Tribes | Beep Stories

“Peter…PEter, wake up”.
My eyes slowly began to focus, and the face attached to the voice that was hailing me from my deep slumber came into view.
The face, and the surroundings seemed unfamiliar in my foggy-headed state .
“You have to help me out”.The pretty face speaking,rousing me, was saying franticly.
As consciousnss rose, the puzzle began to fit.This was Donna. The sexy, cock-hungry nymph, who I met at the bar last night, was waking me up, with urgency.
“What? What is the problem” I asked, as my eyes took in the luxurious surroundings I awakened in.Right… I was at her house, in her bed,
partially covered by deep crimson satin sheets.
“It’s Trina,the nanny. She has something unexpected happen, and She won’t get here until noon, and I am already late for work. Can you PLEeease stay till she gets here?
They won’t be a problem. They are downstairs,eating their breakfast, and will play in the basement afterwards. You just need to stay. I just need an adult here is all.
You can even go back to sleep if you like?They will be fine”.
With this I felt her hand grip firmly,my cock,swollen and hard, with morning wood. That bladder-induced boner,
that all men experience after a night of fierce drinking and debauchery.
“Sure. No problem” I replied, grinding my hips forward slightly.
“MMmmm” she purred. “I wish I had time to drain this thing again for you” she crooned at me, her eyes all a glitter with lust,” But I reAlly have to go”.
With a final squeeze, and a “Thankyou Thank you Thank you. I promise to make it up to you” , she released her grip,turned ,
heading for the heavy oak door, that if I remembered correctly, led to the ensuite.The very place I needed, at that moment, to rid myself of the pulsing piss-hard-on.
Slowly slinging my legs off the bed and rising, unsteadily, I felt the cool satin slide off my swollen cock, and the sensation,caused a pearl of clear sticky pre-cum,
to form at the tip, as I followed her, cock jutting out, and swaying back and forth as I walked.
She was applying the final make-up touches as I made my way to the toilet,
and seen her eying my thick meaty cock, and the syrupy pearl now begining to drip from the tip in a long slow string, through the large mirror.
I could feel her eyes still apon me,as I pushed my stiff tool downward, and the heavy stream of piss began splashing loudly into the toilet bowl.
“I really appreciate this Peter. I assure you, the kids will be no problem at all. They will just amuse themselves in the romper-room, till Tia gets here.
Just make yourself at home. Feel free, andlike I said, you can even go back to sleep if you like”.
I recalled her telling me about her kids. Two. A boy,and a girl. 12, and 9.The thought re-establishd itself at the memory, as it was quite amazing how a woman,
with a body like a goddess,could have had children. I felt her close at my back, and a hand again wrap itself around my still spouting cock.
“Let me help you with that” she cooed. “WOW! You really had to pee didn’t you darling” she addd as she directed the slowing,
but still heavy stream down and into the bowl.”You make me so wet”she added.”BUT!… I gotta go”.With that, and a kiss on the neck, she wheeled,
and headed out through the other entrance,and as I pumped out, the final spurts of piss, heard her quick footsteps disappear down the hallway,and the
what I recalled as being, a large, and sweeping grande staircase.
More sleep appealed, so I took my swinging meat , back to the luxury of the bed,and was asleep again, in no time. the sumptuous sheets covering only my thighs and hips.

“Wow! It looks a whole lot bigger than Daddy’s”,I heard from a haze of half-sleep. The whispered words seemd like a part of my dream so I payed little attention,

wanting only more rest.

“Oh yea” came a reply. “a LOT bigger. not just longer, but a lot thicker too” said the second whisper.

“Think he’d let me touch it Mikey. I’d really like to touch it”.

“I don’t know Tabby.Mommy says that all men like to have their penis touched, and especially with your mouth. I know I like it. Here, touch mine”.

“No. I touch yours all the time. I want to touch his. Cuz… it’s so big.It’s even bigger than uncle Jamals thingy. Remember uncle Jamal Mikey”?

“OH yea! I remember.He cummed on your face,and made my bum bleed.Mommy called him “her big-black sausage”.

At some point I realized, that I was not dreaming, and that what my ears were witness to, was a convo, between Donnas’kids.

I was rocked. I could feel my whole body stiffen,and my face began to get hot, but they just kept right on with their whisperd conversation, and for some odd reason,

I was spell bound by it,and was eager to learn more,so I kept my eyes shut,faining sleep,and listend, now, fully awake.

“He cummd lots. I wonder if mommy’s new friend cums lots too Mikey. Do you think he does”?

“Not sure Tabby. But I tell you what… If you give me sucky,I will touch it, and if he doesn’t wake up, then you can touch it too. ok”?

“AWWWWWW! That’s not fair!You get to touch it first.I want to touch it first Mikey”.

“Ok then.You touch it for a second,and THEN give me sucky .ok”?

I was not sure what the fuck was going on, but I was frozen, felt the urge to chase those kids the hell out of there,but something, curiosity maybe,

something, held me from doing it, and so I lay there, listening to their exchange, eyes closed.Then I felt it.

A very small hand lifting,my cock which at that moment I realised,was begining to stiffen.

“Oh my god Mikey! It is so heavy, and look! It is growing too”!

The boy must have been watching my eyes, because he said,”Cool. He didn;t wake up,let me touch it too”,and I felt a second hand begin to fondle me.

“Ok Tabby, now suck me. We had a deal”.

“Ok, but I still wanna play with his thingy ok? It is just so big, and feel how hard it is getting? Maybe he will cum. Wouldn’t that be cool”?

“Wow Mikey! Your pee pee is hard and pokey too.You aint going to fuck my mouth when I sucky are you” You always seem to do thAt when it is hard and pokey”.

I was totally alarmd, totally discusted at what I was hearing, yet,

I wanted to hear more,so lay there,with two small hands weighing, squeezing, and stroking my now near raging cock.

I could not resist. I peeked through slitted eyes, down my body, and witnessed the cutest little angel,with long flowing blond hair,and the blust eyes,

opening her tiny mouth ,and her brothers’ small cock,pushing into it while she begin to suck .She sucked, but her eyes were glued to my now engorged cock,

which she and Mikey were now holding straight in the air, both looking at it admiringly.

“HOLY cow. It is SO big. No wonder Mommy was making all that noise last night, and why she squeeled out loud when he put it in her bum”.

At this point,I sort of realized,that the kids must have gotten up, through the night,and were watching me pound the hell out of their mothers holes.

Pound them I did too… all three,

and Donna welcomed me whole heartedly, and even forced it to the balls in her throat, when I was cumming, without losing a drop.

Drained me, holding it in, till my balls stopped contracting.

“Look Mikey. ambreezy-ah is coming out. Can I lick it?I bet it tastes good”?

“It is “ambrosia Tabby, and sure. But you gots ta suck me more after”.

I noticed them both watching my face, as little Tabitha moved to intercept the pre-cum running down my shaft, so closed my eyes tightly again,

just before feeling her warm wet tongue-tip lap the gob and trace it to the source. I could feel my cock throb when she lingered there, that little tongue poking,

twirling and jabbing into my piss-hole, and the feeling was almost unbearable.

“Ok littl sister. That is nough. Suck my dick now. The next one is mine.

I am sure I was flushed. I had, to this point never had any relations with a minor before, let alone a male, yet here I was,

with two juveniles stroking my massive hard-on,

and knew, in my heart, that when the next globule of pre-cum made it’s way out,that I was going to let it happen.

I was going to let that young boy lick my cock.

And what is worse… the realization of it, was pushing me nearer, and nearer, the brink of cumming.

I could feel the lads small hand now using the squeeze and stroke thing, trying to work more pre-cum out,and it was working.

I remember thinking that this boy had done this before. He knew how to do things.I slitted my eyes again, just as his tongue made contact, and just like his sister,

he dragged it all the way to the bulbous tip, and poked it into the pisshole, but didn’t stop there…

for after probing in there a bit, he opend his mouth wide, and tried to wrap it around the swollen tip, which he managed, after several attempts.

I almost had a pre mature ejaculation right then,but wassavedbytlittle Tabby’s disgruntled chatter.

“AWWWW! I wanted to suck it Mikey. Let me suck it please? You can lick my kitty, and I will suck it.I bet I can make him cum? Then we can see if he cums lots.

My kitty is all moist and gooey… and you can even poke me too if you let me suck it”?

The kids jaw must have been hurting, despite the fact that he was twirling his tongue all over the fat head,because he gave in and said,

“Ok Tabby.. You suck him, and I will poke your kitty and watch. You are better at sucking than me anyway. But I can bum-fuck better than you can.

Everybody knows that.It’s cuz I like it in my bum, and it makes me wiggle, and makes my dink hard”.

I peeked at them getting into position, her onto her elbows and knees between my thighs, her littl butt stuck in the air, and he, kneeling behind her.

Her hands pulled my hardness towards her but paused as Mikey pushed his stiff little cock into her tiny little pussy,

before proceeding to tongue her way all over my cum heavy nut sac.

She was better .. This young thing had sucked cocks before, and not just her brothers cock, which was about the size of one of those large sized crayons we had as kids, but man cock.

This little angel,knew her way around man cock, and seemed to enjoy it, quite a lot.Mikey fed it to her for several minutes while Tabby licked and suckd on my balls,

and then , with a heave, and a groan, slammed it into her, and froze. The boy had actually cum. Whether he ejaculated or not?? I do not know.But he orgasmed for sure.

At this Tabby rose onto one hand, and moved her mouth to my cock head,and I watched in amazement as she slid it , with not alot of trouble into her mouth.

I swear that I was about to explode, and actually had to fight it off for several seconds before shifting slightly to dislodge it from that warm mouth.

” I think he is gonna cum Mikey. Help me.” Mikey moved to the side and gripping my shaft at the base with both hands,(which not quit reached all the way around),

began a two-hand jerk while the little girl sucked, tongue-twirled, and forced as much of me into her mouth as was possible.(about 3 to 4 inches in all).

“Take it all Tabby. You can do it.. Take it all in your mouth like Mommy does”.

I must say, that she tried, but just as it hit th tight clench of her slender throat, I could take no more.

I exploded and watched as her cheeks bulged with the first stream.

Seen her eyes go wide as saucers, as it blasted cum straight down her throat, startleing her and forcing her off my spurting cock.

Mikey continued to double fist jack me, and the cum flew everywhere. like a volcano erupting, much to their delight,then, after a brief moment,

I felt that young mouth again cover my knob and begin to suck. When I say suck,I mean just that.

She was sucking the cum out of me,like a cum hungry slut, yet she was merely a 9 yr old child.

I peeked again, and watched the girls’cheeks bulge, and she would swallow… bulge and swallow,and the lad was licking a a thick creamy blob off his lips and cheek,

that had splattered there when the cum shower was shooting spunk into th air like a geyzer, and all over them. He kept jerkin, and she kept sucking and swallowing,

and it felt like ages before my dick began to slowly stop jetting stream after stream,and was only then, that Tabby relased it from her mouth,

though Mikey continued a slow stroking, and leaned in to lap at the lava,that had , and was still ,rolling out and down my shaft, coating his hands.

?MMMM he said,”His stuff tastes lots better.and Oh my GOD!! Look how much there is. Did you see how far it went up in the air?,and look at your face…

(I snuck another peek, and her tiny little cute face was glazed like a donut, with cum dripping from her chin, as she peered at my cock through one eye,

the other having been blasted shut.)

“That was a LOT of cum” she replied, with an almost awe-like air in her voice, and an “I can’t believe it” look on her face.

“I drank about as much as daddy cums, and still look at it all over the place. he even cums WAY more than uncle Jamal Mikey.

He’d fill your bum up for sure with one squirt”.At this comment she chuckled.

As my dick, still twiching and oozing, began to soften to a semi-hardness, the boy released his grip, and it fell with a slap to my belly.

Tabby immediately grabbed hold and began to lap up any remnants, as the lad did the same with the thick coating covering his hands,

till he offered one hand to Tabby to clean off, which she eagerly acceptd, and which made my dick twich even more as I again peeked at them.

I lay there, ass and thigh muscles twitching and tingling, with my face buried now in the fluffy down filled pillow, to hide the fact that I was breathing hard.

“Take it off my face Mikey,and rub it on my kitty please. It feels SO good when it gets rubbed on my kitty”.

“Look Tabby. My penis is all hard again, and see here? some cum even fell on it. Wanna suck it off while I rub some on your kitty”?

“MMMM Yes.He does taste lots better than anyone else.. Daddy uncle Jamal,uncle Franky,and even Joey. Better than all of them,

and he shoots as much as all of them put together”. At this they both giggled, and as I lay their fighting to regain my composure, battling the demons,

of realizing that I was a sick pervert,she calmly lay on her back,helped him straddle her,and guided his stiff little prick into her mouth,

while he concentrated on rubbing the goo,he retrieved from her face onto,and into her little hairless pussy.

They had settled on the side of the bed, that my head was turned into,so I got to watch this.

“Mikey. That feels so good she mumbled, grinding her little hips upwards, “Lick it please.Lick it, and I will suck your dicky ok”?

I lay there in total shame,watching as two young kids, brother and sister,69’d beside me.

and shamed I was,but evidently,my cock feels no shame,for I felt it again begin to stiffen.

“Put your finger in my bum Mikey” Said the little blond angel,pausing only long enough to say it.

“Put two in mine Sissy”he replied.

“Yes two in mine as well Brother dear”…

“Well then put three in mine .. Your fingers are small”.

I noticed a couple of things, as I lay there in shame, peeking at the two kids humping each others face,and fingering each others ass…

One:.. The boy REALLY liked having his ass poked.. so much in fact, that before long, he had urged his sister to drive her whole small hand in and out of it.

and TWO:… when he was getting his ass fisted, and raised his head to orgasm…(there was very little to no cum),

I noticed pussy juice trickling out of Tabby’s little cunt.

That little 9 yr old girl,was wet.. like dripping wet.And by the way she humped and moaned, and sucked so eagerly on her brothrs cock,SHE too was capable of orgasm.

I wasn’t sure what I had fallen in to here.I allowed myself to be seduced, and taken home, by a delicious sex-goddess, only to discover,that she,had somehow

given birth to two up and cummers. The apple actually hadn’t fallen far from the tree,and as weird as it is.. I discovered also, that the whole thing,enthralled me.

I liked it.


.. but was also, very confused.

I rolled away from them, and sensed them freeze in their tracks for a moment, as I sat up ,back to them, ignoring them as though they did not exist.

I rose and walked straight out the door, cock wagging, still drooling remnant-strings,and into the second entry to the ensuite, off the hallway.

Finding myself alone with my thoughts, I climbed into the tiled shower stall, allowing the many fawcets, to pound my body from several directions,

with hot steaming water, and tried to stabilize my racing thoughts.

I could vaguely see them moving around, through the opaque-glass, as I tried to concenterate on washing off the nights sweat and body fluids.

I realized , that I was spending an extended amount of time washing my prick, which was once again, standing at attention, and waited,

for the shapes to disappear, and the whispering noises to cease,before opening the door, grabbing one of the big fluffy white bath-towels , and stepping out,

drying my hair.

“Hi Mister. What’s your name”?

Startled once again, I instinctively dropped and wrapped the towel around my waist, to cover my exposed genitals.

This didn;t work to well however, as all it did was make a very noticable tent, at which, the kids giggled, like kids do.

“I’m Micheal, but everyone calls me Mikey, and this is my sister Matilda, but we all just call her Maddy”.

“Peter” was my only response, to the two kids propped up on the granite top of the long vanity.Still buck naked, and shameless.

I noticed drying patches of semen on the pretty little girl Maddys cheek and chest, and one of her long ringlets was standing up oddly.

I realized that it was caused when Mikey had grabbed a handfull of cum-spattered hair while face fucking her.

“Were you awake mister…Peter”? asked Mikey, and the question sent a sort of shock through me.

“Awake for what, when”? I lied, after a short pause.

At this answer, they broke into laughter, poking and pinching at each other.

“Ha Ha” said Maddy. “I win… you lose Mikey”.

As I moved towards the bedroom, and my clothes, I heard their feet hit the tile behind me.

I began dressing, slipping into my boxer-briefs, before dropping the towel,

(which still did not disguise the ten inches of slightly stiff cock-meat),

They had hopped up onto, and were sitting on the bed, Maddy cross-legged ,like the cutest little girl I had ever seen,

Mikey lounging back on an elbow,relaxed with his legs crossd, and dangling over the edge of the bed.

“You kids need a bath or something” was all I could muster to say to them.

“Yea. We know. A enema too” replied the lad,

” Cleanliness is next to Godliness Mommy always tells us”, Maddy squeeked out.

“Why don;t you do that then” I chided, “and maybe put some clothes on while you are at it”.

“Why”? asked Mikey . “Why put clothes on?. Mommy says that the human body is a beautiful thing, and should be admired,so why hide it”?

“And Daddy always said that sex is not a sin.That it was perfectly natural,and a gift from God”, the little angelic girl added.

I was speachless. Silenced by two small kids, who didn’t even have pubic hair on their genitals.

I continued dressing, and moved to the large bay window that overlooked the very large, well landscaped back yard.

It had a pool, a sprawling three-tierd deck,on which there were two dogs, one,a gigantic Great Dane,

and a thick muscled Bull Mastiff, were tugging back and forth, on a thick length of knotted rope.

There was a giant oak tree, with a wrought-iron spiral staircase, leading up to a rather large double-storied tree-house.

It was completely surrounded by tall, (20 feet at least), box cedars, and was at least two acres in size.

It had a trampoline, and an elaborate jungle-gym, with various swings,teeter-totters, rope ladders and bridges, a fireman-pole, and other playful attachments.

“Well then… get cleand up and go play in the back yard or something then”. I said to them.

“Ok mister…Peter”, replied Mikey as they moved towards the bathroom again.

“ok mister-Peter” mimiced Maddy, the tiny cock-sucking angel.

I glanced at the huge grandfather-clock standing in the corner to my left, and it read 5 minutes to 10, and I thought.

“Holy shit! what the fuck am I gonna do with these two for two freaking hours”?

I made my way to the kitchen, where the smell of brewed coffee drew me, and pondered this, discarding several scenarios, as they appeared in my minds-eye.

I was once again tearing myself apart mentally,pondering between how the fuck I was going to get out of there, and the endless possibilities, when they re-appeared.

Naked, and smiling.

“Are you sure you want us to go play outside mister…um Peter”?asked the boy.

“You can come play with us too mister-Peter, if you want. Were fun ya know”? said Maddy.

“Oh I am sure you are”, is what I mumbled into my coffee-cup, but said” Maybe some other time”, aloud, after swallowing the sip.

“Ok then mister-Peter” said Maddy

Taking her brother by the hand, they scurried, and skipped off towards the French doors, leading out onto the deck.

“Lets go milk Bruno Mikey. He hasn’t cummed in two days, and like Mommy says… “dogs are people too”.

Again that electric like shock shot through me, and I stiffened.My cock did as well somewhat.

They halted, and Mikey turned and spoke,hand on the door-knob.

“Wanna watch a movie or something mister… um Peter. We gots lots of movies.

I like the old ones made before we weres born,with Gramma and Grampa in them, but Maddy likes the newer ones we made after.

If you want, I can show you where the movie room is, and where the movie closet is? There is some real cool ones”.

“Yea”said Maddy.”Trina watches them all the time when we play outside or in the romper-room. She really likes them”.

“Who is Trina”? I asked.

“Oh she is just our nanny” she replied.

“Ok then. Just tell me where it is, and I’ll find it”.

“No you won’t mister…Peter” said Mikey.”The cops couldn’t even find the movie closet. They only found the movie that was in the dvd players. Not the whole bunch”.

I was curious.”Ok then Mikey. Show me”

The race was on, and they took off towards the stairs,Maddy falling behind quickly.

When I reached the bottom of the elaborate staircase, they were waiting for me,about halfway down the long hallway.

They were standing in front of a large gothic archway, that framed an Identical sweeping staircase, that led down, below ground level.

When they seen me, off they darted down the stairs, and I followed.

The wide granite steps swept left, (as opposted to the ones leading up to the 2nd floor which swept right), and landed in a large room around 30 feet wide by 40 long.

There was a billiards table, several pinball machines, and a few of those two player game tables , like ms pac man, along one wall.

A bar that sat about 15 people took up the far end.

“That is the sauna, that is the laundry room, that is our romper room, that one goes to the garage”… Mikey was giving me the tour like a real estate agent.

“and THAT.. is the video room”, he said pointing to the last door on the right, nearest the bar.

I could see it was large, through the french doors, one being opened, and had several comfortable lounge chairs sectionals, and coffee /end tables

scattered about it.As I entered, I seen the large flat-screen on one wall, and several other smaller ones arranged here and there.This was clearly a viewing room.

Maddy picked up a remote, and clicked it, making the flat screen come to life. Giggling she said.”I wonder what Trina has been watching”.

Another click, and the screen came to life.The vid was of a small dark-haired girl, , very young, standing with a blindfold on, and her hands tied behind her back.

Several men, and what looked like young men and boys , were all standing around her, wearing masks, and jerking off.

In the background were several naked women, also wearing various masks, lounging and masterbating, with various objects.

The young girl had semen all over her, and as I noticed that, I also noticed,that the location for this video was this very room.

As I realised this fact, two of the strokers let loose and added to the drippings.

“Who is the girl” I ask.

“That is Sylvy” Micheal replied. “She is Toms’ daughter. Daddys’ friend Tom.

Maddy skipped over to the screen and pointed at one of the men stroking. Pointed at his cock, which was large, hard, and had some sort of tribal tattoo on it.

“THat’s Tom” she said smiling.She then pointed towards a long legged dark haired woman in the back ground, who was being licked by a younger, (a teen I guessed…

judging by her small barely visible breasts), being licked and fingered. “And that is Andrea, she added Sylvys’ mommy”.

“This one is Sylvys’ nishation” said Maddy.

“Initiation”, corrected Mikey.

“I ni she ation” she answered smiling that incredibly cute smile of hers.

“Trina must have been interupted” said Mikey,”cuz the good part is coming up, where Mommy and Andrea put the vibes in her bum and pussy hole,

and Jackson gets to fuck her mouth”.

Maddy pointed Jackson out. A skinny lad of around 10 or so,who was wanking to beat hell.

“I like vibes in my bum and pussy hole”, added Maddy, smiling devilishly.”Don’t like how Jackson fucks my mouth though. his dinky is too small,

and, and makes my nose bleed when he fucks my mouth. I like big dinkies”, she added , matter of factly, seeming proud of her self.

As maddy made her case, one of the remaining men stepped forward, and grabbing the girl by th hair,

leaned her head back roughly, and deposited a thick load, in her mouth and over her face.”That’s Daddy”, squealed Maddy.

Daddy, was a well built fellow, not too tall,with a 7 or 8 inch dick, that was still twitching as he tossed the girl aside roughly.

and walked straight towards the camera. The camera faded to black.

“So where is this “closet” I inquired. and Mikeys eyes lit with sudden delight. “OHH it is back here” he said, leading me back out towards the rec-room.

“You will never find it by yourself.

He went behind the bar, and came up with two remotes , one in each hand, then urged me to follow him, after disgarding one of them.

At the far end,just passed a space invaders table, he opened the door to what was an excesize room.He pointed the remote at one of the many floor to ceiling mirrors,

then tapped a sequence on the remote,speaking the numbers aloud as he did so.”7, 3, 9,6,3,9″ he mumbled, and with several clicks, and a whirring of small motors,

one of the plate mirrors, spun slowly on a central axis, revealing the hidden room.

“Cool eh” said Mikey delightedly.

“That it is” I replied

Mikey preceeded me, with Maddy close behind, and flicked on a light switch.The room was around 6 feet deep, but ran the full width of the the right.

Around 30 or forty feet was my guess.with both walls , lined with shelving which held every sort of sexual aid available.

The final 8 or ten feet, on each side housed the collection.and the end wall was a collage of screens, monitors, and electronic equipment,

with a large comfy desk chair in front of it.

There had to be thousands of dvds and cds, as well asf several hundred UHF and beta tapes,

There was even one large shelf that held 30 or so 8 mm reel to reel tapes, along with the projector, to watch them.

Rows were categorized. Reading things like.. “Reunions”, dates clearly marked on the sleeves. “Beasty” “Annuals and Initiations”.. “BDSM” and so on.

Mikey picked up an empty dvd case, and said ,”See this is the one that Trina was watching out in the viewing room”It read, Syvlys’ initiation

It obviously went into the blank space I noticed in the “Annuals and Initiations” section..

“Maddy, go get the dvd out of the player please” said Mikey, and as she scooted off,continued with..”Trina always watches them in the viewing room,

but you can watch them here and in any room that has a tv in it. Daddy has it all rigged up so you can do that”.

“Impressive” I stated. What does your daddy do for a living”? I asked.

“He is a electrical engineer”, he answered, “and a potato farmer”.

Odd combination thought, and as I pondred this, Mikey continued is oration.

“Well my Grampa, Daddy’s daddy, Grampa Anton,was a potato farmer, and daddy inherited it, when Grampa died.He doesn’t just grow potatoes though.

he grows all kinds of stuff, and has a cattle and dairy farms, and even a horse farm”.

Maddy was back and handing the dvd to Mikey to put away,but not before putting in her two cents.

“Grammy LOVES the horse farm.She likes riding the horses, and fucking them”.(giggles)I wanna fuck the horses too when I grow up. They gots HUGE cocks,

and they cums tons. I like cum.Mommy says I am a good girl cuz I like cums lots”

So here I was,standing in a room filled to the ceiling with mostly illegal porn, and sex toys costumes and props, in front of a state-of-the-art,control booth,

with two naked kids, that new more about sex than most adults that I knew.

What was wrong with this picture?…

“Wanna watch one mister.. um Peter? Just pick one. Look there is all kinds”.Pointing he said.”That is Maddys’ initiation, and here is Mommas’ gangbang ones,

and Grammas’ gang bang ones right there.Gramma Zoe, Not Gramma Eva Mommys’ Momma, Not Daddys”. he added, to clarify.

The ones he was pointing out, all fell under various subtitles.

A large capitalized “FAMILY” stretched accross three shelves on each wall of the collection,that included many of the vhs tapes and the reel to reels.

“What is on those” I asked, pointing to the reel to reels.

“Mostly my uncle Franks stuff. Grammy Evas’ brother,but lots have Grammy and Grampa and some other uncles and aunts in them too. and THAT one,

he touched one that was not in a box, has Mommys’ Gramma in it.She lives in Ireland, and is real old.I mean real old in the movie too.

Dad says she can really suck a cock and she squirts out her pussy . Says that is where Mommy gets it from.

I recalled how last night, Donna had smiled up at me,and slowly slid my thick turgid fuck stick all the way down,effortlessly to the base,

where her tongue lashd out andlapped at my cum heavy nut sac. Recalled how dispite the girth of my member, which most women to date,

have a hard time with, when the initial gag factor hit,she didn’t back off like most

but pushed it further in, swallowing and swallowing.Gripping and releasing my cock til her nose touched my belly.

Recalled also how she squirted like a power washer when I was hammering her asshole…Something that most women can’t handle as well,

Yep… she was good alright..A real keeper some would say.

Maddy touched her finger on one. One of a set with green tape on the box.”That is Grampa John.. Mommys’ Daddy. He was nice, but died. I drinked his cum”.

Mikey piped up. ” I did too,AND he let me fuck his bum. Was the first bum I ever fucked. ” he stated matter of factly.He was some sort of Baron over in Ireland”.

“Mikey likes fucking bums” said Maddy,”but not as much as he likes his bum fucked” she added.”He even let Jamal fuck his ass, and it even bleeded”!

“Yea.. That was cool” said Mikey. “It hurt.. but felt real good”.

“You wanna fuck Mikeys ass mister-Peter? she asked me. ” He would let you. He likes big cocks too. Specially in his bum. We can make a movie”.

“I will pass, but thanks for the offer” I said. Mikeys face flushed red at this exchange.I noticed also his dick starting to become erect as well.

She, as well as he, seemed disappointed at my answer.

“Awww” said Maddy, the disappointment evident in her voice.” I like watching big cocks go in Mikeys bum. An sometimes, I get to drink the cums.

I LOVE drinking the cums” she added.” I drinked so much cum once, that I threwd up. LOTS!!. and Daddy made Suzie,she’s our other nanny before,

he made her lick it up off the floor”. She touched a tiny finger to one cd..”Thats the one right there if you wanna watch it?

It’s really cool. guys kept poking their peckers at me, and I just sucked on their pee hole and swallowed it all up. I was only little then,

she added. How old was I Mikey”? she asked.

“You were really little Maddy. I think you were just 4 or 5.Daddy said that you liked cum, even when you were a baby

said you would suck it out even then and liked it.

Mommy said that they have it on tape, but that it is on one of the ones they made before they labeled everything to keep track,and has a bunch of stuff on it.

He pointd to a grouping of 20 or 30 tapes from a camcorder, that were clearly unmarked.

“Mikey pointed to one vhs tape in particular, saying” This one is where Mommy and Daddy met.

“Yea”, piped in the little cum loving angel,”Daddy looks just like Mikey in that one”. It was under the family heading, and was marked,Club Gathering, with a date.

“Gammy and Grampa’s is in it too. And uncle Mike, and uncle Frank, and even auntie Tula” said Maddy.

“There are a few with both Gramma and Grampas in them” added Mikey.

“Mommy said that there were people from all over the world in those ones.Aunty Tula lives in Greece, and Uncle Frank, and uncle Mike, and uncle Milo live in Croatia.

They are Daddys’ uncles.Uncle Pat, auntie Heather, and auntie Carol are Mommys” .

That one caught my curiosity. and I retrieved it from the shelf.”Ok, do you know how to Put this one on”? I asked Mikey, and not surprisingly, he did.

He sat in the chair, looking like a very young studio producer, and began clicking buttons, then popped it into a vcr and askd.”Where do you wanna watch it”?

The viewing room is fine” I replied,

Maddy was jumping up and down with delight, and led the way to the viewing room. Mikey clicked a few more buttons on the remote, and the mirror revolved shut.

The closet , once again, had disappeared.Mikey replaced the remote behind the bar, and it told me that these kids, werwe trained to take precautions.. Well trained.

Maddy was still hopping about excitedly, as I settled onto along comfy chesterfield,and then she set her little bare ass onto a large automan in front of me.

Mikey, chose to stand, near the big screen , to the left, and clicked the play button on the remote that he had picked up from a coffee table when we entered.

After a brief pause, the screen, and the speakers came to life. and Mikey turned the volume down.Someone was going around a large room, with a hand held camcorder,

and Maddy lept up ran to , and pointed at the screen as a couple came into view. “That’s aunty Carol” she said, pointing at an attractive young lady,

on her knees blowing a big hairy fellow who was seated.The camera zoomed, and it was apparent that the big hairy fellow, had a sizable cock,and that

aunty Carol, was very much enjoying the act of swallowing it.The camera then panned, and focusd on a group of people dancing. All naked, half them with hard,

or at least semi-hard-ons,and many were not only dancing, but fondling, with the hands that did not hold drinks.

Maddy again pointed.”There is aunty Tula. She is so pretty”,and the fact was, she was stunning.She seemed to be lost in the music, swaying, seductivly to it,

eyes closed, and several pairs of eyes, not just the camera holder, seemed to be focusd on her.The camera went blank, and after a few seconds, It flashed to life.

The group, of what seemed like about 30 people, were now gathered around two kids, one, looking like Mikeys’ twin.

“There is Mommy and Daddy” said Maddy pointing, then clapping her hands, and as she said this, the little girl,got to her hands and knees while the boy knelt behind her,

his young cock pointing stiffly out and up. He was smiling, with a red face, which really made him look like Mikey. Another young lad, around the same 10 or 11 age,

then came into view kneeling in front of the girl, and she turned then to the camera, smiling a perfect Maddy smile, and I made out the features of a very young Donna.

Again Maddy was pointing.”That’s uncle Joey, Mommys’, brother and he is gonna cum in mommys’ mouth. I watched as the two pre-pubescent boys spit roasted the small girl,

as the crowd of adults gathered around them, drank, fondled, and in some cases, sucked or licked, shouting out encouragements and directions to the three kids.

The kid named Joey came first, ,(probably due to Donnas’ sucking skills I thought),and as he collapsed back onto his heels,

another young boy was pushed and prodded, reluctntly it appeared through the crowd, and in front of the child porn star Donna.

Again, Maddy was pointing excitedly, as a large powerfully built young man with an obvious farmers tan, and a very long, rather thin cock,

did the final urging to the boy, forcing him to his knees before Donna. “That’s Grampa Anton” squeeled Maddy,”and uncle Enio. Daddys’other brudder”.

“He’s nice” she added. “I drinked his cums”.”I wanted him to fuck me” Said Mikey, but all we did was jerk each other off on aunt Elizabeths’ face.

Aunt Elizabeth is Grampa Antons’ sister.uncle Enios’ mother” he added, when I raised an eyebrow.

“Watch. You will see aunty Lydia in a minute” he said, and he no sooner spoke,

and a charming little girl, with extremely long dark hair appeared through the legs, past the cocks and pussys of the adults, and straddled the girls back.

She faced the kids dad, who was humping away at Donnas’ pussy like a rabbit, and he slowed, as she threw her head back and offered up her tiny hairless pussy.

The crowd was cheering and many of the women were now either jerking , or on their knees sucking.Donna was doing most of the work now,

since the lad behind her,the childrens dad, seemed to be concentrating on licking that little puss, and she was rocking back and forth.

As the second boy to be sucked, lowered his head, you could see his buttocks clenching, and Donnas hand reached up, and grabbing them, held him tight to her face.

When she finally released his ass,and therfore his spent penis, he too fell back on his haunches, and Maddy let out a cheer of ..”Good girl Mommy”.

She kind of squatted slightly, and dug her hand betwen her snow white thighs. After rummaging around a little she raised her hand, spreading her sticky fingers and said.

“My kitty is gettin all juicy. Hey mister-Peter. can I play with your cock, and drink your cums”? again that electric shock, that redened my face, rocked me.

She stared right at the obvious bulge in my jeans,, making me feel very uncomfortable.

Mikey, who had been mauling his cock while watching the screen, turned as well at this comment, and smiled, seeming anxious for my reply .

A thousand visuals ran through my head, and I felt my cock jump in my pants, which I was certain, did not go un noticed by the little nymphette, and her brother.

“Ummm, I don;t think so Maddy” I stammered, “I think maybe you guys should maybe go outside and play now. Like you were going to. Your nanny should be here soon”.

“Trina don’t care”, Said Mikey. “She is just our nanny, and does what Mommy tells her.She’s really nice,and likes sucking cocks too, and would just LOVE sucking yours”.

“Thankyou, but no thankyou” I replied”.

“aWWWwwww” whined Maddy, pouting in the manner that most pre-teen girls sometimes do, when they don’t get their way.”Come on then Micheal. Lets go”.

I smiled as she hung her head pouting, stomping her little feet and swinging her arms overdramtically, as she headed out into the rec- room, towards the stairs.

Mikey rolled his eyes and shook his head, but said not a word. He simply did what he was told, and followed her, his penis poking out proudly in front of him.

“Come on Micheal”, She shouted,Let’s take care of Brutus, before he ends up stuck bum to bum with Goliath again”.

If I recalled correctly…both dogs were male. I shook the thoughts from my head, and went back to watching the childrens mother and father fuck on the screen.

I re-arrangd my stiffness to a more comfortable spot, and pondered what I had discovered.

Fact… these kids, are part of an incestuous family, that goes back at LEAST 4 generations.

Fact…they seem to all be wealthy,and belong to some sort of multi generational sex club.

Fact… they appear to be located world wide, or at last in several countries.

Fact… they are not only into incest, but beastiality, and judging by some of the paraphinalia,and outfits and stuff in that closet, bdsm as well.

The one that they said was their Grampa, was now talking loudly over everyone, urging the little boy daddy to “jam it in her ass son”..

I doubt he could hear him, as the one straddling young Donnas’ back , now had the fingers of both hands knotted in his hair, and was humping his face furiously.

Apparently little Donna did however, for she slid forward, dislodging his dick, which now resembled a very greasy bone from a turkey leg.

With cheek to the floor, she reach both hands back and spreadher tiny cheeks. The camera operator, moved in and zoomed on her little pink puckered hole,

and it was obvious, that this was one juicy little girl. A shakey leg passed briefly in front of the camera, and the lads turkey bone appeared,

and began jabbing away at Donnas asshole.With little effort, and a few grunts and groans, it slid in, and the boy was again rabbit fucking her almost desperately.

I noticed that One of the older men in the crowd,had bent one of the younger boys over, and was also feeding him a good thick eight inches of cock, in his ass.

By the strained look on the kids face, he wasn’t enjoying it much, but the older fellow seemed to take no heed.

You could hear his balls slapping against the lads upper thighs.The crowd, began cheering littl daddy on, or at last those that wre not engaging did.

With a big grunt, and an arching back, he unloaded in her, and immediately collapsed over her, pinning her to the floor.

She continued to grind on his bone, apparently working every little drop of semen from his cock.After a moment of having breaths, he rolled off.

The camera zoomed out, just as Donna.. Sweet little Donna, turned to the camera, and smiled the most devilish Maddy smile I had seen anywhere.

“Hello. You must be Peter”, said a soft melodic voice to my right, almost causing me to jump out of my skin.

“Oh my Christ! Don’t sneak up on me like that. Yes. I am Peter, and you must be Trina”?I said rising and extending my hand.

She took it, and shyly bowed her head.

She was a tiny thing. Asian, with long pitch black hair, and when she looked up, had huge eyes, like those of one of those anime girls.

Her hand was as soft as silk, and warm.As she raised her eyes to mine she smied, and did quick glance at the bulge,

and the 50 cent piece sized wet spot in my jeans.I felt my face flush.

“Ahhh… the kids are playing outside” I stammered. She giggled, and said.”I know. They were milking the dog, when I came in.Milking is the term we use.

Maddy is now having Brutus clean the mess up, which I am sure will end with him also cleaning up her gooey little kitty as well”.

“Can I get you anything” she asked smiling up at me.” A drink? something to eat?.. Something for that”? she pointed at the wet spot, and the large bulge.

“Umm. No thank you. I am fine thanks. So that is Donna when she was Maddys’ age I take it.

“Yes” she replied, still smiling her eyes sparkling, and taking quick glances back at my package.” Donna, as well as Danny”. (Finally I knew his name.).

“My father too was at that gathering, but is only briefly viewable on this tape”.

“So you are all good with this whole.. incest wild sex parties thing I take it”?

Again she giggled before answering.”Yes. Actually, I was fathered, by an older brother, and I too had a child by our father, though I miscarried”.

“Sorry to hear that” I responded.

“It was long ago, and far away in Bangkok, where all that happened.But ty for your concern Sir”.

“Peter is fine” I said, and noticed her still catching quick glances at my crotch, and the wet spot that had now grown to dollar size.

” Are you sure I can’t get you anything Sir?.. ahh I mean Peter”?

“Really Trina. I am fine, thank you anyway”…”That you are” she muttered, and looked sheepishly up at me.

“Well then, I should go tend to those children.We don’t want either of those brutes knotting our poor little Maddy. That would be a terrible thing”.

She bowed, and backing away, turned and left. STILL I heard not a foorstep.

My interest in the video seemed to had faded, so I clicked the off button on the remote, and was soon making my way back up to the main floor.

Trina, was hustling them back inside, when I reached the kitchen, and she had to push the two monster dogs out by the snout, as they were following along like puppies,

behind the little blond haired Maddy.

“Not you guys ,” you go play. Get the ball”.she said, as she closed them out behing the door.

“Now I want you two, to take a quick shower, and I will meet you for class in 10 minutes”, and then added..”Seperately please, or I will be waiting for you,

and we already missed this mornings history class, so need to catch up”.

“Home schooled I see” I said as they scampered off.

” yes” she replied.”many of the children of the tribes are home schooled”.

“The tribes”?

She again looked up at me with those dark eyes, that seemed to entrance.”Yes. Surely you have heard of the lost tribes of Israel”?

“Somewhat yes” I replied,” but not to much extent. What do th lost tribes, have to do with all of this”?

She smiled at me, like a teacher would at a student, who doesn’t quite grasp a concept. “I am sure that Donna will , at some point , enlightn you Sir”.

“Please. Just Peter if you don’t mind”, I asked.

“Peter then. It is simply habit for me”.

“Please, explain to me. Don’t leave me hanging like this”, I begged.

Again she giggled, that sweet resonant giggle.”I some how doubt that you hang very much sir… Peter, as she again glanced at th wet spot on my jeans.

. ” Peter, sir”,she continued,”Have you not ever wondered, about Genesis?. How Adam and Eve had children,that apparently populated the earth?

Does it not seem obvious, that incest, had to be somehow a part of that populating? Therefore, is it really such a sin,as it is viewed these days?

Would it not be more likely that incest, and all the other , pleasures of the flesh, be instead…sacred. Gifts from God so to speak”?

“Well now that you put it that way, it certainly has me wondering”, I replied.

“Well there you go. You seem a smart man. You will figure it all out in due time. And that is YOUR lesson for the day, and now I must attend the children, and theirs”.

Again she bowed, backed away, turned and left.I watched her slender frame retreat silently down the hall, her hips swaying as to some unheard music.

The wet spot, and my member grew…….