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Hi guys.. My name is pooja and I am 26,married..This incident happened 2 years back and completely changed me as a person.
Telling about myself, I am from kolkata.When I was an adult, my parents were very conservative for me. So though I wanted to enjoy life like other girls, to have bf but I never had the chance to do that.. Nevertheless my life also changed and I got married to rakesh, a software engineer(2 years back) and shifted to banglore. As a newly wedded couple, we were having some good times. The biggest change in my life was introduction of sex. I was enjoying every moment of it. That passionate kisses, that romantic fucking sessions.. I was loving every bit of it with rakesh.

When everything was going right suddenly life changed. Rakesh got an onsite opportunity and went to europe for 3 months. But before going, he called his parents(my in-laws) from his village. So that I will not fill alone.

Though I was happy for his success but I was missing my sex life very badly.. We were just 1 month old married couple. After he left, each day was passing like a month for me. Initially I was very strong but slowly my body started betraying me and I was getting thirsty for sex. I started watching porn a lot and fingering became a regular event.But I had never looked for any other man.. I just wanted rakesh, my husband in my arms..

One month passed.. Suddenly one day my in laws got some emergency work in village and left for village for 3 days. Now I was all alone in the home.I was not able to talk to rakesh continuously as he was busy with his responsibilities. There was no one to whom, I could share my feelings.. I was feeling very alone..

The day of incident:

That day morning, I woke up and finished my regular works(brush etc).I had no work. Out of boredom I started touching myself. Suddenly I was felling very horny..I got up and closed all the doors,windows. Then I removed my dress and got completely naked..I had no one to fear. I stood in front of mirror and admired my figure.. It was 34-28-34 that time..I was feeling proud of my body. The body which had a lot of ashiqs during college days. But who had never surrendered to any one. I started pressing my boobs. My nipples got hard in a moment.. My right hand was pressing my boobs and my left hand was rubbing my pussy..I didnt want to stop my feelings and started moaning loudly. I turned on the tv and increased the volume so that no body will hear my moaning.. At that time all I needed was my husband’s dick.. I called him and he said he was in a meeting. I got disappointed but suddenly a wild idea clicked my mind..I planned to seduce my hubby with some beautiful photos.

I shaved my pussy hairs and took a bath. I chose the most sexy saree from my wardrobe.. It was a silk saree and upto thigh it was a bit transparent(leg) ..I selected one pair tight matching blouse. I decided not to wear any bra or panty. I wore the saree sexily such that my beautiful navel will b visible. I used perfume and combed my hair. I applied eye liner and bindi.. I saw myself in mirror and I was looking like an sex angel.The angel of every man’s dream. As the saree was transparent my legs were visible. As I ve not worn any under garments, the saree was sticking to my body.. My curves were clearly visible. Even my ass crack was clearly visible. I started clicking some sexy selfies of mine in order to send it to my husband. I wanted to disturb him.

As I was doing this, suddenly the door bell rang.. I got panicked.. Me sochi ab kon a sakta he.. I asked who is it.. Reply came, mem saheb dudh le lijiye.. It was damn dudhwala manoj and I had completely forgotten about him. Manoj was a man in his early thirties. He used to stare me. I never liked him. Sometimes he used to touch my hand while giving milk.. But I had never given him any chance to proceed further . I didnt want to go in front him like this.. But I didnt want to change d saree either.It would have wasted my 1 hour labour. So I decided, I will give him the utensil and as soon as he fills it, I will close the door.

I opened the door and gave him the bartan.. Bhaya isme de dijiye.. He got dumb struck by seeing me and started scanning me from top to bottom.. I was feeling uncomfortable and asked him bhaya jaldi do aur jao.. Mujhe bohot kam he.. He came to his senses and started measuring milk.. For collecting milk, I bend a little.. Suddenly my saree pallu slipped. I quickly adjusted my saree. But damage already ho chuka tha.. That bastard had already seen half of my boobs(cleavage).. He gave me a naughty smile.. I collected the milk and was going to shut the door when he interrupted.. He told:mem saheb bahar bohot dhup he.. Mujhe acha nhn lag raha.. Kya ap thoda nimbu pani de sakte hen.. And he told this in a very polite manner.. So I could not refuse.. I told him:ap yahin rukie me bana k la rahi hun.. As I was going to the kitchen he must have enjoyed watching my back, my legs and my ass. I was making nimbu pani in the kitchen and I felt somebody was there in the kitchen.. I turned around to see the dudhwala.. I got furious.. But before I could say anything he interupted me and said sorry to me. He said politely that he was searching for the bathroom as he wanted to pee. Damn his politeness and again I was not able to say anything to him. I showed him the way.. He drank the nimbu pani and went to the bathroom.After coming back he thanked me.. Then he said:mem saheb bahar bohot dhup he.. Aur mera tabyt bohot kharab ho raha.. Ap agar bura na mane to kya me yahan 5 min beth sakta hun.. I again got defeated by his politeness.. I said ok.He sat on the floor itself.. But I told him to sit on the sofa out of courtesy.. He thanked me and sat on sofa.. I also sat on the sofa in front of him(did not have any choice).. I was feeling very uncomfortable to sit in half nude state in front of a cheap unknown people.. Suddenly he asked:mem saheb ap ke in laws ghar pe nhn he kya.. I replied:nhn wo nhn hen.. Sab gaon gae hen.. I think this is the most stupidest thing I did.. Suddenly a smile came in his face.. I just wanted him to leave as soon as possible..

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Suddenly he said.. Mam ap bohot achi hen.. Ap k pati bohot lucky hen.. I took it as a compliment and said thank you to him.. Then he said mam ap bohot khub surat lag rahe is saree me.. I got red faced and didnot know what to reply.. He further said:mam ap k jese biwi agar hame milti to hum to ghar se nikal te hi nhn.. 24 ghante ap k badan ko dekh te aur pyar karte rehte.. I got angry by listening to his words.. I could not believe a dudhwala was talking to me like this.. I got up from the sofa and on top of my voice asked him to leave the house.. But what he did next, I had never expected.. He got up and started smilling.. Suddenly he started pulling my saree.. Before I could react, there was no saree in my body..As I was not wearing anything inside, I was standing there in front him only in my blouse.. I was trying to save my modesty with my hand and was asking for help on top of my voice.. But damn the high tv sound.. I looked at the door and it was closed from inside. Then he came close to me and told me: chilana band karo mam.. Nhn to log ajaenge.. Aur ap k is nange badan ko dekh k kya sochenge.. Mera kya he jyada se jyada jail jaunga.. Par apki nangi badan pura society dekhegi..I got dumb struck hearing his words.. He had some point in his words. I pleaded him give my saree back.. He replied:itne dino se tujhe dekh raha. Aj ja k hat lagi. He came closer to me and in a single blow tore apart my blouse..And there I was standing naked in front of low class milkman. I started crying and tried to save my modesty by both my hand.. In one hand I was hiding my boobs and in one hand I was covering my pussy.. He came in front of me and started lifting my hand over my boobs.. Now both my melons are in front of him.. He observed both of my boobs for a second. Then he said:kya mast chuchiyan he tere.. Ise to me jindegi bhar dabata rahun.. Saying this he started pressing my boobs like a mad dog.. I tried resisting him as much as possible.But after some time my body betrayed me.. My nipples got hard.. But still I did not want to do this with manoj.. I again requested him to leave me and started crying.. And I said him what he is doing is not good.. Hearing this he left me and said sorry to me.. I didnt understand what happened.. He said:madam sorry.. Me ye thik nhn kar raha.. I got happy immedietly.. Then he said:ap akeli nangi hen. Ye sahi nhn he.. Me v kuch nhn pehnunga.. Tab ja k sahi hoga.. Saying this he undressed him self.. His 8 inch big cock came to my view.. Though he was a milkman, he had a very well maintained desi body.. And his dick was much thicker and longer than my husband(almost double) .. My eyes were locked on his big dick.. Suddenly lust started taking over my mind.. The desire for sex increased in me. He also noticed that I was looking at his dick and knew this was the moment he was looking for.. He smillingly came behind me and put his left hand on my waist.. He took my right hand and placed it on his cock.. It was hot like iron.. I was unable to say anything now.. I had surrendered to his cock.. I was standing their like a doll.. Waiting for the milkman’s next move.. He turned my face towards his face.. He looked into my eyes.. His one hand hand was on my waist and my hand was on his cock..He turned me.. Now I was facing him.. He came closer to me and bite my lower lips.. I left a small ahhh.. He again came forward and bite my upper lips.. This time I hugged him tightly.. At that moment, I had forgotten that I was somebody’s wife.. That I was getting close to a dudhwala.. My mind was not working..I had forgotten all my family reputation, prestige. I only wanted to satisfy my thirst which was burning since last one month.

I was looking down due to shyness. He lifted my face and started lip kissing me.. I started kissing him back.. He was holding me tightly in one hand and was spanking my ass in other hand.. The kiss broke after 5 minutes.. He said: aj to maja ajaega tere jese patake ko chod k.. I was blushing heavily amd gave him a shy smile. I had never expected myself in that situation,with any other man and that to a milkman. He again said.. Mere itne din ka sapna aj pura hone ja raha..Twri ye nangi badan dekhunga kar k kitni bar na tujhe sapne me choda hoga. Aj sab sach hoga.. Saying this he lifted me in his arms and took me to the bed room..He threw me on the bed and before I could know he was over me.. He started kissing my neck.. Then he started sucking my boobs.. I was in seventh heaven by now.. I starred moaning.. Ahhh ohhj.. Dhiiree karooooo.. Ahhhhh.. He replied: aj dekh me tere badan ka kya karta hun.. Saying he started bitting my nipples.. I was feeling the pain.. But it was nothing in front of the happiness I was getting.. After 5 mins he left my boobs and came downward and kissed my navel.. I was holding his head and was pulling his hair in pleasure.. Then he came down and started licking my pussy.. A sudden current passed through my body.. My husband had never done this to me.. I was experiencing a new thing.. I started moaning more loudly.. Ahhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaa… Karte rahoooooo esaaaaa…. Ahhhh.. Mat ruuuujkooo.. Mannnnnoojjnn…… He smiled and said :dekh kese randi jese ho rahi.. Aur kuch time pehle kafi sati sabitri ban rahi thi…Ye high class ladkiyan hoti hi esi he. Saying this he increased his speed.. I was feeling some rush in my pussy.. I was going to have a orgasm.. I was in seventh heaven by now. Out of pleasure I was holding his head tightly.. But suddenly he stopped… I said to him:ruk kyun gaye.. Plz karte raho… Wo bola..Ese na pani chodne dunga tujhe… Tujhe aur garam karunga… Saying this he again started kissing me and then started playing with my boobs.. After some time he made me kneel and inserted his cock in my mouth.. Initially I opposed his move as I have never did this before.. But he dragged my hair and inserted the entire cock in my mouth.. And said:le saali.. Ise amrit k tarah chus le.. Yehi teri malik he aj se.. Saying this he started fucking my mouth.. I was gasping for air and pleaded him to make it easy.. But he was in no mood.. After some time he let me free.. Now I was like a big fire ballon who was in verge of collapse.. My pussy was burning like volcano.. I requested him to fuck me.Plz ab to chod do mujhe… Plz.. He started laughing and said an teri randigiri bahar arahi…I was being insulted, humiliated.. But I was enjoying it. This things were all new for me. Which rakesh could have never done to me.

Us k bad wo mere upar agaya and apna lund mere pussy k entry me rakha.. He held both my hand and then gave a big push.. Me dard se ahhhh karne lagi.. . Wo hasne laga.. Aur bola abhi to adha v nhn ghusa he.. Teri chut phad ne wala hun me aj.. Saying this he gave anathor thrust and mere akhiyon se anshu nikal ne lage.. I said plz nikalo use.. Thoda dhire karo.. Its paining.. He again started laughing and incrased his speed.. My legs are crawling against his legs and I was bitting his soldiers… It was after one month, a dick had entered my pussy.. But it was much thicker and bigger than the previlus one.. He was fucking me and at the same time pressing my boobs, kissing me. This went for 5 minutes and after 5 minutes he said he is going to cum.. Mean while I was also going to orgasm.. I said:aur jor se karoo.. Ahhhhhhhbbbb.. Ruuukkkknaaa mat…. Ahhhhhhhhhh.. He asked bol tu kis ki rakhel he..I replied:apkkiiiiii… Matgtt rukna…. Suddenly I realised that he was not wearing any condom… I panicked.. I told him:plz andar mat chod na..Tumm condoommm nhn use kar rahe.. Me pregnant bo sakti hunnnm.. Plzzzzzzz.. Listening to this:he started laughing.. Said:chup tere jese rakhel sawal nhn karte.. Saying this he increased his speed..I was alsoo nearing climax…I forgot everything. I was moaning.. Ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh plzzzzzz andaaarr nhhhhhnnnn… Ahhhhh mat ruko…Aur jor se…… Ahhhhh.. And in a minute I got my orgasm… In a second he also ejaculated inside my pussy… A lava of hot sperms got filled inside pussy.. I was feeling very happy and tired.. I didnt have any energy to wake up.. I was lying there naked.. Manoj was also lying on top of himm.. We were very tired… I hugged him.. He did the same..And accidentally we slept for some time..

In the last two/three hours, my life had changed a lot.. I have been fucked by a low class milkman who are not even allowed to enter my home. I have become an unfaithful wife from an obedient wife.. But it was just the beginning.. At that point I never knew that this mistake would permanently turn my life upside down… I will share them in the next part.. If you guyz like my experience kindly give your feed back on: [email protected]

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