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Hi all, I am D aged 26 years, from Bangalore. This happened recently (about 6 months back) with my neighbor aunty who is married with her two children. Her hubby work in a private firm, who goes to office in early morning and come back late in the evening. Her kids are in primary standards. I am self employed and get lots of free time daily and so I come to my room frequently. She is R, is very good looking, whitish; very firm boobs and great hips. Anyone who sees her would be

Mesmerized. During day time she wears sari everyday and I will make sure myself sitting at proper positions and keep the front door open to see her what saree she is wearing and her great side view. We speak to each other about her life, about other families living in below and above floor whenever we get time.

Usually, evenings she wears a nighty and she come to my neighbor’s house for chatting.

In nighty she will be even more gorgeous as her boobs will be looking great. Sometimes she bend to do something I will see her great cleavage. I sometimes hear some strange noise coming from her bathroom (her house bathroom window opening lays towards the corridor side). I thought she is masturbating herself. That made me even hotter towards her whenever she comes to my home.

Whenever I find an opportunity in my home I will definitely masturbate thinking of her. I have masturbated every place in my home (living room, kitchen, bathroom, my bedroom). I even used two pillows close to each other and fucked the hole between them thinking that it is her pussy. I didn’t even imagine all my dreams will come true one day.

On that day I didn’t go out as I thought of taking some rest. Suddenly around 11.30 am I heard someone knocking the door, I opened the door, and to my surprise hot Renuka aunty was standing over there. She came there as usual to chat. I told her there is no one in the

House (sometimes my servant will be there for cooking). She said she is also feeling bored as everyone in her house gone out. Strangely She was wearing light green nighty with first button near the neck open. I asked her to come in and locked the door. We both saw TV for some time. I asked her to have lunch at my home since my servant had already cooked it with a killing smile she told ok. I was very happy. When we both having dinner I noticed her opening and small cleavage portion and of course she too noted that. She was wearing white bra. Accident some rice has fallen on her nighty and she bent little and started cleaning it. I had a good view of her white mangoes and became

Hot. Since the stains were there she went to the bathroom to clean that with water. When she came back I was in uncontrollable position My dick is already at upright position and looking as tent and I am covering that with one of my couch pillow She was looking for the towel. I just gave one to her. She went to my room and drying herself with the towel.

I took this great opportunity and went behind her and just touched her shoulder. I don’t even know what happened she just turned towards me and hugged me. I was literally shocked to see that. She told in my ears that she was also waiting the same moment. She was masturbating all these times thinking of me. I literally don’t know what to do at that time when she said that. I just hugged and kissed at her cheeks and lips. I am sucked her tongue for some time and swallowed all her saliva. I removed all my clothes and totally naked in front of her.

She just saw my erected dick and she tried to remove her clothes. I said no don’t remove it as I wanted to remove it slowly. I removed her nighty first and she was in two pieces in front of me. My dick is still waiting for some flesh to touch. I took her hand and kept at my prick. I got real electricity passing over me. I hugged her and started kissing all over her in standing position. I took her to my bedroom. She lay over the bed first facing me. I just fell over her and feel my flesh over her. I really believe she got the real shock. She closed her eyes and said please ‘take me entirely I am waiting for this movement for all these time’. I just moved my dick over her lingerie .This covers her pussy. I can see that she is really begging me to take off that. I removed her bra slowly and got mesmerized. Nipples are really erected and waiting for me to keep my lips. I started sucking it she started moaning like Aaaaaahhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… And pushing my head towards her nipple to suck. I slowly moved my lips towards her lingerie and kissed slowly over her pussy. Her entire body shakes.

I moved my dick towards her face. I slowly removed her lingerie and saw a bushy pussy. It is awesome. Al the dreams I had so far is in front of me. So many nights I dreamt for and so many volume of my juice which I wasted on the floor thinking of her is now in front of me. I just kissed again over that pussy. We were in 69 position. She took my erected dick in her mouth and my body was shaking. I started sucking her pussy and she was pushing my head towards her. She took my dick entirely into her mouth and started sucking. She started sucking so heavily I stopped my sucking work and started enjoying. I told her I was going to cum on her mouth. She said she needed my juice and so I blasted on her mouth. She drank a part of it I came to kneel down position now and started sucking her pussy. I moved my tongue from lower to upper and gave her revolving tongue massage over her clitoris. She was shaking and started continued with her moaning ahhhhahhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhh…. And said please drink my juice. I wanted to drink everything. There comes a clear liquid with sweet smell from her pussy I just drank.

My dick again got ready for next adventure. She took my dick again and with her tongue gave me a massage over my balls. My dick really getting harder and harder when she was giving that massage. I slowly inserted in her pussy. It was like our first night (day). She was feeling really hot. I started my thrust. She immediately said please fuck me. I was waiting for you to fuck me from the first time I saw you. . She was really enjoying my thrust. I slowly inserted my long dick entirely into her pussy. I was entirely into her. I trusted her heavily in such a way that her boobs were acting like two spring balls. I started squeezing with her boobs. She was completely moaning. She said ahhhhhhh…. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Please fuck me fuck me like anything. I was speeding up with my thrust and at last loaded my entire juice in her pussy. She became too tired after our adventure and she said she needed to eat something and asked me whether I need something.

I asked her some juice. She got some juice. She said she was going to masturbate in front of me by jus seeing my prick. I smiled and I was really looking at her masturbating and moaning sound made my dick grow again. She was fingering herself with one hand and massaging her clitoris with the other I started my masturbation with one hand on my prick and other on her boobs. We lay down besides each other naked and she said we have to keep this one secret and continue the same whenever opportunity comes. After that every time whenever I get chance, I started touching her boobs here and there and started masturbating each other. We had very good sex, very often, till two months back.

Now I have changed my room to a different place, so not getting much opportunity to see her. She had called me few times, but I said no because of my old neighbors, since I have to meet them If I go there. Your comments can be forwarded to [email protected]. Any aunties or babes who want safe and nice sex in Bangalore pls contact to the above mail. Secrecy assured.

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