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Phil answered the knock on the hotel room door. Standing there beaming and looking stunning, was the lovely Jade. They gave each other a big hug and a kiss, then she came into the room, the door closing with a solid clunk behind her.
Dee had a arrived a little earlier and she and Phil had been enjoying a glass of chilled white wine, which Phil had brought with him.
Phil introduced the girls, who had never met previously. They greeted each other like old friends, gave each other a sensual hug and a moment later, were running their tongues over each other's lips.
'Wow, she's hot!' exclaimed Dee, turning to Phil. Jade certainly was. She had made a special effort for tonight. Her long, auburn hair was gleaming, and her make-up was perfect. She was wearing a low-cut top and a push-up bra, which displayed her breasts beautifully. Her skirt was quite short; with the addition of heels, her slim legs looked fantastic. As good as she looked dressed like that, Phil couldn't wait to unwrap her.
Dee was a bit older than Jade and was quite a curvy lady, although far from fat. Her wavy hair framed a pretty face; she had big, soft breasts and a plump, rounded arse. Dee simply loved sex and was never happier than when she had a hard cock down her throat or buried in her pussy or arse.
Phil had met both girls through an online NSA sex hookup site. He'd met up with Dee when he was travelling on business and they had enjoyed a few steamy sessions in various hotels over the previous months. She lived quite a long way away but had let Phil know that she was going to be in the area visiting family, so it seemed like a great opportunity to meet up. Dee was bisexual, as was Jade, so all agreed it would be fun to set up a 'blind' threesome at a hotel.
Jade lived much more locally to Phil and he had met up with her quite a number of times. Sex with her was so good; her petite, lithe body was a joy to touch and hold, but the best thing about Jade was that she was a serial cummer. Her body was so sensitive, she could easily orgasm five, six or even seven times during a good sex session. Phil had discovered that he could even make her cum, just by sucking on her nipples. When he was licking her, the time from starting to orgasm could be measured in seconds, rather than minutes. Jade loved to ride Phil cowgirl-style and it was invariably the position which made him finally cum in her. Her orgasms would totally overwhelm her in this position; her eyes would roll up in her head and her whole body would convulse as her climax crashed through her.
Jade did, however, have a slightly strange domestic arrangement. She shared a house with a guy called Mike but didn't pay him any rent. The two of them didn't have actual sex together, but Mike encouraged her to screw lots of men, because his fetish was to lick her pussy clean, when she arrived home with it full of other men's spunk. Phil was more than happy to fill it up on a regular basis!
So, on the day of the big event, Phil was excited and full of anticipation. He had exchanged lots of emails with the girls, telling them all about each other, the things they liked, and so on. They were both looking forward to meeting up, and judging from their initial reaction, weren't at all disappointed with what they saw.
Phil fetched Jade a glass of wine, then they all toasted each other, clinking glasses. Without further ado, Dee started undressing Jade. It looked like she was just as keen to see what was underneath her sexy clothes! A few moments later, she was down to her panties and bra, which Jade unclipped, letting it fall to the floor, exposing her lovely C-cup boobs with their perky nipples.
Dee was more simply dressed, in a clingy red dress, which she quickly stripped off to expose her ample breasts, which were spilling out of a pretty, half-cup bra.
Phil was busy enjoying the scene of the two ladies undressing each other, in anticipation of what was undoubtedly to come.
'It looks like you're over-dressed there, Phil!' said Jade, giggling as she started to unbutton his shirt, while Dee knelt on the floor to undo his jeans and pull them down. She parted her lips and fed his rigid cock into her mouth, sucking it and swirling her tongue around it. Then she tipped her head back slightly, and putting her hands round behind on his buttocks, pulled him toward her, so that the whole of his cock disappeared into her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down, she milked the head of his cock with her throat muscles, until she made a coughing noise as she gagged slightly. Phil gasped as she withdrew his cock from her mouth, her eyes watering slightly. Phil pulled Jade close and tugged her panties down and gave her peachy bottom a good squeeze.
Moments later, all three of them were devoid of clothing and clambered onto the king-size bed.
Phil had told Dee in an email, about Jade's sensitive nipples, and they had made a plan… so they got Jade to lay on her back in the middle of the bed, Phil and Dee then laid down, one either side of her. They each took a nipple into their mouths and started sucking, licking and nibbling them in unison, whilst stroking her all over her upper body. Within moments, Jade was writhing about, panting and moaning as the stimulation of two mouths hit her. Jade started bucking her hips, but both Phil and Dee resisted the temptation to touch her pussy.
A few seconds later, Jade arched her back and climaxed, making all kinds of animal-like noises, and thrashing her limbs about. Phil laughed and said, 'See, Dee… I told you she could cum, just by sucking her nipples!'
'You mean you two had planned that all along?' said Jade, raising herself up on her elbows, and giving Phil a playful slap, still catching breath from her first orgasm.
'Your turn now!' said Jade, and with that, the two girls grabbed Phil and rolled him onto his back. They knelt one either side of him and playfully competed for his cock with their wet mouths. Jade started by sucking the head, Dee was licking his balls and running her tongue up and down between his ball sack and anus. Then they managed to sandwich his cock in between their lips, so they were licking the head and kissing each other at the same time. Phil just laid back and enjoyed the wonderful sensations the two girls were creating, his hands stroking through their hair as they weaved their magic with their lips and tongues.
Then Phil felt a scratch from a fingernail on his anus… then pressure; a moment later, he felt his arse invaded by a finger… or was that two? The waves of pleasure kept coming, as Jade sucked hard and wormed her tongue around the head of his throbbing cock, while Dee probed his arse with her fingers.
Phil was in heaven. He had the two horniest women he knew, fighting over his cock, each trying to get it into their mouth. Each of the girls seemed to be determined to outdo the other, by demonstrating her best oral skills. He could feel precum starting to ooze out of the tip of his cock. The exquisite sensations were almost too much to bear.
'Don't make me come yet, girls! I want to make this last!' said Phil, panting, and gently eased their mouths away from his swollen, throbbing prick.
'Dee, you haven't had any fun yet! It's time you got your pussy fucked – so why don't you get down and lick Jade?' suggested Phil.
They all changed position; Jade laid on her back and Dee moved between her legs, her knees under her, arse in the air. Dee started licking Jade's wet, shaved pussy as Phil shuffled round behind Dee and rubbed his hard cock up and down her wet gash, before easing his prick deep inside her delicious pussy hole.
Phil started rhythmically thrusting into Dee's lovely cunt; she started moaning and whimpering into Jade's sopping snatch, trying to concentrate on licking her, as she could feel Jade's next orgasm was starting to well up in her. Jade lifted her knees up and spread her legs, so Dee could bury her face deep between her lips and push her tongue right inside her. Dee reached up and grabbed Jade's peachy breasts, pinching and squeezing her nipples.
Jade was close to cumming again as Phil pumped into Dee with long, hard strokes. Every time his pelvis slapped against her arse, her face was shoved deeper into Jade's open pussy. He grabbed her hips, to haul her pussy hard down onto his cock, every time he pushed into her. Dee's pussy wasn't the tightest in the world, which was a good thing, because Phil wanted this party to be a marathon, not a sprint. So he was just enjoying the delightful sensation of ploughing his hard cock into her warm, wet depths as she savoured the joys of Jade's lovely pussy juice.
It's fair to say that Dee must have really fancied Jade, because she was licking her sweet cunt like a lover, moaning as she worked her tongue up and down her slit, her head bobbing as she flicked it over the bud of Jade's clit. It didn't take long for Jade to succumb to Dee's efforts and cried out as her next orgasm raced through her, bucking her hips against Dee's tongue and holding the back of her head, to mash her face into her cunt. Dee was rewarded with a fresh flow of Jade's sweet juice and gave her little slit one last lick, before Jade gently pushed her face away. Dee turned round to look at Phil, her face shiny and wet with Jade's juice.
'She tastes good, doesn't she?' asked Phil.
'Mmm, I haven't tasted any pussy in ages, and she's lovely! I'd almost forgotten how good pussy juice tastes', Dee replied, licking her lips to emphasise the point.
Phil slid his cock out of Dee's sopping cunt and gave her arse a playful slap. Dee sat up and Phil kissed her deeply, enjoying the taste of Jade on her lips and tongue.
'My turn for some cock now!' declared Jade. The girls positioned Phil onto his back; Jade gave his cock a quick suck, tasting Dee's juice on him. Then she swung a leg over him and fed his hard prick into her tight, wet pussy, then started a gentle rise and fall as she fucked his cock. Phil groaned as his swollen prick slid deep into Jade's slippery channel. She was so much tighter than Dee and the sensations she created as she pulled up, then pushed down, were just exquisite.
Dee watched in fascination as Phil's cock repeatedly disappeared inside Jade, then reappeared, shiny with her slick juices. She bent down and licked Phil's balls, then sucked them into her mouth, one after the other. Dee made sure to let her tongue stray up and flick over Jade's anus as she rode Phil's cock.
Phil was sighing and moaning with the sensations the girls were creating, but he was desperate to hold off his own orgasm for now.
'Dee, you haven't cum yet, have you? Come and sit on my face…', Phil urged. Dee moved up the bed and knelt over Phil's head, lowering her pussy onto his face. The two girls were now facing each other and they took the opportunity to kiss each other deeply, their tongues lashing around in each other's mouths, hands fondling the other's breasts, rolling and pinching hardening nipples, while Jade gyrated her hips, working her cunt on Phil's cock.
Phil had his entire face buried in Dee's ample, soaking cunt, and was having to turn slightly to one side, so he could breathe, as she plastered her gaping snatch over his mouth, lips, and nose. Phil thrust his tongue deep into her wet hole, then sucked on her clit before pressing and rotating his tongue on her hard button.
With Jade kneading her big boobs and pinching her sensitive nipples as well, Dee soon started cumming and Phil was treated to a flood of pussy juice as she ground her cunt into his face, her hips jerking as the spasms rocked through her.
Phil was having to use every ounce of his self-control to avoid shooting his load into Jade's sweet, tight pussy, so he tapped Dee's thigh, to persuade her to climb off him. Then, very cautiously, lifted Jade up, so his cock eased out of her before it was too late.
'Jade, why don't you lay on top of me, then Dee can lick your pussy while I'm inside you', Phil suggested.
Jade understood what he meant, and sat down on his cock, impaling her pussy on him. Then she moved her legs straight out in front of her and laid back, so her back was on Phil's chest, her face beside his. Phil turned his face to give her a deep, sensual kiss while he played with her nipples.
Dee moved down between their legs, loving the sight of Phil's cock buried in Jade's pussy. She used her thumbs to spread Jade's outer lips, exposing her clit, before using her soft tongue to gently massage it with a circular motion, which soon had Jade writhing with pleasure. Every time Dee's tongue hit Jade's clit, her pussy muscles contracted, squeezing Phil's cock.
To Phil's delight, Dee then ran her tongue up and down the exposed part of his shaft, then licked his balls, before returning her attention to Jade's clit. Jade was soon starting to moan ecstatically, her body gently writhing and her were hips rising and falling, as she responded to the double delights of a hard cock inside her and a soft, wet tongue on her clit.
Phil pinched and rolled Jade's nipples as her movements intensified; Dee detected the building of urgency within Jade's body and increased the speed and pressure of her tongue on her swollen clit. Moments later, Jade's body clenched; her hips jerked spasmodically, and Phil felt her pussy clamp round his sensitive cock as she was wracked by orgasmic convulsions. Her juices leaked out round Phil's cock for Dee to lap up, which she did fervently, loving the taste of the younger woman's creamy cum juice. One of Jade's contractions suddenly caused Phil's cock to pop out of her pussy; Dee immediately took hold of it and sucked it deep into her soft, wet mouth. Phil gasped out loud at the sudden and delightful change of sensations.
At that instant, he so fully appreciated the sheer joy of having two willing, sexy women in his bed at the same time. There were just so many possibilities and different ways to pleasure each other, things which just weren't possible with a single partner. He held Jade close to him as her climax subsided, and revelled in the tender licking and sucking, which Dee was treating him to. He reached down and ran his fingers through her hair as her head gently rose and fell. But Jade was beginning to feel a little heavy on top of him, so Phil gently rolled her off and eased his cock out of Dee's willing mouth.
'Fancy getting your arse fucked?' Phil asked Dee.
'Oh, yes please!' she replied, without hesitation.
She immediately got onto her hands and knees, with her ample, rounded rump in the air. 'Do you like anal, Jade?' Dee asked her.
'D'you know, I used to do it a lot, but I've got out of the habit. I've probably really tightened up too much now', Jade replied.
Phil knew that Dee had no such issues. He had frequently plumbed the depths of her rectum on previous occasions and loved the way her arse just accepted his cock.
'Would you like me to lick your pussy again?' Dee asked Jade.
'Not for a minute, thanks darlin'. I still feel too sensitive after that last one. I'll just watch you two.'
Phil got Dee to kneel at the edge of the bed, then stood on the floor behind her. First, he slid his cock into her lovely wet pussy, so his cock was coated in her juice, then pulled out of her. Dee reached round and used her hands to pull her arse cheeks wide apart, stretching her pussy and anus open. Phil positioned his cock at the centre of her puckered opening and loved the feeling of the tiny mouth twitching around the tip of his cock head. Then, with a steady push, he shoved his cock deep inside Dee's bowels until he was buried balls deep. He remained motionless for a moment, savouring the feel of her sphincter and rectum contracting around his engorged prick. Jade moved round beside Dee, to get a good view as Phil's cock started to slide in and out of Dee's bum hole. He used his hands to keep her cheeks spread, so Jade could see every detail. Occasionally, he would pull right out, leaving her arse gaping, then allow it to contract closed, before plunging it back, Dee gasping as he did so.
Phil leaned right forward and bent over, so he could grasp Dee's massive, pendulous breasts, which were swinging in time with his thrusts. Jade slipped off the bed and went round behind Phil, where she started stroking his arse cheeks and fondling his balls, as he reamed his stiff cock in and out of Dee's anus.
Then Phil was treated to the most wonderful sensation. Jade used her hands to spread his arse cheeks, then leaned forward and started tonguing his arsehole.
'Oh my god, Jade, that feels so fucking good!' he gasped. 'Don't you dare stop!'
'What's… uh… she… uh… doing?' Dee asked, between grunts, as Phil pumped into her.
'Oh, my fuck, she's got her tongue up my arse… it feels so fucking good, I can't describe!' he explained. The sensations were, indeed, almost indescribable. With his cock buried deep in Dee's arse, the teasing, probing tongue on his sensitive anus was driving him wild.
Unknown to Phil, Jade had scooped up her phone from the bedside table and, pointing it at the big, wall-length mirror, snapped off a number of photos of the scene, showing Dee kneeling on the bed, getting fucked up the arse by Phil, her kneeling on the floor with her tongue in Phil's arse. It made for quite a selfie. Phil saw the flashes and looked round to see what see was doing. In between slurps, Jade grinned and said, 'Just a little souvenir!'
Phil was loving fucking Dee's arse, but he didn't want to dump his cum in her rectum. That was going to go inside Jade's tight little pussy, for her to take home to that pervert Mike.
Also, it looked like his cock had met a bit of outbound traffic. Dee's arse was feeling decidedly looser and he could see brown stains on his cock as it slid in and out. Phil slid his dick out of her and headed to the bathroom for a quick wash. When he returned, the girls were laying there, caressing each other, and stroking the other's breasts. Dee then clambered off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom.
Phil nuzzled his face between Jade's legs. 'Now I'm really going to make you cum!' he said, smiling.
Jade had such a lovely neat little pussy, Phil thought, as he started licking her, running his tongue up and down her moist slit and circling it over her clit. Then he dipped his tongue into her tight little pussy hole, loving the way her creamy juices started running down into his mouth.
Dee returned from the bathroom and shuffled down the bed a bit, then took Phil's now-clean cock into her mouth. She started sucking and licking it enthusiastically as Phil slurped away at Jade's pussy.
Phil raised his hips, which meant Dee was able to get her head underneath him, allowing Phil to thrust his cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. Phil was having the time of his life, licking the delicious pussy of one woman, while fucking the face of another… so much better than 69-ing! Phil knew from past experience that Dee could easily take his entire length in her mouth, so showed no restraint with his thrusts, and was soon pumping his cock halfway down her throat.
Phil pushed Jade's knees up against her chest, so her pussy was open wide, for him to bury his tongue deep inside her. Then he pointed his tongue and started flicking it rapidly over her clit, steadily increasing the pressure. She grabbed the back of his head and ground his face into her pussy. Moments later, Jade was whimpering as she was consumed by another quaking orgasm, flooding juices into Phil's mouth. 'I think we need to wrap this up' said Phil, wiping Jade's juice from his mouth.
Glancing at his watch, he realised they had been sucking, fucking and licking for over an hour and a half. His balls felt like they were going to explode, and he was feeling desperate to cum and lighten his load.

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