Turning Friendship Into Something More

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Hi everyone. This is azamnqme change). I am an avg looking mallu with a 6″ cock. Any girls who want to have fun text me at [email protected]

Coming to the story, I had a best friend named aswini(name change) who is the heroine of the story. I don’t know about her figure stats but God she was hot as hell.

I had a crush on her from the day I had met her but even after I confessed my love for her she declined. She wanted us to be just friends. Then we got close. Really really close.

We had many things in common and our birth month was one amongst them. She was just 2 days younger than me.

On my birthday, she gifted me a scrap book with all the idiotic pics of us and things. And that’s when I remembered that I had to buy her a gift too.

I thought of giving her a book but she never likes reading. And then I thought about giving her a dress but I didn’t know her preferences. So I decided to take her shopping for her bday and buy her the dress that she likes.

She always wore full sleeves and covering everything but her face but this time it was different.

She tried on a lot of clothes but didn’t like any of them. And then I caught her looking at a black 1 piece dress that would barely cover anything. I teased her saying it wouldn’t look good on her as she was too short and her body was not that sexy as I was sure she wouldn’t try it on

But then she grabbed the dress and went into the trial room.

After a few minutes, she called me inside the trial room and asked me to do the zipper as she couldn’t reach it. I didn’t have any other thoughts about her up until then but when I saw her bare back… Everything changed.

I saw that she had removed her bra and was trying to tease me as best as she can. So I too got really horny.

The zipper started from just above her ass and I took that as a cue to touch that juicy ass and started to act as of the zipper was stuck. Then I started grabbing her ass really tight and acted like the zipper was not going up. She was also in the mood and started to moan a little. And then unknowingly I got the zipper up but forgot to leave her ass. She then gave me a stare and I got scared and took off my hands.

Then she turned around and started to show off her dress. And then asked me if I still thought her body was that bad. I was like… No, anyone would fall for her body. Then I pointed to her bra on the floor and said that it was because of that she looked like she didn’t have anything. She then suddenly didn’t know what to say and gave me a sly smile. And then she asked me if that was why I was talking to her breasts and not to her face. I said I like how they look and why she didn’t show it to me before.
She just laughed and asked if she could buy the dress. I said that if she would wear it in front of me I was more than happy to buy it.

She then turned around and asked me to undo the zipper. I did just as asked and then just as I undid it the dress slipped to her waist and I could see her naked breast in the mirror. She got really embarrassed and tried to cover it with her hands. I said she looked prettier this way and she knew what I meant. She just turned and planted a kiss on my lip.

I couldn’t believe what was happening and I started to kiss her back as well. My 1 hand was playing with her breasts and pinching her nipples while the other 1 found it’s way under her dress and that’s when I realized that she wasn’t really wearing anything inside the whole time. We kissed a lot and I sucked at her breast from inside the trial room and was almost going to go all the way when someone knocked at the door and she said we could do everything at home. she changed back to her old clothes in front of me but she still didn’t wear the bra.

She was acting mischievous and then she asked me if I was up for a dare. I knew she was up to something hot and so I readily agreed. She made me put her bra inside my t-shirt toll I got home and it was totally embarrassing but the feel was really heaven like.

Once back home, we checked if anyone else was there and when we saw that we had the house for ourselves I quickly removed my t-shirt but I was having trouble removing the bra she had put on me. She was laughing at me trying to get it off and then she undressed and without uttering a word came towards me and started kissing. I was confused if I should be undoing the bra or caressing her breasts. But then she herself undid the bra and I felt so relaxed.

I then took her in my arms and made her lie on the bed. Then I started kissing her on the ass and it was one of the best feelings – being between her ass cheeks and she was moaning more than anything. Then I started licking her pussy and she had an orgasm.

She then started to take control and started to undo my pants but then her parents were back home and we dressed and cleaned everything and couldn’t do anything more. But we completed everything the next day and I’ve been having sex with her since

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