Tuition Class

I am Raghu 25, tall and with a muscular body having done my PG in Maths and waiting to write NET exam to enter as a Asst. Professor in any of the colleges. My family consisted of my sister and mother. Sister, Radha, was doing her degree course and mother a house wife. Our father was in gulf in a senior employment in an MNC.
There were several requests for tuition from various quarters. But I wanted to concentrate in my learning computing. But sometime my amma brings forth strong recommendations of girls who are related to her friends etc. which I cannot turn down. My mother made ready an upstairs corner room removing all the rubbish dumped there and placing a big double cot with a mattress (for the use of a likely guest)a table and a chair.
There were very many wall mounted shelves and I dont know what all stuff is available there. In my younger day I and my sister Radha used to play hide and seek in these rooms. One day she brought a girl, fair looking with big boobs etc, Shama who was the daughter of her friend. Shama wanted some detailed study of two chapters in physics.
Usually I take bath in the attached bathroom of my room. When I come out I will be wearing a casual lungi, without any u/wear or boxer. I wont even wear a vest, but remain bare chested sporting my lavish hair in the chest. Putting on a vest and brief is a long drawn process. I apply lot of talcum powder and deo. There was no time for all these rituals.
Shama was there standing staring at me with her huge bulbous eyes. I asked her to sit and place her books on the table. I just went to the mirror in the room and combed my hair and put it in order. When I turned back, I saw this Shama girl lifting her legs and placing them on the bed to sit in a squaring posture. In the process she revealed to me a view up to her panty.
I was shocked. why this girl show me all her inner secrets. It is intentional or casual. Whatever it is my dick was rising and made a protrusion in the lungi I wore. My concentration was greatly disturbed. The girl placing the books on the table was searching for the portion where she needed help.As she was leaning her cleavage was open and her big boobs were clearly visible.
I was in a great discomfort. I am not accustomed to such sudden display of female charms. My manliness was rebellious. This lungi is a comfortable or uncomfortable attire depending upon the circumstances. When shama got up I asked her what exactly is your problem. Shama said “Sir, why dont you also come and sit in the bed so that I can show you the text book and show the portions where I need your clarifications.
Ok I said and went and bolted the door, and sat on the bed after tying the lungi tightly around my waist. I too had to sit squatting on the bed. The lungi length is not alright that the ends do not overlap. When I sit they leave a gaping gap in the middle and it gives a full view of my dick. I fould that Shama was concentrating her eyes on the middle portion of my body and did not appear to be listening to what I said.
My fully erect dick was peeping through the little gap between the loose ends of the lungi which was distracting this girl shama. Somehow I concealed my nudity and asked the girl to show me the portion and I asked her to read the portion. I noticed she had by then unbuttoned two top buttons on her shirt and her boobs were visible when she leans forward.
I dont know whether she made it intentional or casual. Seeing this my dick was again stiffened and I had to struggle to keep it under control. Shama was seeing all my helpless struggle and was giggling. I looked up at her. She finished reading the portion and looked up and saw me pressing my cock down into the fold of my lungi. I leaned forward and covered her shirt to conceal her boobs.
She was surprised and looked up at my face. I told her “this is what causing all the trouble. You have been purposely showing a portion of your body which you should have concealed”. She said “Sir it is because there is no fan and I feel sultry and that is why I just opened a small portion. But my body is in my control not like yours”.
I got up, but stepped on my lungi and lo the lungi was totally removed and I stood totally naked with an erect cock in front of the girl Shama. She started to laugh loudly and I rushed to her in my naked condition and closed her mouth with my hands. She struggled to get herself released and her hand was reaching to catch my cock.
I sat near her and put my hands inside her shirt and caught hold of her boobs and was just pressing them softly. Suddenly the girl stopped laughing and was reaching my face to plant a kiss on my cheeks. Her boobs were very smooth and hard and tiny nipple was already hard and erect. I was pressing her boob softly and she was taking deep breat and moaning softly.
With her hand she was shaking my cock. Shama did not appear to be an innocent girl. She lowered her head and licked the tip of my dick of the precum drop which was emerging there. I asked her softly whether she is a virgin or not and whether she has had sexual experience before. She murmured tht she is not a virgin and that she has had sexual experience before.
I made her lie down on my bed and lifted her frock. Her panty was fully wet. I just pulled it down and saw her youthfull cunt without any hair. It gave one of the most fascinating sights. I wanted to start from her boobs. I sucked the nipples softly and Shama was moaning and with her hands she pressed my head towards her boobs. I just moved downwards and came to her cunt.
It had a nice fragrance. I smelled the whole cunt and licked it. I opened the cunt lips and located the red coloured clit. with my tongue I just licked her clit. Shama gave out a loud cry and pressed my head down. Whe I tickled her cunt again she had her first orgasm. She shuddered and her legs pleaced on my back over my shoulders pressed my head.
I continued to lick her clitoris. Shama was shaking her body wildly. I got up and put my dick in her cunt and pressed it in. It went in against great resistance. Shama was about to give a cry of pain. I closed her mouth with my hand. But by them my cock was fully inside her cunt. I fucked her slowly. She was giving out moans hhhhhhhhhhhhshsshhhhhhhhhh.
Her orgasm was continuous. She pressed my head on her boob and asked me to suck her nipples to enhance her pleasure. I sprayed my entire cum inside her cunt. Slowly I pulled out from her cunt and made her also to get up. We wiped outselves in a wet towel I used to take bath. Shama just hugged and kissed me. She said she is going and come on the next day.
I asked her to come at 2 pm when allthe people will be asleep after lunch. She agreed and rushed out. I went out with her downstairs and opened the main door and let her out. My mother was asleep and did not notice thata the girl had slipped out. Shama was going out in a dishevelled condition. Anybody seeing her can make out that she is coming from fighting with somebody.
Her house was close by. But I saw her standing and talking with another woman. I noticed it was my sister Radha she was talking to. Radha might have been returning from her college. I rushed up to my room and wanted to remove all the tell tale evidence of the recent incident. Because my sister Radha is too nosy that she can smell out anything from the scene.
As expected she came to my room. I pretended as if I am busy on my laptop. She asked me how was the first tuition session and what was the subject you taught her. She looked at me in a sarcastic way. I did not reply her but was concentrating on my laptop. Please let me know how you liked my story of my first tuition class.