Traveling with Dishita

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When I travel, I like to carry my vibrator in the glove compartment. When it would get dark I would pull it out, lay back the seat and masturbate.

Last year I & My Friend, Dishita, were traveling to up north. We were on our way to a conference. We gabbed and laughed as the sun started to go down. Over the hum of the road I heard a gasp from the passenger seat; I looked over to see the glove box open and Dishita holding my vibrator. She was smiling; she giggled and said, “Expecting some excitement this weekend?”

I’m sure I was beat red with embarrassment but told her of my ritual of masturbation on the road. I heard the buzz of the vibrator turn on and looked over to see her running it over her cheek. I turned my eyes back to the road deepening another two shades of red. I took another quick glance over and she was still gently running it over her face. I concentrated on the road trying to push my embarrassment away.

I froze as a heard a small moan from the passenger’s seat. I sneaked a peak to see Dishita with her skirt slid up, her panties pulled aside and the vibrator on her clit. I tried to look away but couldn’t. I was mesmerized, it was so sexy.

See seemed to be in a world of her own, floating on cloud nine. I reached over and gently leaned her seat back. She looked over at me and smiled “mmmmm that’s nice” she softly said.

She paused for a moment as she slipped her panties off, and then resumed running the vibrator over her clit. I still could not take my eyes off her, just taking quick glances at the road to make sure we were on track. She started alternately slipping the vibrator into her pussy and over her clit, back and forth, back and forth. I was like a deer in the headlights, frozen in place, my eyes big. All my focus was on that spot between her thighs. I could feel my own pussy getting wet; this was the sexist thing I had ever seen.

Dishita’s moans were getting louder and I could not hold off my urges any longer. I reached over started to unbutton her blouse; I was rewarded with a creamy expanse of cleavage. When I had all but the bottom button undone I reached for her bra enclosed breast, gently rubbing over the nipple. Dishita moaned louder. She sat up a little; reaching around with her free hand she undid her bra. I undid the last button on her shirt and helped her slip off her top and bra. She leaned back and got to work again her impending orgasm and I caressed her breasts with my left hand, steering the car with my right.

I was so horny right then I think any touch would have brought me over the edge. Dishita was just so sexy pleasing herself. I could tell from the sounds she was making she was close. She started to shudder and her moan caught in her throat as she had a shattering orgasm. Oh!! It was so good to watch. She continued building up to another pushing herself over the edge as I pulled at her nipples.

As she subsided she turned to me and with loving eyes asked me to find a place to pull over. I did not want to turn my eyes away from her but I started scanning the road for a secluded spot. We had gone a few more miles, Dishita was building up again as I spotted a road into a farmers field that I thought would do. I pulled over; we were mostly hidden from the road and with the lights off no one would see us. I turned off the engine and lights; the moonlight was enough to allow me to see Dishita as she rammed the vibrator deeper and deeper, faster and faster, bring herself to orgasm again.

She looked at me, a dreamy look in her eyes, and said “I wanted you to pull over because I have uncontrollable desire to watch you masturbate for me.” At that time she could have asked me to do anything in the world and I would have had to obey, I was under her spell.

We moved to the back of the car where there was more room and the steering wheel would not get in the way. I slipped off my dress, bra and panties. I leaned back and took the vibrator from her. It was slippery with her juices. I slid it easily into my pussy. I was so wet I was almost gushing. It felt great as I started to fuck myself, I needed release so bad. It took my no time at all to have an orgasm rip through my body.

I started on my second when I realized Dishita was sucking on my right nipple, which sent me over the edge right then. I just love to have my nipples sucked. I had a third and fourth orgasm; I was so wet now it was a river running out of me.

Dishita moved from my breast to my face kissing me gently, mmmm so soft and nice. “Can I taste you?” she asked. I have never done anything like this before but I was so turned on all I could do was nod yes. She moved between my spread open thighs, the vibrator discarded somewhere on the floor. She started by lapping up the juices that were flowing from me, then moving up she plunged her tongue into my sopping slit exploring my deep reaches. She continued up to my nub and gently teased it till my orgasm crashed like the waves on a beach, releasing a new flow that sparked her to start the process all over again.

After several more orgasms she raised herself up for another kiss. I tasted myself on her lips, it was so good. It gave me an intense desire to taste her. I leaned her back, she spread her thighs in anticipation, I went slow, kissing, taking little licks, and I pressed my tongue against her clit and was rewarded with a moan. This spurred me on, I let loose and in a short time was rewarded with Dishita climaxing with my lips locked around her clit. After two more orgasms, I leaned back exhausted. Dishita leaned over and kissed me, sharing our juices and our passion. We got dressed and got back on the road.

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