Truth or dare (Family Affair Pt 3)

They sat talking about their experience. Carlene sat next to her father who she had just fucked. Lance sitting next to his Mother who he had just fucked.

Carlene held his cock playing with it. Treena sat across her sons lap in the corner of the pool her arms spread out along the top. Lances hand on her knee, the other on the inside of her thigh.

Treena slid a hand inside her thighs grabbing her sons cock playing with it.

” That was so much fun. ” Lance said.

” What fucking mum. ” Carlene said.

” Yeh the game, and the end result. ” He said

” Was fun, ” Ian said ” Its given your mother and I a new enjoyment of sex. ”

” Sleeping with your children ? ” Carlene said.

” Yes, ” Ian said leaning over kissing his daughters lips.

” You will have to fuck your brother. ” Treena said to Carlene.

” Yeh well. I suppose. ” She said. ” The thought of having sex with my brother is not a thought every girl has. ” She said.

” No. ” Ian said ” Not every father is lucky enough to have sex with his daughter. ”

” If lucky is the word. ” Treena said.

” Its only sex, If a girl wants to sleep with her father, or son sleep with his mother or siblings want to fuck. So what. The way I see it its just two people having sex. So what if they are related. Its got nothing to do with anybody else right ? ” Carlene said.

” So right, ” Treena said ” Just don’t tell your other brother and sister. ” She added.

” Hell no. ” Carlene said. ” Its funny. Lance and I fought so much as kids. Now here we are naked,and at some stage tonight going to have sex. ” She said.

” I cant wait. ” Lance said. ” To fuck my little sister. ”

” That’s if dad says yes. ” Carlene said.

” Its ok with me. ” Ian said.

Carlene stood in the middle of the pool adjusting her hair. Lance admiring her breasts.

” Fuck your brother. ” Treena said.

” Oh ok. ” Carlene said. ” If I have to. ”

” Yes your said you have to. ” Treena stood up. Lance sat on the edge of the spa, his cock erect. Carlene knelt between his legs grabbing his shaft sliding her mouth down him. Lance groaned as he watched his sister suck his cock.

Treena sat over on her husbands lap. Ian’s hands sliding around her front fondling his wife’s breasts.

Lance leant back looking down at his sister. His legs wide open watching her suck.

She then stood up. Lance holding her hips pulling her close his mouth finding her nipples. He sucked them as he fondled her breasts. His hand sliding to her groin feeling her pussy. She groaned as he rubbed up and down her labias circling her nipples with his tongue. Ian and Treena watching their children.

Carlene turned around sitting in his lap. Lance guiding his cock to her vagina circling his knob around her hole. She slid down his shaft feeling her brothers cock enter her wet pussy.

She still had some of her fathers cum in her. She rode him rubbing her clit looking down watching him ride in and out of her. His hand slid around her front squeezing her breast.

Ian and Treena looking a their sons cock fucking his sister. Enjoying watching brother and sister fuck. Their children.

” Enjoying that darling ? ” Treena said to Carlene.

” Fuck, surprisingly yes. ” She said riding her brother.

” Not so bad fucking your brother is it ? ” Lance said from behind her.

” Yeh its ok. ” She said watching her mother and father kiss. They french kissed. Treena sat up on the side of the pool. Ian pushed his cock into his wife.

After ten minutes they got out and got dried and went inside to the master bedroom. Carlene and Treena lay on the bed on their stomachs.

Lance and Ian got out the massage oil and started massaging them. Their shoulders, backs, arse, legs. Lance massaging his mother, Ian massaging his daughter.

Five minutes later they swapped. Treena sat up after a few minutes slapping Carlene’s arse. She straddled her sitting on her arse cheeks and massaged her. Lance sat down putting his legs either side of his sister.

Carlene lay on her stomach, between her brothers legs grabbing his cock sucking it as her mother sat on her arse massaging her back. Ian sat to the side watching.

Treena massaged Carlene pushing hard up her back. Carlene feeling her mothers pussy against her arse cheeks. Treena then lay on Carlene sliding up and down her body, sliding her breasts up and down Carlene’s back, down over her arse and the back of her thighs. Carlene holding her brothers cock licking and sucking his shaft. Ian pulling her long hair out the way watching.

” Fuck you suck really good. ” Lance said.

Treena kissed over Carlene’s arse cheeks spreading them with her hands licking over her anus and down over her pussy. Treena slid a finger into Carlene’s pussy slowly fingering her as she kissed Carlene’s arse and anus.

Treena turned around straddling Carlene. Lance sat up rubbing and fingering his mothers pussy. Ian knelt behind his daughter spreading her legs guiding his cock into her pussy from behind. Treena spreading Carlene’s arse cheeks watching her husbands cock in her.

Then minutes later. Carlene rolled over. Treena lay on her back, Carlene straddling her mother. Treena and Carlene rubbing and fingering each others pussies.

Lance knelt behind his sister guiding his knob to her pussy. He slid it deep into her. He spread her arse cheeks admiring her anus. His cock sliding between her pussy lips. Treena under her watching her sons cock fuck his sister. Treena rubbed Carlene’s clit and pussy lips

Ian and Carlene took turns licking and rubbing Treena’s pussy. Ian knelt thrusting his cock in his wife. Carlene rubbing her mothers clit and labias watching her father fuck her mother as her brother fucked her doggy style and her mother played with her pussy.

Lance thrusted his sister deep spreading her arse cheeks groaning. He knew he was about to cum. He squeezed her arse spreading her cheeks, spreading her anus. He pulled out leaning in licking her anus pushing his tongue into her hole as Treena licked Carlene’s clit. A minute later after pushing his tongue and licking his sisters arsehole. He pushed his cock back in his sister thrusting hard and deep.

He moaned and groaned as he thrust her one last time sending his cock exploding in his sister. His cum filling her pussy. He spread her arse his cock deep in her emptying into her womb. Carlene groaned knowing her brother had cum in her. Treena licking her clit. Her father slowly fucking his wife.

” Keep it there till Dad cums in mum. ” She said to Lance reaching back spreading a arse cheek. Lance admiring his sisters long red finger nails.

” Not far. ” Ian said fucking his wife faster. Carlene rubbing her mothers clit fast. Treena groaning rubbing Carlenes clit post orgasm.

Soon Ian cum in his wife, he pushed his cock deep in his wife. Carlene spread her mothers clit and labias seeing her dads shaft in her. Slowly the guys pulled their cocks out.

Ian’s slid out covered in cum and his wife’s juices. Cum oozed from her pussy. Carlene sucking her fathers cum covered cock and licked her mothers oozing pussy.

Lances cock pulled out. Treena grabbed it pulling it down putting her lips over it squeezing his cum out of it.

Lance spread her pussy lips watching his cum ooze out of his sisters pussy, down her labias over her clit dripping onto his mother. She licked it up off her daughter.

They showered and cleaned up. They went and got into bed the same bed and lay talking.

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