Treating My Boss

Treating My Boss

Disclaimer: This story involves cuckold, interracial, and old vs young themes. If you dislike these genres, please don’t continue to read.

Being a new home owner can be stressful. It can be even more stressful if your job was on the line. That was the case for me as my workplace was downsizing and changing into new management. They were already firing people and I didn’t know my standing in the company. My wife Lisa was worried that I may lose my job and wanted me to inquire with my current boss Mike about my status. Mike was leaving the company and is moving to Florida. He can tell the new management who to fire and recommend who to keep.
Me and Lisa were married for two years and just bought our first home in January. She works in real estate, but she needs my steady income for our weekly expenses. So naturally she was pestering me to find out and to give a good impression to Mike. She suggested that I invite him over to our house. She said that I should tell him about our outdoor hot tub and have some drinks.
That’s exactly what I told my boss Mike on a Thursday morning at work. He was delighted to hear my offer and took up on it. He said that we can take a half a day and leave work early to enjoy the mild temperature we been having. We live in Long Island, New York. It was in the upper 70’s in late May. I gave him my address and he said he will meet me at my house.
He arrived to my home with a six pack of beers. I had some whiskey to offer him. He suggested we have the whiskey with beer on top of it. I never had it like that, but he was saying it will give you nice buzz. We made our drinks and changed into our swimming trunks. Before we went outside, I showed him the tour of the house. He said we have a lovely home.
He also loved our outdoor hot tub as well. We got settled in the tub and was drinking away. We made small talk and an hour later I asked about my job situation. He told me “well Johnny you’re a hard working person and the company really values you. Of course your job is safe. I told them to keep you and you are a great asset to the company.” I was so relieved to hear that from him. I had to tell my wife, but I choose to tell her later in person.
Mike later commented to me “it’s a darn shame it’s just us guys in the tub and no females around.” I just replied laughing “I know right. But we are getting a good buzz and the weather is awesome.” He agreed. I had my phone near by and my wife had texted me. She said “hey babe, me and Kate will be using the hot tub today. It’s nice out.” I replied that me and Mike are already using it. She said “ok then, maybe me and her will join you guys.” I said it was cool and that she should get something to drink. She told me she is almost home and that she picked up a bottle of champagne.
I told Mike that my wife and her co worker Kate is coming to join us. He was thrilled to hear that and asked about Kate. I told him “I think she is in her upper 30’s. I haven’t met her though.” Mike himself is in his 50’s and said “well we will see how she looks. I guess I can do upper 30’s.” He wanted to get linked up, as he is divorced and single. By now we had three drinks and had a great buzz going.
About an hour later my wife came out with her bottle of champagne and glass half empty. She was wearing a two piece pink bikini. It contrasted well against her tan bronze color skin. Let me describe my wife. Me and her are of Indian descent. We are in the upper 20’s in age. My wife has a great figure for her age. She has 34 c size tits with no sag. Flat tummy and long sexy legs. Love her legs and thighs. She is 5’7 in height. Tall for a Indian girl. Not to mention a nice curvy butt. I was proud of her figure and knew my boss would gawk at her once she joined us.
He did in fact look her up and down before she entered the hot tub. My wife introduced herself “Hi Mike, my name is Lisa. I am Johnny’s wife, nice to meet you. I have heard great things about you.” Mike introduced himself and the conversations began to flow. Also our drinks were flowing too. My wife was already halfway through her bottle. She said “ I should save some for Kate.” She added “where is this girl? Let me check on her.” So she texted her and she got a reply that she won’t be able to make it. Lisa told us about her reply and Mike said “damn I wanted to see how your friend Kate looked.” My wife said “well Mike she is in her upper 30’s, maybe too young for you.” He protested back “are you saying I am too old? Age is just a number, plus it’s not like she is underage.” Lisa replied “you’re right. You do have a point there.” She added “ I am sorry. You do look great for your age though.” He was smiling and said thank you.
He proclaimed “I am having a great time with you guys. Lisa you guys have a lovely home and I love this hot tub. If I had this back home I would be totally naked in here.” He confessed to us that he is part of a nude society and goes nude camp retreats in the summer. He was saying it was our God given right to be nude and it was liberating. My wife giggled and said jokingly “we’ll make yourself at home.” Mike replied “you sure? Or are you messing with me?” Now my wife couldn’t take it back or he may get offended. She said “yeah go ahead. Do whatever you would do at home. You are our guest. Our home is your home.” He was ecstatic and proceeded to take off his swimming trunks. He was saying it was hard to do it at his house because of his teenage daughter. Me and my wife felt a bit awkward and taken back with my middle aged boss sitting naked in our tub. We figured he will put his clothes back on after a few minutes.
Later Mike said “ come on guys let’s go by the lounger and catch some rays.” So he got up and decided not to grab his trunks. I followed along and my wife said she is going to finish her drink and get a refill. She finished her bottle. She must have been piss drunk and wanted more to drink. She stayed in the tub for a little. My boss was fully naked and laying on the lounger. I sat on the nearby lounger with my trunks on. My wife eventually got out of the hot tub and went back into the house. Mike got another good view of my wife’s wet body through her bikini. I noticed his cock was getting semi hard as she walked by us. He told me after she went inside “Johnny you have good looking wife and she has great figure. You are a lucky guy overall.” I could only say thanks to that compliment and told him that she works out and takes care of her body.
My wife was texting me while I sat with my boss outside. She said, “what is he doing sitting outside like that. Our neighbors could see him. Tell him to put some clothes on.” I told her it’s her fault and that I will tell him. So I told Mike “let’s go inside and watch the ball game. I will order some pizza too.” He agreed and told me “hey I am gonna let my trunks dry out. You guys don’t mind if I come in like this? I saw you guys had sofa covers, I can sit on that.” He left me no choice but to say “sure come on in.” I didn’t want to come off rude, especially since he saved my job.
My boss is 6ft in height and that dwarfed our heights. I am just 5’8. My white boss simply walked in the kitchen butt naked like it was natural, and told my wife about having to dry off his trunks. He also said that I agreed it would be ok. She could only say the same and allowed him to take a seat on our love seat in the living room. Me and my wife just argued while we whispered to one another. She asked “I thought you told him to put some clothes back on.” I said back to her “I didn’t wanted to be rude and implied that we should go inside. He didn’t take my hint. Plus it’s all your fault, saying treat yourself to our home.” She couldn’t say much back after that. So we joined him in the living room with another round of drinks. My wife now drinking some red wine.
The ball game had finished and we were sitting on the bigger couch while Mike sat on the loveseat. My wife was being touchy-feely towards me. She gets like that when she is drunk and she is in the mood for sex. I hated that since we had company, I hate doing PDA things in front of other people. I also was getting annoyed my boss was still sitting naked in my house and in front of my wife. She would glance at his naked body from time to time. He was not in bad shape for his age, weight distributed in all the right areas.
When I wanted to change the channel, the remote had fallen in between the couch cushions. In a annoyed manner I told my wife “ get up get up. I have to get this damn remote.” She said “ok fine!” She got up and stood directly in front of my boss. She was blocking the view of the tv, but I bet he didn’t mind it.
I got on all fours to look underneath the couch, while she stood there. That’s when she said out loud “stupid bikini bottom. I like string bikinis, but hate it when the ties gets loose like this.” She had two ties on each side of her hips that held together her bikini bottom. One of them was loose and she was trying to fix it. Then my boss boldly suggested “Don’t fix it and join the naked club like me.” Her reply was “You’re right, it’s easier to take this darn thing off than putting it on.” But she was still trying to fix the strings. Mike encouraged her more saying “just take it off and see what it’s like to be free. Plus your in your own home.” She said “that’s true, it is my own home……Well what the heck.” I looked up to see her pull the string on one side, followed by her pulling the string on the other side. She just had undid both strings to make it open and her bikini bottom easily fell to the floor. She was bottomless now! Mike cheered her for her actions and said “there you go! Now come join me here while Johnny looks for that pesky remote.” She did in fact walked towards him and said “at least someone wants my company.”
My young Indian wife went to sit right next to my white elderly boss. Before she sat back, Mike told her “you’re not naked unless you take off your top too.” She said “my top too? might as well.” Now my wife was undoing her tie to her top. In no time her bikini top was loose and she took it off her body. She simply threw it on the floor and sat back. She was fully naked now. She had triumphant smile at me as she sat close to my boss on the loveseat. Was she trying to make me jealous since I pushed her away from me?
When she had taken off her top, it looked like a wet dream. It was like watching it in slow motion. When she had taken off the last piece of garment while she was sitting next to my naked boss, it looked like she was about to have sex with him. My wife was feeling bold and carefree, must be from the liquor.
I was still on the floor watching her sit there with her long legs crossed. My boss said to me “Johnny, she is going to give me company while you look.” He then told her “you looked lovely in your bikini, but even better naked. How does it feel to be naked and free.” She blushed at his comment and said it felt nice. Then she giggled and pointed out “I see that you’re enjoying this too.” That’s when she was looking at his hard dick. I saw that his cock turned hard, at least 8 to 9 inches. He had a thick build too. He was bigger than me. He could only say back “well can you blame me? I am sitting next to a very attractive young girl with a great body.” She blushed more and said thank you. He added that he is accustomed to see fat older ladies at his nude retreats.
There was a moment of silence and I continued to look for the remote and look in their direction. Everything unfolded very fast. My wife clearly let her inhibitions go from drinking and thought it was ok to sit naked next to my boss. But then again we were all drunk. My boss was being fresh too. He asked her “ you like what you see?” She asked him “what?” Then he made his cock twitch which caught her attention again. He pointed out “that”. She shyly nodded yes. He asked further on “what you like about it?” I was praying that she wouldn’t say it’s big. But she decide to say in a low voice that “it’s circumcised.” Mike was astounded to find out that. He asked her “you never had circumcised cock?” She shook her head no. He looked at me and said “so that means Johnny you’re not circumcised.” He said that’s a shame and that it’s a different feeling and experience for a woman.
I couldn’t tell if the remote went underneath the sofa or in between one of the crevices on the couch. I was too busy focused on them. He in the meantime being more free and open with my wife. Mike asked her “ how are you down there? Since you already seen my Johnson. Let me take a peak.” That was her que to uncross her legs and open them for him, so he can see her bald pussy. He leaned forward to take a look. He remarked “that’s a nice clean pussy. I like that.” He laughingly said “A nice clean pussy and a nice clean circumcised cock go well together.” He could sense his comment was bit snide and over the line, and told us “I am just joking.”
I still didn’t say a word nor stop this. He knew there was no resistance from me and my wife. She willing did everything on her own so far. Until he said openly “hey Johnny I think she is curious to touch it. She might as well touch it right, since she keeps looking at it.” With that he boldly took her left hand and brought it towards his cock. My wife in the meantime shaking her head no but was smiling and giggling. Her hand didn’t pull away as it landed on Mike’s cock! This is when Lisa looked at me for my reaction towards his forceful actions. I had a blank stare and my mouth agap to say something, but nothing came out. There was another moment of awkward silence and another moment where I could have stopped this. My wife could have stopped this herself and could have even smacked him for being so fresh and forceful. But she didn’t, my wife went from being kinda shy to playful and asked Mike while her hand was still on his cock “Since you got me touching you and we are getting comfortable with each other, I was wondering about Johnny’s job situation at work. Will he be able to keep his job?.” Mike responded with “Oh sure we can work something out.” He winked at me as he said that. Clearly my wife didn’t know that my job was safe. So she played along and began to caress her hand up and down his shaft to help me out. Mike told her it felt great and she should get a good feel of the whole cock. Mike told her, “you made my cock hard and is straining for you. Your body is smoking hot.” My wife was exploring and stroking my boss’ cock and asked him “so does this help?” He replied “sure it does. It’s a start.” In my head I was thinking “it’s a start?” What else does this man want and far how far would my wife play along.
I got the remote finally, so I took my seat on the big couch. Mike was grinning ear to ear and said to me “well you finally got the remote. Put something good on while me and Lisa talk.” So I looked at the tv and skimmed through some channels, found nothing interesting and I didn’t care for it. I overheard Mike requesting to Lisa “I would want to feel your titties next. May I?” I didn’t know her reply but when I looked back at them. She had granted permission because my wife sat forward and was allowing him to put his arms underneath her arms to grab her naked tits from behind! As he did it he said “I wanted to feel these tits ever since you came out in your little bikini. They feel wonderful.” He told me while he was cupping her bare tits in his hands, “you’re a lucky guy to have these big tits.” He managed to have my wife keep stroking his cock too. He asked her what’s her breast size as he squeezed away at her tits, and she confessed she is a 34C. Lisa looked at me; she looked kind of ticklish and discomfort, but she was still allowing for him to feel up her bosoms .
Still my boss knew we weren’t fighting it, and with that he made another bold move. He instructed her “I think I need you to stand up and come around here.” He motioned Lisa to get up and come around to his sprawled legs. She followed his command and got up and came around to his open legs. He said to her “yeah just like that, now get down on your knees.” She hesitated, but he took her two hands and forced her down to her knees. She got on her knees and she sat on her legs awaiting his next instructions. She asked him in an obedient manner “what would you like now, Mike?” He told her “come lean in and take a closer look at it.” He added “ I want you to smell it and see the veins. See how different it is from your husband’s cock.” She hesitantly leaned in and her face was an inch away from it. He asked if it smelled good. She nodded yes to his question. He suggested “Then I think you should check out the texture too.” She asked him confused “texture?” He replied “yeah the texture. Cause the texture of how it feels in your mouth. Circumcised is different from an uncircumcised cock.” He wanted my wife to put his cock into her mouth. The motherfucker wanted a blowjob and my wife looked back at me for another reaction. I just had a stunned look and I didn’t stop it again. Then she looked back it his cock, this time her face was hovering over it. Mike said to her “come on it won’t bite! At least put the head into your mouth.”
My jaw dropped as she daringly opened her mouth and went down to let his pecker go slide into her mouth. Her lips closed around his girth and her mouth held his head in place. Mike cheered her “there you go! That’s it.” Lisa took her mouth off after a second or two. She looked up at him to show that she fulfilled his request, but he clearly wanted more. Mike encouraged her “keep going sweetie, there is more to my cock. Keep exploring with your pretty little mouth.” He looked her in the eye and said “You know what I really want (winking at her), plus Johnny there doesn’t mind. You’re helping his cause.” She looked back at me one last time before she went back to look at his cock.
She knew it was her time to perform a blowjob for my boss. Was she going to do it? It was a yes, as she spat at his cock and opened her mouth wide to inhale his cock. Her head in his lap as her mouth glided down his shaft halfway. That’s when Mike knew she was going to perform fellatio on him, and he sat back to relax. He said to me “this day became better than I thought. Damn this feels soo good right now. It’s been awhile.” He told me “I guess you can turn off the TV and enjoy the show .” My wife was being an obedient little whore on her knees blowing my boss between his sprawled legs. She either wanted to try his cock or really wanted to help with my job situation, because her head was bobbing up and down on his shaft.
My cock was straining from watching this. My naked wife pleasuring my boss orally. He was telling me how good of a cock sucker she is. He was smiling and jokingly told me “oh man, if she keeps sucking me like this, you might as well get a promotion too.” He was grunting in pleasure as my wife’s sucking intensity gradually increased. He was very vocal on how great it felt and that must have encouraged Lisa to satisfy him more.
After some time he interrupted her and told her to get up on the sofa. She got up and did I as told. He positioned her by his side and she was on her knees again on the couch. She hunched over to his lap to take his cock again into her mouth. This time she was attempting to take in more of his meat while she held onto his tight ball sac and the base of his cock. She was trying to go down deeper. Her eyes looking at me and closing as she tried to go deep on him. His dick was imprinted on her cheeks and then continued downward. He in the meantime playing with her ass cheeks that was raised up in the air. He squeezed her two ass cheeks and said “look at all that ass.” He slapped them too which made them jiggle. He started to probe her pussy next. He groped it with the palms of his hands and started to have his fingers play with the outside of her pussy lips. He eventually had his finger go inside of her.
He began to finger bang her twat while she blew him. Her eyes closed from the pleasure of the finger banging, and his head rested back enjoying the oral sex. He too closed his eyes and groaning away. They were lost in pleasure as I watched on. This could either end by me putting it to a stop, or simply by Mike getting a chance to cum. As fate would have it, I just had gotten a call from the pizza delivery guy. I had instructed to give a call on my cellphone before they came to the door, since we were outdoors before. Now I had the opportunity to interrupt the two, but I was confused if I wanted it to stop. I was fully erect watching this. I knew I had to get the guys away from there in order for me to open the front door, or the delivery guy would be seeing what I was seeing.
So I announced to them “umm guys the pizza delivery guy is here.” They didn’t hear me as they were too busy with one another. I repeated saying that twice. On the second one I shouted at them. Which woke Mike and Lisa from there sexual trance. My wife took the time to take his cock out of her mouth and she wiped her lips and mouth from excess saliva. They both looked at me with a shocked look, if I was mad. Then I continued in a regular tone, saying “the delivery guy is here and I have to open the door.”
Mike responded, “oh right. We don’t want him to see us like this. We will be out your way then.” Then he told my wife “come on sweetie, let’s go somewhere with more privacy to finish what we started.” He got up and helped her up. He took her hand and led her towards our guest room. I saw him take my wife away from me. Both of their naked asses running frantically away from the living room.
He was on a mission to bust a nut. I was wondering if he was gonna finish by Lisa giving a blowjob or something more as he took her to our guest room. I was scrabbling to get the money to pay the pizza guy. My cock was hard and could be seen through my swimming trunks. I had to conceal it between my legs. I opened the front door and paid the guy quickly. I put the food down and crept towards the guest room. The door was open and I can clearly see through the door hinges and the through the reflection of the dresser mirror.
Mike was laying on the bed and his back resting against the headboard. My wife was on all fours on the center of the bed while she continued to give him a blowjob. He was saying to her “this is real nice. You really know how to take care of your guest.” She took her mouth off his cock to say “I am really doing this to save Johnny’s job.” Mike replied “well you know, Johnny’s job is safe. I had told him before. I guess he didn’t inform you yet.” Lisa playfully slapped his hard on and asked “so I did all of this for no reason?” He said “no not really. Just count it as a farewell gift to me. You can keep going.” She shook her head in disbelief, but she went back to blowing him. While she sucked him, he suggested to her “an even better farewell gift would be your pretty bald pussy trying out my white circumcised cock.” He wanted to fuck her next. Lisa didn’t acknowledge at first, but he made sure she did. He repeated his statement again, and asked her if she heard what he said. Her answer was a “yes” by nodding her head with a mouth full of his cock.
He requested her to go deep and to deepthroat him. He said he loved that. She tried to, but it was too much for her. He remarked “I guess you’re not used to all that cock huh?” She took her mouth off to gain some air from her attempted deepthroat. She had gagged on it. Her reply was in the form of her shaking her head “no”. Mike replied “don’t worry, I will teach you before I leave. I am good at teaching, with my old age I have experience.”
I walked in as my wife was getting a breather. She was on all fours still and her ass sticking out to be fucked. I wanted to, but I decided to go by the big chair in the guest room. She was stroking my boss’ cock, and he in return had his hands on her big tits. They both looked at me. Mike said to me “Johnny you came just in time. I am about to teach your wife some new tricks. Have a seat there.” I myself sat down to see what he is up to.
He got up and went to the side of the bed closest to me. He told Lisa to lay on her back, once she did he took her arms and dragged her body towards the edge of the bed. This made her head hang from the edge of the bed. He took his pecker and made it bend straight down. He looked down at Lisa and said “open your mouth wide hun and take a deep breath. You have to breathe through your nose as we do this.” She followed his command and he fed his hard cock into her mouth. He slowly fed his cock. I was astonished to see her taking the length of his cock. She initially gagged and then he pulled out. He tried again. Each time she gagged and he would start all over again. By the fourth attempt she had his whole cock in her mouth. The head of his penis in her throat and her lips barely circling around his cock. His tight ball sac by her lips and nose.
He looked over his shoulder at me and said “see you have to break her in like this. Now she is taking all me like a pro.” He then leaned in towards her pussy. He was tall enough to stand and have all of his cock in her mouth, while he went by her pussy. He must have been licking her cunt, cause Lisa was moaning with her mouth full of cock. He would move his hips up and down a bit so he can fuck her throat. I would see the base of his cock exposed a little bit before it went back in her mouth each time. They were 69ing each other. They did this for like 5 minutes, which felt like eternity. My wife’s legs were kicking and spreading wider from enjoying the attention he was giving with his mouth.
He finally stood up to look down on her with a mouth full of his cock. He took some final strokes in her mouth before he said to her “come on. Let’s do what I told you before. Give me my real send off gift.” I knew what he was implying, but was my wife about to go all the way with him? He retracted his long cock out of her mouth. His dick had a huge amount of saliva on it. His cock glistened from all of her spit. Lisa sat up to compose herself again. Her eyes looked teary eyed from gagging so much. She was regaining her breath, as Mike repositioned himself on the bed.
He laid on his back. He was waiting for my wife to join him. She cleared her mind and thought for a minute. It was the moment of truth, as she was looking at me as she crawled towards him. My heart skipped a beat as she was joining my boss. They both looked at me as she was trying to straddle him. She was going to fuck him! She was willing to fuck my boss as she grabbed his cock, and was trying to align it to her pussy. I instinctively had to free my cock from the confines of my swimming trunks. I pulled it down by my ankles. I began to stroke my cock as I watched closely.
Mike knew he had me cuckold. He said to me as Lisa was putting the tip of his cock into her “hey you just sit there and try not to interrupt us, ok? I want to enjoy this all to myself. You can have her any night.”
As her pussy was easily sliding down his pole, she moaned and said “oh God.” Mike asked her “how is that big old white circumcised cock going inside of you? Feels good huh? I bet it’s your first time having a white guy?” She nodded her head yes and said “feels good right now.” He added “yeah it’s my first time having some young Indian pussy too. Damn you feel fucking good. Nice and wet but tight.” She slide all the way down to the base of his cock. She made his entire cock disappear and held it in her pussy. They were soaking in each other’s private parts. He told her to lay on him flat and she did. Her big bobbies mashed against his chest. Her tan bronzed skin contrasted against his pale white body. Her her head turned the other way and Mike was facing me.
He began to caress her body. Touching her back and making his way to her ass. His hands roaming by her ass and thighs. They still embracing each other. They had foreplay before. From her sucking his cock to 69ing, and from the liquor that put them in the mood. My wife had a void in her pussy and that was being fulfilled by Mike’s big old cock inside of her now. She wanted it as much as he did. My boss went from being naked around the house to having her touch his dick, to her sucking his dick, and now finally being able to fuck her!
He was making his hips rotate in a circular motion underneath her. He ever so softly started stroking up and down. She instinctively raised her hips up so he can take longer strokes up and down. He grabbed her two ass cheeks and began fucking her upwards. She was panting and making noises “oooo uh uh uh fuck.” He switched from bear hugging her body to grabbing her ass as he fucked her. He was talking dirty to her “I bet you wanted to try my cock the moment you saw it hard?” She replied in the heat of the moment “oh yes yes I did. Fuck me good. yes fuck me.” He replied “your wish is my command sweetie.” Then he began ramping up his speed and taking longer strokes inside of her. He would pound that pussy furiously and then slowed down, she in return would continue for him. She would sit completely down on him and grind her pelvis against his.
Finally Lisa took charge and told him to sit against the headboard. As they moved their private parts still intact with each other. Lisa grabbed the headboard and began grinding on him hard and bounce up and down on his shaft. Mike didn’t have to do anything as she was bouncing up and down on him. He looked at me and said “look Johnny no hands! She is doing all the work. You got a wild one here.” That was true as Lisa was doing all the work and she could easily make herself cum by doing that. Lisa was moaning in utmost pleasure. Her bouncing titties in his face. He was trying to put one of her tits in his mouth to suck. He got to suck her brown areolas and nipple.
Within five minutes, Lisa have achieved her first orgasm. She looked up to the ceiling and screamed “I am cumming, argh I am cumming on you.” He said “go ahead. Make that pussy more wet for me.” Once she calmed down Mike told her “come on, let’s try a new position.” The new position was them laying sideways towards me. He wanted to spoon her and fuck her. He went back in easily and they started another round. This time he held her two tits in his hand. Lisa eyes looked at me and would close. She was into it again. Mike’s hands went downward by her clit and began rubbing it. He rubbed her clit as his long cock went in and out of her. Mike was grinning in the background as this made Lisa go wild. He asked her “you like that huh? Me rubbing your swollen clit while I fuck you. You can squirt again on me.” He pulled her short hair back for her to look at him, her head turned over her shoulder. She couldn’t respond as she looked at him in a sexual trance. Her mouth was open and moaning loudly. He took the opportunity to lean in for a kiss. She saw that and didn’t pull away, she in fact opened her mouth more and let her tongue dart. He did the same and their lips made contact. They were making out as they fucked. This looked like some passionate sex. My wife let herself go and was moaning in Mike’s mouth. This motherfucker had his hands all over her body. One hand on her tit and the other on rubbing her clit.
When Mike took his hand off her clit, Lisa continued to rub herself. Mike opened her legs wider and I could see his white cock assaulting her pussy even more. Lisa’s pussy was wet all over from her cumming before. I could see her wetness around the base of his cock. Her nipples were rock hard. He would pull her nipple from time to time. This went on for like 10 minutes. I was wondering when this man was going to cum, cause Lisa was having another orgasm. She trembled in ecstasy and yelled “oh oh FUCKKK, I am cumming again.” It was her second one. I didn’t knew she had it in her as she was squirting all over Mike.
After that they recollected themselves. He pulled out and repositioned her in the center on the bed. She was laying on her back and breathing hard. Mike was on mission to cum himself. He was sweating from all his thrusting. He took her long legs up in the air by his shoulders. He put his pecker back into her. His cock slide in soo easily. He went into her balls deep. Lisa touched her lower abdomen and said “oh my you’re in me so deep!” He started rocking her slow and each time she was clutching the bed sheets as he invaded her pussy deeper and deeper. He was grinning and looking down on her. He asked her “your pussy can handle all this meat?” She winced and nodded yes.
Mike took her legs off his shoulders and opened them eagle wide. Before he laid completely on top of her he said “good. This is gonna be the final stretch for me. My balls are aching to cum.” He took his strokes while he was planting kisses on her neck, chest, tits. He went back to kiss her. He was digging in her womb and she was groaning. He had Lisa’s body imprinted on the guest bed. He was pounding her twat deep. His tight ball sac slapping by her ass. He held her hands up. His white ass going up and down furiously. They stopped kissing and Lisa’s head was tossing left and right. Her legs kicking as she was squealing in delight. Mike talking dirty to her “you like that old man white cock huh?!” She looked at him and said “oh yes I do. Cum for me Mike. I think I am going to argh….cum again for you.” He said “great. Let’s do it together then.”
He held her two tits as he was taking his final strokes. He let go of them and went back to sucking each tit. He took his mouth off to ask her “where am I cumming?” Lisa had a stunned look and was looking directly at him. I thought she was going to answer him, but her facial expressions looked like she is too busy having another orgasm. He asked again and still no reply from her. She probably thought he said that he is going to cum. Lisa’s eyes rolled back and she arched her back. She clutched the sheets tighter and squealed “oh my God I am doing it again, oh oh oh uh uh arghhhhh!” Mike loved seeing her underneath him going wild and thrashing. That was enough encouragement for him to say “oh yeah, that’s right. It’s my turn to bust. Here I cumming too!” I saw his ass cheeks clutch and heard him grunt like an animal. My boss was cumming in my wife! When I realized I shouted to him “not inside of her! Not inside.” He caught my answer by the very end, and he must have shot the first half of his load inside of her. He took out his cock and jerked the other half onto her pussy.
My wife was breathing hard and looked spent. As Mike moved away from her body she sat up, and looked down on her cunt. His cum all over her pussy and his cum starting to spew back out of her pussy. Seeing his cum come out, she asked him confused “you came inside of me?” He could only shrug his shoulders and said “I asked you before I came. I figured you would be on the pill. Sorry, I just got lost and enjoyed it too much.” She shook her head in disbelief and said “I have to get cleaned up.” She ran off to the bathroom. He looked at me and said “I guess that’s my cue to leave. Let me get my clothes.” He went off to the living room to get his regular clothes.
I had to send this guy off and made sure he left. When I went to the living room, Mike was almost dressed. When we got to the door for him to leave; he said to me “Johnny I really appreciate your “hospitality” today. I had a great time. Only thing I didn’t get was that pizza, but who is complaining right.” He continued to say in a cocky manner “your wife is some piece of work. Take good care of her. She is a team player. Just make sure there isn’t any little Mikie’s running around.” He told me I should get something for that since she isn’t on the pill. I only told him “I will, and please don’t tell anyone about this.” He reassured me he won’t that my Job is definitely “safe”. He laughed as he said that and was very joyful as he left.
This guy left his swimming trunks behind as I cleaned up. I went by the bathroom to hear the shower running. I told Lisa from the door that I was going to run to the pharmacy. I told her I am going to get a plan B as she may be fertile. So I went to two different places to get the contraceptive. I finally got it and went back home. While I was on my errand my cock was getting hard from time to time, visions of what happened replayed in my head. I wanted my turn next.
When I got home Lisa was on our bed with nothing but a robe on. She was knocked out. I got a glass of water and the pill. I woke her up to take it. She took it. I was telling her I want some. She said her pussy is exhausted and she will give me head. We ended the night with her giving me some good head. In between the blowjob she would talk dirty about what had happened between her and Mike. In no time that got me into a frenzy and I had the orgasm that I was waiting for. I busted in her mouth and she swallowed some of it. I made her lick it all up and swallow that too. I told it was the least she can do for me. She jokingly said back to me “hey I did all of that for you.” I said back “sure you did.” And we slept well that night.

Part 2

The next day I was glad I didn’t have to run into Mike at work. He didn’t come in on his last day and I heard he had a flight in the evening to go to Florida. Work kept me busy, but any downtime I was thinking about last night. I would get a hard on at work and would have to think of something else to get it back down.
Me and Lisa agreed to use the hot tub again tonight after work. At 6:30pm we started to use the tub. My wife looked stunning again wearing a two piece string bikini, this time the color was teal. We were drinking again heavily. She had vodka and I had some whiskey. We talked about last night, about how drunk we all were; and that everything happened all of a sudden. She said to me “I guess that was a once in a lifetime experience. He will be out of our way. But I saw that you clearly enjoyed it too.” I admitted that I did and told her I can’t wait to fuck her. I also told her that we should be daring and do it outside in the hot tub. She replied “yeah we’ll see. I don’t want our neighbors seeing us though.”
By 8:45 pm Lisa said she going to get a refill, and she went back into the house to get us refills. Out of nowhere two men approached the gate to our backyard. They opened it and it was Mike and another tall white guy. They both approached the hot tub and Mike said to me “I figured you guys would be home and be using the tub.” He introduced me to his friend. He said “hey this is Skinny Pete, my old friend from junior high and high school.” He added “we were just hanging out before my red-eye out to Florida. This guy took all my money before I am leaving.” He was telling me that they were drinking and playing poker, and wanted to kill some more time before his flight. He asked if I mind if they joined in using the hot tub. Yet again I was in a position not to object. So Mike told Pete “come on Pete, hop in brother.” Mike got out off his clothes and was coming in the tub fully naked again. Before he got in I remind him off his left behind swimming trunks. He replied to me “you know Johnny I don’t need that.” He told Pete to get naked too, but he insisted that he will just come in with his boxers.
When they got settled in the tub he was saying to me and Pete “I had told Pete all about your wife Lisa.” Pete agreed and said “yeah he did, I heard she is a great hoe…..oh I meant host.” Both men laughing and grinning wickedly. Clearly Mike broke his promise about not telling anyone about last night. Mike asked me “where is she? Bring her out.” I had my phone on me and I told them “I will. Let me see.” This was my chance to warn Lisa about them being there. I couldn’t get a hold of her. I could have told her to stay inside and I could have made an excuse with these guys. Lisa didn’t answer to my message and within two minutes Lisa was coming outside with our drinks. She was caught off guard seeing them. Mike introduced his friend and explained about killing time before his flight. Lisa had no choice but to join us in the hot tub. The men ogling her body head to toe as she came inside.
Before Lisa sat down, Mike skipped all the formalities and asked her “why don’t you sit by me sweetie?” She shyly met his request and went by him. He told her to sit on his lap. She began taking big sips of her drink as she sat awkwardly on his lap. He said put your drink down and relax. He made her lay back on his chest. My wife blushing from feeling his naked body against her body. She commented “oh my you’re naked again.” He said “you know it!” I bet she could feel his dick poking her. There was LED lights on in the tub and a nearby flood light on. Enough to illuminate our tub area. Pete was looking at me, he was surprised to see my wife sitting on top of Mike. Now both of us witnessed Lisa laying back on Mike’s chest, and she was moaning slightly. Mike started to grind on her and she did the same. Lisa easily got comfortable enough to start grinding back on him.
She closed her eyes and Mike’s hands were under the water the whole time. I couldn’t see much from the jet streams from the hot tub. He was fumbling underneath and Lisa shifted a bit. I wonder if he was playing with her pussy, but he wasn’t. I knew what he did when I noticed her bikini bottom floated up above the water. Mike had undid the strings to her bottom and she was naked below the waist.
Lisa told me “babe, why don’t lower or turn off the flood light.” I didn’t do it initial. Pete asked Mike “what you doing there Mike?” He replied “oh nothing special. Just having this lovely girl sit on top of me.” He added “hey Pete, check out her tits.” That’s when he took his two hands and pulled apart her bikini top. This made her naked tits show for Pete, and Mike began openly groping her tits. Pete was ecstatic to see this. He looked to see my reaction. Pete didn’t notice her bottom was off. I knew things were going to get out of hand. I had to lower the lights or our neighbors would see my wife with another man like this. I got out momentarily to lower the flood light. We had enough lighting to see for ourselves.
Pete pestered on to Mike “come on guy, what you really doing there?” Mike responded “only something that you really supposed to do in a hot tub…..FUCK!” Pete was astonished to his answer. Pete said “no way?! I know you told me about last night, but are you really?” Mike just threw her floating bikini bottom at him and Pete got his proof. Pete was floored when he saw that. Lisa rested her head back on his shoulder while he was cupping her tits. Her back arched so that her chest pushed forward. He must have had his cock in her pussy under the water, because Lisa was moaning a bit louder now.
Mike told Pete “come on Pete. Show her why they call you Skinny Pete. She is moaner,so just muffle that with your cock.” Pete asked Mike “you sure?” And he looked at me. Mike replied “yeah man. He doesn’t mind.” With that answer he got up above water to remove his boxers. He was hard and he had a long 9 inch cock, it wasn’t thick though but a skinny cock. Mike told us “that’s why we call him Skinny Pete. In gym class back in the days we would make jokes about that.” Mike told Pete “come on over and feed that to her. Didn’t I tell you that I can square off our bet tonight with her.” He was implying about their little game of poker where Mike lost some money to Pete; Mike’s plan was to come here and use my wife to pay off his debt. That was the case as Pete was approaching them.
When Pete came closer, Mike motioned my wife to get up and bend over. This made her be in a doggy position. His cock still inside of her and they were still doing it underwater. Mike held her by the hips. He told Lisa “open your mouth for Skinny Pete will ya. I know you can handle him too.” Lisa looked up at Pete as he was grinning down on her, and brought forth his long member. He had his head by her lips and Lisa opened up to take it. Pete held the base of his cock and started to feed the head into her mouth. He groaned as he was slowly sliding into her warm mouth. Pete had to sit on top of the hot tub, so that Lisa can put her hands on his thighs for leverage. She was working her mouth down to the base of his cock as much as possible, he was in heaven. He commented to Mike “oh Mike she is good! Going deep on me already.” Mike replied “yeah she is a fast learner. I had some training with her last night.” Pete had one hand on the back of her head to assist in her head bobbing. The other hand by her exposed tit, he was squeezing it.
Mike pounding my wife softly in the water. You can hear the ripples each time he went in and out of her. He wanted to touch her tits too, but her top was annoying him. So he started to untie her top. He got her naked as he pulled it off and threw it outside of the tub. Now you have my Indian wife butt naked in our backyard, taking it from two white elderly men in our hot tub. She was being a pro getting it doggy style and sucking the other. She was being a whore for these men. Lisa probably thought I didn’t mind it last night, so why not add another man to the mix.
Mike was telling us “damn, fucking in the tub feels so damn good.” He pulled Lisa’s hair to make her pull her mouth off Pete. He wanted her to answer his question, which was “how does it feel for you, huh? Are you loving it? Are you a slut? Are you gonna be our little slut tonight?” She looked back at Mike and said panting “oh yes it’s good, just like…..last night. I will be your guys slut tonight. Ahhh fuck me. Just keep fucking me.” My wife was possessed. She was turned on from his cock, all of the groping hands on her body, from the men grunting and moaning from her pleasuring them, and most of all from me watching. She confessed last night that me watching really turned her on as well. Mike was pleased with her answer and told her to go back to sucking dick. She went back to blowing Pete, this time at a faster pace. She jerked the base of Pete’s cock as she sucked the head. Her hand was twirling up and down on his shaft.
Mike high fived Pete and said “didn’t I hook you up with a nice piece of ass tonight?! Pete replied “yeah you did. She really knows how to suck a guys dick!” Pete asked Mike “how is that twat Mike?” His response was “fucking amazing! You want to try it?” Pete said “of course.” Mike said “ok let’s switch places.” Pete didn’t even look at me as he was attempting to fuck her next. As the men pulled their cocks away from Lisa’s orifices and moved to their new positions; I had to remind them to keep their volume low because of our neighbors. Mike’s response to me was “anything for you Johnny. You are the man for sharing your wife with us. I just had wished you had introduced me to your wife before.”
Pete put his cock into my wife. This was her second brand new cock she was trying. Another bareback cock going inside of her. He started fucking her slow and commented how tight she is. Mike in the meantime stood up straight in front of Lisa’s mouth. He told her to hold onto his hips. She did and he inserted his manhood into her awaiting mouth. He grunted as his pecker went in. He took his two hands and cupped the back of her head. He glided his big cock back and forth in her mouth. In no time Lisa was gagging. Mike was fucking her mouth while Pete was fucking her pussy good.
Gagging and gurgling noises were being heard in the middle of the night. All from Mike face fucking my wife’s face. She took it quite well, I was astonished. Her tits were wet, not from the water, but from her excessive spit that was drooling out of her mouth. Her tits glistened from that. Pete increased his pace from watching Mike being aggressive. Mike could only look up to the sky as his hips was thrusting away. He looked like he could climax himself if he kept going. That was the case as he announced “damn I am losing it! I am about to bust.” He grunted as his ball sac was super tight and his throbbing cock started to cream in Lisa’s throat. She had to swallow to avoid choking on his man juice. I could see her gulp down his cum. He had a huge load and he had to pull out, cause Lisa couldn’t take the rest. He demanded her to jerk the rest onto her face. Even though she looked under distress, because her eyes were watery and she was breathing hard; she still complied and jerked his cock onto her face. His semen landing on her lips, nose, and cheeks. The final drops landed on her tits.
Mike pulled away and looked at his watch. He told “Pete it’s your turn to cum. Hurry up, i got a flight to catch.” Pete replied “yes sir, you got it.” Mike added “oh by the way, don’t come in the broad. They don’t like that.” He agreed he won’t and he ramped up his speed. He pushed Lisa forward out of the water. She had to hold onto the sides of the hot tub as he was ramming her from the back. Lisa naked body fully exposed along with his. His white ass thrusting back and forth faster. He was taking long strokes and Lisa was biting her lower lip, she was trying not to moan loud. She even went underneath to rub her clit. She wanted to climax as well. In the process of rubbing her own clit, her hands would also go down to touch his ball sac. That drove Pete wild.
Mike while getting dressed and was also an observer like me. He was asking Lisa as he petted her head “how is Skinny Pete? How is his cock treating you?” She could only shake her head yes and was whining. Lisa was getting fucked good while she still had cum all over her face. Pete couldn’t take it anymore and he let us know he was cumming next. He shouted “oh fuck! Here I cummm!” God knows if he came a little in her, but he managed to pull out quickly and jerk his cock onto her ass. Her ass was in the air as his cock shot out a stream of thick cum. It landed on her lower back and on her ass cheeks. It was over as he was milking the last drops onto her body.
Lisa composed herself and straightened up. She was in that position for at least a half an hour. She looked around quickly for bikini top and bottom. She got it and excused herself shyly to the men. I guess when the sex and the hormones subsided, she came into her senses. She took her clothes, and just ran off naked back into the house. The men wanted to say a proper goodbye to her, but she ran off. They were dressed and looked very satisfied. They were commenting to one another how their night turned out. From having some drinks, playing poker, and being able to poke my wife. They thanked me. Before they left my backyard, Mike said to me “thanks, again. I am glad I caught you guys before I left town. I am glad I was able to get in a quickie before my flight. That pussy is addictive.” Pete agreed to his statement. His last words to me “like I said before take good care of that gal. She can handle cock like a pro. More the merrier for her.” I didn’t say a word to his lewd comment. They left and I went back inside. I heard Lisa in the shower again as she was cleaning up. I stormed in the shower. I told her “no excuses tonight. I want you now!” We made out passionately before she told me to lay on the floor. She said to me as she was straddling me “whatever you want mister!” She sat on my cock and it felt super wet and squishy. She rode me furiously as the warm water from the shower was running all over our bodies. That night we fucked and sucked each other a couple of times. Our sex life on a new level.

The end.

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