Truth or dare (Family affair Pt 2)

Treena leant forward. Lances eyes admiring his mothers amazing DD bust, he loved her breasts, growing up he always looked for chances to see her cleavage in her tops and dresses. He couldn’t wait to see her topless like his sister.

She spun Dare. She picked up a card reading it.
” Ha ” she said smiling. ” Remove a item of clothing, sit it in the lap of the next player of the opposite sex for the next round. ” She said. She looked at her son. She smiled and stood pulling down his trousers off her. She stood in her bra and g string.

” Do twirl mother. ” Carlene said. Treena did a twirl and stepped over to Lance sitting in his lap. He could smell her perfume, his aroused cock now fully erect in his underwear pressing against his mothers arse. She wriggled in his lap against his cock.

” My your cocks hard son. ” She said smiling. He wanted to unclip her bra as he sat legs open with her sitting on his thighs and groin.

” Your turn. ” Treena said to her son.

He reached forward flicking the spinner. Dare.

” Choose someone to suck in your finger seductively for one minute. Mother. ” Lance said. Treena turned to her son he put his finger in her mouth. She slowly sucked it and pretended she was giving a blowjob.

After a minute she took it out and smiled at him

” Awesome. ” Lance said.

Carlene spun the spinner. Dare.

Let the next player remove your underwear with their teeth only. Oh. ” She looked at her father smiling. She stood up. Lance leant back. Treena leant back on her son his arms around his mothers waist.

” This will be fun. ” Lance said smiling. Carlene stood lifting her skirt her arse facing Lance and her mother. Ian knelt in front of her looking at the lace over his daughters pussy. She lifted it. Ian leaning in with his teeth grabbing her underwear over her hip pulling it down, then the other side. Inch by inch they came down her hip. Carlene looking down watching him. Her pussy soon on show for her father.

She watched as they came down, he used his teeth pulling them further revealing her wet clit.

” Harder than it sounds. ” Ian said smiling.

” It is. ” Carlene said watching as they slid down her upper thigh. Her dad could now see her pussy. He pulled them down to her knees pushing them to her feet. She stepped out of them. He stood her underwear in his teeth.

” Did it. ” He said. Carlene dropped her skirt covering her arse and sat down. Ian picking her underwear out of his mouth he held them smiling at his wife. He looked at his daughter. She smiled back flashing him her pussy.

” Like my pussy ? ” Carlene asked.

” Yes. ” Ian said ” Very nice darling. ”

” Didn’t rip my undies ? ” She asked. Ian unfolded them holding them up.

” No sweetheart. ” He said.

” That’s ok. I work for a lingerie company. I can get more cheap. ” She said.

” Really ? ” Lance said.

” Yes. ” Carlene said smiling. ” Dad your turn. ” Carlene said. She looked around.

Her Dad in his underwear she could see the bulge of his cock.

Her Mother in her underwear and bra sitting in her brothers lap.

Her Brother in her mothers dress.

She looked at her self she was topless and knickerless. Her pussy covered by a thin skirt. The thought of been naked with her brother horrified her. She couldn’t believe he had groped her tits.

Ian spun the spinner Dare.

Here we go Carlene thought.

” Oh ” Ian said. ” Be naked for the rest of the game. ” It said. Ian looked at his wife. She smiled at him. He stood removing his underwear his cock springing out. Carlene looking at her fathers cock. It was big and circumcised. She was wanting to touch it.

Treena spun the spinner. Dare.

” Oh. I can get off now. She stood getting off Lances lap. She sat back down next to Ian picking up a card Dare

” Ok ” She said. ” Hold the cock of a player of your choice for the next round. She looked at her husband and held his cock.

Lance spun the spinner Dare.

” Oh yeh. ” He said. ” Chose male dare or female dare. ”

He read the male dare. ” Rub your penis against the clit of a player of your choice. ”

” Whats the female dare ? ” Treena asked.

” Put your tongue on the knob of the nearest penis. ” Lance said. ” Who’s clit ? ” He said ” My mothers or my sisters ? Seen Carlene is already knickerless. ” He said.

” Great. ” She said. Lance stood. Carlene turned to him opening her legs lifting her skirt. Lance lifted his mothers dress pulling his cock out. She looked at his erection. His circumcised cock. His big knob. He knelt between her legs placing his knob on her clit rubbing it around her clit. She leant back groaning as her brother pleasured her. Ian and Treena counted a minute.

He took it off and sat down

” My brothers cock has touched my pussy. ” She said.

” Your pussy juices are on my cock sis. ” He said.

Carlene spun the spinner. Dare.

” Play with your clit for the next round. ” She said. She put the card back sliding her hand between her legs rubbing her clit.

Ian had his turn. Dare.

” Choose a player to be naked. ” It said. He looked at his wife, he looked at his daughter he looked at his son.

” Well I like seeing Lance in his mothers dress. My wife in her bra and knickers. My daughter nearly naked. Ok darling ” he said looking at his wife.

Treena stood removing her bra. Her breasts falling out. Husband, son, daughter watched as she removed her underwear. She took them off now naked in front of her family.

” Wow mum. ” Lance said. ” You look amazing naked. ”

” Thanks ” she said sitting down. She gripped her husbands cock again. He leant over kissing her lips. Carlene and Lance watching their naked parents kissing. Treena stroking Ian’s cock. Ian reaching over cupping his wife’s breasts as their children watched. Carlene got to her knees in front of her father grabbing his cock. Her mum let go. Carlene licked around his knob she pushed her mouth down his shaft sucking it. Lance stood sitting next to his mother fondling her breast.

” Should we finish the game ? ” Treena said.

” Fuck the game. ” Carlene said from her fathers groin. Licking and sucking his cock. Treena leant back and Ian and Lance fondled and sucked her breasts sliding their hands to her pussy opening her legs rubbing her clit and labias. Carlene’s tongue and mouth working her fathers cock.

Lance got to his knees between his mothers legs admiring her shaven cunt. He leant in circling her clit with his tongue pushing his fingers in her. He slowly finger fucked her as he licked her.

Carlane looked over and smiled at her brother, brother and sister giving their parents oral sex. Lance then stood taking off his underwear and his mothers dress. Treena grabbing her sons cock putting her mouth over it and sucked it as she stroked it. Carlene continued sucking her fathers.

Carlene then stood unclipping her skirt letting it fall to the floor. The family now naked. Ian pulled his daughter between his legs sitting forward rubbing her pussy looking up at her breasts. He smiled as he leant in licking her clit, his fingers exploring her woman hood. Lance reached over fondling his sisters breasts as his mother sucked his hard cock.

Carlene sat on the sofa her legs open. In kneeling between her legs licking her clit and pussy lips. Admiring her pussy, tasting his daughters pussy. Treena sat next to her opening her legs as her son did the same.

Carlene groaned as Ian pleasured her. Five minutes later they swapped. Lance between her legs eating her pussy. Ian between his wife’s legs eating her pussy.

Carlene couldn’t believe soon she would be fucking not only her brother but her father as well. The thought turned her on.

Carlene stood her brother up. She grabbed his cock sliding her mouth around it. She licked and sucked his knob and shaft.

Treena leant forward fondling her sons balls. Both women sucking and licking his cock. Ian still between his wife’s legs licking her clitoris.

Five minutes later Ian and Lance swapped again. Ian standing in front of his daughter her mouth sliding up and down his cock. Lance between his mothers legs licking her clit and labias. He slid his fingers in her finger fucking her.

Ian then knelt between Carlene’s legs leaning in licking her clit. He licked up her labias. He kissed up her body to her breasts. Circling his tongue around each nipple, kissing over her breasts admiring and savouring them. He kissed up her neck to her lips. They kissed as he fondled her breasts. Carlene looking down at her brother still eating his mothers wet pussy.

Ian spread Carlene’s legs wider. He lifted his cock to her pussy sliding it deep into his daughters pussy. They kissed lightly as he slowly thrust her pussy.

Carlene groaned as he fucked her. Soon Lance moved up his mothers body guiding his cock inside her.

Carlene and Treena sat there legs open. Carlene being fucked by her father, Treena been fucked by her son. Both pussies having their cocks. Treena groaned as she kissed Lance. Lance thrusting his mother. He fondled his mothers DD breasts, his mouth over her nipples sucking them. Finally been able to see them, to play with them, to suck her nipples.

Treena leant over to Carlene. Mother and daughter kissing. They french Treena fondling her daughters breasts, Ian kissing Carlene’s cleavage. Carlene fondling her mothers breasts with her brother as he fucked her.

Carlene moaned feeling Ian breath deeply. Lance moaned both guys knowing they were going to cum.

Ian pulled out. He sat on the couch. Carlene straddled him sliding down his cock. She hugged him kissing him. His hands on her arse she rode his cock. She leant into him. He sucked her nipples as he thrust her he moaned his mouth around her breast. Lance thrusting his mother hard.

Soon Ian cum. He shot his cum up inside Carlene’s pussy.

” Fuck ” he said.

” Have you cum dad ? ” Carlene said kissing his lips.

” Yes darling. ” He said.

” Mum, dad cum in me. ” Carlene said looking at her mother as Lance cum in his mother shooting cum deep in her.

” Good, because your brother has just cum in his mother. ” Treena said smiling.

Lance knelt between his mothers legs. His cock acting like a plug as his cum filled her pussy. Ian’s cum dripping down Carlen’es leg.

Carlene got off her father and stood over her mother. Treena licking her husbands cum out of her daughters pussy.

Ian stood and knelt next to his wife. Carlene got off and knelt between her mothers legs. Lance pulling his cock out. Carlene licked and sucked Lances cum from her mothers pussy holding Lances cock sucking off his cum and his mothers juices off her brothers cock. Treena licking and sucking cum and her daughters pussy juices off her husbands cock.

They all say down and looked at each other.

” Wow did we just do that? ” Carlene said.

” We did sis. ” Lance said.

” It was so fuckin nice. ” She said.

They got up and went and sat in the spa pool to soak.

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