving a girl like this in this pose.
next I was sleeping and she came on top of me and started ridding me well this was small round and stopped her and made her sleep back and putting my dick in her pussy I started my play fucking her hard in this position she was mad and mourning hell and with all noise of ah yes fuck yes go on fuck me she also added some bad words but that aroused me too much and was fucking madly
After this round I took another condom and tried putting in her ass but she was screaming like hell and only 20 {041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} of my dick went in for which she was screaming like hell with fear I stopped it and made her stand and kissing her juicy lips I fucked her about 10 min then she was a bit tired and she wanted a relax after this fuck round
So I made her sleep inserting my dick with 2 condoms she brought her both legs near and pressing her both boobs hard I fucked her about 6 min and I lost.
She got up suddenly and removing the condoms she started licking my dick madly which was heaven for me as usual and made no move and just I was slapping on her ass cheeks to make her more tempted.
We had another round and both were trying to relax …finally I made her sleep in my arms talking to her chatting and her right leg was on my dick she was holding tightly but although I wanted to have another round but seeing her tiredness and love for me while she was sleeping like a kid on me I left it .
She was with me the total night.
Early morning I could feel a little wet and some tingling at my chest when I woke up and opened my eyes it was sneha licking my nipples ….i moved her face towards me kissed her lips taking her in my arms hugged her tight and slept on her left boob sucking the right one.
We got out of bed and moved for a bath and our idea was clear to have sex while bath….straight we walked in and switching on the cool water from the shower she just held me tight and the water between her boobs and my chest was max stalled due to no space to move out…moving her back to the wall I went down to her navel and started kissing ….my hands were firm holding her ass pushing her towards me.
My tongue made no delay in in exploring her deep pussy while the water was dripping from the top of both of us. It was awesome taste and she was playing in my hair and pushing me in deep.
Getting up holding her from behind my rock hard dick was struggling between her ass line and even she was nomood to make delay and bent down holding the nob of the shower giving my dick way to the pussy.
Taking the dick moving around her pussy I made her passion more and more she was rest less and now I gave the first thrust deep into her vagina and holded there for a min while I kissed her back and rubbed her nipples.
Now the behind pump started we had the bath room full of slap sounds which were created due to the water between me and her ass while fucking.
After about 15 min of fuck holding her below her legs lifting her top I started the move her pussy was totally covered till deep with my dick and she was holding me tight .,…..the only sound I could hear from her was hmmmmmmm hmmmmmm yes until I blew out .
Now was the turn of her she took off the condom holding my dick she started the play she started licking the balls sitting on the floor and stroking the dick all the while. It was uncontrollable and was no mood to leave her neither was she and within no time my GUN was ready to shoot her again.
Making her stand I lifted her one leg and entered her wild this was my favorite style as I could suck her lips and press her one boob at the same time lifting her one leg I was fucking her hard this round we enjoyed changing the legs for quite a long time next both were tired but still as I dint threw off the load she took it standing and keeping legs pressed.
We were tightly hugging each other and having this round lips dint leave each other we explored the deepest smooch and licking each other tongue sucking lip of each other at a time. Soon I blew off.
Now we ran out of the condom stock both were so badly tired we just came out and laid on bed holding each other.