Truth or dare (Family affair Pt 4)

Next morning.

9 Am.

Carlene woke up. Her brother lay behind her asleep his hand on her hip. She looked over seeing her dad on his back. She couldn’t see her mother. She got up and stood naked looking in the mirror.

She looked over at the two guys in the bed. Her father and brother who she fucked the night before. She walked downstairs seeing her naked mother in the kitchen.

” Morning mum. ” She said

” Morning darling, how are you this morning? ” Treena asked.

” Good. ” Carlene said smiling.

” Enjoy last night, I sure did. I know your father and brother did. ” Treena said

” Yeh I did. Felt funny having sex with Dad and Lance though. ” She said

” Didn’t think I would ever have sex with your brother. ” Treena said laughting.

” Dad either. ” Carlene said.

” Your the only female I have played with. ” Treena said smiling at her daughter.

” Yeh, did you enjoy it ? ” Carlene asked pouring her coffee.

” I did. ” Treena replied smiling. ” We should do that more.

” Yeh secret family sex. ” Carlene said smiling.

” I enjoyed it, your dad enjoyed it, I know your brother enjoyed it. ” Treena said.

” Yeh, he got to fuck his mother and sister. Course he enjoyed it. ” Carlene said as they leant against the kitchen bench drinking their coffee naked.

” And I got to play with my daughter. ” Treena said smiling.

” Yeh, the boys loved that mum. ” Carlene said.

” You are beautiful and sexy darling. ” Treena replied smiling at Carlene.

” So are you mum. ” Carlene said standing putting her coffee on the counter, she grabbed her mothers taking it off her putting it on the bench. She leant in kissing her mothers lips. They kissed fondling each others breasts. They french kissed.

” Loved eating your pussy darling. ” Treena said smiling at Carlene.

” I loved eating yours, and you eating mine. ” Carlene replied smiling at her mum kissing down her neck fondling her breast circling her nipple with her tongue.

” Wow what a sight. ” A male voice said as he entered the living room seeing Treena and Carlene naked kissing.

Carlene turned to see her naked brother enter the kitchen.

” Morning brother. ” Carlene said.

” Morning Sis, morning darling ” He said.

” Morning dear, your son still asleep ? ” Treena asked.

” No hes in the shower. ” Ian said pouring a coffee looking at his naked wife and daughter.

” Might have to go join him. ” Carlene said.

” I could get used to seeing my wife and daughter in the house naked in the morning he said.

” Really father. ” Carlene said smiling at her father. She turned kissing his cheek gripping his cock. She turned walking upstairs to the bathroom. She heard the shower going as she walked in seeing her naked brother washing. She stepped in the shower.

” Good morning. ” She said picking up the soap.

” Good fuckin morning to you. ” He said admiring his sisters body. He looked down at his hard cock.

” You always have a hardon in the morning ? ” She asked gripping his cock

” Most mornings. Except when I have fucked my girlfriend ” he said.

” Well, seen your girlfriend isn’t here, your sister will have to do it wont she. ” Carlene said getting to her knees grabbing his cock and sucking it

” Oh shit a morning blowjob from my sister. ” He said

The nozzle of the shower pointed at his back. Carlene stroking his shaft, sucking his cock.

After a few minutes she stood up hugging and kissing his lips. He fondled her breasts pulling her arse close to him.

He lifted her up pressing her against the tiled wall. She wrapped her legs around her brothers hips. He guided his cock into her pussy kissing her lips as he thrust her.

” Oh fuck yes. ” She groaned as her fucked her thrusting in her squeezing her breasts.

” Like that Sis. ” He said.

” Fucking my brother in our parents shower. Fuck yes. ” She said moaning.

” Hot isn’t it. ” He said.

” The temperature is ok. ” She said.

” Not the water bitch. Fucking in our parents shower. ” He said groaning.

” I fuckin knew what you meant arsehole. Actually enjoying fucking you. Didn’t think I would. ” She said.

” Have to fuck more then wont we if you fuckin love it so much. ” He said as Treena walked in.

” I see the shower is busy. ” She said looking her children fucking in the shower.

” Stand in line mother. This cocks mine for the next few minutes. ” Carlene said. Treena stood watching Carlene’s breasts bounce as Lance had her pinned against the wall fucking. After a few minutes Lance moaned and thrust his sister harder.

He shot cum into her. Carlene held him tight as he emptied himself into her.

He let her down. Carlene got to her knees grabbing her brothers cock sucking it.

She then stood lifting her leg. Lance kneeling licking her pussy sliding his finger inside her pussy. He licked and sucked his cum out of her.

” A man who cleans his own mess. ” Treena said smiling. Treena got into the shower with them. They washed and cleaned. Treena kneeling sucking her sons cock as Carlene washed his body kissing her brothers lips.

They got out dried and they dressed with Ian and went out for a family breakfast.

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