tsekouratoi – My First Sex Lessons

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Hi, I am Ashish Nair, Aged 25, a malayalee by birth, brought up in Gujarat so a Gujarati.
Well this is my true story. I used to go to my father’s friends house for tuitions. He had four daughters. The eldest one was married and seldom used to come to her father’s house. I did not like her. The second one was very much supportive to me. She was 7 years elder to me.  She used to take care of me and loved me very much.
One day when I was 8 years old, my parents had gone to a temple and were to return very late. This girl I will call her Ambili had come to my place to look after me. I came back from my school. And she told me to do my home work after eating some thing. I was playing with a small toy while studying and she took it from my hand. I fought with her to get it back. I rolled over her and tried to get it back. In the process I unknowingly touched her boobs. I didn’t know anything or didn’t feel anything but she was enjoying it and was doing it deliberately.
After some time I got tired and just lay on the bed. She came and lay down besides me. She took my hand and placed it on her boobs and asked me to press it. She fondled my cock. My cock was very small as I was just 8 years old. But I liked the feeling and my cock started getting hard. She took out her boobs and asked me to suck it. I started sucking her boobs one after the other. She then removed my half pants and started playing with it. She even started sucking it.
She then asked me whether I wanted to see her thing. I said yes and she removed her panties and lifted her frock. There was hair which was neatly trimmed. And she told me to put my finger inside and made me finger fuck. This was my first sex lesson. This continued whenever we were alone. She used to sit on top of my cock, would make me lick her pussy, she would suck my cock, everything on her orders and as she liked. She was elder to me and would never question her. But inside me I liked it and even she knew that I liked it. This went on for three years. We enjoyed every single minute we were together.
All of a sudden we shifted our residence to a far off place. It was some 20 kilometers away and our sexual activities ended. It was a very big blow to both of us. We never got a chance to meet alone as either my parents took me to Didi’s place or they all came to our place. Almost after a year we got a chance to be together. Her marriage was fixed and just a week before her marriage my parents & her mother were going to temple which was about 400 kms. It was fixed that she would stay with me for the two days.
My parents were to leave early morning so she came to our place the previous day. In the morning I went to school in a very happy mood. While returning back I was all tense. Would she be willing to do it as she was getting married and it was almost a year since we were together?
I reached home. She gave me food to eat. After eating she asked me to finish my home work. After finishing my home work she asked me to sleep for a while and then go for play. I lay down and closed my eyes. She came to my side and lay down. I kept my eyes closed. She came near me and hugged me. She made me turn towards her and hugged me again. She told me that I had grown up as she felt my cock on her stomach. I kept my face between her boobs. Her dress had buttons on the front side and she opened the buttons. She took out her boobs and gave it to me to suck. I started sucking it hungrily. She asked me did u miss it. I said very much. She told me that you have got two days. Do it as much as you can then as she was going to get married we may not get any chance.
I slowly lowered my self and started licking her pussy. She closed her eyes and was enjoying it. I removed my clothes and was fully naked. After some time when she opened her eyes she was surprised to see me naked. She saw my cock and took it in her hands and started sucking it. I told her that I wanted to see her fully naked. She got up and removed her clothes. It was such a lovely sight. She made my lie down and got on top of me. My cock was hard and erect like a tower. She put it inside her and started moving. She was fucking me and I was enjoying it. She then asked me to get on top of her. She parted her legs and she put my cock inside her pussy and asked me to pump. She asked me to move my cock in and out. I started pumping and she asked me to go slow.
But I could not control and ejaculated inside her. I didn’t know what was happening but it felt like heaven. She too was surprised as she didn’t expect me to cum. I had just crossed 12. This was my first ejaculation. In those two days we had sex 6 to 7 times and each time I poured my semen inside her. I didn’t know of the consequences, but she was fully aware. But she was not afraid as she was getting married just in a week’s time. She told me this. I think her first child is mine. I was 12 and she was 19 when this happened. After that I met her after 6 long years. After I had passed my 12th standard. That is another story. I know some of you may not like this story. But this is not just a story. This is what happened to me. I love fucking and have kept it going on. I have fucked my 4 cousins and 2 aunties apart from my girlfriends. Give me your feedback please.