Trapped with Mom Ch. 01

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tagIncest/TabooTrapped with Mom Ch. 01

Jimmy paid his mom almost no attention as they drove up to the mountains – why would he when Instagram was filled with slutty classmates? His friends always teased that his mom would be the hottest in their class, which caused him nothing but anguish, even now during ski week of the latter half of his senior year. When his mom wore a miniskirt or let her breasts flow out of a tight dress, Jimmy could only squirm and try to look elsewhere. His friends weren't wrong, but if they weren't right, maybe they could shut up. Maybe then he wouldn't have to face the fact that his mom was the most attractive woman in his life.
Fortunately, his mom was dressed for the cold of the mountains. Hiking boots, loose jeans, and a loose sweatshirt. No need to squirm, Jimmy could just scroll through his female acquaintances and think about getting off in his cabin room that night. His dad and twin sister had stayed in town for her soccer game, while he and his mom were going to the cabin so that they wouldn't lose their reservation. He would have to share a room with his sister once they arrived. But tonight, he just had to survive the evening and he would have the room to himself, no echoes of his friends' teasing in his mind. Tonight would be his last release for a week.
As they pulled into the cabin, Susan dismayed over getting her son to perk up. By now she knew better than to try to force Jimmy off his phone, but she couldn't let him waste 24 hours of mother-son time. He made himself useful when she parked, bringing in the bags and starting a fire, but he seemed to have no interest in talking to her. Susan managed to convince her son to watch TV with her, a silent activity but at least not Jimmy's phone.
The crackle of the fire and the moan of the furnace warmed up the cabin by the time the news was coming on. Susan excused herself to change into more comfortable clothes. She stripped to her lace bra and panties, thought for a second, then released her unclasped her bra, letting her breasts spill out in their first moment of freedom that day. She pulled on a tank top and some pajama shorts. She knew Jimmy would get squeamish when he noticed her revealing clothes, but she was not going to spend her vacation imprisoned by her son's inexperience with a woman's body. At 18, he should learn to control himself around a pretty woman.
Padding barefoot to the living room, she saw Jimmy had switched to reruns of Modern Family. Susan knew Jimmy didn't watch the show for plot or humor, he never laughed when it was on at home. She just wondered who he liked. Haley, who was thin and forward like the sluts at school? Gloria, a caricature of what young boys are supposed to like? Or Alex, who resembled a younger version of his mother with darker hair? She sat on the opposite end of the couch and crossed her legs, her right foot pointing at Jimmy. He shifted in his seat, moving one leg every so slightly higher than the other. The expected discomfort. Was he hiding something?
Jimmy felt some movement in his pants. He focused on Alex Dunphy. She had just come on the screen. He kept his eyes away from his mom's huge breasts and her soft white legs, fully exposed from the top of her thighs down to her bare feet. He just didn't want to have a hardon right next to his mom. He tried to slow the blood flowing to his penis. He tried not to look across the couch. Maybe he shouldn't have flipped the channel. He could look at better pictures of Ariel Winter later on Instagram. Of course, no high school boy could say no to Alex Dunphy.
The evening dragged for both mother and son. Susan wished his son would be more attentive, at least try to find some way to bond and connect. Jimmy longed for night to come so that he could release the yearnings of a teenage boy. He also longed for his mom to put more clothes on. Being trapped with her was bad enough, but the family vacation would be torture if he couldn't look at the one family member there with him. If he did, he might enjoy the sight too much. His friends would be right. Part of him knew they were right. He spent the evening pushing thoughts of his mother away.
Near ten o'clock, Jimmy's mom took the TV back over for the news. They had wasted the whole evening on sitcom reruns, futilely trying to start a conversation every other commercial break. Jimmy ceded the remote and announced he was going to bed. Susan wished him good night, but when she noticed his refusal to look at her, she made him come over for a hug. As his mom pressed her breasts into his chest, he felt another tingle in his loins. His cock was swelling, but surely that was just the anticipation of jerking off.
Susan watched the news briefly, but the action headlines couldn't hold her attention. She knew her body tortured Jimmy, and perhaps made him pull away more. She felt bad and she felt abandoned, but she also felt a little excited. Attention from men was so easy for her – she was sure her husband would use all eighteen condoms she had brought. But her son's confusion about his attraction to her was almost a challenge, a challenge she had never faced. Every man was attracted to her, but not Jimmy. But at the same time, she felt she needed to respect his turmoil to try to rebuild their relationship.
She retired to her bedroom, thinking she should sleep off the distraction of her son. As she slipped into bed, she heard creaking through her wall. The creaking of a mattress, the mattress in her son's room. She knew that sound, not quite as loud as sex, but there was a clear rhythm. Susan rubbed her hand over her shorts, down to her crotch, but as her body relaxed to her own touch, her motherly thoughts got in the way. She could enjoy her son's attention, no one would know, no one would be hurt. Touching herself to the sounds of his masturbation seemed a step too far.
No sooner than she had stopped herself, the creaking stopped. He must have had his orgasm, Susan thought. She tried to relax herself for sleep. But then the creaking started again. The thoughts of her son masturbating flooded back. She fought of the voice wondering how large he had become. She lost the fight. Her hand slipped beneath her shorts. Susan slowly massaged her clit, but suddenly the creaking stopped again. She snapped her hand back and again realized what she was doing. But then the creaking started again, and again. Losing her sense of propriety, Susan softly massaged her pussy with one finger. This time when the creaking stopped, Susan continued, imagining her son's explosion. But when she heard Jimmy start again, she got up. Something must be wrong. A mother could help.
Jimmy knew he wanted to get off, but he couldn't find the right girl. He tried searching for pictures of Ariel Winter, but somehow he felt there was someone better. He put down his phone and thought of the best-looking girls he could. Ariel Winter, Sofia Vergara, Stephanie from school, Susan… no. Susan was his mom. He stopped. Every time he would restart, his mom would slip into his thoughts and he would stop himself, even as he felt his cock engorge more. He again tried to visualize what he could do with Ariel Winter's tits, so intently that he did not notice someone slip into the bed beside him.
"I think you need help," Susan said softly to her son.
"Mom?!" Jimmy exclaimed with a start.
"Shh," Susan intoned, placing a hand on Jimmy's bare chest to guide him back down. He relented out of utter shock. "Don't worry baby," Susan continued. "This never happened. I can hear you having trouble, and Mommy's here to help. Just this once."
Susan felt Jimmy relax and moved her hand down his body to find his firm cock. He was so large that the surprise couldn't have softened him. "Mom, this is kind of weird."
Susan began to stroke slowly and softly. "Don't think about that. Just close your eyes and imagine." She felt her son's penis grow in her hand. If her shorts weren't already ruined, they were now that she realized just how large he was.
Jimmy followed his mom's instructions for a moment, but all he could visualize was his mom's crossed legs, the soft fold where they touched, the arched foot pointing at him. "I don't know," he groaned.
"It's okay baby," Susan cooed. "You can think about your mommy. Your mommy loves you and won't think any different." Her son sighed and she stroked a little faster. "That's right. You can think about me. You can think about my legs wrapped around you."
Jimmy's legs began to buck and Susan continued to increase her speed. "Yes honey," she groaned. "You can think about your mommy riding you. Do you like Mommy riding you?"
"Yes," Jimmy gasped.
"That's right baby. Mommy's here for you. I'm thinking about it too. We're on my bed at home, I'm riding my strong boy. Do you feel it?"
"Yes," he moaned.
"Are you thrusting with me?"
"Yes Mommy!" Jimmy cried.
"Please cum for Mommy," Susan groaned.
She pulled back her son's sheet so she could see his eruption. And with thoughts of pounding his mother flooding his mind, Jimmy shot ropes of semen across his own body. "Yes, yes, my son," Susan cried as she continued pulling on his pulsating cock. "That's right baby, Mommy knows how to take care of you."
As Susan watched her son finish in the dark, she slowed down and stopped. She wanted to lick the semen of his strong, young body, but she had crossed enough lines by giving him a hand job. He seemed to be drifting to sleep, so she slipped out of his room and returned to hers. She ripped off her clothes and flopped onto the bed, her right hand immediately finding her clit and rubbing fast as she held her left breast with her other hand. She came quickly to the image she had just created for her son, her strongest spasm coming as she imagined him rolling her over and mounting her raw. As her orgasm subsided, she drifted to sleep. She knew they could never repeat anything like that. She would be fine tomorrow, with her husband back to satisfy her.

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