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Hi friends .. I am pooja and this is the second part of my life story “Trapped by milkman”. Those who have not read the first part, I suggest them to read it from below link first.

Now coming to the incident:

The Same day, around 11 am :

I was tired after a very good round of fucking session with my milkman Manoj. I had not expected that I would be fucked by a milkman one day and that too I will enjoy it. I was feeling very happy after a month. The burning fire within me was extinguished by Manoj. After a month I was feeling complete, satisfied. I did not know when I had slept for 1 hour in the arms of Manoj. So was for Manoj.
There was complete silence. Suddenly my sleep got broken by the sound of phone ring. I checked who was it. It was my hubby!!!.. A sudden shock wave trembled my mind. I woke up and released my self from Manoj’s arms. A sense of guiltiness started taking control over the mind. How can I do this!!!.. What will my parents think. What if my husband comes to know about this. These thoughts started troubling my mind. I was not able to pick up the phone as I was feeling very bad for what I had done. The call got disconnected after two times.

I got up from the bed and started cursing my self.I was standing near the window unsure of what to do next. Suddenly I felt someone’s body behind me. It was Manoj. He came from behind and held me tightly from my waist. His dick was fully erect and was touching my back. He kissed me in my neck and said: pooja g mujhe ab v believe nhn ho raha k me ap k jese hot sexy ladki ko chod chuka hun, gse me bas sapne me chod raha tha..I was thinking:yes absolutely. I also cant believe that. He again continued :ap kapdo me to achi lagte hi ho.. Bina kapdo k aur v ache lagte ho.. Ese hi raha karo.. Saying this he slapped my ass twice and started laughing as if he owns me.
I was at a junction point at that moment. Though I was feeling bad for my husband, my family. But I was also enjoying the time with Manoj.The times which I needed desperately. The moments which I was carving for. I was standing there motionless, not able to decide what shall I do.

But for the time being, I wanted some time alone. I asked Manoj to leave. He asked me. Kya hua pooja g.. Mera lund pasand nhn aya kya?? Saying thia he pressed my right boob.. I gave a small moan and replied that I am feeling tired.. Kindly leave.. I want to be freshed.
He replied:to ye bat he.. Koi bat nhn pooja g.. Abhi apko fresh karta hun.. He lifted me in his arms and started taking me to the bathroom.. I was like a doll in his arms.. I didnt know how to react..
He put me down in the bathroom and started the shower. Water started flowing and we both got drenched in a moment. This was also a new thing for me. I asked him:kya kar rahe ho?? He replied:ap ko nahane me madat kar raha hun. Saying this, he started playing with my hair.He applied sampoo on my hair. His one hand was playing with my hair and back. His other hand was tickling my face. He placed his second finger on my forehead. Slowly he moved his finger downward, in between my eyes, then on my nose and finally it stopped on my lips. His other hand was playing with my hair, sometimes my ass. He was too close to me. I could feel his hot breath and erect dick. His hand movement was making me crazy.
The heat started building in me and in a moment I got all answers for my troubling mind .

This man knew how to satisfy an woman. His every move was making me mad and was a new thing for me. I hugged him tightly with both my hand, waiting eagerly what will he do next..He started moving his finger gently over my lips. First my lower them upper. I could not control anymore and gave a small moan.. Ahh.. He smiled and whispered in my ear.. Kesa lag raha? I whispered in his ear.. Karte raho.. Pucho mat.. Saying this I started kissing him. For the first time, I was so wild with him.. I started kissing him wildly and he responded.. Our tounges met. The running shower was turning on the heat more. I was not at any junction point anymore. I had decided on which path I should move on.

We wildly kissed around for 5 minutes. In the process, I bite his lips. A small ah came from his mouth. He spanked my ass again and said:pooja g kafi speed se age ja rahi ho. Ese hi age jaogi to bohot hi jaldi randi ban jaogi. I gave him a smile and took his hand and placed it on my boobs.. I replied naughtily:to banalo mujhe tumhari randi.. My reply gave him a new force and he started pressing my boobs roughly. I was moaning heavily: ahhh ahhh maaaaa.. Mannnooojjjj ahhhh… He stopped pressing my boobs and strted applying soap all over my body.. In the process he was playing with my boobs, my ass.. With his spanking, my ass had turned red. He was playing with my whole body.. His hand finally stopped on my pussy.. He slowly started applying soap on my pussy. I was on my dream world at that moment.. My moans had become louder and louder.. Ahhhh ohhhhhhh myyyyy darlllliinggg mannnnnnooooojjjjjjjj…Kaaaarttteee rrraaahhhhjooooooooo… Auurr jooor seee… Ahhh… He replied: bollll poojaaa tu kisssskiii ranndiii heee… I had become shameless at that momentt… I cared nothing… I replied ahhjhjhh teeerrrriiiiii manoooojjjj.. He replied:ijat se bollll.. Malik hun teriiii… And spanked my ass again…I replied: ohhhhhhh han mmaaaamoojjjjj g apppppkaaa.. I started bittiiinggg hisss shoulders… My nails were playing with his back..I was moaning with top of my voice… His fingers and soap was playing with my pussy. Suddenly a current passed through my mind.. I had an great orgasm.. That was great orgasm.. That I can never forget in my life.

I decided its my time to give it back.. I took the soap from him and started applying all over his body.. I was playing with his body and he was enjoying it.. I was bitting his nipples.His shoulders, slowly I went down on knees.. And here it was.. His monster cock was in front of my mouth.. I started applying soap on his balls and was squeezing them slowly.. He was enjoying it and sometimes moaning.. I looked up on his eyes and smiled naughtily.. He replied:pooja tum to randio nko v piche chod dogi.. Saying this he held my hair and pulled them.. And replied:le ab teri asli malik ko v saf kar de.. I understood what he wanted.. I started taking his dick on my mouth and started licking it like a small child licks a lollypop.. My hand was playing with his balls.. This things I had learned from watching porn. But had never done it in real.. I had planned to do these things with my husband when he rerurns.. But now nothing matters.. I was enjoying with manoj.. In 2 minutes he asked me to stop.. He didn’t want to cum so soon.. Then he took me in his arms and started kissing again.. He replied:tum sadi kar k kya kar rahi ho.. Tumhe randi hi bann na chahiye..

Saying this he pinged me to the wall.. He raised both my hand and locked it on wall with his left hand.. In right hand he raised my left leg and put it on his shoulder.. Now I was in a bend position.. So was he.. I had seen this position in porn. I had also asked my husband to try this.. But he had replied that its not possible in real. I also believed his words. But I was being fucked in the same style by manoj .I was in complete wow for manoj.. I was thinking how lucky manoj’s wife is.. He then inserted his dick in my pussy… He gave two quick thrust and his dick was inside my pussy.. I was moaning.. Ahhhhhh manoojjjjj… Dhhhhirreeee… Duuukkhhh rahhaaaa… He started giving quick strokes.. He was pounding me very roughlyyy… Out of excitement and pain I was moaning.. Ahhhh mannnnoojjjjj dhhhiirrreeeee ahhhh kartttteee rahooooo. Maaaaaa….. He was laughing and replied aur jor se chila randiiiiiiiii….Tere chut phad ne wala hun me ajjj..Saying this he increased his speed.His mouth was playing with my lips, my boobs..I was in not my senses…Ahhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhh… Maaannnnooojjjjj dhhhhhiiiireeeee.. Ahhhhhhhhhh.. Mannnnnooooojjjjjjj… And then I had an orgasmmmm.. I wanted to hold him tightly but couldn’t as my hands are pinned to the wall by his hand.. In 2 minutes he also came and flooded my pussy with hot sperms… This time he released me and I held him tightly.. We both were too much exhausted.. He released me and sat on the floor, supporting his head on the wall.. I also followed him and sat on his lap.. He was playing with my boobs and holding me tightly.. The shower was still on.. We sat there for some time.. After that we took bath together..

Then he lifted me and took me out of the bathroom.. He wiped me and himself with the help of a towel.. He was wiping my body as if I was a small child..Ay that moment, he got a call(probably his wife).. I was sleeping on the bed and listening to his conversation. I couldn’t understand anything as it was in some other language.. He finished the call and started dressing up.. I said what happened.. He replied : kuch kam a gaye hen.. Ghar jana he.. Chinta matkar meri randi jaldi wapas aunga.. Saying this he spanked my ass again.. Now he was calling me randi instead of pooja g.. And surprisingly I didn’t feel bad.. He ordered me to wear nothing until he leaves.. And I followed.. While leaving near the door, he kissed me again.. He asked me to bend like a doggy… I followed his order.. But I did not knew what he would do.. I was excited.. He took out a 10 rupee note from his purse and rolled it like a cigarette.. He inserted it in my ass crack and said:le randi apni pehli kamai rakhh.. Saying this he spanked my ass thrice.. I did not know how to react.. Then he left and I closed the door..

I was very much tired and hungry at that moment..I took out the 10 rupee note and and kept it.. Then I went to kitchen to eat something.. After that I went to bed.. Though I was very tired, I was not able to sleep.. The whole incident was playing on my head.. I was really very satisfied and wanted more..But I had several questions in my mind.. When will Manoj return.. Weather he will be loyal to me.. Will this relationship remain private.. Will my husband Rakesh never know it.. I wanted to contact Manoj.. But I did not have his phone number.. The journey from being faithful to unfaithful is never easy and I guess all woman can relate to it.. While all this thoughts were playing on my mind,sleep took over me and I slept calmly..

I will answer all above questions in next part. If you like my life story kindly provide your comments. Thank you for your reaction to my first life experience. You can also give your feedback on [email protected]mail.Com.. Thank you all..

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