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I was orphaned at the age of 5 and adopted by a family and at age of 16 started travelling. My adopted family weren’t sad to see me go as they weren’t a loving family and had only taken me in for the money the state gave them. Once I left school and got a job the money stopped. I soon decided giving most of my pay to them wasn’t doing me any good I headed off. I picked fruit and done odd jobs here and there slowly picking up skills, at the age of 20 I was with group of travelers. It was with them I lost my virginity, several women in the group. All but one was on a relationship with some else in the group. The unattached woman was 50 or so and liked a drink, so I got to fuck her several times by providing her alcohol. But after the fruit picking season was over, I left the group and got a short-term job to tide me over the slack period. I was staying a t a hostel and it wasn’t anything flash. I met a nice girl 19 where I was working and her mother 37 also worked there. I started dating the daughter and I moved in with the mother and her. They were renting a 2bed cottage and I shared the daughter’s room, as the job was coming to an end. WE were going to travel to another state and find jobs there, I never took up drinking much or smoking. But I did play the lottery and a week before the jobs were to finish my numbers came up. I was now set up for life unless I done something stupid. It also considered with my girlfriend missing her period, I hadn’t said anything about my win at the time. I asked my girlfriend to marry even before she tested herself, but she would test positive. Only after the jobs finished for us, I told them at first, they thought was having them on. But once they I wasn’t they were happy for me, then they finally realized we were set for life. Shock set in, but we started to talk about what we should do with our newfound wealth. We decide to buy a small farm to live on not to farm, we wanted space around us as they say. We found the right place for us 37 acres a 4bed house and a barn. Our first night living in our first home we partied a bit more than usual for us and awoke next morning with a slight hangover and all naked in the same bed. I’d already married my girlfriend before the purchase of the house was finished and now had fucked her mother as well. Her mother wasn’t protected, and I hadn’t used a condom and she got pregnant also. Now 7 years later I’ve 5 children 3 with my wife and 2 with her mother. We all still share the same bed, and the mother changed her surname to mine, so the birth certificates show the same mother and father’s surnames. My wife and her mother have the same Christian names and so nobody will notice anything strange. All the children have 2 mothers, and we are enjoying our free lifestyle.

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