Trapped with Mom Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooTrapped with Mom Ch. 02

Susan woke up in a daze. She found herself naked on her stomach with her legs spread across the bed. She had moved during the night, but never turned the heater off or got under the covers. She pulled on the same tank top and shorts from the previous night and went to the kitchen, hoping the crisp sun of a winter morning would wake her up.
Instead, clouds. So she forced her exhausted self to put on water for coffee and for oatmeal, shut off the heater, then moved to the couch to think about how – or if – she would talk to Jimmy. She could not let him get the wrong idea. She had made a mistake, but she was still married and she was still his mother.
But, somehow, sitting down and thinking about Jimmy woke her up. Rather than the stress of a sex talk, she felt the comfort of the cabin, the satisfaction of a vacation morning. She tried to brainstorm a conversation, but the thought of the previous night was impossible to analyze. Her nipples hardened as she wished that she could just rest on the couch with Jimmy cuddling up against her.
"What's for breakfast, Mom?" broke her daydream.
"Um, oatmeal. I just put on the water," Susan replied, as yet unprepared to face her son.
She heard the cupboards banging and Jimmy shouted back "Do they have any of those oatmeal packets? I like the flavored stuff."
Susan got up and walked to the kitchen. The sudden pep in Jimmy's voice needed to be quashed right away. "I don't know, Jimmy, be we need to have a discussion," Susan said calmly, using every ounce of energy to hide her nerves.
Jimmy lowered his voice, "It's OK, Mom, it never happened."
"OK, good. I have to make sure you still respect me as your mom."
"Yeah, it's good," Jimmy said with that teenage exasperation.
But Susan knew something was different. Her nipples were poking through the same outfit that had started everything, but he wasn't avoiding her or acting squeamish at all. There was no possibility that both his nerves had calmed and he had given up hope. Men were too stupid, boys were more stupid. She knew that Jimmy would try something. She tried not to think of just what he would try.
She looked out the window with a sigh of relief when he returned to his room with his sugar-oatmeal. The clouds were dark and snow was slowly falling. In fact, snow covered all the ground Susan could see. The day prior there had only been patches of dirty snow. Curious, she opened the front door. A thick blanket of snow covered everything. Even the roads were invisible and there was no way she even get to her car. She called her husband and found he had already checked the conditions. Their house had seen torrential rain that was still falling, and roads up to the mountains were blocked indefinitely.
Susan went back to her breakfast after her husband hung up to prepare for their daughter's muddy soccer game. Fortunately, the cabin was stocked with food. She ate on the couch. The warm food and coffee brought her back to the night before, when she had touched herself to climax before being wrapped in the warm air. Perhaps she should crank the heater again. They wouldn't clear the roads for days and masturbation was all she would get. And if she could just find a way to keep Jimmy away, she could slip into her bedroom and satisfy herself again.
Jimmy burst out of his room. "So are we going skiing?" he asked and flopped onto the couch.
"Unless you're hiding cross-country skis, we're not going anywhere." Her son's presence could no longer push away the sexual thoughts she had had a moment ago.
Jimmy's heart skipped a beat. "What?" he asked.
"There's three feet of snow out there, we're trapped. The roads up are closed too."
"Well shit. What are we going to do all day?"
"I told you to bring something to do besides your phone."
"Oh, so you brought something?"
"I did."
Jimmy's eyes widened and he turned to look at his mom. She looked back expressionless then added, "But don't get any ideas. They're for your father."
"Then I guess you didn't bring anything to do either," Jimmy said triumphantly.
"I haven't decided," Susan said without a change in tone. Part of her knew that flirting while trapped together could lead too far, but that part was not in control. She was still aching to be touched, an ache intensified by the prospect of her husband being gone for days.
"What's to decide?" Jimmy asked, as movement began in his loins.
Susan stood up. "Perhaps you're old enough for a safe sex lesson," she said and turned toward her room.
As the words came out of his mom's mouth, Jimmy became rock hard. He waited uncomfortably as his cock strained against his shorts, wondering what his mom's lesson would be. Each tick of the fireplace clock seemed to last an hour. He figured with all the time his mom seemed to be taking that she must be putting on something seductive.
But Susan returned in the same clothes, sexy as could be but nothing changed except the single wrapped condom in her hand. She sat next to her son, taking but a brief glance at the manhood pressing against his shorts. "Do you know how to use one of these?" she asked, holding up the packet.
"Yeah, I mean, everyone does."
Susan knew that was the answer of someone who did not know. "And you know to use them for all sexual activity, including anal and oral."
Jimmy was stuttering at the shock of his mom being so direct. Was she seducing him or lecturing him? "E- even oral?"
"Yes. They make special condoms for oral. Now show me that you know how to put this on."
"Um, h- how?"
"I thought you said you knew."
"Well yeah, but how do I show you."
"Take off your shorts."
Jimmy peeled off his basketball shorts and boxers, causing his stiff cock to bounce into plain view of his mother. She looked on clinically as Jimmy unwrapped the condom and positioned the ring at the tip of his penis. "Why is it red?" he asked.
"It's flavored. It's a special one for oral."
"You make Dad use a condom for oral?"
"Yes, I told you to always use one for oral."
"But you guys are married."
"You can never know. Cheating happens and I don't like a mess."
"Are you saying you…"
"You were there last night. Now show me that you know how to use that thing or I will not let you take care of that erection."
Jimmy took a deep breath and tried to unroll the condom. "I think it's too small," he said. The task was hard enough for a first-timer, but his cock insisted on pulsing at his mother's talk of taking care of his erection.
"It will fit." Susan could see that the condom was a little too small, but not small enough to make the task impossible.
Jimmy kept struggling, unable to pull the condom past his glans. "Let me show you," Susan said, kneeling toward her son. He pulled his hands away and hers moved to his member. Then without warning, Susan moved her head between her son's legs, bit the tip of the condom, and used both hands to swiftly move the roll the rubber down his cock.
Susan sat up and looked her son in the eye. "You see, it takes a little practice," she whispered. "But you're right, it is a little small." The condom sat several inches above the base of Jimmy's penis. "You should always make sure your protection fits, but this will do for now."
"For now?" Jimmy asked, looking to where his mother sat. But she had already dropped to the floor where she was crawling between his legs. He felt her hand hold his shaft, and then watched his mother's full lips suck the tip of his penis into her mouth. His head fell back in pleasure. As much as he yearned to watch his mother's beautiful face around his manhood, the expert pleasure she put into his first blowjob was too much to handle. All he could do was sit back and moan "Mom! Mom!" breaking the silence of the cabin and surely too of the surrounding forest. "Mom!" he yelled as her mouth engulfed his entire organ. "Mom!" he cried as he felt her tongue swirl. With each movement she made, he became louder but less controlled. Susan ran her head up and down her son's shaft, one hand holding his unprotected base and the other fondling his sensitive testicles. With a swirl of the tongue around his glans, Susan heard her son's cries for Mom become inarticulate grunts and she felt his balls begin to explode. She savored the feeling of her son pulsing against her lips and tongue, filling the condom with his seed.
Susan moved back to the couch to sit next to Jimmy. "That was amazing, Mom," he breathed.
"Good, but we have stay focused on your lesson." Susan made her demeanor hide her enjoyment, though she now freely acknowledged to herself the wanting she had for her son.
"You just gave me a blowjob, and you still want to do the lesson?"
"Yes, honey, you need to learn how to take the condom off, that's why you had to ejaculate."
Jimmy smiled. He knew his mom was his, even if she was still pretending. "You didn't have to give me oral for that," he smiled.
"I was not going to waste my favorite flavor of condom," Susan stated. "Now remember you must pull out as soon as you have ejaculated. Once your penis begins to soften, you carefully pull off the condom and make sure not to spill. It may take some time because this condom is a bit small on you."
Jimmy hummed. "I don't think I'm going to get much softer for a while," he said, looking into his mom's blue eyes.
His mother smiled back at him.

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