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By DarkAction Jan’s husband is away and she wants some action.

Jan Stein was feeling down. When her husband had to go abroad on business she had been looking forward to two weeks of sexual adventure whilst he was away. She had not had sex for three weeks. She had planned with her husband for a fantastic night of sex the night before he went on his business trip. To heighten the pleasure of their planned orgy they had abstained from penetrative sex for a couple of weeks. This had proved harder than she thought and several times they had been on the brink of saying “fuck it. Why be celibate. Lets fuck now.” But they held out and so she was missing having her cunt filled with a prick and the ecstasy of cum shooting around inside her, mixing with her own fluids. “It will be all the better if we can hold out until the eve of his departure,” she consoled herself, “and then when he’s away I’ll be free to fuck a different man every night.” She had a secret diary of men’s mobile numbers, many of them black and well hung and of all ages. She intended to fuck with many of them.

But the day before his scheduled departure her husband got a call saying that the delegation were going on an earlier flight and he needed to be at the airport in a couple of hours. This was whilst Jan was teaching in school and so she was unable to see him off. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she growled under her breath after the phone call telling her. “All that abstinence for nothing. Why didn’t we just fuck and enjoy it,” she thought. “I’m going to catch up on the missed opportunity whilst he’s away. I’m going to find myself a different dick every day. More than one a day if I can.”

But it had not worked out as she had hoped. Each one that she phoned said that they would love to meet and fuck again but then made an excuse that they were unavailable for the next week or two. She was getting increasingly desperate and needed a big cock to satisfy her lust.

She went out clubbing but didn’t succeed in finding anybody that she fancied. When she did see a likely fuck they were always with a partner. She was going crazy. She dressed a little more provocatively each time she went out. Her gorgeous firm 38D’s were regularly on display. Initially she wore a quarter cup bra but then decided to not wear a bra at all. She then wore only a thin flimsy top opened almost to her waist, her nipples clearly visible through the material. Her skirts (she refused to wear trousers) got shorter and shorter, barely covering her genitalia. Finally she even discarded her panties and, by the end of the week, anybody following her up any stairs would get an eyeful of her inviting clean shaven cunt lips.

Still she was frustrated at her inability to find a fuck buddy. She began to doubt herself. It wasn’t because she was any less desirable. Rather, she was very very attractive and oozed sex. Men still ogled her when their wife’s weren’t watching. She was still able to pull a man, almost at will. But for now for some inexplicable reason she remained man-less,

There was only a couple of nights before her husband got home and she was beginning to think that this would be her next fuck. Her husband would be bursting to fuck her, his balls full of cum ready to fill her with. While she looked forward to this she still wanted a fuck now. She readied herself for another night out. She bathed and shaved around her pussy leaving just a small triangle of pubic hair pointing down to her cunt. She dressed in her skimpiest garments leaving very little to the imagination.

She went clubbing again and when she got in the club she stood provocatively at the bar. Many men eyed her up but most were usually with a partner. She was getting desperate and almost hoped that somebody would spike her drink. This wouldn’t have been necessary but it might result in her getting laid. She was drowning her sorrows and was fairly tipsy when she eventually decided to leave the club alone. She hailed a taxi and was saddened to see that the driver was very old. She had thought about offering to fuck the driver if he was up to it but this one clearly wasn’t. Nothing was going right for her.

The taxi hadn’t traveled far when the driver seemingly dozed off at the wheel and was involved in a low speed collision with another vehicle. The driver and Jan got out of the cab to examine the damage to the vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle, a large SUV, also got out to inspect the damage. Jan immediately saw that the other driver was black, deliciously handsome and stood about six feet four inches with an athletic body. She turned on the cab driver and told him that she refused to travel with him and she said to the other driver that the least he could do was take her home. The damage to the vehicles was largely superficial. To make her point she went and got in the passenger seat of the SUV.

The two drivers swapped insurance details and the driver returned to his vehicle. He introduced himself as William and in a deep bass voice asked Jan what her name was and where she lived. Jan gave him her name and address. She couldn’t take her eyes off him and she examined every inch of what she could see of him. He was wearing tight slim line jeans and she couldn’t help but notice the bulge in them. He could sense her looking him over and he turned and smiled at her, a great big I fancy you smile. She smile lasciviously back at him and at that moment they both knew that they would end up fucking.

He took her leering looks and sexy smile as an invitation and he placed his left hand on her leg. At this she wriggled forward in her seat allowing her skirt to ride up even higher. As her skirt rode up so did his hand and he gently stroked her thighs. Since she was obviously enjoying it he moved his hand slightly higher and his fingers felt her cunt lips. He was surprised to find that she had no underwear but didn’t show it. As he touched her labia Jan parted her legs to give him easier access He immediately felt how wet she was. “She must be wanting it badly,” he thought to himself. A finger found it’s way into her cunt and Jan gave a low moan and shivered slightly. He felt for her clitoris and gently massaged it between finger and thumb. Her labia grew engorged and she moaned slightly louder, her eyes closed and she discharged more of her sex juices.

Jan used her right hand to feel for his prick. Her fingers found it and gently squeezed it. She felt it growing under her fingers. His prick was pushing proudly against his tight jeans and she found his zip to undo his jeans and give it room to grow. He used his right hand to undo his jeans at the waist and Jan now had easy access to his magnificent black growing prick. She gently masturbated him whilst he was doing the same to her.

His prick was a wonderful piece of meat and as you would with any juicy piece of meat Jan wanted it in her mouth. She lent over to take it in her mouth. This stopped him fingering Jan’s cunt but she thought there’s plenty of time for that, I want to taste his prick. She took the head of his dick in her mouth but could take little more. It was huge and tasted deliciously of pre cum. They were still driving although they were not far from Jan’s home where a huge queen sized bed awaited them.

A couple of minutes later they pulled on to Jan’s drive and William needed no inviting in. He stopped the engine, held his jeans together at the waist and got out of the car. He came round to the passenger side and opened the door for Jan to get out. As he closed the door and locked the car Jan took hold of his prick and led him to the house. She could not get her hand fully round his dick and she speculating how long it was. She was about to find out and she smiled broadly. This had been worth waiting for.

Once inside they tore at each others clothes in a frenetic attempt to strip each other. Jan’s clothes, being so few, were very quickly removed. It took slightly longer to remove William’s clothes and he almost fell over whilst removing his jeans and underwear. Naked, his body was everything that Jan desired and more. The girth and length of his prick were eye watering and his physique was impressive. Jan’s body was firm yet tender and her tits showed no sign of sagging. Her waist was small emphasizing her hour glass figure. Her legs were long and shapely.

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They didn’t make it to the bed room preferring to fuck on the kitchen island. William easily lifted Jan on to the island placing her arse on the edge and with her legs thrown wide. He stepped between her legs and using his hand slapped his prick against Jan’s genitalia. His prick hardened further until it was like a steel rod and he then placed it at the entrance to Jan’s receptive cunt. Jan was so wet that he was able to insert his prick gently into her. He then proceeded to push more and more gradually into her. Jan moaned loudly. She was on cloud nine. She wanted to feel him hit her cervix. He had most of it in when Jan begged him to fuck her. “Fuck me, please fuck me with your monster prick,” she cried. He began to fuck her, gradually building up the speed and rhythm. She cried out loud when the first crushing thrust hit her cervix. As his speed gathered momentum his balls slapped against Jan. She continued to call out “fuck me, don’t ever stop, fuck me.” She met every thrust, pulling him into her with her legs wrapped around his waist. She was insatiable, unable to get enough prick even though his was monstrous in size. They fucked for a full fifteen minutes, neither wanting to stop, both wanting it to never end. Eventually though after Jan had enjoyed 2 or 3 orgasms, William cried out that he was cumming and asked whether he should pull out. “No,” shouted Jan, “I want all your cum inside me. Impregnate me. Let me have all of it.” Jan felt his prick pulsate and throb as he filled her with yards of cum, string after string striking against her cervix. Jan made him stay inside her until his flaccid prick slipped out.

“I hope that you’re not finished and can recover quickly,” said a grinning Jan. “I want more of your black beast tonight. I want you to fuck me until my cunt can take no more and I warn you that I can take a lot of that black beauty,” she added. “I will do my best to please you,” he replied. “Fucking such a gorgeous woman with such a warm, welcoming, ever ready and never tiring cunt will be my pleasure.” He then bent and put his lips against her cunt. He used his tongue to explore her charms, taking her clitoris into his mouth and sucking on it. He licked her out tasting her womanly charms and making her want for more.

He was beginning to harden again and he put his prick against her cunt and pushed half in. He then picked her up, his hands beneath her buttocks, and carried her into the bedroom, his prick remaining inside her. He laid her on the bed and she asked him to lie on his back so that she could ride him cowgirl style. They turned over so that he was on the bottom, never once letting his prick slip out of her. Jan then sat up astride him and began to move up and down, feeling the width of his prick opening her wide. She began to work the full length into her and again squealed when she went right down on him and his prick hit her cervix. Whilst she ground away on his prick he began to play with her tits. He caressed them and kissed them before taking them into his mouth, alternatively biting and sucking the nipples. She leaned forward so that he could take them into his mouth.

His wasn’t long before Jan was again enjoying an orgasm as she got more physical and faster thrusting up and down on his fat black prick. When he was ready to cum again she told him that he must cum inside her and plant lots of his seed. His second ejaculation was just as strong as the first one and he pored string after string into Jan’s cervix and womb. She squeezed him empty with her cunt gripping tightly on to his prick to prevent any leakage although inevitably a little cum did run down his prick onto his pubic hair.

“You better not have finished yet,” said Jan as they lay back. “You have to fuck me a lot more before I let you go.” “I think I can manage a few more yet,” he replied smiling. “I am going to fuck you till I mutilate your cunt,” he added. “Goody, goody,” said Jan. “That should take you for ever.” “I can well believe it,” he laughingly responded. “Well,” she said,” stop all this chatting and see what you can do to mutilate my cunt. I say that you can’t and that I will wear your beautiful prick out first.”

William was already rising to the challenge. His prick was hardening at the thought of more fucking to come and turning Jan on her side he cuddled up to the back of her and she lifted a leg to let his prick rub against her pussy which was till wet with her own orgasms and leaking cum. She reached down to place his prick at line with her cunt and he inched forward to penetrate her. Again she gasped as he started to pound her cunt. William’s hands were squeezing her tits as he built up his thrusts seeking to maximise his penetration. The deeper he went the more Jan loved it and she urged him on saying “fuck me harder, fuck me deeper, fuck me senseless.” William did his best to satisfy her and when he came at the same time as Jan enjoyed another orgasm, she shouted “yes, oh yes, fill me with your black seed. Give me all of it.” Both were breathless when he had spent all his cum and they laid in each others arms trying to catch their breath. They began to doze off and Jan sleepily said “let your balls refill with cum so that we can fuck again, and again, and again….”

They slept for a couple of hours, their naked bodies entwined, and it was just coming light outside when they awoke. William kissed Jan gently and suggested that they take a shower. Jan readily agreed with the proviso that they shower together and wash each others bodies. William agreed and they clambered off the bed and headed for the en suite shower. Both had good bodies and each admired the other and it wasn’t long before they were washing each other in a hot steaming shower. They enjoyed washing each others private parts the best and this was done slowly and gently. Afterwards they dried each other off before heading to the kitchen where they enjoyed a coffee.

Both were still feeling highly sensuous with testosterone flying around their space and so before they had finished the coffee they were heading back to the bedroom. Jan teasing him, “do you really think that you can mutilate my cunt with your little black monster? She asked him. “This monster will fuck you till you can no longer stand and fill you with so much cum that you will have to have a drain fitted,” he countered. Both were laughing as they reached the bedroom and, removing the towels that they had wrapped around them, flung themselves onto the bed.

Jan took his not yet hard black dick into her mouth, sucking and slurping, licking it from its base to the tip. It wasn’t long before he was again hard. Jan said that she wanted the next load of cum in her mouth but would like him to fuck her to his climax before cumming in her mouth. It was ten minutes of fucking before he told her that he was cumming and he pulled out as Jan moved to take his dick in her mouth. In seconds he was emptying his cum into Jan’s mouth and she was struggling to keep it in and swallow it all. She gulped it down, savouring the taste, and she licked his dick clean as they moved into a 69 position to allow him to clean Jan’s pussy at the same time. Her cunt lips were swollen and he parted them with his fingers to get his tongue deep inside her. He felt her body shiver with pleasure as he did this.

“What does it look like down there,” asked Jan when William came up. “Is it mutilated yet? “No. I’m pleased to say that it looks great, fabulous in fact. I’d say that it’s ready for another pounding,” he replied. “Good,” Jan said. “I feel like fucking some more so you better continue your mission to mutilate it.”

He turned Jan on her back, put her legs over his shoulders and pushed them back over her head until her toes were on the pillow. He plunged his steel hard rod into her gaping cunt and began to fuck her harder and faster than previously. “O fuck,” Jan attempted to shout but it was muffled because of her position. “That’s fucking great. Fuck me and fill me,” she muttered. She was really being pleasured and she had several orgasms in quick succession. William kept up the pace for nigh on twenty minutes before he cried out that he was cumming and he poured all his cum into Jan’s cervix and womb. Both fell to the bed exhausted. “I like you mutilating my cunt,” Jan joked.

It was now fully light outside and William said that he would have to leave since he needed to go to work. Jan had been looking forward to spending the day with William and she tried to persuade him to stay. He emphasized that it was unfortunately really necessary for him to go but promised Jan that he would come back and spend the night with her again. Jan made him promise to keep his word and return just as soon as he could. She reluctantly watched him dress before letting him leave with her promise that she would have something extra special for him when he came back.

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