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Hi, All this is the second part of my story. Please read my first story to get a background to the second story.

I saw my mom sitting on the floor with her hand on her forehead and gently sobbing. She was only in her bra and petticoat. My aunt was lying on the floor next to Balaram uncle and she too was in her bra and petticoat and was appearing tired after her fuck session with Balaram uncle who was now snoring mildly. There was a silence in the whole room while I laid awake on my bed pretending to be asleep.After sobbing for a few moments my mom gently crawled and went and laid beside masi. She gently nudged Masi, ‘ Are you awake, I am not getting sleep’.Masi initially didn’t respond but after some nudging, she replied ‘What happened?’.

‘I am feeling bad, I abused you, you are my own sister, after all, how could I abuse you’ and she started weeping. Aunt consoled saying ‘Why are you sobbing it’s ok I know you didn’t mean it and you were angry with me. They hugged each other and my mom went on,’ My sex life is a waste, my husband doesn’t love me anymore and it has been years I am deprived ‘. ‘ I have no one to share this with, I deviate my mind by doing puja and looking after my son, but I am also a human and have cravings but I don’t want to cheat on my husband, I don’t know what to do’ she took her face on masi’s breasts and started to weep. Masi started rubbing her hands on my mom’s back and consoled her. I felt sad for my mom, never realised that my mother was sex starved.Masi wiped the tears from her eyes and said, ‘Look into my eyes and listen carefully, you should have sex and I will tell you how, we are not spirits or soul we are a body and we need sex just like food. If you are hungry and your husband is not able to give you food would you not look elsewhere for food or would you starve to death? ‘. My mom interrupted ‘ But sister this is sex and we have taken a sacred vow ‘.’ So what?’, said Masi.’Should he not provide you food as well as per sacred vows? ‘.’ I will tell you what is cheating, if you are dreaming of someone else while having sex with your husband, that’s cheating, or if you are having affair while your husband still loves you that’s cheating. This is just to fulfill your thirst of sex, this is not cheating’. I realised masi had a point and even my mom had stopped weeping and was listening to her. Mom looked up and kissed Masi’s cheeks and said ‘I feel so much better now, I really love you, please suggest something then, I am tired of fingering myself’.

Masi hugged mother and said what do you want, do you want to have sex with your son or Balaram, I have only these 2 men on offer. Mom exclaimed ‘No no I can’t do with my son, he is not all an option’. Masi smiled wickedly ‘Oh you need Balaram then, you naughty’ and pinched mom’ s nipples over her bra. Mom let out a soft moan and hung her head in embarrassment. Masi said ‘OK no problem, need not feel so shy I understand your point but I need your son in return’. This time mom remained quite with her head down. Masi then made her understand ‘See one day he has to have sex with a woman why can’t I be one of them, I can teach him some tricks as well and that way he will understand your point of view and will keep this a secret if he finds out about you. I will make sure that.’. Mom remained quite, now I got excited and started having a bulge below my pants with excitement on what was supposed to come my way. Masi stretched out her hand towards mom, ‘Deal??’ , mom gently nodded.

Masi suggested, ‘let’s start then’. Mom exclaimed ‘now??’. ‘Food must be given when someone is hungry right? ” Would Balaram like to have sex with me, asked mom, and would he not protest your having sex with my son? ‘.’Not at all, I am sure he would love to fuck your brains out, I know how much sexual urge for you.’ And he knows all my affairs before marriage so he doesn’t mind me having sex with someone else, we both that we love each other that’s enough. ‘. I was getting too pumped up listening to all this and expecting what was to come next.

Masi asked mom to move to the other side of Balaram, the furthest side from me. She held masi’s hand and whispered something. Masi replied saying,’ Don’t worry I will make sure your son is not able to witness her mom having sex. Mom thanked her and laid beside Balaram. Balaram now laid asleep between 2 hot women with mom to her right and masi to her left. Mom was looking hungrily at Balaram’s cock. Aunty asked her to take it in her hand and start stroking. After some hesitation, mom took his cock, which was lying like a black anaconda, and started stroking while masi slowly pressed his huge balls and put her breasts on his chest. Balaram uncle woke up from all this and appeared confused, Masi explained saying, ‘Balaram my sister needs your cock, show her how well you can satisfy she is too hungry for sex would you not be able to satisfy her. Balaram sat up from his sleep and kissed masi and said’ I Will’. Mom was still stroking his cock and greedily kept looking at it. Masi winked to uncle saying, but I need that boy OK so we both get something. Uncle planted a deep smooch on masi and said let’s enjoy. Now Balaram uncle looked at mom and smiled at each other. He hugged my mom strongly and kissed her neck.

My masi positioned her back to me to atleast prevent me somehow from seeing my mom getting fucked and faced them watching them enjoy themselves . But since I was on top of the hay bed everything was still visible to me. Balaram asked mom to suck his cock and mom grabbed his dick and put it in her mouth. The dick was too big for her mouth and she struggled to hold it in her mouth. Masi grinned seeing this and continued playing with uncles balls. Balaram s dick started expanding and became like a thick black rod. Balaram uncle held my mom’s breasts and guided her to lie down on the floor. He then asked mom to raise her hand over her head and with both hands squeezed her breasts from over her bra. Mom’s breasts were too delicate to take a squeeze in his tough hands and it almost got squeezed like a lemon. Mom started to moan and enjoy the hard pressing and Balaram continued pressing her boobs.

My mom’s moans were getting louder after each press and she closed her eyes. Balaram uncle then took his hands to my mom’s back and unhooked her bra. My mom’s boobs were now exposed and she was only in her petticoat. My mom’s boobs were big and soft like big jellies and was too tempting. I felt like going there and pressing it myself. Balaram had a huge shine in his eyes when he saw my mom with those delicious boobs as soft as jellies. Mom opened her eyes for a while to see if Balaram liked her boobs and on seeing his greedy expressions gave a smile and closed her eyes keeping her both hands above her head. Balaram couldn’t contain the excitement and grabbed my mom’s boobs and started pressing even more forcefully. My mom seemed to like the force with which Balaram pressed her boobs and kept on moaning. At times she put her hands on top of Balaram’s signalling to keep on pressing. Balaram uncle was on cloud nine and started kissing my mom’s cheeks neck and boobs but continued pressing her boobs. Mom too was getting excited from all this as she started biting her lips and rolling her fingers through her long hair. Balaram continued kissing mom all over and filled her body with saliva.My mom’s nipples were erect by now and Balaram seeing the erect nipples started sucking them wildly and made sounds from his mouth. She kissed my mom’s belly and my mom let out a loud moan and hugged Balaram completely. My mom’s armpits were shaved and Balaram kissed her in her armpits and ears. My mom was completely aroused by now and had started to respond by kissing Balaram on his lips and cheeks and hugging him tightly with her eyes closed. Balaram now headed to lift her petticoat suddenly mom became stiff and opened her eyes and looked at masi saying I don’t think it’s right.

My son is just next to me and I am having sex with my brother in law. Aunt scolded mom, ‘don’t behave like a kid and spoil the fun, your son is asleep and even if he would have been awake he would have seen what all has happened so far, so stop feeling shy and go on with it. Balaram appeared a bit disappointed with the disturbance so he asked my mom only to remove her petticoat and spread her legs. Mom looked towards masi and asked her ‘please guard the view, I don’t want my son to see me getting fucked so shamelessly’ . Masi now got up from the site and came beside me on top of the hay bed and laid down where my mom was sleeping initially. She turned her back to me and looked at them ‘now are you happy, now he can’t see, come on go on with it now’. My mom now saw that the huge figure of my masi was guarding me but little did she realise that I was somehow managing to see the session from the sides of Masi.As it was dark both mom and masi failed to realise that.

My mom now raised her petticoat to her waist and spread her legs. Balaram was waiting for this moment to see my mom’s pussy. He was too happy on seeing that and before proceeding to fuck her hugged her once more and started kissing her lips cheeks and boobs. Mom too kissed back and held Balaram uncles face and said, ‘Balaram after a lot of inner struggle I have given up my body to you leaving all shame and shyness, please satisfy me properly today in between my legs, it’s been long I have experienced this happiness’ saying so she gently kissed Balaram on his lips. Balaram sincerely licked her small delicious lips and said, submit yourself fully to me, don’t hold anything back and I promise this will be your best sex ever. Balaram positioned himself between my mother’s legs and leaned forward to press her boobs and suck them. He was now licking my mom’s body all over, armpits, boobs, belly and my mom raised her hand over her head and shivered as he licked. He then picked up the legs and licked the inside of the thighs to which my mom held Balaram’s head and pushed it more deep inside between the legs.

As all this happened aunt was facing his back to me and I could see her round buttocks. She got too horny when Balaram started kissing mothers inner thighs, so she inserted her fingers from inside her petticoat and started fingering. Balaram uncle was giving deep kisses on my mother’s pussy area and my mom was shivering with delight. Masi was now running her fingers vigorously and in the pleasure moment her petticoat got removed from her back and I could clearly see her huge butts in front of my eyes. Though I found my mother’s sex more interesting and continued watching that. I was too horny seeing all this happen in front of my eyes but I was pretending to be asleep and now my masi is beside me so couldn’t masturbate either. Balaram was now done with kissing my mom’s pussy. It was unfortunate that in the dark I couldn’t see my mom’s pushy clearly but nevertheless continued enjoying the session. Now came the moment when Balaram came a bit forward, took my mom’s legs on each of his shoulders and positioned his dick on my mom’s pussy. Mom’s pussy was already wet with the deep saliva kisses which Balaram had given there and due to all the excitement.

Balaram gave a strong push inside and in the dark, my mom gave out a loud painful cry, probably Balaram’s thick strong dick was too huge for my mom’s tight unused pussy. At this moment on hearing the shout my aunt towards me to check if I am still asleep and she caught me staring at my mom’s fuck session. That was an awkward moment, I quickly closed my eyes pretending to sleep once more but I guess she had caught me red handed enjoying my mom’s fuck session. I re-opened my eyes and saw her still staring at me. We kept on looking at each other and was unable to speak anything. In the meanwhile Balaram had started pounding vigorously. I could hear the sounds of pounding pretty clearly. My mom asked masi ‘Is he awake or what, shit I shouted so badly’. Masi continued keeping an eye contact with me and with a wicked grin on her face replied back saying all is fine and he is still sleeping. Masi mockingly said ‘I am turning the other side now as I can’t witness you getting fucked by my husband and she turned towards me and gave me a smile and winked at me. Mom too replied with a smile saying he is all yours I am just using him for a day. Aunt looked at me and came closer to me. Her breasts covered in bra was almost touching my chest. She put her hand on my head and started running her fingers. ‘Are you enjoying your mom getting fucked this way’. I didn’t know what to answer so I kept staring at her as nothing came out from my mouth.

She gently smiled at me and said ‘I know you were watching her, don’t worry I won’t say her anything let’s watch them together and then will speak. We now saw Balaram was thrusting with full force like a Bull and was damaging my mom’s delicate pussy. My mom was going wild as she was spreading her legs fully almost 180 degrees and was slapping Balaram’s ass indicating him to fuck even harder. Balaram was fucking my mom in the missionary pose and was squeezing mom’s breasts. Both their bodies were shining with sweat and my mom was looking like a sex goddess with her jelly boobs bouncing to the thrusts of Balaram. Mom said ‘Balaram my dear I am about to release, please hold me tightly dear in your arms and give me a few long thrusts inside my pussy slowly and with force pleaaasee I beg of you. Balaram grabbed my mom’s waists and lifted it to position for the thrusts properly and my mom wrapped her legs around Balaram. Balaram gently lifted mom’s hand over her head grabbed her breasts tightly and gave a strong thrust. Mom bit her lips hard and exclaimed ‘Oh Balaram!!’ fuck me harder, destroy me now. Balaram started giving slow powerful thrusts and I saw my mom coming to a climax by shivering wildly and grabbing Balaram tightly. ‘Balaram don’t pull it out and throw your semen inside me. Mom climaxed and shivered releasing her fluids soon Balaram clutched my mom’s breasts once and for all and shot all the semen inside my mom’s vagina and fell on my mother. They embraced and passionately kissed each other and then Balaram rolled on to the side and dozed off. Mom too remained in movable, she fell asleep in the same way, naked with legs spread apart. She didn’t have the energy to put back her bra and petticoat.

Masi now looked at me and asked ‘Did you like it’. I nodded a ‘YES’
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