Trapped with Mom Ch. 03

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tagIncest/TabooTrapped with Mom Ch. 03

Jimmy sat with his mother on their cabin's couch, unable to remove the red flavored condom that he had filled during his first blow job. "Well there's one thing we could try to get my cock to soften," Jimmy said, trying to make his inexperienced voice as sexy as possible.
"That will not work," Susan stated, still keeping the air of a clinical lesson on safe sex. "The condom could break and create a mess, or your semen could dry to the condom and make it harder to remove. You will just have to wait."
"But Mom," Jimmy pleaded, "I can't get soft with you around."
"Then I will go into my room."
"No Mom, I need you with me. I'm so turned on. Your nipples are hard and your legs are so sexy."
"I am your mother and you will not objectify me."
"But Mom, I'm so hard, I can't control it. I need you again."
"Let's go to the bathroom and get that thing off. We don't want to make a mess on the couch. You are going to need more training than I expected."
Susan stood and pulled on her son's penis for him to follow. She led him by the rubber-coated member to the bathroom where she had him stand over the tub. "Shouldn't we do this over the toilet?" Jimmy asked.
"For the amount you jack off, you should know by now that your semen will coagulate in the water. And since we don't know how much mess removing this condom will make, we want everything contained. As you get more experienced, you won't have to worry about that."
Jimmy thought to himself, The amount I jack off? Did she know? Did she listen? He focused back on the present. "OK, so how do I get it off now?"
"Start by pulling hard from the tip and if that doesn't work, try the base."
Jimmy obeyed but the condom would not budge. As he tried to loosen from the base, he found himself saying "Ow ow ow." He looked down. The condom didn't reach his pubic hair, but it felt like something was yanking his hair.
Susan put her hand on her son's back. "It's OK," she said. "Sometimes a hair gets stuck in there."
She knelt next to her son and used her delicate fingers to inspect the base of Jimmy's condom. She had never helped a man remove a condom – if she ever let a man stay hard in a condom, it was because she was torturing him – but finding the offending hair was no problem for her. She moved closer to make sure she caused her son no pain, but when Jimmy saw his mother so close to him again, his cock began to throb and bounce. Susan was unfazed; she put a hand on her son's shaft and with the other painlessly removed the hair from the condom. Then she grabbed the tip of the condom and yanked with all her might. The condom slid up Jimmy's cock, momentarily became caught on his swelling glans, then popped off with a splatter of semen.
Susan dropped the condom in the tub as a glob of teenage cum hit her just left of her eye. She removed the spunk with the tip of her finger and looked at the milky white drop. She was overcome with the desire to taste her son's semen, something she had never really cared for. But for whatever reason, last night she had wanted to lick Jimmy's body clean and today she wanted to taste him on her finger.
She resisted and got up to wipe her hand on a tissue. "Clean your penis so that we can continue your lesson. We can clean the tub later," she told her son.
"Don't you want to help me clean it?"
"I am not here for your sexual pleasure. Last night you were having trouble and I made a mistake. Today I am teaching you important skills. Your next lesson will hopefully put you back in your place." Years of experience had taught Susan how to hide her desires, but the reality was she did want to clean Jimmy's penis. Her mouth watered at the thought of taking her son's cock into her mouth and running up and down the shaft to clean every last drop of cum. Then her pussy fantasized of her flopping on her back and letting the big, cleaned cock enter her. "I will wait for you in your room," she said as she exited.
Susan removed her shorts and lay on Jimmy's bed, legs slightly parted with knees in the air. When he came in – still erect as ever – Susan informed him that "You need to learn to please a woman. You cannot simply continue to ask for more favors because she has given you one or two orgasms."
"Are- are you saying that I get to please you now?"
"Yes, I will teach you to perform oral on a woman. I cannot have my son continuing to be so selfish."
Jimmy began to crawl between his mother's legs. She watched his head descend toward her dripping entry but quickly stopped him with a hand. "The first rule of giving a woman oral," she said, "is that you have to build anticipation to the oral. Normally we would have to engage in foreplay, but that is too erotic for a mother and son and I assume you have some experience with kissing. Fortunately, I am experienced enough that we can do this without foreplay." That was a lie, Susan was aroused fully and exclusively by her son, his large cock, the feel of taking him into his mouth, the sight of his semen. They could skip foreplay because she needed him so badly.
"What should I do then?"
"There's no formula but until you have more experience, start by rubbing my clit and then inserting a finger. My body will tell you when to move from my clit to my vagina. My body will tell you again when you should use your mouth. An experienced woman like me will want two or three fingers inside her while you eat. Some girls your age may be too sensitive for even one."
Jimmy looked down at the folds of his mother's waxed sex. His erection had softened from the nerves. He had seen some porn before, but he never really thought about what he should do. "Wh- where is your clit?"
"The clitoris is just above the vagina. If you are ever unsure, run your finger down from the top. Then you will find the clit, and going further you will find my entrance."
He did as instructed and his mom let out a grunt and tensed her shoulders. As Jimmy kept rubbing her clit, his mother's grunting became consistent and she started to writhe her pelvis. The sight of his mother responding to his touch cause his mind to shut off and the passion of mother-son intimacy to take over. He inserted a finger and his mom whined in ecstasy. She began to gasp with sharp bursts of her melodic voice that encouraged Jimmy's instincts to pump his finger in and out of his mother. He inserted another finger and his mom squealed "Oh yes," and he knew he was ready to finish her. His mouth clamped over her open labia and he swirled his tongue across her clit. Susan let out a loud moan and screamed "Oh yes, my son! You're making Mommy feel so good. Keep going, finish Mommy, you're going to finish Mommy…"
And with a loud scream Susan bucked her pussy against her son's face and flooded him with juices. He kept eating, trying to pump his fingers against her intense movements. He tried to continue as she slowed down, but she began to rise and he separated from her.
"Come with me, I need more," Susan whispered between breaths.
Jimmy followed his mom out of the room and toward hers. She threw off her tank top and Jimmy let out a groan, lamenting that he couldn't see his mom's huge tits freed from the fabric. "Take off that shirt and lay on the bed," she said as they entered her room and she went to her suitcase.
Jimmy obeyed and Susan tore out a condom. She unwrapped the rubber as she rushed to her son. His manhood was fully erect but flopping onto his stomach, too large to hold itself up. She straddled his legs and positioned the condom at the tip of her son's penis. Her first pull did not unwrap the rubber, a rarity in her years of sheathing men. Her second expert motion extended the length of the condom, but again, this one did not reach Jimmy's base.
Susan stared for a moment. A distant voice in her mind reminded her that such a poor fitting condom was not safe. But knowing that her son was so large, so large that rubbers for her perfectly impressive husband didn't come close to covering his cock, made her walls clench as if in a small orgasm. She rose on her knees and took Jimmy's massive penis by both hands. She positioned her birth canal at the end of his member and slowly impaled herself. She let out a satisfied moan. She couldn't remember taking anyone so big, but somehow the feeling of Jimmy splitting her seemed to belong. Her baby was back home, inside his mommy. "Yes baby," came from deep in her lungs as she bottomed out for the first time.
Jimmy tentatively put his hands on his mom's hips as she slowly rode up and down. His pelvis was instinctively finding a rhythm with her, but his hands and mind were still in shock. A moment ago his mom was giving him strict orders, now she was having sex with him, her eyes shut in ecstasy and her mouth agape in pleasure. He watched one of his own hands, not through his own control, move up and hold one of his mother's massive tits. The touch elicited a large exhale from Susan, who encouraged "Yes baby, touch Mommy, Mommy's yours now."
The sweet sound of his mom's submission shut down any of Jimmy's fears. His hand roughly grabbed his mother's breast with his thumb rubbing across her nipple. His other hand moved from her hip to her plump ass, moving her up and down to take control of her bouncing. Susan's soft, deep breaths began to shorten in length but rise in volume as Jimmy began to buck against her. "Yes baby, you're so deep inside me," Susan yelped as Jimmy continued to thrust.
Jimmy was too lost to respond. "It's where you belong," Susan groaned. "You belong inside Mommy."
Jimmy put both hands on his mother's ass and strongly forced her up and down his cock. Susan began to scream. Her son, so timid less than a day ago, had become such a strong lover, fueled by the connection of a son to his mother. She needed just one more thing from him, now that both hands were controlling her. Between screams she pleaded, "Suck Mommy's tits… you always loved sucking Mommy's tits."
He sat up, taking an erect nipple into his mouth while continuing to drive his mother onto him. "Baby, you're so strong," Susan cried, amazed that her son could continue fucking her so hard with a mouth on her nipple. Despite all her experience, she had known nothing of the sexual magic between a mother and son. But Jimmy was teaching her all she needed to know. "Baby, you're going to make Mommy cum!" she shouted.
Jimmy released Susan's nipple and moaned "I'm gonna cum too."
Susan's walls began to clamp around her son's cock. Her screams reached a fever pitch, a volume she didn't even know she had. Her whole body was overtaken by a tremor as she heard her son scream "Mommy!" and begin to explode inside of her. Her body continued to convulse as time lost all meaning for her.
Eventually she came to her senses and collapsed onto her son's bare chest. He was still inside her. "You fucked Mommy so good," she cooed.
"Am I supposed to pull out because of the condom?" Jimmy asked.
"Yes but I still need you in me," she said softly.
Jimmy let out a satisfied sigh as the two began to drift off. His cock began to soften, finally satiated by the place it had always belonged. The snow began to fall harder. "I still have sixteen condoms," Susan whispered into her son's ear.

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