tsekouratoi – Sex With Hot Aunty

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I’m bhargav from Delhi and this story which I’m posting here is about me and Aunt Monika. I still clearly remember all those moments like they are still fresh in my mind like it just happened yesterday. I was in my 12th grade when I had an encounter with my sexy hot aunt. She is 28 now but still loooks like a sexy college gal.
Her vital stats were 36-30-38 and man her ass was like heaven to watch. We have a joint family; mine and my aunt’s bedroom are on the 1st floor. It was Feb. I used to study late nights and one night I heard wierd sounds coming from my aunt’s room. My uncle was fucking. She was screaming ahhh uhhh and saying thoda teez chodo” but my uncle was not so good at it which one came to know later.
They used to fuck every 3 days and I used to listen too them and even peek through the key hole. One day my uncle announced that he is going to start his new business and is going to Mumbai in the first week of March. I was really sad to here this as now I won’t be able to here and see what I used too but who knew that this would turn out to be the best thing ever. 
And please forgive me for any gliches in the story as this is the first time i’m posting my story. I am a good looking guy according to my female friends, I’m 6ft tall with a decent built and regarding my shaft it’s 7 inches long and fat finally the day came my uncle left for Mumbai and my aunt with her daughter were here only. I was having my board exams going on so I used to be in my room all day and used to study.
My aunt used to take care about my food and requirements she used to come to my room every now and then. One day she came to my room wearin a new saree whose blouse was really low cut I had never seen her in that saree so I just asked her regarding the saree and she told me that she had got it now only suddenly the bottle fell down and the water was spilled all over the floor
I said sorry and went to get the mob but she told me that she will do it and told me to study she got the mob and started cleaning the floor and at that time my eye caught the sight of her marvalous boob and I was in seventh heaven that instant. I didn’t realize that my aunt was watching me watching her and she asked me what was I looking at and by mistake I just told that I love your blouse and the patter, she smiled at me and went away.
That day I masturbated about 3 times thinking about that scene. My exams got over and it was summer season so I used to sleep in the veranda everyday the heat was increasing evrydy aunt told me that she will also sleep in the varanda and told me to put her bed too. I laid the bed just next to me and I went in my room to do some work then my aunt called me to her room as my favorite movie was coming and we sat there to watch the movie.
Half way through the movie my aunt told me that she is going out to sleep and told me to go to sleep soon later I went out to breath some fresh air and I saw that my aunt’s pallo had slid down and her mounts were trying to come out and she was fast alseep. Suddenly I got the urge and I went into her room and closed everything and came out and slept jus next to her and was viewing her tities.
I checked weather she is sleeping or not and placed my hand on her left boob oh my god! it was so soft and I just cummed inside without even shagging I started playing wid it but was really concious about not waking her up and so I was really gentle. I played for about 15mins and my thirst increased so I thought of touching her bare boob and so I tried opening her blouse buttons but I was only ableto open 3
I started going in very slowly and at that time my heart was beating very fast. It nearly took me about half an hour to reach her nipples and I started playing with them but suddenly my aunt shifted and I removed my had and then slept. Next day when I woke up I was feeling scaed weather my aunt knew about what I did and all so I didn’t have a talk with her the whole day and later at night I kept my bed a little apart from her’s.
I was sitting in my room and reading a novel when my aunt came and told me that she is going to sleep and she wentafter about half an hour I went out and saw that my bed was kept attached to her’s and again her pallo had slid down I went and slept next to her and was just gazing at her mounts and I thought of trying again so I checked and she was fast asleep and I started touching her and I noticed something unusual she was not wearing her bra today.
I could not control my self and slid my hand into her blouse and started playing with her tits and I felt her nipple hard today then yesterday. I was really feeling high and forgot everything and started playing with her tits vigorisly and she started mouning softly ahhh uhhh ummmm. I didn’t know what was going on I was totally blinded by lust so was being a little harsh on her breasts and she screamed a little and
I saw her she was looking at me and I just got scared and stood up said sorry and went into my room and slept on the bed afterward she came into my room and told me that what ever I did was bad and should not repeat and I said k and said sorry again. It had been 2 months now after my uncle had left and I and my aunt had become really close friends and we had erased that night but I still wanted her so
I had to do something about it so I made a plan and had brought a DVD from outside but I had made it on my own it had a new movi and I had put in a little bit of B grade hindi movies so I asked aunt weather she wants to watch the movie she said yes and I opened the menu and the menu had a female posing newd and seeing this my aunt asked what have I brought I said its not my mistake he told me that the new movie is there inside so I brought it.
She said kl and said it might be possible that the menu pic was bad and all so I started the movie and it was XX movie in which there were many bed scenes in the movie the male was kissing the female very passionately and then the bed scene started so I just turned off the tv and she took the remote and started the movie and told me that it’s ok you are big now so we watched the
Whole movie and when the movie got over she asked me weather I have seen a movie like this before? I said yes and then she asked me weather I hav seen some1 nude and touched someone to which I said that I have not seen some1 newd but I have touched some1 so she said that she knows her and I said yes and I tried changing the topic but she said asked why I did so, I just said
I like you and you were so close to me so I couldn’t stop myself she gave me wicked smile and said that you havent seen a newd gal before and she asked me do you want to see? I said yes and she told me that I should not tell this to any1 and I said yes she said that she is really missing uncle and also said no matter what ever he tried but was never able to satisfy me and I said that I can help and she asked really
Can you and she just jumped from the bed and I could see the shine of lust in her eyes clearly and thought to myself this is the right time it’s now or never and just caught her boob and told her if I dont then I’ll be her slave for ever and to that she said fuck as hard as you can hear this. I just started kissing her and she went mad and she jus took hold of my tool and started jerking it on my pants both of us were getting hot and we kissed for about 20 min
And finally she broke the kiss and started stripping me and I did the same in no time we both were completely naked and I started looking at her from up to down and was admiring her beauty she just asked whats the matter and I said that she is an angle for heaven and she is gorgeous hearing this she just took me in her arms and hugged me tightly and I could feel her nipples on my chest and then she said she wanted me to fuck her and I said to wait as
I wanted to do some foreplay so we got into 69 and man she was really hot down there. I started licking like a mad dog and she was also licking my tool after about 10 min I told her that I was about to cum but she kept on licking and I cummed in her mouth and she gulped in everything and then I went mad and I licked and licked it was really sweet and I was getting mad and finally she cummed on my face and I licked her pussy dry.
We started kissing again and in about 5mins my tool got up and she asked ready for the fun ride and I said yes and she grabbed my tool and put it near her cunt and told me to push I just pushed very hard and my whole tool was in she screamed very loudly and told me to go slow at first and I started humping and in between I used to slow down and tease her and would kiss her and squeeze her booobs and she would scream in extacy I stared increasing my speed and
I was humping her very fast and she was really enjoying finally I cum inside her in 15 minutes and lied on her I was really tired and lied on her and after that. We did again 4 times that night. Our sexual acts lasted a year and after that she shifted to Mumbai. I had also given names to her tits “tinny and winny” lol! Gosh I really miss her now and now we just meet in vacation and if we get a chance we hump really hard. I hope everyone enjoyed the story and sorry for any glitches as this is the first time I’m posting something and I hope you will Command me.