tsekouratoi – Still … 30 years of masturbation!

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Whoever said that sex does not hurt, then he has heard about this case a 30-year … 
woman from England, found dead of a heart attack due to masturbation!
Specifically, Nichola Paginton found dead in her bed last September, naked from the waist down, and next to the laptop of playing porn. Even beside her was a sexual object. 
A physician referring to the fact, said that the unfortunate woman probably died of cardiac arrhythmia, which has the whole of the sexual situation. 
The same conclusion was reached and the coroner investigating the case, that death of associated largely with the masturbation. 
The inspector Gavin Webb said police called her employer unfortunate girl, because he had disappeared for days. 
When he reached the house of her employer Nichola knocked on the door, but there was no answer. Then with the help of a neighbor noticed the dead girl through the curtains, to lying in bed with the cat next to her. 
‘ Just came in, they realized that Paginton was dead. ‘Said the inspector, adding “He was at the side of the computer and since moved and lifted the duvet to find her naked, and beside her was a vibrator.” 
(Source photo Dailymail)