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Julie Russell was glad that the holiday season was over. As much as she loved Joe and Hannah, her children, they were now back in college and Julie was glad to get a little alone time. Besides, both of them usually put in at least one appearance a week. She thought fondly on the recent visit of her brother-in-law, Gary, with whom she had wild, uninhibited sex at every opportunity. She loved her husband, Don, but she had long ago ceased having guilt pangs when she had sex with his younger, incredibly well-hung brother. She sighed as she thought about how satisfying it was to have sex with Gary. As good as sex was with her husband, there was that extra thrill of having sex with Gary. Still, Don was also well-endowed and Julie loved that. That was another thing about the kids being out of the house — she and Don could have all the sex they wanted, at any time they wanted, anywhere they wanted.
Julie was 41 years old, stood 5-6, with golden blonde hair and shining blue eyes. She had always taken care of her body and was proud that her 34-B breasts still had very little sag, her waist was still small, and her legs and ass were well toned. She loved sex and she knew that one thing that enhanced the sexual experience was appearance. She took pains to keep her body in shape. She kept her blonde hair cut short to enhance what she knew was a very pretty face. She spent money on sexy lingerie to keep Don interested, although he never failed to be ready for sex.
As Julie finished the dishes, she mentally planned out her day. She wanted to get the house clean, then she needed to go grocery shopping and get her hair trimmed. She had plans to cook a nice supper. Though they really were not drinkers, she decided that she would buy a nice bottle of wine to serve. Maybe she would even light some candles. Then they would have sex. Just thinking about her husband's big dick and what he could do with it was making her horny.
As she was dusting in the living room she picked up the security camera that her son, Joe, had set up. She made a mental note to say something to him about it, since it was really never used. She didn't know if it was even turned on. Besides, the way it was angled really didn't even get the outside door at all. Instead, it was oriented toward the living room. Then she noticed the green light on base of the camera. It must be on, then. She wracked her brain to remember how the camera was monitored. Computer? Phone? Both? Hmmm.
As she continued to dust, then vacuum the living room, her mind went back to when her brother-in-law, Gary, had spent a few days around Thanksgiving. He slept on the sofa bed, and, she recalled with a sigh, they had made love — strike that — they had fucked like wild animals one afternoon. She sat down, recalling how she had mouthed Gary's gargantuan member, then how they had fucked. He had even given her anal sex, something that she really loved, but which her husband rarely wanted. She glanced up at the camera, noticing the green light and the camera pointed directly at her. Hmmm. What if…? Theoretically, could she be monitored at this moment? Didn't Joe say that the camera recorded so that, in case of a break-in, they could go back and look at the footage? Suddenly she was gripped with panic. This camera was installed way before Thanksgiving! Was it possible that what she and Gary did had been recorded? Where would that be stored? On what device? A cloud? A phone? A computer? Was it possible that her son, Joe, might come across that recording?
She raced up the stairs into Joe's room. She pressed the button to boot up his desktop computer. Julie had limited technical savvy, but knew enough to search a computer. When it booted up, she started scanning the desktop for icons that might have to do with a camera or home security. Having failed there, she started looking through various file libraries. Then she saw it — HOME MONITORING — an innocuous looking folder. She opened it and visually scanned the lists of folders. They were obviously automatically generated. Each folder was a different date. She clicked on a random date and clicked on the file. A message popped up, telling her that the file was out of date. What could that mean? Were they automatically deleted after a certain time? She clicked on one from the previous day. A message popped up — SEARCHING CLOUD FOR FILE — and then a video started playing, showing the living room. She noticed the time stamp at the bottom of the screen — 12:01 AM. She fast-forwarded to 8:30 and saw that the television was on. Then she saw herself walk through the room. Thank goodness she was dressed. But what about the hundreds of times that she walked through the living room in just her nightie? What about the day during Thanksgiving holiday that she fucked her brother-in-law in that very room?
She quickly found the date that she knew would have been the precise day that she and Gary had had sex. After opening the folder, she clicked on the file and was given the same out-of-date message. She exhaled. "Thank Goodness!" she gasped. After clicking on a few more files at random, she satisfied herself that the files automatically deleted after a couple of days. She closed the folder and was about to shut the computer down when she noticed a folder labeled CAMSAVED. Again a jolt of panic coursed through her. With shaking hands she clicked the folder. To her consternation, the message ENTER PASSWORD FOR ACCESS appeared. WHAT? Password protected? What could be the password? She had no idea.
She sat staring blankly at the screen. Surely her son had not seen her with his Uncle Gary. Just because he had a folder with a password really didn't mean anything. Maybe they were porn videos? No, they wouldn't say CAMSAVED. Perhaps they were pictures from his camera on his cellphone. She exhaled again. Surely that was it. She was getting herself in a stew over nothing. He probably had made some pictures, or videos, that he didn't want just anyone to see. So what? He was over 20 years old. He was an adult.
She suddenly wondered if he had made "dick pics" or even videos of himself masturbating. Now that was something she would love to see. Her son was unmistakably sexy and she certainly wouldn't mind seeing him naked. Down through the years she had caught glances of him either in his boxers or, a few times, totally naked. He wasn't erect, obviously, so she hadn't been able to compare his penis to that of his father or uncle, but it looked very thick and it had aroused her. She had often masturbated, imagining making love with her handsome young son. Now that he was grown, and had gotten muscular, from lifting weights, he was even more desirable.
She wracked her brain to think of what he could have used as a password. She tried several things, but with no success. She opened his desk drawers, looking to see if perhaps he had jotted down passwords on scraps of paper. No luck.
Julie decided she may as well go downstairs and try to get this out of her mind. She was sure that, whatever was in that hidden folder, it couldn't be that bad. Her son was a good boy. He had always made good grades, was polite to everyone, helped out around the house, and was a good athlete. As she made her way downstairs she smiled as she noticed some of the pictures on the wall of Joe when he played basketball and football. Number 11 in basketball; number 23 in football. Joe had thought that was really cool because 1123 formed a Fibonacci sequence. Julie had not known what that was, so Joe explained that you could start with any two one-digit numbers. The next number in the sequence was the sum of those two digits. The next term was the sum of the last two digits and so on. So the next number after 11 would be 2. The sequence would now be 1,1,2. The next number would be the sum of the last 2 digits, 3. Now the sequence would be 1,1,2,3.
She ran back up the stairs and, once again, booted the computer. Frantically searching for the folder, and typed 1123. No luck! Maybe the password was more than 4 digits? She tried 11235; no luck. She then tried 112358. She tried that, doubtfully — but the folder opened! Now there were other folders, each labeled with the name of a month. There were folders for each month, starting with September and ending with December. November was the one in which she was interested. She clicked that folder and it opened. Several files were listed. She clicked the top one and, to her great surprise, a video opened in which she, Julie, was sitting on the couch, sipping a cup of coffee, but dressed only in a bra and panties. She apparently had been getting ready to go somewhere one morning and had taken a break to drink a cup of coffee. She continued to watch, but there was really nothing to see.
She clicked to open the next file. Once again, it was her — this time she was in a short nightie and was apparently straightening the room. She clicked on several more files, but they were similar. In each one, she was either in her panties and bra or in a nightie. In one she was wearing very short shorts, but was bending over quite a bit as she vacuumed and straightened the room. Then she clicked one in which she appeared for just a couple of seconds, emerging from the bathroom, totally nude and going across the hall into her bedroom. A couple of minutes later, she came out of the bedroom, dressed now in panties and a bra. The only other file had the date that she knew she and Gary had had sex in the living room. She clicked and there it was — what she had feared most — almost an hour of explicit sex between her and her brother-in-law, Gary. Even more shocking was that every word, every moan, every squeal of delight could be clearly heard.
As Julie watched, she trembled. What must her son think of her? How could anyone be as slutty as she was? Somehow she could not drag herself away. She wildly thought that this was as explicit and sexy as any porn she had ever seen. Maybe she wasn't as young as those porn actresses, but her body looked great and her face was pretty. And never had she seen anyone in any porn flick that compared with Gary. Gary's cock was just a wonder of nature. It was truly a horse cock. She felt herself beginning to get aroused, in spite of everything. She could think about the repercussions later.
Right now she wanted to watch this stud in action with this pretty middle-aged housewife. She stood and unfastened her jeans. She pulled them, along with her panties, down, sat back down and began to play with herself as she watched Gary sucking her breasts. Oh, he was so good at that! Then she sat on his face and Gary ate her out! Julie imagined Joe watching his frumpy mom sitting on his Uncle's face. Oh my. And the things she was saying! The things he was calling her! What must Joe think of this? Was he disgusted? Obviously not! He had saved it! She had noticed Joe looking at her a lot of times – and she knew that he thought his mom was pretty. Not only that, but he had saved all these videos that showed her in her underwear! There was only one reason for this — he liked it! Her son was using these videos as fodder to masturbate! How fucking HOT was that??
Shit! On the video, she and Gary were talking about how she had been fucking him since he was in high school! Her son must think she is a slut! Then she was sucking on that horse cock. Whoa, Julie admitted to herself. I'm really good at that, and I look good doing it! What must Joe think? Then Gary was eating her out again and she was screaming like a banshee! What must her son think of this?? Then he was fucking her from behind like a stud horse! And Joe has seen this! Then Gary had his thick finger up her butt and she was cumming in a most vociferous way. She stroked her clit as she imagined Joe watching his mother receiving such a delicious, animalistic fucking. She came as she pictured, in her mind, her son stroking his cock as he watched his slut-mother fucking his horse-cocked uncle.
As she came down from her orgasm, the video continued to play. Now Gary was licking her asshole, preparing to give her what she really wanted — that big cock up her ass! A surge of guilt pangs coursed through her, but she couldn't manage to turn the video off. She just had to watch this. As guilty as she felt, she began to play with herself again as she watched Gary thrust his massive member inside her tiny asshole. What must Joe think?? Then Gary had her lay on her back and gave it to her up her ass in that position! Oh it had been delightful!! When he withdrew and blasted a massive load onto her face and breasts, Julie had yet another orgasm, once again imagining her son watching her.
Hannah and Joe, of course, were still living together. They had an apartment with 2 bedrooms, to keep up appearances. Shortly after they moved in, Joe had set up cameras in both bedrooms in anticipation of them watching each other have sex. So far, that had not happened, except sex with each other, which happened 3 or 4 times a week. Sometimes they watched videos of themselves for foreplay. Other times they watched Hannah with her father, which both of them loved immensely. The thing, however, that excited Joe more than anything else was watching his mother. He had several clips of his mom in her underwear, but the one video of her with his Uncle Gary was his favorite. He was sure that he had watched at least parts of it over 20 times. He often watched it when he was alone. For whatever reason, despite his mother being 41 years old, he thought she was one of the sexiest women he had ever seen. She looked like a slightly taller, better-endowed Reese Witherspoon. Absolutely just as pretty and young looking!
One day he was watching the video while Hannah was in class. He heard her come in, but didn't turn the video off when he got up to greet his little sister. She put her books down on the table and hugged him, then they siblings kissed.
"You miss me, big brother?" she laughed.
"Well it's been hours, you know," he replied.
"Who is moaning in your bedroom?" Hannah smiled. "Are you watching Mom and Uncle Gary again?"
"Well, it's hot. Don't you think?"
"You know I think it is. I'm not sure I could handle that thing though," she grinned.
"Well, you handle Dad pretty well, nearly every week. I never miss an episode!" Joe said, referring to the fact that Hannah fucked her father nearly every week and Joe watched it on camera. He had set up a camera in her room at home for just such a situation. Hannah, of course, knew he was watching and often blew him and kiss and played to the camera. She loved being watched, especially by her brother, whom she loved with all her heart.
"You'd love to do Mom, I know," Hannah teased.
"Well, that will never happen. Assuming she has never been with anyone but Dad and Uncle Gary, she would laugh at my little weinie!"
"Well it's not little. In fact, it's gotten bigger since we first started. I bet it's at least an inch longer and I know it's way thicker. Do you think having sex makes it get bigger?"
Joe laughed. "Well, you know how to boost my confidence, but I'm quite sure that having sex doesn't make your dick grow. I do think it's a little bigger, though. Nowhere near as big as Dad's, right?"
"It's perfect, Joe. It's way bigger than average, but I wouldn't care if it was small because I love you. You are my lover! You're always going to be my lover. You know I do this stuff with Dad because you like to watch, right?" She grinned up at him and he thought, for the millionth time, how perfectly beautiful his blonde haired, green-eyed sister was.
"That may be a secondary reason, but you do it because you're perverted, like me — you're turned on by incest and you love me watching you. And he has a big dick that you can't resist. You're Daddy's little girl."
"Well, all of that's true, but I can't resist you, either. Is it because you're my brother or am I just in love with you? I think both, but sex with you is the best. If I have to choose, I choose you every time." She laughed. "You need to turn that video down. Someone is going to hear Mom asking for a good ass-fucking!"
Joe took her hand and led her into his room. She sat on the bed and he sat in the computer chair, intending to turn the video off.
"Don't turn it off. Just turn it down a little," Hannah said. "I love watching this part."
On the screen, their mother was on her back with her legs spread. Their Uncle Gary was kneeling between her legs, fitting his gigantic cock into her ass. She was begging him for it. The intensity with which their mother expressed herself during anal sex with their uncle always turned both siblings on.
"I'll be back in a few minutes. I don't care if you shower or not, but I'm going to, and then you're going to give me what I need," Hannah said as she got up and started walking out of his room.
"Oh, Hannah, not sex again," he whined. "We just did it last night! I'll try though," he smiled.
10 minutes later, both fresh from a shower, they lay in bed together, naked and kissing. Hannah gripped his raging hardness with her small hand.
"Don't tell me this thing hasn't grown. It's HUGE," she moaned as she kissed his neck and ears. "I will NEVER get enough of it!"
She slipped to her knees between his legs and began to lick around the head of his cock, taking time to tenderly lick his frenulum, knowing how he loved that. "Remember when we were on the trip and I deep-throated this thing?" she smiled.
"You were drunk and I dared you. You never could resist a dare," he moaned, as she took the head in her mouth. He couldn't imagine anyone doing this any better than her. Not only did she love doing it, but she was so attuned to what he loved and was determined to always maximize his pleasure.
"Well, the drinking part probably had something to do with it, but I don't think I can do it, anymore," she said as she lifted his balls and tenderly licked them.
"Try, Baby," he grunted.
"What I'm saying is that I think you've grown an inch and gotten bigger around. I can tell. You feel almost as big as Dad when you're inside me," she whispered as she continued to lick his nuts and up and down his shaft. "Do you have any idea how much I love this thing?"
Joe smiled. "You love me for my dick. Right now I don't care, because what you're doing is driving me crazy. You're going to make me cum if you don't stop that."
Hannah momentarily stopped licking his cock and balls. She traced her fingers down his legs and then up his stomach and muscular chest. "I know you don't believe that, Joe. You know I am in love with you. This thing…" she said as she stroked his cock once, "This thing is just a fringe benefit."
She crawled forward and, angling his cock perpendicular to his body, took him into her mouth. Her saliva leaked out of her mouth and down his shaft. She leaned forward and engulfed over half of his long, thick cock into her mouth. She knew that he might cum when she did this, but she didn't care. She had learned how to take his cum into her mouth and swallow it all without losing any of it — unless he had a big load saved up, which was very rare.
"Oh, Hannah, Baby… Fuck, I know I never make you feel this good!" he groaned.
Hannah was now drunk with cum-lust. Once the thought of drinking her brother's sperm entered her mind, she was crazed with a need to ingest his life-giving seed. She loved swallowing her father's cum, too, but that was mostly for his benefit. She was convinced that she loved swallowing Joe's offering as much as he loved emptying himself into her mouth. She forced her mouth down farther, intent on taking his entire swollen shaft into her throat. She was so aroused that her natural gag-reflex wouldn't be much problem. She could feel the thick head of his cock begin to enter her throat, cutting off her breath. This lack of oxygen gave her a euphoric feeling as she continued to force more of his steel-hard shaft into her throat. She had her index finger and thumb wrapped around the base of his cock, holding him straight out from his body. She gave a last effort to take the rest of his cock into her mouth and throat but then realized that she just couldn't do it. She suddenly felt that she might pass out or throw up, so she quickly pulled his cock out of her mouth as she gasped for air.

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