Trip With Colleague

Hi readers! This is Sreekumar and I would like to share with you another incident which happened six years ago, when I was working as a team lead in IT Company in Trivandrum. I was 24 years old then, telling more about me I am 5ft 11 inches tall and average built fair and I believe am good looking.
I was very cooperative, helpful and had good relation with all in my team. I was very proud to lead them as the team whole heartedly cooperated with me and we jelled well together and it was the best team in our company wining the best team award on most occasions. All the members in my team which had 4 members, 2 girls and 2 boys all were very close to me.  
I was the one who used to remember their birthdays and the first to wish them. The two girls in my team Jisha and Geetha were not from Trivandrum, but from other towns, Jisha was from a small town in Southern Kerala and Geetha was from Northern Kerala. The two were staying together in a working woman’s hostel around 7 kms from our office. They used to come by office cab and occasionally if they had to sit for over time, I used to drop them at their hostel in my car.  
The incident so happened that it was Jisha’s Birthday and it was on a Sunday and Jisha was going back to her home for the weekend. I had remembered her birthday on Friday and made plans with my remaining team members to go her home and give her a surprise party. So Geetha told that she would stay back and come with me and the two guys Jose and Sumesh told that they will come in their bike as their homes were closer to Jisha’s town and wait for us near the town from where.
We would join and buy her gift as well as cake and some other snacks before going to her home. So on Sunday morning I took my car and picked Geetha from her hostel and started to Jisha’s town which is in Kayamkulam which is 2 hours drives from Ernakulam. To tell you about Geetha, she is a very sexy girl slim, tall may be 5’6” or 7 fair as well. She had a very good sexy figure. That day she was wearing a white Kuratha and light blue jeans. 
She was a quite girl generally, but with people close to her she becomes very talkative. So the journey started with us chatting on various topics, including official about the places and people that came across us in the journey while talking she would play fully catch my neck, hands and I also would respond by playfully beating her and within two and half hours we reached Kayamkulam and the two guys were waiting for us there. 
We went into a jewellery shop which was open, put in our shares and bought a 2 gm gold ear rings, for the selection of which Geetha took the lead, We bought a birthday cake which the guys had ordered the day before and some cool drinks and some snacks and went to Jisha’s house. At Jisha’s House we rang the calling bell and as soon as Jisha opened it we all yelled happy birthday and the whole of Jisha’s family was pleasantly surprised. 
Jisha’s Papa and mummy welcomed us all in, and we had a good party. They offered us afternoon lunch and by 3’O clock we all planned to leave. The boys left first in their bike when we were returning back, Jisha told me that Geetha had taken 1 glass of wine in between and we all started pulling her leg as we started back Geetha stretched the seat a bit back and lay back and I asked her are you already booze with 1 glass of wine for which she just blushed. 
Now Geetha asked me whether I drink, and I said I do occasionally and when I do so I would take 3 to 4 pegs then she told me you guys are I was supporting females and she was telling what all males enjoyed and then the subject also moved on to physical strength and appearance in between, she was looking little strange and was always looking into my eyes. She suddenly caught my thighs and told see you guys have good muscles here and see us it is only flesh here.
Telling this she caught hold of my hand and made me wrap her thighs over her jeans.  This made a current to pass through my body from my hands when I caught her soft thighs and I was not feeling to leave it and I said naughtily hey Geetha you know there is a place near to here which has better muscles and we started laughing, after which it was silent for some minutes and then Geetha broke the silence in a peculiar tone hey Sree.
I have never seen that muscle can you show me yours and she was looking into my eyes and smiling. I was surprised by her boldness and as I looked into her eyes, I could now feel something arousing. I asked her are you serious and she told yes, I want to see by now we were in a place near to Kollam and I drove the car straight to a beach nearby  and parked the car in an isolated area stopped the engine and looked towards her. She was looking at my eyes and blushing. She was breathing heavily and I knew she was excited out of some expectation.
I told her and you can now take a view of what you want by yourself and she pulled my shirt out of my pant and loosed the belt, unzipped my pant and here my underwear was on display to her. She was looking into it and as she was doing it my cock was enlarging with in my underwear. She slightly touched and was feeling my dick from my underwear, looked into my face and smiled. My heart was beating fast and I was also looking at her. 
She slowly took my cock out of the underwear and caught on it and was blushing looking at me. My cock had grown and was around 8” by then, she slowly started examining it and started to pull the foreskin down and was slowly jerking she in between look into my face and blush as she was holding my cock I was in the seventh heaven and was having a great sensation around my area there. I looked at her and asked did you like it and she told me.
I have never seen this and this is much bigger than I thought it could be, how could this be put inside mine, it would pain a lot and I told her and I am showing this to somebody for first time and I have heard it to pleasure more than pain when it is put. She was caressing on my dick and asked me can I kiss it? I told since I have now shown it to you, you can do as you like with it and she moved her face towards it. As she was nearing my cock.
I got very excited and as she touched it with her lips oh man it’s hard to express in words and I think I left a moan then. She kissed it on the top for some seconds and then slowly immersed it into her mouth and started sucking it. I was enjoying it completely she did this for some time and suddenly moved from her seat and sat on my lap and hugged me and started kissing me all over madly. I too was responding and returning kiss for her every kiss.
Soon we were having lip to lip sucking each other. Now we both were out of control and started caressing each other on all parts of the body. I cupped her boobs over her kurtha and pressed and sucked it over her clothes and then put into it from bottom and pressed her nipples. I also opened her jeans and put my hands in to her panty and started feeling her pussy. We were both moaning and making sounds. I lifted her kurtha up and removed her bra straps to free her boobs. 
We did not completely remove our clothes and in between used to peep out of the car to check if someone is coming, for our luck it was an isolated area and no one disturbed us. I sucked her boobs and nipples with my mouth and put my finger into her pussy and stroked with it while she stroked with my dick after some time she started shivering and jerking faster and hugged me tighter. I increased my pace with my finger.
It was full of her juice after some time she relaxed and looked at me and smiled. I moved her hair which had fallen loose to her face and kissed on her forehead. She sat back to her seat and now she again took my cock into her mouth and started blowing she did it until I cum med on her mouth and she drank it full and also licked and cleaned my dick. I separated her legs and from my seat lie on her lap and started fucking her pussy with my tongue. 
I did this until she had one more orgasm by that time it was already one and half hours since we started our pleasure and time was already 6’o clock now I drove back very fast and by 7.30 dropped her back in her hostel and returned after this incident we had sex again many times before she moved to Bangalore for a better job and then she got married and I also quite my job and started my business and got married as well.