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This story is about Alex and Jessica. They are identical twins. Alex is a transman (born female, identifies as male). They are very close and have had to share a bedroom their entire lives. The characters in this story are 20 year-olds in college. This story is from Alex's perspective.
This is a work of fiction. Any relation to real people or events is completely coincidental.

My sister and I have always been very close. It's pretty common for identical twins. We are very very different though. I've always known I was trans and I started being more open about it as I grew up.
Once when we were visiting home from college, we were hanging out in our shared bedroom, sitting on the floor, chatting. My sister was laying on the floor and I was leaning back next to her. Somehow it came up in our conversation that a friend of hers figured out how to locate people's nipples on the first try.
"Haha, really?" I said "Can you do it?"
She lifted her hand and poked me in the chest where she though my right nipple would be.
"Hmm… nope, not quite" I said, "I'm wearing a binder so your gonna have to search for it. Let me try"
I poked her breast but couldn't feel the nipple because she was wearing a thick bra. We moved our fingers around trying to find each other's nipples.
"Aha! I think I got it" when I had finally found her nipple which felt like it had hardened.
"Ah, yep that's it. Is this yours?"
"Oh, very close. Over, yep there it is."
For some reason we kept flicking our fingers over each others nipples. She moved her hand down and started to lightly rub my stomach right near the hem of my shirt and I did the same to her. Her hand very slowly moved up my stomach under my shirt so I did the same to her. I could feel the blood rushing in my ears. It didn't feel real. With every other pass, she ran her thumb under the edge of my binder so I started running my thumb under the edge of her bra. After what felt like an age she took her hand away and I turned to see what was happening.
She lifted her shirt and then pulled her bra up, freeing her breasts. I couldn't believe my eyes. I carefully reached for her right nipple and pinched it between my fingers. She let out a quiet sigh as I flicked my thumb over her hard nipple. I very cautiously moved closer to her breast all the while keeping an eye on her reaction. I gingerly put my lips to her nipple and began to suck it. She moaned quietly and I reach over and took her other breast in my hand. After a minute I leaned over her to suckle her other nipple. She only interrupted me to remove her shirt and bra completely. I also pulled my shirt off but left my binder on. I went back to sucking and playing with her breasts.
Between breaths I whispered, "tell me when you want me to stop" and I slid my hand down the front of her pants under her panties until I found her pussy. I rubbed her clit and slid a finger down along her pussy lips.
"You can take these off" she gasped and started to reach down to take off her pants and panties.
My sister was now fully naked, laid out in front of me, just begging for my touch. As I slid my finger in and out of her I began to kiss along her breast moving up to her collarbone then to her neck and jawline. She let out low sighs and moans as I ran my free hand over her soft body. I started to work my way down her body with kisses, between her breasts, down her stomach, to her pussy mound. I paused and glanced up. She had her eyes closed and was breathing faster. I opened her legs farther and positioned myself between them. I lowered my head and flicked my tongue over her clit. She let out a sharp gasp and when I took her whole clit into my mouth she whimpered and arched her back pushing herself into me. I pushed my tongue into her wet hole and then moved to nibble her inner thigh.
I repositioned myself to put my hips between her legs and I placed my hand in front of my own crotch so I could finger her in time with my hips thrusts. I put two fingers in and rubbed her clit with my thumb. She was breathing much faster now as I increased the tempo of my thrusts.
"Oh, ooh! Shit!" She whimpered and she gripped the carpet, "I-I'm gonna cum!"
I thrust into her one more time and curled my fingers into her G-spot. She let out a gasp and I could feel the walls of her vagina rhythmically squeeze my fingers as she came on my hand.
I laid down next to her as we caught our breath.
"I can't believe she let me do that" I thought to myself and somehow I knew that wouldn't be the last time.

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