Trapping The House Maid

Hi everyone, I am Subhasish, a regular reader of n8story. Have been thinking of my own real life story but somehow that was not happening. Today I am going to share my story with you all, hope you like that and before starting I shall give you a small background of my family and the time when this incident happened hope you guys will not get bored.
I am the only son of my parents and both of them were working. That time I got a job after passing out from the engineering college from the campus interview. My posting was 400 km away from my house. During one vacation I took two days additional leave so that I can spend one entire week with my parents after coming home and I came to know that both my parents cannot take leave from office as they were under a lot of work pressure.
I had nothing to do in daytime except staying at home. One part time maid whose name was Kalpana who used to come before my parents leaving for office, as I stayed back at home my mom advised her to come late around 9-30 am to make my breakfast. She is the heroine in this incident. Let me explain her briefly and she used to stay nearby, at her mid 20s, got married with a kid of 2 years but husband left her and got married to someone. So she had to stay with her mom and to work at others’ house to earn.
She was not attractive, average looking whitish colour and in general and there was no reason why someone would get attracted to her. She used to work in some houses in our complex. Two days had gone normal. She came in time, prepared breakfast and did her day to day chores and left. The incident happened on third day. Generally I used to sleep when she came when the doorbell rang I got up from the bed opened the door and went to wash room as usual.
I did in the previous two days but on that day I came out from the wash room very fast. It was an attached toilet in my room and I saw Kalpana was standing in front of my desk with my wallet in her hand and one 100 rupee note was partially out of my wallet as the wallet was having quite a few numbers of currencies, I did not realise whether that incident had happened in earlier two days or not. This time I came to know as I came out of the toilet very fast when I stared at her and she became like a statue and totally numb.
I asked harshly what was going on before that I did not speak much with her and listening to my rough voice, she fell on my feet and holding them kept on telling me to forgive her and she would not do this again. I told her that it was her nature and she could not change herself, she must have done these things earlier which were unnoticed but she kept on begging me and telling me that to forgive her and not to tell this to my mom as if my mom had come to know.
She would not only lose the job at our house but also the job from the entire complex she would lose. She was crying like a hell holding my feet. I felt that bad person inside me was getting up. I asked her to get up and also asked her how much money she wanted. She replied rs 200 and I took out rs 400 from my wallet and kept it on the table. Told her that there would be two options, one she could take money what.
I kept on table and in return she had to co-operate with me what I was going to say. Otherwise, no money and I would report this to my mom in the evening. I told her to let me know before leaving house on that day and after saying that, I went to the toilet and was thinking what could happen thereafter and after I came out, she served me breakfast, I asked about what she thought, in reply
She: I need money, what do I need to do?
Me: are you sure and consciously saying this?
She: yes
Me: I shall tell you to do something which you have to do for today you get paid rs 400 but if you want to do the same in coming days you’ll get paid may be more but not less.
She: what needs to be done?
Me: simple, what an adult guy and girl do and I hope you understand what I mean to say? Are you ready for that?
She just nodded her head and I was sitting on the dining chair, I asked her to pull the curtain around and to sit in front of me on her knees. She sat quietly with her head down by that time I am on the half way of my breakfast and I forgot to tell you that she was in saree. I held her Aanchal on her shoulder and pulled that down on her lap and as she has been working since morning her dress was not that tidy.
I realised that I could not do much with her at that moment when her Aanchal was on her lap, she tried to cover her breasts which was not a big one 34 with her arms. I told her not to cover as I wanted to see them. She put her hand down; I saw them at different angles by asking her to turn left and right and now with my left hand I started unbuttoning her blouse thereafter.
I lifted her bra holding that from her cleavage portion. Tits are now exposed in front of my eyes and I washed my hand as my breakfast was over, came to my chair and held her both tits tenderly. I realised that immediately it became hard and nipples got erected. I kept on moving my fingers over there, she closed her eyes and I felt that she was enjoying my act. I started interacting with her.
Me: when did your husband left you?
She: almost 1 year
Me: any idea where is he?
She: no
Me: do you ever had sex with anyone after your husband left, tell me the truth
She: no
Me: why? You do not enjoy?
She: no I enjoy, but where and how? And none will marry me with kid otherwise how do I
Me: ok, I understand, but if I propose you to enjoy that with me as long as I am here, which none will know, are you interested?
She: quiet
Me: answer me
She: quiet
Me: if your silence is yes, then you get up and she got up. I realised that she was fully in my control at the same time, as she was not clean and I was not ready to do everything at that moment, while she got up and I pulled her saree down, untie her saya and asked her to remove her blouse and bra.
She did so and was absolutely nude in front of me. She was trying her best to cover her private parts and her pussy was full of pubic hair. I asked her to turn while standing and I observed her very minutely without touching her. I thought that I had some more days in my hand and I would be having time to do the final one in next two days.
I started touching her body from forehead very tenderly down and down. Her nipples were already erected. I slowly reached her pussy. I touched her pussy it was wet. Inserted one finger and she held my shoulder as she was standing in front of me. I started moving my finger in and out very slowly and she was getting horny and impatient when I stopped moving my fingers there.
She held my hand and started pulling and pushing my hand there with her hand. I started pressing her tits with my other hand. She started moaning aloud and reached her orgasm. I saw her eyes closed once she opened her eyes and I asked her to sit in between my legs on her knees once she sat, I pulled down my shorts and asked her to hold my dick, which was not fully hard that time. She held that softly moved her fingers up and down looking at my face.
She kept on doing that, holding my balls and I was enjoying her touch and my dick was getting harder. I told her to take her in her mouth, she was refusing. I held her head and forcibly pulled her face towards my dick and forced her to take that in. I started controlling the movement of her head. She was taking only 2 to 3 inch out of my 7 inch dick in her mouth. I increased the pace as she realised that I was going to cum shortly.
She tried to escape but my arms were quite strong that she could not and I cum there in but she managed not to take semen in her mouth but her lip and face was full with my cum. We cleaned ourselves, she put on her saree. I asked her how she liked. She kept quiet and I held her both nipples over her clothes and asked again, then she smiled and replied that she liked. I asked her to come tomorrow with more time as we wanted to have more fun. 
I also told her to come with clean clothes and in tidy manner. I told her that I wanted to remove her hair in underarms and in pubic area. She took 400 rs and left. Next day I got up early in the morning and masturbate in the bathroom keeping in mind that I had to screw her for a long time and then again I slept. While sleeping I felt tickling on my feet and I got up, I saw Kalpana as my parents were still there she came and started working.
She did tickle below my foot to indicate that she was in. I was on bed till my parents left. Once they left, I got up and saw her in different mood, quite neat and clean with shampoo in her hair. She was not looking the usual way. She came very close to serve my tea. I pulled her towards me, just wrapped her and she put her head on my chest. I pressed her against me and started rubbing my dick on her stomach her hot breathe on my chest was making me horny.
I touched her all over and then she went for serving my breakfast. I asked her to share with me, which she did. Thereafter, I took her to my room and made her removing all clothes, I let her lie on floor. I started touching her whole body from forehead till toe with my ten fingers gently. Teased both nipples as well as her pussy, by that time I felt that her pussy has become wet and then I applied hair remover in her underarms and pubic area and made them clean in the previous evening.
I bought baby oil, a pack of condom along with the hair remover. I started massaging her body with the baby oil. I squeezed and pressed her boobs along with the oil massage and made her absolutely wet and I had been doing that with my hands only then I removed my shorts and underwear. Put some more oil on her body and asked her to massage me with her body. For doing that I lied on floor and she came on top rubbing her breasts on my chest till abdomen oh it was a nice feeling.
I turned back and then she started massaging my back with her breast where I had put more oil to do that. This went on for around fifteen minute. I turned back again facing ceiling and asked her to massage my dick. She took oil in her both palm and started doing it was getting harder and harder. I also started playing with her nipple in one hand and the pussy with the other. She started moaning with this act.
I asked her to massage my dick with her tits, she obediently followed. I realised that, I need to move little faster as she could not stay for long time and neighbours if they saw her entering our flat could suspect that something was happening wrong inside. I cleaned my hand and her pussy and underarm with soap. Dried those places with towel and again let her lie on floor. I took hair remover in my fingers and applied on her underarms and pussy as for effective working.
I need to keep the remover applied on those areas for some time, during this waiting time I kept on playing with her both nipples then I cleaned her areas with tissue. I took her to toilet, put her shower cap which was there in the toilet then I realised that she came with shampoo in hair and it was a good shampoo. I soaped her very well and she reciprocated that to me too. Both of us were full of foam and we started rubbing our body with each other and were generating more foam.
She was looking quite clean with her clean shaved pussy and under arms. We washed ourselves and dried with towel then we entered to the bedroom. Let her lie on my bed with her waist at the edge of bed. I was on my knees sitting close to her pussy. I held her thighs with my both hands and put my mouth in her clean shaved pussy. Started licking that wildly and she started shivering and tried to lift her ass and at the same time tried to press my head with her thighs.
I literally dug myself in her pussy but she pulled my hair and literally lifted my up and requested to do the final one. I also felt that the need so got up and put condom and placed the dick there in the love hole and just pressed little. The area was so moistened that it entered very smoothly. I just lied over her and as I was standing on ground, my full body pressure was not on her as I was not moving and I felt that she started moving her ass and moaning to tease her further.
I pressed myself harder so that she could not move. She forced me to get up and start the final act. I had to get up from her and started moving my dick in and out. Her moan became louder to louder. I was also increasing my speed but with no time she reached orgasm. I was in my midway so I kept on banging her harder and harder and then I asked her to hold my neck and I lifted her while I was inside her. 
She crossed her legs around my waist and I was holding her ass bringing her closer and then taking her away. She hugged me tight and her breasts were crushed against my chest as she was not heavy and I did not feel any load in doing so, rather I was enjoying screwing her in that fashion after some time, si felt that she could not hold her legs. 
I took her again to the bed in the same manner and ramming very hard, may be after 20-30 rams, I felt my nerves were ready to discharge and it happened. We got up and cleaned ourselves. I told her
Me: this is a trial
She: means
Me: what you have now is very little, tomorrow I’ll give you more
She: oh, today itself I’m full, what else will you give tomorrow
Me: I did not do much foreplay, tomorrow and I do that and then I want to fuck you on your ass
She: no you do the way you did, not there,
Me; ok, as you wish one more thing did you enjoy?
She: what do you think?
Me: I don’t know you have to say
She: ok yes, very much
Me: then you need to reciprocate that to me what you have from me now
she: how
Me: do what you like and then she came closer to me and gave a passionate kiss on my lips, as she was not with clothes then and I held her ass, lifted her up and brought her nipples close to my mouth and suck the left one hard and made it red.
I told her that this was the symbol of our first sex. She got ready and I told her that the next day is the only day as thereafter weekends were coming nothing could be done so she should come prepared for the same. She smiled at me. I gave her rs 1000, initially she was not ready but I forcefully gave her and the day gone this way and next day she was on time when my parents were there.
I was awake and was watching her and she was more sincere in her work and was working very carefully and slowly. She was doing what she was not supposed to do also and anyway my parents left for office. I was in our drawing room and she was in her daily chores at kitchen once my parent left, she closed and locked the door and showed me her smiling face. I called her and in reply she said that she would be coming in 5 minute.
I could clearly see in her face the urge to get screwed. So far I was under an impression that the urge of having sex is more in guys than girls but after seeing her I realised that my idea was wrong and then she came, she was wearing a blue saree with matching blouse and was quite tidy like the previous day. I was sitting on the sofa and she came and was standing in front of me.
There was quite a decent privacy in our drawing room and I felt that I could do everything there with her and I held her both hands with mine and pulled her with my minimum force she knelt herself down in front of me on the floor looking at me. I put her hand on my lap and my hands on her shoulder our communication was like this.
Me: How are you feeling?
She: means
Me: I mean are you ready for everything?
She: quiet and smiling
Me: say something, how do I know that you are ready and have not come here in compulsion that if you don’t come I shall tell my mom that you were taking money from my purse.
She: yes you forgive me that day and I forgot now all those. Now I am here on my own will and not for money.
Me: If that so, then why are you sitting here and waiting, I want to see your act today. I just would like to enjoy.
She: what shall I do? I can’t do, do what you want to do.
Me: ok, whatever you say.
I asked her to remove her blouse and bra and put her aanchal of saree down. She did so and then I asked her to pull down my shorts and jockey and to take my tool in her hand. I guided her and she did so. I moved forward sitting on sofa, pulled her close to me in between my legs. Held her tits and put my dick in between and started doing her tit fuck. She started rubbing her face on my stomach.
It continued for quite some time then I asked her to lie on floor and I remove my clothing. I knelt on her putting my legs both sides of her body and started tit fucking again holding her tits. My dick was getting harder and harder and it was hitting her chin. I saw that during rubbing for such a long time her tits has become red and I got up and lied on the floor and I asked her to remove her saree and petticoat she did that without delay.
I asked her to come close by keeping her pussy close to my face. She as kneeling close to my face and I started licking her wet pussy slowly inserting my tongue and pulling that out. I could realise her moan was increasing and she knelt backward widening her pussy for my tongue. I held her waist pulled her down and inserted my entire tongue and she started screaming aloud.
I thought that if someone near our entrance could understand what was going there. I got up, took her to my bedroom, she started pleading not to do further and wanted my dick there. I said that, I was not in a mood to do then. She said that, she could not control and started giving excuses that she was in a hurry to finish work in others house. I got upset and told her to leave and get her job finished in others’ house and then come back for the rest as I was not in a mood to hurry.
She said me not to get angry and she would be doing what I wanted. I hugged her tight and told her that is what I wanted. I started squeezing her butt in the most passionate way as far as possible, at the same time moving my fingers along the ass crack and teasing ass-hole as she was hugging me, I could feel her pressure on me increasing during that moment and her tits were pressed on my chest.
I was enjoying her act very much and I lifted her up holding her ass and brought her pussy at the level of my dick and started rubbing that over there. She wanted to clamp her legs across my waist while doing that, i asked her to come down and gave her the condom to put in. once she did so we again went to that position where we had stopped and had inserted my rock hard dick in her pussy.
Fucking while standing if your partner is of light weight is a good posture that I realised. I was banging her hard and then I put her down and asked her to be on her knees on my bed and I inserted in doggy mode. Holding her waist started screwing her with full blast and she was screaming madly and realised that she reached her orgasm but as I was on my mid way I kept continuing and then at the last moment.
I took out my dick and removed the condom and discharged entire semen on her ass. It was a real good fuck for me. She was lying for quite some time on my bed with ass facing ceiling however and I cleaned myself. I cleaned the semen from her ass using her petticoat and asked her
Me: how did you like this?
She: it has been the best one in my life
Me: is it!
She: yes
Me: then I should be rewarded of providing you such a great pleasure
She: of course. What do you want?
Me: a good BJ and then I would like you to drink that entirely.
She: uups, can’t do, ask me to do something and I can do that
Me: nothing can be done as from tomorrow and day after my parents will be there and I shall be leaving on Sunday night.
She: is that? So, today is our last,
Me: no, when I come next time, if you want we’ll do.
She: that is not now, later, who knows about later. You may get married and I may not be working here in your house.
Me: ok
She was wearing her clothes and I said that we’ll see. I also took out rs 1000 from my wallet and gave that to her. She simply refused to take that then I said that it was our agreement in the beginning and it is for her kid’s well being. I requested her to take that. She took that reluctantly after putting on her clothes. She then started the remaining work and after 15-20 minutes she came to my room.
I was there to say good bye as she was aware that in the remaining days I was at house she could not be closer as my parents would be there at home. She came very closer to say good bye, I pulled her towards me and hugged her very tight. She again surrendered herself on me. I asked her whether she needs another one or not in reply she said that she could not as she had work in other houses.
I unbuttoned her blouse and lifted her bra and started playing with her nipples with my lips and fingers. It had an instant erection. She held my head firmly on her breast. I just started teasing both the nipples. She wanted to go as she was getting late. I let her go giving a kiss on her forehead and shall share the remaining part in next episode. I hope you all like my story await your comments.